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  1. Can I borrow your visor I’ll have a look. Most trucks get a bit muddy so maybe worth a look
  2. Would this give a well used on the roads effect, or more on/off road?
  3. I want to have a go at this, is it easy to use and got instructions?
  4. I have just ordered a 12x8 shed with thick ‘log’ style cladding. Will have a 8x4 shed end and the rest will be a model room. I’ve some insulation that looks like foil bubble wrap for the walls then I’ll clad them with some boards. Not plasterboard as it’s a nightmare. Shed cost a shade over a grand and so far got the insulation off eBay for 45 and I plan to look for some cheap/ free bookcases for one wall (Ikea billy style) and maybe I’ll try and get some scrap white flat pack style furniture to line the walls and roof
  5. That’s nice, I could see that parked round the lake. Last time I went I drove down in my almost new mk3 VR6 highline
  6. I think some outdoor events may start to come back later this year. I’m hopeful TruckFest will run in late August, or the one in early July but I would doubt SMW will. The sad fact is the majority of attendees are in the at risk group. to be fair a good mask would be good with some people’s personal hygiene or lack of
  7. That’s nice. They did this in the green BP livery too and I have that one. Revell also did the Phoenix MAN race truck, a red and a yellow version, I have the red in the stash also
  8. Link drop this guy an email, was doing a conversion for the italeri transit. Not sure how far along he is but Steve is a nice chap
  9. This is one of the DAF XF kits, almost no extras except low profile tyres and a resin air conditioner pod on the roof. The decals come from italeri in a trailer kit
  10. Go for an Italeri kit, they are 1/24 and generally go together easy. Look for a MAN TGA or TGX, or the DAF XF kits. These have a simplified chassis section, still nice models but a good start as this will ensure you have a square level chassis to build off. Have a look at KFS MG Mouldings orModellers resource for parts like right hand drive conversions etc but keep it simple first time!
  11. richellis

    cancelled shows

    Gaydon Truck show and model show is cancelled, but they plan to do the model show (reduced size) at the retro show in September (Gaydon motor museum)
  12. They got the reg plates right LF is a London code (east London IIR)
  13. Not sure if they are ‘real’ liveries, they say they 2 London (LF) and 1 Liverpool but the registration plates are all London based. Liverpool should be KA KB KC KD KF prefix
  14. Take the Routemaster kit, put it to one side and start from scratch. it would be like converting a VW beetle and not a BMW
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