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  1. Resin kit, 1/350, not for beginners. I do love those late Victorian/pre dreadnought warships. So colorful.
  2. Sorry, I forgot tp specify... it is 1/48...
  3. Few shots...http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235035176-caproni-ca-133-148-scale/
  4. New kit just released by EVA. Resin + PE. Not for beginners. 1/48
  5. I think also a Crown Colony class cruiser would be interesting. I am not aware of any of this type have ever been available in 1/350. Am I right?
  6. My apologies for the delay!!! I used Gunze Hobby Color H328 FS 15050
  7. Darby... Ajax is available from Ironshipwright..... http://ironshipwrights.com/pages/ajax.html
  8. Hello guys, I would like to ask all of you if there is any particular WW2 Royal Navy ship you wish to be released in 1/350 scale. For example I never heard about any HMAS (Aussie actually...) Sydney available around in that scale.
  9. claudius

    RN Pola

    Lifecolor 's Regia Marina painting set is simply perfect. I guess it is the best choice. I saw so many Italian ships' models superbly done but with those red hulls..... They were green! And after all it is not bad to have some different color in any models' collection!
  10. I am just happy to help. Unfortunately right now I am away, as soon as I get back home I will be more precise. I used a Gunze or Tamiya acrylic paint because I thought it matched better. I need to check.. stay tuned!
  11. Looking forward to see it completed! I have always found U-Class very "british looking"... do not know how to explain... just like something empirically designed to be just effective but that it turns out somehow beautiful.
  12. That is interesting indeed!!! New Upholder wasn't so big as well, after all.... You know, guys, if there is something I like it is the RN submarines names, given according to their class' letter... Those guys had to make a fantasy effort to find so many cool names with initials such as U, V, S, etc. But the result was amazing. It demonstrares how the English language is rich of unusual terms. BTW, Venturer is my favorite!!! I decided to name my next sailboat so.
  13. E.V.A. resin + PE kit, sold on Ebay. Thanx for nice words!
  14. Here it is. The best scoring WW2 Allied submarine, HMS Upholder. Made in 1/350 scale... She was a pretty tiny boat, wasn't it? Tiny but deadly!
  15. Love these works.... More Royal Navy ships, guys!!!!
  16. Thanks indeed Graham... they also enhanced the chances to be spotted by any Beaufort/Beaufighter/Swordfish/Albacore flying around... ;-)
  17. Italian Navy's Pegaso was quite effective in submarine warfare in the Med during WW2. This is a resin + PE kit just released. Definitely not for beginners.
  18. Here you are: http://www.ebay.it/itm/112019088966?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  19. Hello fellow modelers! This kit has just been released for sale on ebay. Few months ago I made this prototype. It is available in a whole hull cast. PE sheets, decals. Pretty simple to assemble (like almost all submarines). Few historical notes. Tazzoli operated almost exclusively in South Atlantic, intercepting allied convoys. It had the best score among Italian Navy submarines in terms of ships sunk (18 kills). Her skipper was Capitano di Corvetta Carlo Fecia di Cossato, the "Ace of aces" of Italian submariners. This man committed suicide after Italy surrender. Tazzoli's, last mission was to carry materials to Japan by circumnavigating Africa. She was lost somewhere along this long route at sea for unknown reasons.
  20. Thanks, John. Very appreciated. Last night I managed to get a Warpaint publication. It is not bad as a starting point to begin the work. The fact that there are no surviving Beaus should not stop us. In my personal opinion (I am not a rivet counter), once you have the general dimensions and proportions correct you have a decent kit. It is up to the modeller to make little corrections should they be needed. Excuse my awful English, guys... The more I look at the Beaufort, the more I like it.... (even if I am a former Italian Navy officer and she hurt us a lot during WW2 :-) )
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