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  1. richellis

    My 2018

  2. richellis

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    Some days are good days. L reg Foden daily worker. Every inch a worker. Probably the best truck find of the year for me.
  3. richellis

    My 2018

    Now, my favourite truck the ERF EC, I managed to get 3 rare transkits and completed 2 this year, firstly I joined the Brit’s abroad group build and converted it to a Spanish export truck. This is a high Olympic cab, on air suspension rear axle. Finally a low roof fleet truck, a local company that’s now gone. It’s on steel sprung suspension and a much more basic truck Finally the 2 ERFs together Lots of build pics on the ERFs https://flickr.com/photos/55234888@N05/sets/72157698717889435
  4. richellis

    My 2018

    So, a few for me this year, first a small Ford Model T, ICM kit in 1/24 in a fictional livery Next again in 1/24 a bus company service Land Rover, converted to a SWB and done in West Midlands PTE livery Next came a big build, Scania R hookloader, very happy and this was given cover on Truck Model World magazine. Massive conversion from a 4x2 sleeper cab tractor unit. The hookloader all works and you can drop, load and tip the skip!
  5. If the op wants to send me the pics I’ll host them
  6. richellis

    Clear some off the shelf

    Finally for now, Actros MP1, a dirty well used Polish truck
  7. richellis

    Clear some off the shelf

    Feel I should join in to clear some stalled builds! All 1/24 trucks, first is a Volvo FH4, fictional build for my fantasy fleet This is how she stands now need to complete the interior and get the final details on the chassis sorted. Next, MAN TGA RAF, been in progress for about for 3 years!
  8. richellis

    Heller GB for 2020 at 29 and growing

    Could I join with the 1/24 scania 141?
  9. richellis

    Transport/cargo group build?

    I may have a truck in the stash I could build!
  10. richellis

    Motorbikes, Cars and Trucks (inc. AFV)

    Would be rude not to join in!
  11. richellis

    Vee-engine GB - (V)12 names so far...

    Put me down, Scania V8
  12. Looking good, nice to see some real scrachbuild modelling!
  13. richellis

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    It’s the only one I can think of that would be out and about in the week as she is t a show queen. Thanks for thinking of me, it’s one Id like to catch on camera doing what she was built to do
  14. richellis

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    Comfortex work one, on good weather days, fully restored but expected to pay for it self. It’s blue and pulls a matching trailer was it this one?
  15. It’s likely to be an error, you may have signed up for another kit but it’s got jumbled in the system. Errors do happen.