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  1. This is a cracking show and well worth a visit, it caters for a wider range of modelling subjects than perhaps Halifax did last week. RG
  2. Thanks for the info, much appreciated, RG
  3. Thinking of making the trip over with IPMS Lancashire on Sunday, Anyone with local knowledge suggest suitable parking given that the large car park (Northbridge carpark) at the leisure centre is closed to general public parking between 5am and 5pm for the car boot sale? https://www.calderdale.gov.uk/transport/parking/carparks/detail.jsp?circuit=6&zone=1&town=halifax Thanks RG
  4. A fantastic build of an old but still viable kit. Your additions show what is possible with these golden oldies and prove they shouldn't be dismissed. Well done Thanks for posting RG
  5. Thanks for posting great shots RG
  6. Has to be one of the best builds of this kit a 109 I have had the pleasure to view! It just seems to sit so right and looks great coupled with fantastic photography and well presented. Thanks for posting RG
  7. Hi all, Thought I would have to butt in at this point and will probably regret doing so but after spending a pleasant few hours last weekend building my kit to the stage of primer I have to say my experience of the kit is some what different. Regarding the missing vents and other details I agree that its a obvious feature of the real aircraft and I would have expected these to be depicted as Airfix scanned the aircraft in question. The build so far for me has be pain free no fit issues what so ever except of a small misalignment of the forward end of the underside plate, a swipe or two with a sanding sponge fixed that. Once careful thought about waht was hindering the fit and test fitting was conducted all the parts offered a trouble free fit for me. The spine insert was carefully glued in stages and once the glue dried fully a scribing tool was lightly passed along the seam line to make it blend into the rest of the model.(Made easier by the typical panel lines I have to admitt) The same process was employed with both intakes and while they did need a little sanding to match the contour of the fuselage section nothing more than careful dry fitting and superglue was required. The underside was slightly different in the fit was compromised by the intake trucking at the forward end and this was simply sanded until flush fit was obtained. The wing tip approach by Airfix resulted in a large step and to overcome this all the location dimples were removed and the mating surfaces sanded checked and sanded again until a nice fit was obtained. Not got up to the undercarriage stages etc yet, so who knows what I will find when I do. So to sum up in total agreement with what Bobski says above. Oh and heres the proof before any primer was applied. The one part canopy offers good protection for the cockpit as evidenced by the reaction to the superglue kicker and the tail is not glued in but those ILS aerials will need removing for a Navy airframe. I shall get my coat........... See you at Bolton Show Rick G
  8. raguk

    British Phantoms

    Hi Gents, Thanks for al they help, I just need to build them! Of course I will share them with you. @Ted Are you at Bolton this year if so catch up with you then Thanks once more Rick G
  9. raguk

    British Phantoms

    Phantom help needed!! Just embarking on the route to a couple of Brit Phantoms using the 1/48th Hase kits. I want to build an FGR2 but only have a couple of boxings of the Fg1. What do I need to change? I seem to remember something about the rear horizontal tails being different if so are these able to be "Borrowed" from another Hase F4 Kit. Thanks in advance RG
  10. Hi all, As 2017 draws to a close it's a good opportunity to reflect on the builds, and to share them with you. Some have been posted in RFI but not all so I hope you enjoy taking a quick look at the past year with me. Let me know your favourite, Hope you all have a great 2018 Thanks for looking Rick G Jan 17: saw the completion of the HobbyBoss 1/48th Lansen Feb 17: two came of the bench the Airfix 148th P-40 and Revells 1/72nd Typhoon Mar 17: Airfix's new Stuka and Tamiya KI-61 both 48th Apr 17: Airfix again this time their 1/72nd Martlet Jun 17: Academy snap together F-15 E in 1/72nd and Zevezda Su-33 again in 1/72nd Jul 17: Tamiya Opel Blitz in 1/48th Aug 17: HobbyBoss Su-27 in 1/48th Oct 17: Hasegawa F-16 C in splinter aggressor scheme in 1/48th Nov 17: Airfix 1/72nd Me 262 and my kit of the year Kinetic 1/48th two seat Harrier T8
  11. Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year to you all. I would like to share my last build of the bench with Kinetics new 2 seat Harrier. There is a little bit of a story around this kit so to keep it brief the kit arrived on the 14th October and work started immediately with a deadline for the kit to be on display at Telford just four weeks later. For those eagle eyed modellers amongst you it was on the IPMS Lancashire club display at SMW. Cant go into too much detail as the build will be in print. But a much improved build than their two Sea Harriers and a first in 1/48th scale injection moulded plastic. A thoroughly enjoyable built any one who thought NMFs were difficult than they should try gloss black! All out the box with Tamiya gloss black and Eduard RBF tags. Thanks for looking Rick G
  12. Hi All, While you all wait in anticipation of their pending arrival here in the U.K. Here is a little taste of what you get, for the eagle eyed amongst you at SMW this was on display on the IPMS Lancashire stand. It got the royal seal of approval too from Raymond and Sylvia aka Mr and Mrs Kinetic at Scale Model World. Rick G.
  13. Thanks for the comments good to meet with you there if all to briefly catch you over the weekend Rick
  14. Deleted - no posts advertising magazines
  15. I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy for review and will appear in SAM in due course. There are some changes to the assembly of the wing and intake sections that were the Achilles heel of both the FA2 and FRS1. Still needs a little care and attention to detail in test fitting the parts with some sanding needed in places. Super decal sheet as well,covering nearly a dozen airframes. Hope this is of help Rick G
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