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  1. Tempestwulf

    New shelf time ?

    You could whisk a lot of cream with that lot.
  2. Hope the weight of the resin wings aren't going to stress the plastic Tony. Looks like they allowed for the wing spar which is great.
  3. I didn't realise AZ made a Freidrich. This makes me so happy given the decals I've had waiting for one.
  4. And here I am with three Hasegawa Hurricanes to build. Still, there's always room for more, at least they're solid kids and easy to build.
  5. Tempestwulf

    The first HK Lancaster WIP?

    Only a modelling god would have the time & patience to build that monster. Your temporary user name is now HercLancaster
  6. Kia Ora from Aotearoa (New Zealand). It's almost Christmas and I know I can't finish any more models before years end, so I decided to scratch that itch which has tickled my spine for ages. There have been a few disasters in 2018 (paint peeling) so my moral had dropped a bit low. Fortunately this build will get me back on the horse (Mustang pun) and recharge my model mojo. I decided to build another 1/72 Hasegawa P-51D as this has to be my favorite Hasegawa kit of all time. It has good fit, fineness, ample detail, fine panel lines and a crystal clear canopy. The latter doesn't show any sign of wear on the molds, though it's probably been produced thousands of times. If I were stuck with building one kit for the rest of my life it'd honestly be this. I love Spitfires, but there so much more variety in the P-51D. As said, I've been itching to build another Mustang for a while after testing the water on other subjects. Below is a list of extra's I'd purchased in preparation: 1/72 Hasegawa P-51D (New Mold) Eduard Pre-painted interior detail set Quickboost P-51D seat with belts Quickboost unshrouded exhausts CMK weighed wheels with cross tread Aeromaster Aces of the Eighth Pt.VI Does anyone know if Red Roo still make their etched set with swap braces for the wing racks? Would love to get hold of a set again. To the build: I wanted to try the black base method so interior was initially sprayed Tamiya flat black lacquer which covered great. Masked off the radio compartment area and sprayed Mr Color Zinc Chromate Type I, then the tail wheel area Chromate Yellow. The 'office' was painted the same along with the seat & console. Cockpit floor was painted a red brown, brushed with acrylic raw umber and sprayed over with clear orange. Gives a convincing wood look in small scale. Seat cushion painted yellow, head rest brown, harnesses buff with silver buckles. PE parts added and everthing was flat coated using Tamiya satin varnish lacquer. Dry brushed with Tamiya tank grey and applied a Raw umber acrylic wash to give it depth. Next phase is to button it up. I've made a small grill for the rear outlet using plastic strip & mesh and the Eduard PE set includes an intake grill too. The resin exhausts require a blanking plan to be added inside which were also glued in with Zap-a-Gap CA glue. A word on the wings. The wing root needs to be shaved back maybe 1/2mm as the top wing piece is a bit big. If not rectified it'll case the wing to have less angle than it should. About 15 scrapes with a blade along the fuselage wing root should suffice. I didn't do this on my RAF Mk.IV and it looks...dippy. This is not he case on their P-51B though. So that's where we are with it currently. I have a trifle and a sticky date pudding to create tomorrow (Sunday) so it's a delightful, fulfilling weekend for me. Save for calling the police on the drunken, viscous argument occurring across the road last night. Will post more pics when progress is made. Links to three of my 2018 builds below.
  7. I need to check out Revells catalogue to see what they're released. I'd like to build their -4 Corsair for a 6 gun wing Korean version.
  8. Tempestwulf

    RNZAF Lockheed P3B Orion

    If you're needing RNZAF decals I can help. I've got a sheet with roundels, though I think they're the ferns. I can check tonight.
  9. At least you didn't pop the cowl or bits off when you dropped it. I have a bad habit of scratching the tip of something on the desk or cutting mat, holding it to close to that. Alternatively the corner of my nail when they get long and I forget to trim them...that's a dumb one honestly xD
  10. Tempestwulf

    A Seriously Dodgy Stuka

    That looks like something thought up in a Commando Comic. Fits well really.
  11. Tempestwulf

    Another Airfix Bomber Command Wimpy Mk.1C

    This is one thankful Kiwi Melchie. Fantastic Wimpy & a real history behind it. Hope Airfix release a Manchester on day, it would be a dream come true to have a mainstream company like Airfix put one out there. I imagine it's sell just as well as the Wimpy or Lancaster.
  12. Tempestwulf

    Vallejo Gloss Black Primer Fail

    This may not be of much respite, but I had the same problem but with Mr Surfacer. Must've been the thinner I was using. Glad you managed to fix it up.
  13. Tempestwulf

    Italeri Stirling

    Anyone who manages to build a Stirling deserves recognition. She's a great rendition, fantastic result.
  14. Tempestwulf

    Help needed start over or fixable?

    I've had to strip two models recently because of bad undercoat. Not fun but worked. Used Tamiya thinner but makes a bit of a mess of the panel lines. Good thing the Airfix Spitfire is a solid kit.
  15. I'm interested in building one of these but not sure how I feel about the weird canopy design. Tamiya is good but even that has its issues.