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  1. Very very tempted by these. Just wish they where 1:24 but that’s because I’m never happy
  2. The Coraddo is probably one of the best handling car of its era and still can hold its own. would love a 1:1 but the price of a good one is skyrocketing now. I’ll stash a few 1:24 though, and I still have my Zender edition nice and safe
  3. I will be fantastic to see the A330, having flown on a couple I want to build. just need TwoSix to re-issue the Virgin Atlantic decals now
  4. It’s coming back in March 23 Beluga is also being re-released next year Revell 23 q1
  5. Glad the Corrado is back. Sold mine last year for a good pile of cash for some holiday spending money
  6. Yea, previously Japanese companies have included both in the box for their car kits. Presumably there would be too many parts to duplicate/mirror for both versions
  7. Looks fantastic, will have to look out for one. Shame they don’t have a RHD dash though
  8. That’s a mistake from a British company, when the Japanese companies put both LHD and RHD in there boxes
  9. Don’t see why not do a WIP, you’re building a model. No reason you can’t make a model from a diecast. I’ve done a few and posted on here
  10. Anyone know what paint to use for the candy/metallic red for the tail and engines
  11. Are the Braz winglets needed? Are the kits one’s incorrect?
  12. That site is brilliant. I used to scratch build the flaps on my airliner models, will have to have a proper look for a few planned models
  13. It’s not, it’s taller and wider. This ended up in the bin some years ago and not re-visited until I can work the windscreen conundrum out. do have a few italeri kits in stock now and that wasn’t an option back 11 () years ago
  14. Well…. Thanks to Chris (Stringbag) I have an A340 kit, and some BRAZ resin goodies to convert it to an A330. can anyone confirm the changes? Do the engines fit in tube same location on the wings as the inboard A340 engines? also, thinking about dropping the flaps, any diagrams on the flaps? Got some pics out of the window that will help anything else I need to do to the kit
  15. This is what I am looking to do, not necessarily a VC10 https://www.flickr.com/gp/55234888@N05/T10o9G6574 I did wonder if a 1:72 Heller 707 would work
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