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  1. hm, could it be that an oil leak could be more easily detected on a white surface? And on the slats the white area wouldn't help, as the airstream goes backward? just a guess... Alex
  2. Thanks. Yeah, the IR jammers are a pain to paint, as the colour of it seems to change everytime you look at them. Ref. the front sensors - Many people paint the windows silver, but it's too bright. I'm thinking about cutting the shape of the window from a thin transparent plastic foil and painting the backside black before glueing. Alex
  3. Nice one, not really bad for a test run! How did you make the orange looking IR jammer just behind the main rotor? Alex
  4. Not too bad... and yes, the kit must be some 30 years old. Alex
  5. just noticed the thread now. I built the Trainer Gannet from Revell into a dark blue COD Gannet. it must be one of the most awful new Revell builds ever, I can't remember how much I sweared during the build. On of the kits which look nice on the first glance, but were terrible to make. Alex
  6. I have a question too about the colours of the Super Hornet, to be exactly about the vertical stabilizers. What colour are they, I've seen drawings where the outside is painted like the underside (as they are bent outwards, like on the instruction sheet of the Revell 1/72-F/A-18F), and on other drawings (like in the Hasegawa-instructions), they are the same colour as the topside. It seems that there some confusion about it, and I think that it can change from airframe to airframe, as studies of many photos show no clear pattern. Could it even be that when repainting them, the rules were not applied 100% correctly? Thanks for any hints! Alex
  7. Yes, if it's in a historical or educational content, it's legal to display them. Museums fall into this category. And a court once decided, that a model exhibition is neither. That's the reason that on pictures of the original it's still there, but may not be displayed on models. Alex
  8. Hm, it looks like the top box as a more details. Like the ring of rivets on the outer part of the wheels, where the kit parts are flat. Also there is a small frame on the box on the turret facing forward, but the kit part is plain... strange. Alex
  9. Yes, 17 passengers, two pilots, cabin attendant. Alex
  10. the media conference is taking place right now and is broadcasted live on swiss tv. 20 casualities confirmed. Sad day. Alex
  11. alex

    Rafale B query

    Nah, both used, and the small tanks were already donated! Could well be, as the range constraint is maybe smaller than flying from Corsica to Libya. Alex
  12. alex

    Rafale B query

    Just did some reseach when I built the Rafale B myself (Libya ops, however). I think they didn't carry the pod on the twin. One reason could be that the two seater has less internal fuel than the single seater, so they didn't want to add even more additional drag. So, if flying in pairs, one had the additional crew member, and the other the illuminating pod. Alex Here is a thread where some items were discussed, hope that helps!
  13. Nice kit, looks really mean with the load! As you wrote, it's correct, Rafale M use only one scalp on the centerline, to avoid load imbalance in case one doesn't launch. But it looks better this way! Alex
  14. Those wishing to see the pictures again, they are now on scalemates: https://www.scalemates.com/profiles/mate.php?id=11437&p=albums&album=40254 Sorry, I deleted the folder after the photobucket-"upgrade"-opportunity Alex
  15. Nice one. Did I see right that you removed the wing root antennas and rebuilt the stall lips? (I'm building the KA-6D right now, which should be the same kit plus the tanker parts) Alex
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