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  1. this model has a very nice surface. With rivets and panels, done in a very realistic way. I think the art is to paint the model in such a way as not to destroy it, and to take pictures so as to show it
  2. When I started this model, I was afraid that it would not be possible to make it a good model. But I succeeded. This does not always happen. Thank you colleagues for the good word. Damn, now I see that I forgot to mount the telescope - scope, -)
  3. Very realistic ! Fantastic model ! Beauty Jet
  4. Moa , I Love yours models, and Yours choices. This HP in cyvilian version looks great !
  5. Great model, and beautifull photos. I have no idea, that Sonia got such cool, universal bomb ejectors under the wings.
  6. Thank you very much for your good words. I like rivets in this old set. There was a time when we all hated rivets because we loved "sunken" panel lines. Hasegawa has the perfect standard of this convention. In this model I made a mixture of rivets - on the middle parts of the hull and some "sunken" panel lines. For example this panel between the wing and fuselage. These panels are made by attaching foil - for example, bombardier doors. And I feel that the diversity of the construction surface of this model element gives a realistic effect. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  7. I do shading using oil paint. I'm enbrighting panels using white undiluted oil. Then I'm brushing them with clean, dried brush to make soft edges. To dark smudges I'm using dark paint. I'm making oil stains with highly undiluted white spirit. In this model the way of proper sticking the decal on wings is very important. If you have low quality decal, it's better to paint insignia with paint.
  8. Thank You, Thank, You ! "revitalization" of old kit, that is my favourite fun. Attention !I add some interesting photos to gallery.
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