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  1. Well done. A really good result there...
  2. The original racing green on early Jaguar race cars - C and D types - was so dark as to look almost black in certain light. A good paint mixing co can create it which is what I had to do for my scratch 1/8 C Type, but it isn't in any spray cans off the shelf that I've ever seen. The Vanwall colour is a good bit lighter. More Rover BRG.
  3. There's now also a totally interactive version of Jeff Wayne's album/show in London. You are actually part of the story and have to survive the Martian war machines. Creeping around ruined buildings, sliding through sewers, puzzle solving, hot air balloon ride, even getting wet in small boats trying to get out to Thunderchild. with the Tripods firing at you. You even feel the heat. Lots of VR, holograms, loads of amazing actors and sets. It genuinely is creepy, and GREAT. About 2 hours long. You need to go - it's fantastic. https://www.dotdot.london/
  4. No pics for me either... Just 'blinking' grey boxes.
  5. I'm currently doing an 'official custom build' of this kit for DeAgostini, on their Modelspace forum. Custom paintwork, fabric trimmed interior, carpets, engine upgrades etc. Great fun. It really is a good kit if you're tempted by it. Roy.
  6. You can get chrome self adhesive vinyl on Ebay... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/A4-SHEETS-POLISHED-CHROME-EFFECT-SELF-ADHESIVE-SIGN-VINYL-STICKY-BACK-PLASTIC/222854302595?var=521693167133&hash=item33e326cb83:g:SHkAAMXQatBScDyI
  7. No irritation to anyone intended. Maybe I overstated my comments a bit... Apologies all round.
  8. Oh, drat. I'll still post comments on other builds though Edited.....
  9. A voice from the past here... Can you tell me - does issue 126 contain ONLY parts for the rear upper 'exhaust' boxes, or are there parts included that are needed elsewhere? I'm storing my parts and I'm just up to 119. My next sub takes me to 125. I really DON'T want the extra stuff, but I 'might' need issue 116 if there are 'other' parts apart from the exhaust vanes, which I don't want anyway... (Doing that part myself. A great build, BTW...
  10. Is there still no way of adding pictures to posts, direct from the users computer/whatever? Do we still need to use 3rd party image hosts and all the aggro of uploading to them, before linking here?
  11. Hi Roy

    im building the Pocher Star of India Rolls and have found your build log very informative.

    would you know what size the 72323-519 screws are as there was not enough of them in the kit and I need to obtain extras.





  12. I bought all of my Pocher kits - about 7-8 of them in all - on UK Evilbay except for the Merc (in my stash still) which I bought from Pocherparts which is also UK. Roy.
  13. There is a photo in the Haynes 250 GTO manual on page 28. It states the car is at Brands Hatch 6th Aug 1962. The number is 76, on a white roundel. Roy.
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