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  1. One downside I forgot to mention is the rendering of the engines are rather shallow. In this case I added my own push rods to the cylinders (thank goodness this is 9 cylinder and not 18) and ignition leads Andrew
  2. Dear Friends Thank you for your kind words! The car is a kit from ACE. Some of you may know that they require quite a bit of fettling, but they come out alright. I was interested in your comment Josip about using different metal shades. I did do this around the engine cowlings (as this heats and gets discoloured on the real thing) but this did not come out very clearly. Looking at many photos of the real aircraft in WWII you do not see clear variations in metal shades (unlike with some jets) but you certainly can see heavy weathering around the engines. Full marks to Airfix for the undercarriage bays by the way, even though the punter can't see them! Andrew
  3. Dear Colleagues Yes, it is the 1/72 Eduard kit. To rig it I wear magnifiers over my existing spectacles whilst cursing under my breath! I am doing another one in RFC colours so more to follow! Andrew
  4. Dear Colleagues I recently finished a kit I had half finished several years ago. These were the days of nylon thread and I have now moved to the much more forgiving Uschi van der Rosten lycra. The markings are for the famous ace Georges Guynemer. I calmed down the look and markings with an overspray of the Gunze Israeli sand colour Shame people don't seem to do so much 1/72 WWI biplanes these days. Must try an Airfix BE2c though. Hope you like it? Andrew
  5. Dear Fellow Modellers Greetings to all! Please find enclosed my Airfix 1/72 B-17G. It is loaded with the Eduard PE and Quickboost resin guns and turbochargers. I did my own representation of riveting. The decals are for the 306th BG based at Thurleigh in England in 1944-45 from Kits World. This recent Airfix kit shows a more restrained panel line representation than previous kits. The transparencies are absolutely outstanding and shape looks spot on. Regards Andrew
  6. I have a feeling I saw a 4-blade in the Osprey aircraft of the aces book. albatross publications are the experts though Andrew
  7. Thanks Guys does anyone know of a piece of original fabric that might be helpful? I realise now though that this enjoyable debate will probably never end! Regards Andrew
  8. Dear Fellow Modellers I'm sure this is an old subject, what the best paints are for the RFC PC10 colour, but as a confirmed Gunze paint enthusiast I wondered if anyone had advice on a Gunze paint or mix they could offer? Thanks Andrew
  9. Thanks Guys I shall test out Modelimex and Martola and see how it goes? Andrew
  10. Dear Colleagues It seems that the company PART are the people to go to to get 1/72 photo etch for Roden biplanes. Does anyone know if there is a stockist in the UK with most of the range? I am currently using Jadar from Poland but it takes an awfully long time! Andrew
  11. Fantastic response Guys, game on! Andrew
  12. Dear Colleagues I haven't built a biplane in decades but have now acquired a 1/72 Roden Gotha. Given their infamous decal reputation, is their an aftermarket company who do large German Maltese crosses that might fit this kit? Thanks Andrew
  13. Thanks all for your encouragement. The hanger is actually 2D, printed on stiff card, amazing isn't it? Just ordered another one from Hannants for 'Soviet Hangar' by Noy's Miniatures. BTW is it just me or is the Hannants site working very slowly these day's? Andrew
  14. Dear Friends Christmas was good for progressing my Focke Wulf projects. This is the Tamiya 1/72 kit with Resi-cast PE And Brassin wheels Oh and brass MGs and cannon from Master I think? Markings are for JG6 who I think were ex-bomber pilots hastily converted to fighters Hope you like it? Andrew
  15. Dear Procopius Thank you for bringing the historical aspect to your build. In these febrile nationalistic times its worth remembering about Poles giving their lives for Britain. I know the story of this combat too and was prompted to model Horst Tietzen's 109. Really helpful to get the book series Battle of Britain, combat archive. Can't wait to see more! Andrew
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