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  1. Nice, the original kit is a very good one as it is, if it would now come with the Fly or even a mold Il-10 that would be a no-brainer addition to the stash
  2. Very interesting. Could well be my first 3D-printed kit. Looking forward to hearing more about this.
  3. Wow, you guys seem to think I'm dissing Sword here. They are actually one of my favorite brands, I have loads of their kits. Is it so bad to wish for them to release kits I'd like to see? All I'm saying is I think it might be a good idea for them to do it since the majority of the work is already done so it might make good business sense for them. I'd buy more of their kits and I think other would as well. Sorry to have come across so negatively.
  4. It should be relatively easy to do the other more mainstream variants and they would sell just as well or probably better than these exotic variants. As stated the Skyraider isn't even generally available and the Cougar is really ancient. I bet loads of people would buy them.
  5. Does anybody know why Sword only does the more exotic variants? The Hasegawa Skyraider is hard to find and a new Sword kit would be a very welcome successor. The same applies to their Cougars, the one-seater has never materialized and again, the old Hasegawa kit, while definitely not bad, is getting on quite a bit now.
  6. I dislike masking canopies but this one went very well as the framing is quite heavy. I used the 'tamiya tape, cocktail stick, new X-acto knife' method on this and it worked very well and went quite quickly. I just realized I didn't quite build it out of the box, as you stated the mass balances, actuators and some of the antennae are pretty crude and I replaced some of these with Albion Alloys tubing. Makes a difference. One other thing to be aware of are the various engine cooling scoops that come with the kit. Doublecheck which one you need before you stick them on, I made a boo-boo and had to apply some unnecessary effort to get it right.
  7. I built the bomber version a few years back, completely out of the box. Great kit, goes together very smoothly. The surface detail looks perfectly fine under a coat of paint so don't worry about it too much. Last year I got hold of the civil version of the kit as well, looking forward to seeing how you get along with it.
  8. Older kits are similar in price. For instance the Spitfire Mk1 was 5,99 on release and now sells for 6,99. Not an unreasonable increase in the 8 years since it's been out. However, new releases are overpriced in my opinion; 13 quid for the 262 is pretty steep and the 21 quid you pay for some of the Beaufighter/Blenheim boxings is too much in my opinion for what you get. In turn that has an impact on what you pay if you import it in some far away country, although I agree that the prices I see quoted here are insane. Even worse than what you get charged for a Hasegawa or Tamiya kit in Europe.
  9. Ok will do that, I'm just on the watch list now.
  10. Any news on when the decals will be available? I need the KLM set: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/TWL72065
  11. I've always thought this was a very sleek, good-looking aircraft but I've never been convinced to get the older kits. This one will be mine.
  12. Is the AVIS kit the same plastic as this one?
  13. Stilll a good kit. Nacelles a bit thin and the props are terrible. QuickBoost has sets for both but don't bother with the nacelles. they are even worse than the kit parts.
  14. Best easily available Skyhawk on the market and not that bad, but surface detail is still crude compared to the Fujimi. A shame that's not re-released more often.
  15. I've been considering hacking up a Hasegawa kit to do the prototype, so I'll definitely get this boxing. I already have the A6M3 magazine version of the FM kit and it is very nice, a bit more detail than the Tamiya kit but slightly less refined panel lines. Both kits are in a different league from the Airfix kit, and I would rate the Hasegawa higher than the Airfix kit as well since the panel lines are much better and it can be had at a similar price. Tamiya and FM are more expensive but you get what you pay for. One thing I will say for the Airfix kit is that it builds very well. It's a pity Airfix have increased their prices so much, when it was a released a few years back the Series 1 boxing was only 6 quid and at that price it is a great buy. I recently got one at Aldi for a fiver, great value for money.
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