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  1. Well, there is the Hasegawa weapon set which contains the HARM. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/hasegawa-x48-3-aircraft-weapons-c--130519. However, the kit is rather old and the HARM did not look very nice in 1/72, I assume the 1/48-version is not much better. I ended up buying a cheap kit just for the HARMS. But there is a set from Eduard with two HARMS, not very cheap, but they usually look nice. https://www.eduard.com/Aircraft-and-helicopters/1-48/AGM-88-HARM-1-48.html. Same for the AMRAAMs, there is a kit from Eduard too. https://www.eduard.com/aircraft-and-helicopters/1-48/aim-120c-amraam
  2. I was more in the air mobility part (Alouette, Super Puma) at that time. Watching a Hunter take off toward the mountains and starting to turn right after liftoff was a extreme impressive sight. Alex
  3. Excellent diorama! I was in Interlaken during my military service in 1994, the last year of the Hunter! And now, a cold Rugenbräu! Alex
  4. No unfortunately, I am just on a German speaking forum (modellboard.net), but only few swiss there. I'm not really aware of a dedicated Swiss modeling site. There is a swiss auction site (ricardo.ch), but only few models there. Alex
  5. As swiss, I fully agree, the price is 9.90. (we only rounded to 0.05 at this time). First is probably item number. Alex Ah, memories... I remember some kits I bought at the Franz Carl Weber in Spreitenbach many years ago.
  6. Nice one, painting looks superb, the heat marks on the metal part looks nice, on the camo they are difficoult to do. Not sure if I would have done it better. Bit a shame that trumpeter got the intake wrong. Alex
  7. Hello on this board as well! Alex
  8. Not much for me, maybe the Strike Eagle (depending on accuracy/decals/ordnance), and the reissue of the 8.8 flak maybe. From last year, the Scud looks interesting. But I feel Revell is doing every year less for me. Alex
  9. No. I'm not very known in the modeling scene... just a short form of Alessandro Alex
  10. Hi Bruno, welcome from a fellow Swiss modeller! Bruno Albrecht, I assume? Alex
  11. It's a bit a shame that NATO can't pool those assets which are neccesssary, but only few are needed, therefore no single air force can operate them on a reasonnable scale. They pooled the old Awacs, the tanker, transport capabilities and there is no room for a fleet of 5 biz jets? Missed opportunity, in my eyes. Alex
  12. It will be surely something extremly exotic, like a new 109, mustang or spitfire... But I would hope for a P-38 in 1/72. Alex
  13. Nice, it is one of the few shortfalls, the lousy cockpit tub attachment points. Overall a nice kit, I enjoyed it very much! One tip, very careful if you want to preshade red paint. I ended up sanding the red colour away and applied a post-shading, much easier to control. Here is my turnout of this kit: https://www.scalemates.com/profiles/mate.php?id=11437&p=albums&album=41296, And the way to it: https://www.scalemates.com/profiles/mate.php?id=11437&p=albums&album=37302 About the revell Gannet, it's one of the kits which look nice in the box,
  14. Nice one! What have you used for the rigging? It looks very thin and straight. Alex
  15. Incredible contrast to the Revell BoB, which includes one new kit (the Ju-88), and three decades-old-kits with raised detail (Ju-87, Spitfire and Hurricane Mk. I). Alex
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