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  1. Kit from AMK, added photoetched set from Eduard, wheels from Res Im, flaps from Aires, pitot tubes from Master. Best regards and good modelling, Alex,
  2. This is a grand kit from Tamiya, a lot of details. Everything moves and opens. All signs are color by mask. Regards, Alex.
  3. Hello. This is Czech MiG-23BN from Eduard (ex-Trumpeter). Used photoetched Eduard, weapons, exhaust nozzle, wheel bays, air intakes and wheels from Brassin. I hope you enjoy this new job of mine Alex. Russia.
  4. This model was built by me in 2015. Fantastic kit of Tamiya, wheels and engine of Eduard Brassin , photoetched Eduard, safety belts of HGW, Montex mask are used. Paints of GSI Mr.Color. Regards, Alex. Russia, St.Petersburg.
  5. This model was built by me in 2014. Kit of Tamiya, wheel bays of Vector , photoetched Eduard, Decal Cutting Edge are used. Regards, Alex. Russia.
  6. This model was built by me in 2014. Kit of Tamiya, wheel bays of Aires , Master gun barrels, photoetched Eduard, Decal Aeromaster are used. Regards, Alex. Russia, St.Petersburg.
  7. Model of modern Russian multifunctional aircraft Su-30SM. Kit from Zvezda, Microdesign photoetched , Elf wheels, Pitot tube Master, Advanced Modelling and Eduard Brassin weapons. Regards, Alex.
  8. This is rare model of the Soviet helicopter by the brilliant designer Nikolai Kamov. Resin and vacu parts. Decal developed independently Regards, Alex
  9. Hello! These are models of the classic construction and road equipment of USSR of 1950-1980 years. Models production AVD Models, scale 1/43, resin material. Road Roller MK-5 Road Roller DU-63 Road Roller D-455 Excavator E-255 Thanks for attention! Alexander, Russia
  10. I wait so long for this model ... Thanks all! I will finish soon and show some more of my works.
  11. U-2 with Bakshaev sanitary tapes. Model from ICM. Of the additional accessories used resin motor and photo-etched parts. Regards. Alex.
  12. Hello from Russia! The model from Trumpeter is crossed with a resin set SBS Model. Also use photoetched set Eduard, the brass parts of Master, and the vacuum parts of Pavla Models. Trumpeter kit is very complex and requires cardinal processing to make it look like a prototype MiG-19PM. Alex.
  13. Kit from Tamiya. Added photoetched and resin parts (Quickboost and Eduard Brassin). Decal from Authentic Decals. Regards from St. Petersburg, Russia.
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