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  1. Looks like 1/35. Fantastic !!!!! I have no idea haw you paint this !
  2. I am enchanted , Fantastic model. Great weathering. Very realistic. Great idea to show landing gear during covering. Great backgraund. You make me great pleasure . Is the Model I have always want to do
  3. Churchill was very heavy Tank. I'm not sure, is it posible to transport Churchill by Scammel.
  4. great model. I like this plane very much. I dont know why.. Well ..de-gustibus-non-disputandum-est
  5. great Job. Very good detail, and great photos. it could be more dirty for my taste. But my taste in this subject is quite radical ,-)
  6. We all like old airfix kit. I got one of them . I decided to stick it together ,-)
  7. absolutly great model. Looks like real. I like very much this vehicle.
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