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  1. Another great pair of Spit sisters Tony. Can't wait for mine to arrive in the post
  2. The Tempest appears to be the one Airfix have included in their new 1/72 kit planned for this years release
  3. If only bison re-released their 1/72 series for NZ vehicles, or if Star Decals made theirs in 1/72 too. Looking forward to seeing your Sherman
  4. Ventura decals stick well and lay down wafer thin so use plenty of moisture under them. I've got SV-G in my collection and it's a beaut. Enjoy the build.
  5. Seeing a Mk.VIII in Dark Earth/Dark Green gives me good memories of the 60's BOB movie. Great Spit again Tony.
  6. I remember reading about that story in the past. Bit of fun played on the visitors. Teach them for landing on the wrong 'carrier'. Mind you, the North Island almost looks like one.
  7. 100% in on this one as have a # of RNZAF and RAAF types I want to build. Salute to Silver Fox. Hope you're building in heaven mate with all the best tools and kits at your disposal.
  8. Great looking Spits Tony. Will you be building an RAAF Vc? I'm cut between a silver one or a dark earth/foliage green one
  9. Great looking Spit Vc Tony. Can't wait to get my hands on some when they come to NZ
  10. Heaping's of Halifax always a win. Love the weathering on it which lifts the detail out.
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