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  1. Nice, I’ve one of these somewhere that I was doing. its a nice little build
  2. richellis

    AMT White Freightliner COE-Progress 04/23

    I’ll be watching as a truck builder! Built a few AMT kits and they are nice, but need some work to get together in places
  3. richellis

    Ford Model T delivery car

    Thanks, not my best but I’m happy with it
  4. richellis

    Ford Model T delivery car

    ICM Ford Model T Delivery Car 1/24 ICM The Ford model T was first produced in 1908, and was the first mass produced motor car, and due to this it also became affordable to the people. Due to its success the T was modified and different variants where produced, including a ‘Delivery Van. ICM has made a few versions of the Model T in 1/24, and now they have added a 1912 ‘Light Delivery Car’ to their range. This model comes spread over 6 Grey sprues, and 2 clear with 4 skinny white rubber tyres. The main chassis is a single part with the wheel arches and running boards this will give you a solid base to build from. Your spares box will benefit from parts left over from the car version. I liked the look of this model, so I decided to build it, but I wasn’t impressed with the livery from the box, the decals are very well done, clean and with metallic decals. The black paintwork didn’t inspire me so a look online showed a restored van in a nice blue livery for a laundry, I altered this slightly to give the ‘Star Steam Laundry’ from Liverpool, I imagine this on the dock side unloading to a liner heading over the Atlantic to New York! I found some blue Halfords spray in the shed from an old Escort I had in the past. I used a local decal maker I've used before for the decals, Dodgers Decals (on Facebook) with a pic and a vague description of what I wanted! The parts are very clean and well detailed with no flash. The build starts with the 4-cylinder petrol engine, the 2 halves go together nicely with the head and sump added next. There is nice detail on the parts and it is possible to build and paint the engine separately and add them once the chassis is built and painted. The intake and exhaust pipes are then added along with a fan and belts to give a nicely detailed engine block. The front axle fits under the radiator, and this cant be added to the chassis, I painted these and when I glued them in I ensured they sat at 90 degrees to the chassis or this will affect the bonnet and cab later in the build if not straight. The car is a rear wheel drive and the back axle sits on a single spring with 2 sway bars going from the gear box back to the axle there are locating pins at the forward end to locate and then glued to the outer ends of the axle. I added these parts before painting it in matt black as I wanted a ‘working but looked after’ van. A motor van would have been an impressive but expensive luxury for the business! The van body can be built up as a unit to be painted before gluing to the chassis and this goes together well with separate rear doors that can be posed open if needed. None of the parts are plated, and the Model T has a lot of brass bits. I brought a spray can from the PlastiKote range to do this and it. Most of the brass parts can be made and sprayed before placing on the build to save difficult masking. Ill hold my hands up, I lost the cowl during this build so I had to replace half way with a scratch built plasticard part! The model goes together very nicely, and I enjoyed building this. You need to ensure the front radiator assembly is square as this will affect the bonnet and front driver cab cowl fitment later on in the build. Some parts like the horn has locating pins, but no holes for them to fit into so I cut them away and glued the parts together carefully. This is a change for me, normally building trucks from the Italeri and Revell ranges. It shows just how much vehicles have grown over the years, even the Italeri transit towers over this lorry! I enjoyed this build and would recommend these kits to you they are simple to glue together and give a well detailed little model. I will be watching for other versions of the T to come from ICM. Review sample courtesy of
  5. That’s a cracking bit of American iron. love the short American cabovers
  6. richellis

    Super Guppy 1:144

    Couldn’t be bothered
  7. richellis

    Super Guppy 1:144

    Look on Facebook, the guys at bruntingthorpe have a page where they are restoring one, lots of photos on there
  8. richellis

    So that's why my bottle of thinners fell off the bench!

    There was a big one in Dudley a few years ago.
  9. richellis

    What kit ? .

    They are very good transkits and parts, I’ve 20+ KFS kits in my stash!
  10. richellis

    Second hand kits are deadly!

    Non of my childhood toys met current safety standards. I’m still alive.
  11. richellis

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    When Britain built stuff. British truck, British body and British hydraulic platform. The fire fighters said it is still unbeatable. Up for sale, wish I’d the cash Some more British motors going to auction with it
  12. richellis

    Build Your Own Routemaster!

    You could get a 1:1 for not much more money! Seen a couple for the £2000 mark!
  13. richellis

    uk shops selling trucks & accesories

    Kit form Services modellers resource and mg mouldings http://kitformservices.com/ http://www.mgmouldings.co.uk/ http://modellersresource.co.uk/index.php?route=common/home
  14. Thanks, I’ve been looking for that one, had it bookmarked on my old laptop but couldn’t find it now! There is a very good truck section on there
  15. richellis

    KW T800 and Utility trailer done

    A nice build! I enjoyed following the build!