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  1. Tamiya is the superior kit to me, wins hands down from all the others. Fit and detail is excellent and while I fully admit I am of the school 'if it looks right its good enough for me' it amuses me to see that it's shortcomings appear to be overemphasized. It's a great kit that goes together supremely well. I also don't notice it to be different shapewise from the new Airfix and they are standing next to each other in my display case. The Airfix kit also goes together quite soundly, though needs a dab of filler in some places, but the panel lines are vastly overscale. It looks well enough under a coat of paint if you avoid the 'Spanish style' of panel washes but not nearly as nice as the Tamiya. Big win for the Airfix is of course price and availability, you can get two or even three for the price of a single Tamiya kit. We are a bit spoiled here as well I think; the Mk1 Spit may not have a 'definitive' recent kit out but then how many planes do. We modellers are pretty good at finding fault with pretty much anything that gets released.
  2. This looks like a really nice kit for my soon to be six-year old
  3. There are many aftermarket sets out for the Atlantic but of course that will cost you. It is a shame Revell do not include a regular camouflage version with all their recent special paint job kits. I'd rather have a big decal sheet with four of five camo options than a big decal sheet with a special edition, but apparently the market prefers the latter. I do like this re-release though; I have the Mach2 kit in my stash and this is of course infinitely better so perhaps an upgrade is in order. How well does the Revell kit go together?
  4. Why do people build scale models? Because they like BUILDING scale models
  5. I live in NL and can order it from the Aviationmegastore at 12,95 plus 7 euros delivery. Not exactly cheap, about twice the cost of getting the Airfix at my local hobbyshop, who don't stock more exotic brands like Arma.
  6. Ordering from Hannants is not cheap if you live on the continent nowadays.
  7. I had to choose to fork out for the Croco Model T-9 or this one and ended up going for the former. I'll keep this one my wish list for now. I like the look of this thing; quite a butch aircraft actually. A shame Fokker didn't sell any because the Americans gave away the similar Beechcraft Navigators for almost free to the Dutch Airforce. Hard to compete with that.
  8. Excellent. Finally a decent kit of this hugely overlooked aircraft. I can't believe no manufacturer did one of these before. I shall now return to the rock under which I have been hiding since the dawn of plastic model kits.
  9. I built another boxing of this kit recently and the decals for the wheel spats and cowling were completely rubbish shape-wise. I doubt they remeasured them for this release so be prepared to do some masking here.
  10. Haven't bought this kit yet but those schemes will pull me across the line, very nice.
  11. To be honest, if you post things like this... ...expect some pushback. It's balony. https://www.scalemates.com/search.php?fkSECTION[]=Kits&q=revell*&fkAVAILABILITY[]="1"&fkTYPENAME[]="Full kits"&fkORIGIN[]="1"&fkYEAR[]="2019"&fkYEAR[]="2018"&fkYEAR[]="2020"&fkYEAR[]="2017"
  12. I've got this kit and the conversion in my stash as well. Thanks for being a guinea pig
  13. On the newer planes the majority of the RAM panels are now the same shade as the rest of the fuselage. There is still plenty of masking left to do do but not nearly as bad as on the first planes that came of the production line. Old: New:
  14. sroubos

    The Perfect Kit

    Perfect as in perfectly scaled down? That's impossible due to the limitations of moulding techniques, because physics. You cannot scale down every element of a real aircraft down by a factor 144, 72, 48 or even 32 or 24. Many details will be way beyond what is possible in media such as plastic, wood or resin. So there's that. Perfect as in perfectly capturing the essence? Not so impossible maybe but highly subjective. See all the discussions on this forum vis a vis panel lines, rivets, paint demarcations, color representation, weathering etc. etc. etc.
  15. Newsflash - you can paint it any way you like If the dude (I assume it's a dude) that built the test shot likes preshading, good for him. Doesn't say anything about the kit itself. Which looks really nice btw, although the price is too steep for me at almost 40 quid.
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