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  1. Molotow chrome pens. They are on Amazon and you get a genuine 'chrome' mirror finish.
  2. The Maserati has been removed again from the Airfix website but the Jag 420 is still there.
  3. A shame there aren't kits like this in the big scales - 1/12 or even 1/8. I think they are great!
  4. A few more in the 'to-do' pile... The brown box is a 1/12 Classic Models Museum Porsche 917 Bat tail resin kit...
  5. Applying gold leaf - 'Gilding' - is extremely difficult and is a skill that has to be learned with a LOT of practice. I was a signwriter many years ago and did a lot of gilding. You apply gilding size first - could be sprayed with an airbrush. Leave it to go 'tacky', and then lay on a sheet of leaf. THAT is the hard part. You absolutely cannot pick up a sheet with your fingers as it's approx 5 millionths of an inch thick. 0.5 microns, or 2000 gold atoms. Seriously. You need a tool called a gilders tip - a kind of long thin knife. You TOUCH it to the edge of a sheet and then flip it into place in one movement, hoping it lands flat. You can't move it once it's on and no matter how much you burnish it when dry, any wrinkles or creases will show. I did the gilding on the Royal throne for the Sultan of Brunei many years ago. Extremely nerve-wracking...
  6. It looks like a font that would be easy to create as its all made up from round ended rectangles...
  7. Hi,

    I wonder if you can help? I have just been given a Pocher Alfa like the one you are building, in you writings I see you mention a DVD, where could I get this? I'm looking at my instructions and am finding it quite Daunting, would this help me?

    Thank you, your log I'm sure will help a lot, thanks for sharing

    1. roymattblack


      Hello there.

      I finished my build a good few years ago.

      The CD is available on EBay usually. Just search 'Pocher' and look through the listings.

      I think it's around £25.

      Absolutely invaluable. You can bin the printed instructions if you have the CD.



    2. Goldboom


       thank you i have ordered


  8. Hachette (I think) has done a couple of old fashioned tractors in 1/8 scale as 'part-work' kits. Only released in France a few years ago as far as I know.
  9. Just a small add-on here. You don't need to seal laser printed decals but you might want to clear coat the model when the decals have been applied.
  10. My TB2 kit was painted using Humbrol 80. Seems to be a good shade.
  11. It isn't paint. I trimmed the whole interior with real leather and beige carpet.
  12. If you want to be a fuss-pot and get the correct green, use Halfords grey primer first, then Halfords Jaguar Racing green. It's a colour you'll have to order from a larger Halfords as it isn't a stock rattle-can in the stores. I repainted a large part of my DeAgostini build using it. Superb match.
  13. My car is wrapped and I have a lot of the left over vinyl they used. It is quite thin but would be far too thick for use on a model. Also, it is applied using a heat gun which would probably pretty much destroy a plastic body shell.
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