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  1. Excellent build, I was just wondering how you coped with the old decals, then read that it were masks! Well done! Alex
  2. Good morning, I am about to finish the Gladiator from Airfix, and I'm a bit stuck about the correct antenna. The airplane will be K8027 from 87 squadron (with the blue fin, wheel discs and stabilizer, but silver hump). I have seen cases of Mk I where the antenna was a straight line from the fin to the middle of the upper wing, and connected to the radio by a cable though the hump behind the cockpit. On other versions, I have seen a Y-shaped antenna, which was attached on the fin and two wing points just close to the aileron inner edges. So, both seem to exist, but has anyone a hint on whi
  3. Good to know, since I will build my Hornet heavily armed, the undercarriage would look too "light". You just talked me into getting the resin gear bays as well! Alex
  4. Nice, I want to build the same kit. With Aires cockpit, resin intake, but other decals. The first navy jet to have shot down an iraqi fighter in 1991. Armed with 4x Mk-84... so I hope to get some good tips here! Alex
  5. not sure if they changed colour, this one is clearly white. https://www.old.hermannkeist.ch/component/joomgallery/messerschmitt-me-109/47-581.html And the wingtips look also white to me... http://www.modellversium.de/galerie/9-flugzeuge-ww2/8471-messerschmitt-bf-109-e-3-heller.html Alex
  6. There used to be a quite comprehensive site about the strike eagle, but unfortunately, it has gone. However, the loadout pictures are still existing on many other websites, so do a image search on "f-15e loadout" to find them. I think the big ones (GBU-31) can only be used on the wings, the central fuselage and the middle ones on the CFT. Smaller ones (500lbs) should go on all pylons of the CFT, so at least 12. The small diameter bomb can be attached almost everywhere. So, yes, the set is suited for a well armed Strike Eagle! Alex
  7. Nice review, thanks. Anyone has an info about how this kit compares to the modelcollect? Many people don't like rubber tires, so is Revell the better choice? Alex
  8. Actually, the more aircrafts you have, the less need for a modular system. If you need to train a few hundred pilots per year, it makes sense to have a dedicated fleet of basic/advanced/operational trainers. And if you need to train only a few pilots, you meet up with friends and send them to a common pilot school (where they most likely have a fleet of dedicated aircrafts). So, what is again the use case for a modular trainier?
  9. I assume the modularity was in the development/production, but not in the operating? In this case, yes, it makes sense. Alex
  10. Indeed... not sure if modularity is always a good idea, and saves money in the long term. USN tried this with the LCS, but the concept has its drawbacks. Alex
  11. Thanks. Even more impressive as it lookes like it landed with the canopy open! must have been warm down there... Alex
  12. Yeah, I know some photos where they had the wings folded... I just assume it was not that common as on the airfields, you usually have more space available than on aircraft carriers... Alex
  13. Thanks for the review, still struggling if I shold get the navy or air force one... or both! Stupid question, were the wings folded frequently in the air force, or was it more done in the navy for obvious reasons? Alex
  14. Brings up some memories, I flew with this aircraft from Singapore to London back in 1996. And I did the same aircraft in 1:200, but had to hand-paint the whole thing as there were no decals available (at least, not that I knew of) Alex
  15. No problem, I also tend to over-emphasise them. I find it very interesting as in your pictues, the sizes of the planes and perspectives are quite similar. And yes, we start to see panel lines, once we get closer to the actual aircraft. I think the problem is that most kit come with too deep and wide panel lines. Let's assume, the real thing is 2-3mm wide, in scale of 1/72, it should be some 0.03mm, which can hardly be moulded. So, what do we do? Let the panel lines as they are, but no wash? Fill the panel lines, and just re-draw them with a very fine pencil? hard to say, I tend to
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