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  1. Hello Jure Thank you very much! It couldn't be better. Incredible how a machine could be so effective using so much wood. This helped me a lot, thank you once more :-) Cheers Vitor Costa
  2. Hello friends Does anyone know which parts of the LA-7 were made of wood? Wings, the entire wing? half?? Fuselage?? Thank you for your help Regards Vitor Costa
  3. Hello Friends Thank you all for your nice words :-) Mike, the seats went there with no problem! They fit perfectly! Thank you once more Vitor
  4. Hello friends I would like to thank you all for your nice comments on my works, sometimes its complicated to reply you all, so, i do it now, thank you (Y) And now i would like to share my latest work, the 1/72 Wolfpack kit, with Pavla resin seats and Eduard pre-painted set. Thank you for looking, i hope you like it. :-) Vitor Costa
  5. Hello friends After some time away from the forums i would like to share this one with you. This is the 1/48 Hasegawa kit with the Aires cockpit and the Syh @rt decal set. I hope you like it Best Regards Vitor Costa
  6. Hi Bobski, thank you. I know the reason what i do not know is if there is any decals that can be used on an aircraft with these different coloured panels. Hi Jon, thank you, i'm going to search it and i hope they have it in 1/48 too since i want to build the 1/48 Revell Kit. Thank you both guys ;-) Vitor Costa
  7. Hello friends I would like to build one GR4 with those different colours on the panels, there is any decals that allow to build one like that? I found some after market decals but none with the serial number of one of those aircrafts using different colour panels... can you help me with this? Thank you in advance cheers Vitor Costa
  8. Hello friends My latest build, the tiny Mig-15 UTI in Algerian marks. For now i can only show a couple of pics. I hope you like it Kind regards Vitor Costa
  9. Hello friends These are my latest work, a couple of Mustangs, i used AK Xtreme colours! I hope you like it Thank you for looking. Thank you for looking Cheers Vitor Costa
  10. Vitor Costa


    Thank you very much harvy5. :-)
  11. Vitor Costa


    Hello friends Does anyone know the visible diferences between the Su-24MR Fencer E and the Su-24M Fencer D? Thank you in advance Cheers Vitor Costa
  12. Hello friends Long time away from AFV's posts... Like the title say's this is the new Matilda from Tamiya I hope you like it. Thank you for looking Vitor Costa
  13. Hello friends Happy new 2016. I would like to thank you all that share your works here, thank you for your nice comments on my works, truly appreciate that :-) So this is the first post here in 2016, the first of many i hope. 2015 was a bad year for me so i really hope that 2016 can be much better. This is one of those kits to build... once, at least for me! I hope you like it kind regards Vitor Costa
  14. Hello friends My latest build, the old 1/35 Tamiya kit, this was a quick build OOB, i used a aluminium gun barrel. This was an under commission work. I hope you like it :-) Regards from Portugal Vitor Costa
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