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  1. Fantastic job Martin! Really like the result and it was very interesting to follow your investigation on the subject and WIP. What´s next? Best regards Ignacio
  2. Hi Martin, I forgot about this project you are building! It's coming really nice! Ignacio
  3. You should go to jail for cutting that AD-5W to pieces!!!! Very interesting conversion ! Looking forward to see the result! Regards Ignacio
  4. Hello, I think I have the wheels of the Hobbycraft X-1. The only problem is I´m in Uruguay... I don´t know if is worthy to send them to you. Let me know Ignacio
  5. Really nice as always Martin! How do you compare the different P-51 kits? Wich one is better? Best regards Ignacio
  6. Simply beautiful Martin! I´m glad that the book was helpful. Anything you need from Uruguay just write me! Really nice to see my little great country represented! I would like to add that the cover of the book is a photo of an exhibition made in the main avenue in Montevideo, at the Municipal building. There were very significant aircraft: Grumman Hellcat and Avenger, Kingfisher, Mustang and others. My father use to talk to me about that exhibition with nostalgia. I believe all of those planes were sold or scrapped. Hellcats, Avengers and B-25 were scrapped, all of them. Several P-51 and two Kingfishers were sold to USA, and fortunately are flying or exhibited today. Best regards Ignacio
  7. Judging by the photo, the fuselage halves match the intake part , so I thing the gap in the middle joint is a fault of the kit itself. What you think?
  8. Top work on that model Martin! It looks like a very good kit despite the fit problems. Really like the improvement on the elevators. Best regards Ignacio
  9. That´s a beautiful scheme Martin! After the Mustangs, what other models you plan to build? Ignacio PS: Looking forward to see a FAU!
  10. Check this out, it´s in spanish but maybe you find it interesting! http://www.pilotoviejo.com/memoriaspv12.htm Checking now, this is not in the warbird registry list. anyway...
  11. Martin, there is a page called warbird registry http://www.warbirdregistry.org/p51registry/p51-4463577.html http://www.warbirdregistry.org/p51registry/p51-4463615.html http://www.warbirdregistry.org/p51registry/p51-4463807.html It´s a hard work, but if you look on every serial number I think you can find at least 6 ex uruguayan airframes airworthy, includind the 252, wich crashed on a lake and was recovered in the 90´s. Others were sold to Bolivia I think. Can you get the exact name of that book? maybe I can find it for you! Best regards Ignacio
  12. Looking forward to the Uruguayan machine! I know that several ex FAU are restored and flying today. I would like to add that the panel lines observation was well made, and your answer was perfect too. I usually only accent ailerons and large lines only, but as you said it´s a model and you do it the way you like it! I also think that is nice to see someone making a constructive criticism! Best regards! Ignacio from Uruguay
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