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  1. Very well done! You have very high skills for sure. Very well painted too. The only thing maybe I don't like it's the pilot, but that's because I never put them in my models. Best regards from Uruguay! Ignacio
  2. Looking forward to this my friend! Amazing job as usual Saludos desde Uruguay!
  3. Looking forward to see this beauty finished my friend! I wouldn't bother with the shape differences. Great progress so far! Saludos desde Uruguay Ignacio
  4. Absolutely striking and unusual scheme. Outstanding job as usual my friend! Saludos!!! Ignacio
  5. Always nice too see your models Martin! Beautful and well done. I also like the investigation, background and photos you share Saludos amigo!!! Ignacio
  6. Beautiful as usual Martin! I always like the investigation you do on every project and the photos you show. Saludos amigo!
  7. Martin, check online for the Artigas flag. Those are the original colours. However, .they are not fs nor specific and in general seem to be lighter than insignia blue or red. In some cases the blue tend to be like french blue. However in the T-33s the colours are very much like the in the flag. I think that your perception of the colours will be fine as nothing was official or standard. I hope this is useful! Best regards from Uruguay Ignacio
  8. Hi friend! Let me ask over there. However I'm pretty sure it would be insignia blue and insignia red (if that exists!) Also, I think that checking pictures is the best reference, because it changed from one airframe to another, repainted on some etc. I'll let you know what I find Ignacio
  9. Hi my friend! Really good to know from you! As usual, you made a superb model! I'm starting to appreciate these unusual schemes ☺ I'm looking forward to see something of your T-bird... Saludos fro m Uruguay! Ignacio
  10. Absolutely amazing work in every aspect! Regards Ignacio
  11. Thanks! Now I'm gonna throw my tempest to the garbage!
  12. You keep surprising me with these schemes Martin! Beautiful and well done! Best regards Ignacio
  13. Wonderful build and very atractive scheme my friend! You always surprise me with your choices. I'm a bit off the forum and sometimes I miss your posts for a while. Best regards from Uruguay! Ignacio
  14. Hi Martin! Somehow I missed this post! What a great build as usual from you. I'm not a fan of french aircraft but this one looks really elegant in this scheme. I hope you are well. Best regards from Uruguay! Ignacio
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