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  1. I had to choose to fork out for the Croco Model T-9 or this one and ended up going for the former. I'll keep this one my wish list for now. I like the look of this thing; quite a butch aircraft actually. A shame Fokker didn't sell any because the Americans gave away the similar Beechcraft Navigators for almost free to the Dutch Airforce. Hard to compete with that.
  2. Excellent. Finally a decent kit of this hugely overlooked aircraft. I can't believe no manufacturer did one of these before. I shall now return to the rock under which I have been hiding since the dawn of plastic model kits.
  3. I built another boxing of this kit recently and the decals for the wheel spats and cowling were completely rubbish shape-wise. I doubt they remeasured them for this release so be prepared to do some masking here.
  4. Haven't bought this kit yet but those schemes will pull me across the line, very nice.
  5. To be honest, if you post things like this... ...expect some pushback. It's balony. https://www.scalemates.com/search.php?fkSECTION[]=Kits&q=revell*&fkAVAILABILITY[]="1"&fkTYPENAME[]="Full kits"&fkORIGIN[]="1"&fkYEAR[]="2019"&fkYEAR[]="2018"&fkYEAR[]="2020"&fkYEAR[]="2017"
  6. I've got this kit and the conversion in my stash as well. Thanks for being a guinea pig
  7. On the newer planes the majority of the RAM panels are now the same shade as the rest of the fuselage. There is still plenty of masking left to do do but not nearly as bad as on the first planes that came of the production line. Old: New:
  8. sroubos

    The Perfect Kit

    Perfect as in perfectly scaled down? That's impossible due to the limitations of moulding techniques, because physics. You cannot scale down every element of a real aircraft down by a factor 144, 72, 48 or even 32 or 24. Many details will be way beyond what is possible in media such as plastic, wood or resin. So there's that. Perfect as in perfectly capturing the essence? Not so impossible maybe but highly subjective. See all the discussions on this forum vis a vis panel lines, rivets, paint demarcations, color representation, weathering etc. etc. etc.
  9. Newsflash - you can paint it any way you like If the dude (I assume it's a dude) that built the test shot likes preshading, good for him. Doesn't say anything about the kit itself. Which looks really nice btw, although the price is too steep for me at almost 40 quid.
  10. Description states '2 KITS IN ONE BOX'
  11. I'd be really interested as well, I've been wanting to build one for years.
  12. Third build of the year - trying to maintain an average of one per month, so far so good This is a kit from the 60s I believe, so lots of rivets and other raised detail. I was looking for a quick build as part of my project to build all planes from one of my favorite games, Hellcats over the Pacific. About halfway through now. Even though it is an older kit it is still typical Hasegawa: Sparse interior detail, excellent fit. I didn't use much filler. Masking the windows drove me almost crazy, I tried using Eduard's G4M2 masking set but it d
  13. Good timing. Just unearthed the half-built Heller kit which my dad started on years ago. Comes with the Aeroclub (?) conversion for the canopy and exhaust. I think I'll still finish it despite this new release.
  14. I'm not a ship modeller but I do have a few kits lying around in various unfinished states. I usually end up quitting them when it gets to the painting stage. Particularly the 90 degree angles between the decks and superstructure puzzle me, how do you get these demarcations so sharp?
  15. It's a good thing to get this as Revell's F-16B is very hard to get a hold off. As with their F-16C you may expect this D-version to contain parts for the B-version as well. I'm not up to speed with which specific blocks you can make out of the C version boxing though and of course we'll have to see what's in this box.
  16. I would go for a very light gray as well I think, with a satin to almost matt finish. Love The Expanse but the space ships all look a bit to clean in my eyes. They could do with a bit more weathering and variety in the textures.
  17. I agree the Hasegawa, Esci and Revell tools are definitely the way to go, either of those will be a good basis. The Airfix and Matchbox kits still look like a 104 though. Special negative mention for the Academy kit, that thing is an abomination. It's simply the worst kit I've ever seen, just terrible to behold. Not a single aspect of it looks like a 104.
  18. Great build. Intimidating number of stencils on this plane; I've got one in the stash but they are keeping me from building it.
  19. Another vote for the Hasegawa. Can be gotten quite cheaply directly from Japan through various sources.
  20. Sorry to bring this old thread up again but it appears if you we want to model a P version we are still stuck with the old Hasegawa kit or the Condor kit? I was reading about the new ICM kits and they look great but it was also stated it is highly doubtful a P will ever be released - which seems very strange to me but I'm not very familiar with the marketability of Russian aircraft models.
  21. Looks alright in your photo, but in this WiP thread it is clearly too wide:
  22. Sorry, I initially thought he meant it was an accuracy issue and not a fit problem Didn't mean to sound patronizing.
  23. To clarify, he means the parts are too wide to fit the fuselage. Annoying problem.
  24. My spool only says 'fine' so I'm not sure what thickness that equates to. I'm building it out of the box, only addition will be to replace the pitot with some Albion Alloys tubing. I started out well I though with the winter camo but the paint I used (MIG acrylic white) isn't very sturdy and during decaling it got smudged a bit; I'm hoping to make that part of the weathering It is a great little kit, at the time certainly the best and most affordable F you could get as the FineMolds kit is hard to get and quite expensive. Nowadays you have the AZ kit as an al
  25. Coincidentally I'm building the same kit right now I messed up by putting all the stencils on, from pictures I now see they were all overpainted Anyway, aerial. I use EZ line filament which can be stretched a bit, really useful stuff. I put a tiny dab of CA glue on one end, put the wire in it, let it dry, then stretch it with just the slightest tension over the other end on which I've also put a dab of CA. Leave to dry, then cut off the excess with a small pair of scissors. The vertical one I do by drilling a hole in the fuselage and attaching a piece of line with CA in the hole.
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