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  1. My TB2 kit was painted using Humbrol 80. Seems to be a good shade.
  2. It isn't paint. I trimmed the whole interior with real leather and beige carpet.
  3. If you want to be a fuss-pot and get the correct green, use Halfords grey primer first, then Halfords Jaguar Racing green. It's a colour you'll have to order from a larger Halfords as it isn't a stock rattle-can in the stores. I repainted a large part of my DeAgostini build using it. Superb match.
  4. My car is wrapped and I have a lot of the left over vinyl they used. It is quite thin but would be far too thick for use on a model. Also, it is applied using a heat gun which would probably pretty much destroy a plastic body shell.
  5. I've used both. Molotow is good, but very easily spoiled just by touching it too much. BMF is incredibly compliant if you take your time. I BMF'd the entire body of my little Revell McLaren...
  6. Wasn't it a VW K70...? I used to own a silver one. One of the worst cars I've ever owned. Got rid of it in a matter of months from buying it.
  7. 'What new CAR/BIKE kits recently bought' was started for the very same reason. Car stuff is just lost in the other areas.
  8. Many thanks to all those who peeped in on this one and thanks for the kind comments. On a more sensible scale for a while now.
  9. It's in the 'completed' section now. Thanks to those who peeped in and commented. Actually sold now so no need to worry about display space...
  10. It's actually sold to a model car collector. Waiting for him to come and pick it up.
  11. Have you contacted the maker/supplier? It seems odd that anyone would release a kit that isn't actually complete and transparent parts can be the worst parts to have to scratch-make yourself.
  12. Well, this giant has finally risen from the pile of scrap that came out of a skip. It was enjoyable (if somewhat large) project. I think I'll stick to little stuff such as 1/8 in future...
  13. Facel Vega would keep me happy - in a BIG scale...
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