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  1. Yes Patman - motorized it for the fun snd extra part of the build but wont be running it once i have it mounted someway or other
  2. My first armour project inspired by a visit to the Somme in September 2017
  3. Welcome to the site and enjoy future modelling Nice build
  4. Nice one - try a few more with wings - you seem to have the hang of it
  5. Ready for Inspection - completed model of the Junkers Ju87 - B2 completed at the end of December 2014 The kit was the Italeri 1/48 scale. Very nice kit with some good detail. The build is straight from the box with no additional aftermarket items. Paints were mostly Humbrol - using their newish RLM range.
  6. Looking absolutely gorgeous. Love the prop and spinner.
  7. Up date on work so far. Not had as much time on the bench as I would have liked but managed to progress the engine to a reasonable level of detail and continued on some of the wing sub-assemblies. Most of the following will be hidden from view in the final construction but I enjoyed building them and adding a bit of detail to them anyway. The Trumpeter kit doesn't give much of an option for opening panels for engine view and I have never opened up panels of my own and didn't fancy practising on this one. Engine views - some additional wiring leading towards the instrument/cockpit area - additional piping work in solder and fuse wire etc. Basic engine is OK but did need a little additional work to look more authentic. Lots of source photo's about re the Rolls Royce engine so tried to keep it reasonably authentic - must admit there are some much finer examples in other build posts. Port side Starboard side Exhaust are fitted later in the assembly Sources seem to differ on internal paint colour but some early models apear to have been painted in aluminium paint for the firewalls, inside engine covers and tubular mountings. Hence I chose these colours rather than variations on cockpit green. Aluminium surfaces are painted as Tamiya aluminium on the base coat with pre and post shading in Tamiya black. Then over-sprayed in Humbrol aluminium. After a seal with 'futures' I applied a wash of black oil thinned in turpentine and then picked out some detail in aluminium and chrome silver (Tamiya). Not 100% sure re authenticity but it gave a pleasing appearance. On to the Wing assemblies - starting with the early detail in the wheel wells: some additional hydraulic detail from source photos. Then the main fuel tanks and oil reservoir (all of which will be hidden in final view but were fun to paint!! Then some final views of the engine and cockpit assembled into the port fuselage prior to closure. Hope they are of interest - please feel free to offer advice to help with future projects
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