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  1. Dear Jon Don't give up! You have endless photo etch extras available from HobbyEasy in HK to amuse you plus they stick just fine with white glue. Main thing is to get some good glasses and super precise tweezers. I was helped by ship modelling books of David Griffith The downside is you snag the rigging just as you are about to photograph the model and all the masts, yards and rigging come down! Yep, I just did that! Regards Andrew
  2. Dear Colleagues I loved the historic 1930's photo transformation, that was clever! The figure sets are pre-painted photo etched figures from Eduard. They look a bit better if you add a bit of white glue to their heads, otherwise they all look like they are in a Lowry painting! I wouldn't have minded being in the spotting top provided the ship wasn't rolling or the funnel gases being blown forwards! Regards Andrew
  3. OK, I'll try to remember to take photos of my seascape process next time. Forgot to mention how essential it is to get brass barrels, particularly for small calibre armament like the 12.7 cm here, thank you Master of Poland! Regards Andrew
  4. Hello Sinner boy I use the technique recommended by David Griffith in his ship modelling books of water colour paper followed by pasted on acrylic medium modelling paste to make the waves, painted in acrylics then a liquitex gloss medium varnish. Key thing is to look at overhead photos of ships at sea Andrew
  5. Dear Colleagues The Royal Navy only called upon nature to inspire the naming of warships with their Flower class corvettes, but for the Japanese all their destroyers were named after poetic natural images. In this case Hatsuharu apparently means 'early spring'. Unusually, the 1931 design genuinely tried to fit the treaty restriction of a sub-2000 t weight (which they later abandoned) and the ship was launched in 1933. However, a drastic redesign was needed in 1935 due to top heavy problems with a super-firing B turret arrangement (later moved to the stern). Hatsuharu lasted un
  6. Thanks Guys Mick, good luck with the 1942 version. Her AA suite was upgraded - slightly! Andrew
  7. Superb job, I have to complete mine in 1/700 somehow or other. I particularly congratulate you on the aircraft especially the drift markings on the tails! A small touch you might like to note that towards the top of the pagoda tower a couple of the platforms have canvas curtains (pale colour) at the front, rather than being metal grey. They seem to be very keen on their hull plating for this one Andrew
  8. Dear Friends The 11,000 t HMS Hermes has the distinction of being the first purpose-built aircraft carrier in the world. She was laid down in 1918 but had a protracted development that did not see her commissioned until 1924 (The Admiralty wanted to learn from trials with Argus and Eagle). One of the concepts of the time was to operate float planes which were to be recovered by more or less motoring into the hanger from the stern! Another throw back from an earlier era was her spotting top to control her 5.5” guns in ship to ship battles. Nevertheless, with the islan
  9. Thanks Guys Glad you like the scene. The beauty with a harbour is you can pop your ship back in the yard at the end of your work in the evening and it looks cool! Range of products for the harbour, but I think the nicest stuff came from Alliance Modelworks Will post more photos of Hermes with her Swordfish hopefully this weekend. Trying to save my pennies for the Flyhawk Illustrious! Andrew
  10. Dear Colleagues Before I finish the Flyhawk Hermes (1937) by placing her on her own base, I decided to put her 'in harbour' to do a few photographs. I have assembled odds and ends for the harbour over several years to make an interesting backdrop. I think many of you will agree that Flyhawk make the nicest 1/700 ships if you want a pleasant build with sharp details. What is admirable is Hermes was the first ship in the world designed as an aircraft carrier from the keel up. You can't help thinking that the designers got the overall design right and the l
  11. Dear Ship modelling experts I used to get all my Asian (Chinese) 1/700 ship kits and accessories from HobbyEasy. But now they seem to have gone! Luckymodel is an option but they don't carry much stock. Does anyone have any suggestions on a Chinese web retailer with a decent 1/700 stock? Thanks Andrew
  12. Thank you for your appreciation Guys You may not have noticed it but there is a 1 mm twist in my chassis. I could probably bully this into submission by gluing the doors closed and the roof down, but I can't bear to button it up, and you won't tell will you? George, charming as the latest Miniart GAZ werkstat vehicle is, it would have to wait in the que behind 4 other GAZ variants I have mysteriously acquired! Regards Andrew
  13. Dear Colleagues Just finished the dual axle GAZ bus outfitted as a command vehicle. You have to be very vigilant as you build as any inattention and it'll bite you! I used a jig in the end, I wished I'd used it earlier to true everything. The wheels, apart from the spares, are Panzer Art resin. Still, the details are so petite it is hard not to like. So the crew try to get it going And get fed up So some locals come to help But the staff keep working
  14. Rob, how do you like the connection of the front wheel assembly to the front axle? No strength is there? Andrew
  15. Thanks for your kind comments Guys We agree with three cheers for Miniart on this one. They are currently testing my patience with a GAZ AAA bus. Who in their right mind could have thought that their front wheel hub to axle attachment point would work being so negligable (ie there isn't one!)? The figures in the diorama are largely Miniart with some dragon and resin. The cats are pewter! Andrew
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