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  1. some brands, yes. Definitely. Alex
  2. As far as I know, most of the intercepts happen in international territories. The US have as much right to fly over the black sea as the Russians have right to fly over the north sea or mediterranean. Most seriuos news agencies even note that fact ("The russian bombers stayed all the times within international airspace and did not enter British airspace", or similar). If someone enters your airspace without permission, you get more aggressive with maneuvering, but even this is regulated in the ICAO manuals. If they still not follow, well, then it gets more dangerous. Including warning shots or more. What bothers me is not the fact that nation X flies in international territory close to Y (both nations do that), but how the intercepts are done. Alex
  3. Another nice example of how NOT to do it. Subtitles are german, but I guess you get the message even if you don't speak the language... https://www.n-tv.de/mediathek/videos/politik/Russische-Jets-bedraengen-US-Bomber-ueber-Schwarzem-Meer-article22005776.html Alex
  4. Big plus: you can build loads of them, without losing too much shelf space! Alex
  5. Thanks, that's what I assumed. So, all operators of the A version need a full sized tanker and can not refuel, say, with an A400 or C-130. Unless the probe can be added on request. Alex
  6. Just wondering, how does the F-35A refuel? Do they need a boom or can they do it with the probe/drogue? Alex
  7. I find it a bit a shame that Revell has still not yet published the instruction on their homepage.... thanks for the link to a page with painting guide! Alex
  8. Nice review of a nice kit. I assume the other marking option is a plain vanilla grey/green/silver bottom one? Alex
  9. Nice one, in my opinion one of the nicest schemes. Alex
  10. the real issue was the fact that the hornet had two engines and the f-16 only one, we wanted a two engined aircraft because of the swiss topography (with all the mountains, a single engine flame out would be almost certain a total loss). We had a Mirage which survived a engine failure, but we wanted to be on the safe side. This argument may not be valid anymore, as the gripen and f-35 both have one engine only. I think the reliability has improved since the "old days". Bit funny that you don't offer the F-16 as the Swiss have really only limited use for the new airplane, and a F-35 is a total overkill for its intended purpose. Alex
  11. Reminds me a bit of the USAF procurement of the tanker.... if the desired aircraft by the military does not fit the desired aircraft by politicians, cancel the process and change the requirements so that the desired one by politics wins... Alex
  12. Switzerland maybe, if the people will downvote the newest fighter aircraft again... No Idea why the F-16 was not considered. We need a fighter aircraft for (mainly) point air defense, and we got offers for F-35 and Super Hornets? Alex
  13. alex


    On the italian statistic page are some numbers I checked a few weeks ago. The peak in february-march showed more than five times the death rate of the long-term average. Bergamo, one of the hot spots in Italy: 20feb to 31mar: this year 6238 death, same period over the last five years: 1180 death . Over the whole country, 90946 death this year, the same period average of the last 5 years: 65592. Interesting that "only" roughly half of the overmortality is contributed to covid, so many people must have died without diagnostic. And this are just figures. There were homes for the elderly where a third of the inhabitants died within one month. My parents are from Bergamo, so I heard many stories about what went on. for those who like the statistics: https://www.istat.it/it/files//2020/05/Rapporto_Istat_ISS.pdf (it's italian, but I think the pdf can be translated online) Alex
  14. Has the old lady moved to russia? https://mymodernmet.com/grandma-paints-houses-louka/ Alex Edit: there is a nice little cardboard model of this chapel I built some time ago...
  15. Actually, my best burner can was not painted at all. I took an image from the internet, scaled it down to the correct size, and glued it on the inside. https://www.scalemates.com/profiles/mate.php?id=11437&p=albums&album=40254 (images 11 and 14) Alex
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