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  1. Well, it's all sorted. I'm fairly happy with the result bearing in mind how it started out. Creating the decals took a while but I got there in the end.
  2. Many thanks for the kind words chaps. Here we are now - a gloss coat on the decals. When it's really settled, the next job is to put it all back together...
  3. They are great as being sponge, they conform to the shape you are sanding...
  4. I remove the mould lines by dragging a sharp blade backwards over them, then a final sand with a sponge nail file block. Always works for me...
  5. Great book - I've built the 1/12 Tamiya, and currently soon to start my 4th giant 1/8 Entex kit... Just love the '72...
  6. As a little time-filler when I'm building models I like to salvage old wreck Corgi and Dinky toys. This one is the little Lotus 72 from Corgi. It was a £1 piece of junk when I got it. It was dismantled, stripped, repainted and I created new decals for it which was fun. It needs a gloss coat to make the matt decals blend in and then reassembling. Keeps me busy...
  7. Amazing stuff going on here. I can remember a string of posts on this very forum a few years ago where there were LOADS of people saying 3D printing will never impact on this hobby... Almost laughable now. I'm VERY tempted to take the plunge and get a printer for my large scratch-build cars... I'm watching this build with great interest.
  8. I built it long ago - a great little kit. Mine is bronze & cream/red interior...
  9. If you want it exact, go to a large Halfords. They will mix the real colour based on reference they have for thousands of paint colours. Smaller Halfords don't have the facility. A large rattle can is about £15 but well worth it if you want accuracy. I've used them loads of times to get correct classic Jaguar and Aston Martin colours.
  10. Great kit - I got that one too last week. I won't be building it for some time so I'll be watching yours with great interest.
  11. Another one joins the pile... This one will be built Rob Walker Racing...
  12. Great work going on here. I've bodgellated 5-6 of these big Revell kits over the past years. Always great fun. Here's a link to one I converted to a Cunningham race car a friend of mine actually owns. Some of my waffle might be useful?
  13. Yes, it was Western Models. There's a small decal on top stating it.. Sadly they went kaput long ago so spare parts can't be had now.
  14. This one isn't THAT big... About 3 1/2 - 4 ft in length., still VERY big. It will be fun to try to resurrect this heap of scrap. I'll post a few more pics of what I have soon.
  15. This enormous thing had been consigned to the bin. It was made for the Williams team long ago and somehow ended up being totally demolished. The plastic box contains most of the other parts but a complete strip-down and rebuild will be needed. The two rear wheels are missing but I'll get those sorted. Hopefully a fun project. The trouble is, WHERE will it go when finished as it's the best part of 44" (1120mm) long...?
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