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  1. These beautiful models remind me that I made a series of 1:16th racing cars of mainly balsa in the early 60's, I remember some, an Alfa P3, Bresica Bugatti, and Jim Clarke's Lotus . The wire wheels were celluloid discs and button thread spokes. I too stopped following GP at the the end of the 60's. John
  2. Simply stunning and truly my era. Drawings of French interwar's types are so thin on the ground. Cheers John
  3. John Aero

    Airfix 1/16 Ariel Arrow

    The Arrow was the "Bike to have" for the ground-crew guys on the Bomber squadrons at RAF Coningsby around 1960. There must have been a dozen at least, along with a few Ariel Leaders. I can hear the high pitched buzz still. I only had a little Garelli and quickly moved onto cars. John
  4. One runs out of superlatives. Perhaps I should hunt around for suitable expletives. John
  5. What can one say, ASB. John
  6. That is an exquisite little example of the vacform kit. and ASB Moa. I have been trying to get people to appreciate vacforms for years. they really aren't difficult. John
  7. The more sophisticated Ju160 bears a strong similarity. Another super build. I need a shorthand for all these builds. so this is ASB. John
  8. At about 42 Sq feet of wing area and an estimated all up weight of 150 lb's, gives a wing loading of approx 3,5 lb's per sq foot . That's going down hill to Hell in a wheel barrow! Still fantastic work. John
  9. A superb build of a charming little aeroplane. John
  10. I don't believe you, it looks completely innocent to me. How such cute little thing can do what you suggest. Moa, It flies... John
  11. There is so little to go on and you certainly have an eye for translating a little into a lot. A bit loaves and fishes. I'm waiting for the time when we nod sagely at Moa's latest revelation... and then he says April fool... To me this plane is just an exercise in moving parasitic drag around. John.. with admiration.
  12. Actually Moa I meant the first version without the Pearson rotary ailerons. John That looks gorgeous, I've got to do one in 1:48th.
  13. Another of my favorites is the Henderson Glenny Gadfly from the same stable. Moa, you are clearly educating a lot of people and introducing them to a fascinating world. Good man. John
  14. John Aero

    Miles Gemini flown by Douglas Bader for Shell Oil

    Note the Radio Compass hump the deeper Gipsy Majors and larger tail end. John