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  1. A couple of weeks ago a big new truck show in Telford, a link to my pics if anyone likes a clean truck
  2. I alway find it easier to find the car I want then haggle in cost and trade in value. They will know the value of your car, and what they have in the car you want. My last car was valued at £700 on the book, but got £1200 against the car I was buying.
  3. Kit form Services did a 1/24 resin tracked excavator and a resin Michigan loader. AMT did a D9 dozer, John Deere back hoe and massive Payhauler quarry dumper in 1/25 plastic. All out of production currently except t AMT D9
  4. It’s a cracking kit, I would recommend drilling out the holes in the chassis rails for a realistic look. I also removed all the bolt heads, drilled holes and used masterclub parts for the extra detail. This kit has one of the best chassis done by italeri. have a look here for some pics
  5. Not anymore, I’ve a MK7 estate family car, mk6 tai family car and my mk1 is going to be 100% original when finished
  6. Very cool, I’ll be watching this. I had a mk2 a while back, I’ll try and dig a pic out. It was a nightmare as I couldn’t go over speed bumps, pot holes or even a hump back bridge by where I lived had to drive miles out of my way to get home from work and forget about multi-story carparks
  7. richellis

    Flybe E195

    Any automotive paint supplier can mix the correct shade, and do in a touch up pot or spray can. Just google local automotive paint supplies.
  8. richellis


    009 by richellis1978, on Flickr this is a stripped SCART lead from poundland, and was painted the same colour as the chassis
  9. richellis


    Italeri 1/24 Stralis Gruber logistics WIP by richellis1978, on Flickr This is done with the black elastic, Czech Truck models etched cable ties and added after painting
  10. richellis


    Don’t try and copy the wiring on a truck. If you work logically work out the electrical systems first, run to the lights and connect the battery box. Then do the air lines, steer axles have a single airline, drive two lines. They are larger in size. Run them back via the air tanks to the dryer and then compressor. I use this for the cables and airlines, search for it on eBay elastic stretch beading string, group it with photoetch cable ties from Czech truck model. I make the looms and remove them from the chassis, paint the chassis then put them back. When being made they are added after the truck is painted. If the truck has had some paint later in its life it will all be the same colour. Do some research on your build. on Facebook have a look for the Truck Model reference page for lots of detailed pics of trucks to help
  11. Very nice, and welcome to the 1:1 restoration club
  12. You can’t build the cab shell and slide the interior in unless you cut the lower step wells off the side. You can then glue these under the floor, see the red line in the pic. The other way is to leave the back wall out till the interior is in place and as it last.
  13. Scania where the only company offering them direct until they discontinued them a few years ago. Iveco did one in Australia, a few have come over and Volvo VH was available in Europe. I’ve pics on my page I can dig out and share at the weekend
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