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  1. Hello! I've started PV-1 and it's just before base painting. I'll be using Mr.Hobby C-series paints for the first time... DSCN3981 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN3982 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN3984 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr
  2. Thanks for all your comments, guys Thank you Well , this is a model of modern day warbird so crowbar is red I know , chipping is wartime-like so maybe I'll repaint it when I'll fix problem with doors. Antenna wire went off few minutes ago I bought for-blade prop and different exhaust so soon I'll have an actual AB910
  3. ...Sometimes the world tries to knock it out of you...but I believe in Spitfire the way that some people believe in fairy tales... Sorry August Rush...I just had to correct you...Spitfire is one and only... This is Airfix 1/24 Spitfire Mk Vb...holy grail of my childhood and reason of huge row with parents ("You don't need it!"). I made this model about 10 years ago and I just had to do it again. This time with use of airbrush, Tamiya paints instead of Humbrols etc. I've used Master Hispano barrels and Eduard seat belts. And MIG oilbrushers, Tamiya paneliners and pigments and a lot of Evergreen styrene. Antenna is courtesy of my wife - she donated her own hair BTW , it's a what if. This is model of aircraft representing Zumbach's fighter , not a real one.So chipping is completely fictional I know that doors were lower when opened but I had a problem with hinge so I decided to leave it as it is. DSCN3965 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN3968 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN3969 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN3971 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN3972 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN3974 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN3975 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN3976 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN3978 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr Hope you'll like it
  4. Hello, Here are few photos of WH dragon which I finished yesterday. It's painted mainly with Vallejo and Tamiya range , with little help of AK silver. Every layer of paint was layed with "drybrusing". Only primer was airbrushed. There is a knight on this dragon, but there was a elf lord in box. I got rid of him because he looked like glam rock star, his saddle looked like throne and whole thing looked like cheesy fantasy metal videoclip scenography And finished... DSCN3865 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN3867 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN3866 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN3864 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN3862 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN3861 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN3860 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN3858 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN3857 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN3856 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr
  5. Artoor_K

    ORP "Warsaw" II - 1:200 - more that 40 years old :)

    It's possible but not likely When I bought ths model it had a ORP Warsaw number on the hull side but it had a missile launcher on front deck like Krivak-class frigates. Crew member couldn't make such mistake.
  6. Hello, Here is an oldie from me... In 2013 (I guess) I bought scratchbuilt model of polish ORP "Warsaw" II missile destroyer (type 56AE , in Nato: Kotlin SAM) . It's quite old, I guess 40 years at least. It means that it was build when real ship was almost TOP SECRET. The hull is carved from wood and superstructure is made of soldered cooper plates. I don't know name of the builder, but after examining the model thoroughly, I came to respect his skills. He build "Warsaw" probably from censored drawings and blurred photos, using any available materials like wires, plates, nails, meshes and achieved really nice result. I tried to rebuilt this model , to make it more like real "Warsaw" but I left it in "Box of doom". This time maybe I'll finish it. I photocopied paper "Warsaw" by Flymodel and I'll use it as a pattern for additional parts. After few years in box and few "do something, put aside" sessions it looks like on photos below. These are photos from these few years. DSCN3710 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN3712 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN3741 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN7429 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN7436 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN7459 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN7462 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN7465 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN7466 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr By the way...what means KUTA?
  7. Hello, On 10th of december my beloved wife asked me with very difficult question: -For 4 years I gave you 5 models as a gifts. Why you put together only one of them? Well, as you know, there is no safe answer for that question. Only one thing can be done...RUN!!! Well, not at all, nowhere to run...So...had to start this task. And below, you see result of first part. This cycle is painted with Tamiya and Gunze range, polished with Tamiya Fine Compound. DSCN3837 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN3831 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN3835 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN3836 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN3838 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN3839 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN3843 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN3844 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr
  8. Hello, Before any photos I have to make an introduction as some on anti - communist jokes (very popular in easter Europe) are hardly understandable for rest of the world. In '70 and '80 Radio Yerevan was a fictional news station , which delivered unreliable "hot" news. They were simply making fun of communist propaganda. There were tons of black humour and sarcasm. One of my favourite jokes is: Radio Yerevan informs: a group of chinese communists attacked soviet tractor, working on a field. Tractor defended itself by firing from few rocket cannons and flew-away toward Moscow. Ministry of Agriculture warns chinese commrades: if this incident will occur again , we will send harvesters on fields. This joke became title for my small vignette. Resin mech is from "Raging Heroes" company. Base is styrofoam covered with soil. Plow is scratchbuild as well as soviet border marker. Whole scene is weathered with AMMO and AK fluids. I used paints from Mr-Hobby,Tamiya and Vallejo range. As a "base for a base" I used photo-frame with scanned "Tribune of the people" newspaper (main pro-communist newspaper in Poland before 1989). I inserted fake news (in this case tractor-joke) with Microsoft Paint as a description/title. Hope you'll like it DSCN3773 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN3775 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN3779 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN3780 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN3783 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN3786 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN3787 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr
  9. Hello! ES-3A Shadow is finished. It's a Italeri set in 1/48 but in fact that's really old ESCI kit with new parts. Main elements fit is good, but the extra parts not at all. The painting manual leaves some to be desired. I made some mistakes, mostly with thoughtlessness Model is painted with Tamiya and Gunze paints, shadowed in with blue. I used Wolfpack seats because kit seats were a nightmare. Best regards, Artur
  10. Hello, Just finished - P3C Orion by Hasegawa - OOB. Painted with Tamiya and Gunze range. DSCN3676 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN3677 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN3679 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN3682 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN3688 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr
  11. Some time ago I've decided to make models of all helicopters from the "Crow" program. Here is AH-64 Apache. Set is Academy, scale 1/48. I'll never buy Academykit again. An extremely vague instruction, tragic decals, form marks everywhere. Fit is not better. I'd be better buying a Italeri set. Polish markings, of course. Painting is Mr. Hobby and Tamiya. Weathering was dome using AK and Tamiya fluids.
  12. Artoor_K

    1/48 Mig-31 NMF Completed.

    I dream about 1/48 Firefox very often. Sadly , too expensive for me Your Mig-31 is really cool!
  13. Artoor_K

    1/32 Mig 29 a Revell

    Really nice model, It'll be very hard to pass it by on the contest.
  14. Not user-friendly set of a model of very interesting fighter... Kittyhawk Flying Flapjack is a difficult set. In fact , I'm not recommending it. Sprue gates in strange places, too long mounting bolts or even bolts in inadequate places etc. Anyway, I'm happy with result but sometimes I wanted to throw in out of the window. Painted with Mr.Hobby paints with help of Tamiya washes and AK pigments.
  15. I'll pick up one or two for sure. Never enough 1/32 modern jets First as polish whiff, second as a USAF or IAF one