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  1. Yanks with roundels, always a win, especially in FAA garb
  2. Solid start on the Avenger. When I saw the title Bush Planes I honestly thought you were going to make an ex RNZAF Avenger into a crop duster haha
  3. Well done for sticking it out and not giving up Walt. She's a good end product. If you want to try chipping give MIGs Heavy Chipping fluid a go. I first tried it recently and was very pleased. It works even under lacquer paints.
  4. Danger Mouse, now that brings back morning cartoons along with Count Duckula and the original transformers series. Fantastic build of the Fin Bruce. Picked up some SMS paints myself and are great to use. Their colour range (RAAF Foliage green and RAF PRU Blue etc) is spot on for those hard to find camo colours; at a very reasonable price
  5. Ah the classic Revell P-70. That brings back fond memories
  6. *puts on his flogging hat in preparation* One way around the late tail and staggered windows is to ignore the fact. Build the kit in the markings you find most appealing and strike it up to artistic license. As long as it comes out and meets your standards then some things are worth over looking.
  7. Love the hurricane in desert camo with the vokes filter and bombs. Smashing build
  8. A Luft '46 What If I can get behind. The Dora would've made a great platform for the wing mounted radar. Great build and subject matter
  9. Does your dear wife ever ask why the loft is haunt? Maybe that's to easy an answer haha
  10. Lovely Dornier 17Z. BOB collections seem to be a real clincher in any collection
  11. Wow...wow wow wow. Awe inspiring and a level to strive for
  12. She's not just naked, she's well endowed.
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