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  1. Untli a few years ago the Academy boxings were quite easy to get a hold off second hand for decent prices (<15 quid) but they seem to be getting scarcer and more expensive. Good to see them rereleased,
  2. Looks to me this Sword kit is at the same level of the Hasegawa G4M2 kit, apart from that one transparency it looks pretty good with nice surface detail. I don't know about fit of course but my experience with Sword kits is very good. Over here in the Netherlands it's 40 euros, against 35 for the Hasegawa kit, but Sword gives you a masking set as well so really nothing between them pricewise. I'm looking forward to this one, I'll be looking for it at the end of this month at Euro Scale Modelling.
  3. Really cool build of a very nice model. @GrzeM Awesome to see a manufacturer take such an active interest in a customer's experience with their product
  4. Stunning paintwork as well as weathering, you could teach a class!
  5. Fantastic airbrush work. How do you get it so steady and solid without having overspray?
  6. Well done. I believe this the Italeri mould? I agree the panel lines are very soft on it, I think you did an effective job of defining them better. Lovely paint job and weathering too.
  7. Fantastic. I wouldn't be able to distinguish that first image from a photo of the real thing.
  8. I’m sorry perhaps I missed this, but what type of clear coat do you apply for the Tamiya method?
  9. For the Tamiya route, when do you apply the decals and how do you seal them in?
  10. Rear turret in two halves, that's a shame. That will leave a seam that's almost impossible to clean up without scratching the windows, so a lot of additional work there. In Hasegawa's old kit this is a single part. Then again I'll probably get a masking set this time so that will make it a bit easier.
  11. The thing with the RAM panels is that they are far less visible on newer airframes, which is why I prefer the recessed approach Hasegawa has taken. They give you the option also then to use decals to avoid having to mask them if you do want to make one of the earlier versions. But we haven't seen the actual box contents. I wouldn't put it past Tamiya to cater for both tastes by providing the RAM panels as shown in the photo as separate 'stickers', sort of the way some 3rd party manufacturers created the strenghtening panels for the F-16A MLU updates. But 1/48 is not my scale so I'm not too bothered by this, I wish everyone whose scale it is a great experience building what is sure to be a fantastic kit
  12. This appears to be a (prepainted?) quick build kit with movable parts. I've never heard of Hobby Japan as a model kit manufacturer either. Certainly not competition for the Tamiya kit, different market altogether.
  13. I'm building it with my son now, it's a bit start and stop as his attention wanes at times. I really can't have any complaints about this kit. It's aimed at youngsters and caters to them very well, although at six years old my son is maybe on the young side still to build it without help. - Parts breakdown is very good, not too many to make it fiddly, not too few to make it look too toylike. - Fit is pretty good although we're not sanding and filling in our build. If you do go that route I doubt you'll need much filler though. - Paints are fine in our kit. They need a bit of water but go on well, we are applying two thin coats rather than a single thick one and with the hairy stick included the paint dries up very nicely, very little in the way of stripes or marks. - Instructions are very good and indicate clearly where to apply the glue which is really useful. Even I found it helpful, it's a feature every kit manual could do with. - Ok so one little issue, the tube of glue is of course not the best suited to apply glue accurately. I recently emptied five or six of these tubes into an empty Tamiya glass glue jar so they still get use. The glue itself is fine, if a little bit thick. - Price is right too for such a complete package. - It's an accurate model of a Mk V! Haven't tried the decals yet and we won't be using the stand as my son wants it to hang off the ceiling (he's careful with his toys ).
  14. Great topic, a masterclass in building vacform, masking transparencies and designing decals all at once. May I ask how you designed the masks for the windows in the Silhouette software? It seems tricky to get those compound curves on the windows to translate to a flat surface in the software, how did you achieve this?
  15. I did a check at Aviationmegastore.com, which is kind of the Dutch equivalent of Hannants and a decent benchmark for what kits costs in the Netherlands where I now reside (I miss Norfolk ). Prices vary a bit between kits as you'd expect but in general you pay between 17 and 20 euros for the basic kits. It's not more than we've had to pay for an imported Hasegawa or Tamiya product in the last 10 years to be fair and Arma's kits are definitely at least as good. It's a bit more than Eduard's kits were until a few years ago, that's true, but those prices have gone up as well. Then there is the 23 to 28 euros you pay for the expert sets. Just getting a mask for your basic kit will boost the price right into that price bracket and that's negating the other stuff like the PE. So really not that crazy. In the end it's everyone's own money to spend and it's an unfortunate reality that things are getting more expensive, but then again that is nothing new either. Arma makes some of the best kits around and you pay an, at least for me, reasonable premium for that.
  16. Great model! Wish I could get my hands on a 1/72 kit of this, but they appear to be virtually impossible to get a hold off.
  17. Never heard of this aircraft. Surprised to learn it's actually a highly modified T-33, it shares about 70% of parts with that. Look pretty futuristic for a design that's 40 years old, based itself on a design that's over 70 years old.
  18. I was going to mention the 1/72 Hellcat as well. One of the best kits I have ever built, and the weekend edition is cheap, easily available and a very quick build because of the simple color scheme (overall Dark Sea Blue). As for washes, I use aquarel paints from Winsor & Newton, but really a tray of kids paints from a poundshop will get you started as well for, well, a pound. They are easy to apply and easy to remove in case of foul-ups. Add the tiniest drop of washing up liquid to break the surface tension and enhance the capillary effect.
  19. Love the weathering on this, excellent build!
  20. Great model of one of the best looking aircraft ever built. Love the sleek looks of the prototype.
  21. @Matt W: I second that. It's easy to complain that kits have gotten more expensive over the years (like everything else), but if you put the hours of fun you get out of a kit against the cost, it really doesn't matter all that much. I've never timed how much time it takes to build a kit but I would guess it is about 20 hours for a kit like this. At a bit over a pound an hour, building model kits is a pretty cheap hobby, regardless of how much you pay for a kit.
  22. Hasegawa's G4M1 is old but it's not very complicated and fits well. It goes together very quickly but of course you'll spend a good deal of time masking the transparancies. It's a great canvas for trying out your weathering skills - or lack thereof.
  23. Excellent, I've been looking for a decently priced Hasegawa G4M1 or G4M2 for a commission. This is an excellent upgrade for the former kit, which is getting a bit long in the tooth.
  24. Anybody who wants to swap this for my half-built Testors kit? Nah, didn't think so.
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