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  1. Nice, I remember years ago a local model shop selling the F12 kits for £250. Wish I could go back and get a pile Got this engine in the stash, got a folder of pictures and plan to do a detailed diorama of an old engine that’s been lifted from a truck when my skills improve enough to pull that off
  2. Modified and re-painted corgi model made for the lorries owner
  3. https://www.facebook.com/truckdetails/
  4. If you haven’t used Jadlam before I can send a further £5 off voucher
  5. Don’t use Balsa, look for thin plywood used in dolls houses, Basswood, I think it’s called. much better than balsa
  6. It’s nothing to do with that’s, they put the small box in to weigh the back down as a solo tractor unit bounces lots, especially older lorries with short wheelbases and steel sprung suspension. It make a massive difference with traction and comfort.
  7. Did it have a large crane behind the cab? If so then it would be used to store chains etc on. or, it can be used to store ballast on and tow a trailer (drawbar or dolly) This is an over weight trailer so uses the ballasted locomotive style
  8. A split rim is an old style wheel, I have some resin 1:24 ones I’ll dig out and email pics and sizes. The back axle is probably a normal straight axle, double deckers had a dropped centre so the floor was lower to allow the bus to be low enough to use, but keep the saloons high for people to stand comfortably. All buses are Rear wheel drive When I can get to the bus I can have a crawl under but it could be a while
  9. Just sent an email with some pics of the model on. wheels would probably be a standard Leyland style split rim with Leyland axle and hubs
  10. I have a 1:76 very good quality resin kit, I can email some pics of that over. I do know someone who owns one but probably won’t be able to get to it before I go away in July. here is 2 of the 3 survivors
  11. Splatter guard for a frying pan poundland normally has them
  12. They normally brought a war surplus vehicle and converted it in the garage so no two where the same. They would probably have used what they had to make a functional tow truck. It looks like a simple body to tow and not lift the casualty as I can’t see a substantial crane
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