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  1. Oxford do lots, modern and older but also give Road Transport Images LINK a look, they do resin kits and you buy the chassis, cab, body and wheels septal you can configure exactly what you want. Again old and modern stuff including decals
  2. Both mine are the same grey as the chassis. Most of the time they don’t get masked off when the chassis is painted after it leaves the factory.
  3. Thanks for the comments
  4. That is lovely. Do like the effects. One of my favourite foreign trucks is that big old Scanny
  5. Very low output this year, only 3 but I have made a bigger work space with an 8x8ft shed that’s in the process of being kitted out. first 1:24 italeri conversion, from a 3 axle to 2 axle and cut down to a day cab based on a truck I saw in Lanzarote next is a step down in scale to 1:76 with a conversion of a model, made into a longer 12m coach of a company that’s now gone but I used to know the owner and spent lots of time on his coaches the original is shown on top, the length and wheelbase are altered and wheels from RTI Lastly a return to 1:24, a KFS cab and scratc
  6. I’ve got a 1:76 resin kit of the Half cab I can get pics and measurements off until I am close to the 1:1 again
  7. Aston Manor Road Transport museum has a few Birmingham buses, and I’d recommend a visit. some pics from last year’s running day https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.742711956184849&type=3
  8. You could try De-Rooy as I’m sure they did lots of Dakar DAF conversions
  9. Yep, and I’ve written for truck model world lots, and did the news and some reviews for them. Think someone from guideline has called me already
  10. That’s a great truck to build, a friend has a mk1 mid-lift and I had a drive and it’s a cracking truck. I plan to do a model of his at some point. There is a company in France (arm) that do the suspension in resin (could have saved breaking two kits open) not great quality but OK. I’ll be watching this. makes me feel old but I remember when the AE was launched
  11. Plates are right a 72/3 car registered in East Sussex
  12. Thanks for the comments, I’ve been buying up a good few resin transkits of British trucks and lorries, I have an AEC MKV on the bench now (proper 8 wheel rigid) and will be making a start on an AEC ergonomic recovery lorry very soon too
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