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  1. AndrewCJ50

    Who's afraid of the big bad Wulf?

    Thanks all for your encouragement. The hanger is actually 2D, printed on stiff card, amazing isn't it? Just ordered another one from Hannants for 'Soviet Hangar' by Noy's Miniatures. BTW is it just me or is the Hannants site working very slowly these day's? Andrew
  2. Dear Friends Christmas was good for progressing my Focke Wulf projects. This is the Tamiya 1/72 kit with Resi-cast PE And Brassin wheels Oh and brass MGs and cannon from Master I think? Markings are for JG6 who I think were ex-bomber pilots hastily converted to fighters Hope you like it? Andrew
  3. Dear Procopius Thank you for bringing the historical aspect to your build. In these febrile nationalistic times its worth remembering about Poles giving their lives for Britain. I know the story of this combat too and was prompted to model Horst Tietzen's 109. Really helpful to get the book series Battle of Britain, combat archive. Can't wait to see more! Andrew
  4. An amazingly clean build Libor, as usual. You are an inspiration! But what about weighting those tyres? Regards Andrew
  5. AndrewCJ50

    Strange 1/72 Airfix absences?

    Hum, thanks for your thoughts guys. Do any of you know if conversions exist for a Sea Gladiator or NF Beaufighter VI for the Airfix kits?
  6. AndrewCJ50

    Strange 1/72 Airfix absences?

    Do Any of my fellow modellers know when or if we might get in 1/72: Hurricane Mk1 metal wing Beaufighter MkVIF Sea Gladiator??? Seem to me like logical developments, what do you think? Andrew
  7. Brilliant work Barry, best Fine Molds 109 I have ever seen (and I have reviewed a lot) Andrew
  8. AndrewCJ50

    Airfix Typhoon 1/72

    Really happy to see others using backgrounds to add interest! Great tiffie too! Andrew
  9. AndrewCJ50

    Roll out the Blenheim MkIVF

    Thank you Putty Animal, now you have got me blushing! Think getting the turret sit right is key to making this kit look correct Andrew
  10. AndrewCJ50

    Roll out the Blenheim MkIVF

    Thanks for your appreciation guys! Think the new-mold 1/72 Blenheim fighter came out several years ago. Forgot to mention it also has Quickboost carb and oil cooler intakes. The hangar is card from Noy's miniatures Andrew
  11. Happy New Year to my fellow Britmodellers! Here is my Airfix 1/72 Blenheim MkIVF. The shape is nice but the fixtures and fittings are not as refined as their more recent offerings. It has SBS resin spinners, Eduard PE, Quickboost Brownings and a fine molds nano-aviation Lewis gun. Looking at the plans of the Blenheim in the Valiant book I decided the dorsal turret needed to be lowered by 1 mm. The wing tip nav lights were formed from Krystal clear and sprue bulbs. Hope you like it? Andrew
  12. Nice touch adding the 'Jostle' unit. Will it be visible if you open the bomb bay? Do you have some top secret photos of the installation? I recall in Murray Peden's book that crews observed a worrying blue halo around the unit when it was blasting away! Regards Andrew
  13. Will enjoy following this! Love the little Air Corps message on the seats. Does that come as a decal with the kit? Regards Andrew
  14. AndrewCJ50

    Snarling Emil!

    Dear Fellow Modellers Thanks for your encouragement! I did indeed break my antenna at one point and had to just repair it and hope for the best. OK, maybe not snarling until the engine is running - fair point. Those of us who have heard the DB engine Bf 109 know it sounds completely different from the Merlin, somehow a more sinister sound. Many years ago the Bf 109G-2 flew low over our village and the sound would put a shiver down your spine! The colour scheme would represent early August before the yellow paint was handed round. Yes I did do rivetting, well spotted! Regards Andrew
  15. AndrewCJ50

    Snarling Emil!

    Dear Friends Here is the Airfix Bf 109E-4 dressed up with resin wheels, resin cockpit, exhausts and brass gun barrels. The markings are for I/JG52 to whom Ulrich Steinhilper belonged. He wrote a book called 'Spitfire on my tail'. He was shot down in October 1940. His memoirs mirror in many ways his RAF counterparts. The exhaustion of flying up to 4 missions a day and losing about 2/3 of his colleagues in the battle. Hope you like it? Andrew