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  1. The Roden decals are useless, the red stars are completely translucent on anything but a white background. I got a PrintScale set to finish my model. The kits themselves are very much short run stuff; terrible fit of the wings to fuselage, oil cooler and air intake at the front. Still, with patience and lots of sanding you can get an adequate result.
  2. I like the Hasegawa kit. Goes together very well. Not sure what version it is and it’s not all that easy to find for a reasonable price so a new one is very welcome.
  3. Good to have a new U-2 available. I still have the old Academy kit in my stash which seems to be quite rare and no doubt has its issues. A shame it carries such a high price tag, 33 quid at the big H. I'm not fully understanding Hobbyboss' pricing strategy, they make really nice and cheap easy-built kits that can pass for proper models with a little bit of extra work, and then they have their other 1/72 kits which carry fairly high price tags despite not being all that more complex, like the P-61 and the Bearcat.
  4. https://www.aviationmegastore.com/uss-boxer-korean-war-cruise-f9f-f4uad-ho3s-flevodecals-fd48-014-vliegtuig-modelbouw/product/?action=prodinfo&art=110548 They still have the 1/48 set.
  5. Flevo Decals did a nice decal set for this in both 1/48 and 1/72. https://www.modelwereld.eu/en/accessoires/decals/schaal-172/fd72-014--uss-boxer-korean-war-cruise-quotcvg-101-march-1951---octo
  6. If you want to guide youngsters into the hobby, any of Airfix recent Series 1 toolings are cheaper and much more enjoyable to build. For the 11 quid this old Val cost I got my son the Spitfire MkV gift set over Christmas which is essentially a slightly simplified Series 1 kit and comes with paint, a hairy stick, glue and a stand. One of these is value for money, the other is... well isn't, let's put it that way.
  7. It always make me wonder how many people, who do not know as much about new releases as people on a forum like this do, end up getting a kit that is totally dated. It gives a wrong representation of what this hobby is about in this day and age and may make people, and specifically folks new to the hobby, give up on it. At least Airfix have the decency to label them clearly. Plenty of other manufacturers that sell these old kits with 'NEW RELEASE' on the box top.
  8. What is the point of this release? Are there really that many people out there that want to fork over 11 quid for a nostalgia hit on a Val? Airfix have plenty of kits in their back catalog that are still worth building but this isn't one of them.
  9. I wasn't that interested in this plane before I got the request to build it, but I've grown to really like it. If a new tool came along I would certainly build one for my own collection. As it is, kudos to the Airfix desingers of old; this kit is basically free of any vices, they got things right that plenty of kits nowadays still get wrong. I was expecting fit problems with the landing gear and canopy but it's all faultless.
  10. My 12th and last build for this year. I set a goal to build on average one kit per month and I made it This is also my first commission. I hope its new owner will be happy with her, I'm quite pleased with how this kit turned out. One of Airfix older ones I think; it goes together quite easily. I built it OOB but added some Albion Alloys bits and EZ-Wire, which I think makes a massive difference.
  11. Major facepalm moment! I've seen that movie at least six times and I've never noticed this. It's not like it's not really obvious too... [hangs head in shame].
  12. Three nights? That's barely enough for the paint to dry. I take my hat of to you.
  13. Oh dear, fatally flawed it is then. Recall and destroy all copies of this kit
  14. Assuming the manufacturer visits forums like this what's wrong with expressing interest in another scale? I whined about wanting the Fokker G-1 in 1/72 when MikroMir released their 1/48 and now I have two in my stash. So it worked
  15. Quite a read, this thread, and such a handsome aircraft. Added to the wishlist.
  16. Looks like a very nice kit; 22 quid at Hannants, 25 euros at the Aviationmegastore. Bit too pricey for me but I'll keep my eye out for a deal on this one.
  17. I'm on the continent now so ordering from Airfix is not really an attractive option. I managed to order one from the LHS but they indicate it will take until the 2nd week of December to arrive. It's a Christmas gift for my son so I have some slack there
  18. Is this kit even on sale? None of the shops I've tried actually stock it.
  19. These are really nice kits; I had hoped that the Revell reboxing would be more favorably priced though. At 40 euros they are just too pricey for me.
  20. That's a ridiculously sexy aircraft. Now I want to build one.
  21. Thanks, I've removed the airliners.net photo from the post. Admins: If I need to remove other of course happy to do so.
  22. Working on my first KLM kit now... going through the same decision making process. Luckily my dad was a keen KLM modeller and left me a few paints and a bunch of completed models. Here are some swatches. Left to right, Mr Hobby Acqueous H45, H25 and Tamiya X-14. The kit next to them is, I think, sprayed with H45, it appears to be the closest match. I can't ask my dad anymore, he passed away three years ago Note that the colors appear different on the screen then they do under the warm LED light in my study. To be fair, I don't think any of these colors are a particularly good match. I have flown KLM a lot of times in recent years; I would fly the Embrears and Fokkers from Schiphol and Norwich. In both cases you walk up to the plane in the open air as they are parked on the apron and there are no gates to go through, so I would get to see them under all lighting conditions without any glass to get in the way. To my eyes the actual color is a lighter, brighter, bluer and more saturated. Photos are a notoriously bad way to judge colors of course, but I've posted some below here to illustrate the problem when relying on them. Photos of recent aircraft, like the first photo of the 787, represent very well what the actual aircraft look like. However, older photos tend to have any number of variations of the color blue. Airliners.net image removed. Read the pinned post. I'm not yet at a point where I've decided to use any of the three colors I have available; I'll be trying to get hold of the X312 as well even if it is just to rule it out. If I can't find anything better I will pick the H45, at least then it will not clash with my dad's kits By the way, an additional issue to take into account are your decals. I'm building a 787 with a DrawDecal set; these have the KLM logo on the tail in a color blue that is, of course, a different shade from all the three colors I have available. Interestingly, that particular shade appears to be close to what I see in the 787 photo above so that is encouraging in a way
  23. That's a smart solution actually This is what I ended up with. It's not so bad. Apologies for the dust
  24. Sorry I messed up. Twice. 1 - I though I had replaced the kit decals with the PrintScale set because the blue shone throught the white of the decals. That's not the case, I got them because the Sword decals just disintegrated when I used them. 2 - However. You are right about the PrintScale decals, the white is quite opaque and on the kit you will notice it - not too badly if there are not other white areas on the kit but on mine, the tail tip is painted white and you can clearly see the difference with the white of the decals. So your fears are correct, if you want to get it right, you will probably need to paint behind them (pretty much impossible I'd say) or apply two sets of decals on top of each other (pricey).
  25. Yeah it has the resin bay and fuselage halves that cater for both the short and long tails. Decent package altogether, the main flaw is that the canopy is quite bad, very milky in appearance. I also had to replace the decals with a PrintScale set, I think because the white wasn't at all opaque.
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