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  1. Thanks a lot IP was modified. I've drilled holes in places of instruments. Then I put IP decal on white sheet of styrene and glued whole part on backside of IP. Gunsight is completely scratchbuilt. Cockpit thub was modified, seat walls were thinned: Perhaps I will be cursed for eternity by FW maniacs but I really loved this model. It's most detailed from all 1/18 HB kits and I hope you'll like it too. Just give it a chance
  2. It's finished! 1/18 scale FW-190 A-8 has left the bench. The model produced by HobbyBoss lacking a lot of details, it has them less than models in 1/72 but I wanted to make it because the larger the model, the easier it is to stuff the electrics. I remade the interior of cockpit, added aluminum foil seatbelts, added gunsight and detailed a bit landing gear wells. The armament is made of brass tubes. Apart from that, I added diodes, optical fibers and a motor. As German equipment other than prototypes and what-ifs will never appear on my shelves, I painted my FW in the colors it wore when the Yankees tested it at the Toul-Rosières airport in France in 1945. To paint this one I've used AK Real Color, Tamiya and Mr Hobby paints, and weathered it with Ammo Mig pigments and liquids also from this manufacturer. It is driven by a 12V motor and the optical fibers are powered by 12V LED diodes. The resin lady on the wing (to distract from the lack of details of the model ) is also on a 1/18 scale, from Coree. My wife helped me plant the grass on the base, many thanks Short movie with working engine and lights:
  3. And here it is...Result of few weeks of hard work... Resin 1/32 DH.90 Dragonfly from Lukgraph. Great set, has some minor problems but everything is quite easy to correct. PM me if you'll ever need help with it. About dirtyness of model... I know that real DH.90 G-AEDU is perfectly clean. To be fair,I had to sand a lot from topside of model (because of my own mistake) so I had to cheat with painting, I mean to make it look more 3D. Then I had to unify overall look so, yes, It looks worn and dirty. And yes, I'd overdone it
  4. Maybe, if it could take off But yes, all engine and still breaking clutch
  5. Thanks Thank you Water is made of transparent styrene water sheet for railroad dioramas (sorry, can't remember manufacturer) with waves andfoam made os AK fluids. Thanks Thank you Sad that never flew. Many thanks Thank you very much Indeed, it is Glad you like it
  6. Model under the motto "Bring my modelling mojo back". 1/48 Piaggio Pegna PC-7 from AMP - airplane which was build only once and for one thing only - to win Shneider Cup. Never flew. What I can say more - a real dog of a model. Every part had to be fitted, in addition scale on box was wrong - model is more 1:52 so chance to use any available figures is none. I've cut a wharf from styrofoam, add some water and put Piaggio on stands. Painting as usual: Mr Hobby and Tamiya. Stands are scratchbuild from icecream sticks, pavement and water for railway dioramas.
  7. Keep in mind that fuel dump line shape is wrong. It's more round in front. It can be seen here:
  8. I've build this beast. Very big, and quite complex. Box is full of parts. Cockpit is well-detailed but some upgrades can be done. Steering stick is non existent. Seat is like from old Revell 1/32 kits. Plane can be build in few configurations - in normal flight, in hover and stored. Front gatling guns can be changed into 1/48 M61 from Master. I bought mine for 95$.
  9. Thanks Well, she has a brush in hand and a bucket with red paint. I thought that she just finished painting the spinner of Macchi.
  10. YES! It's over! After 18 months Veltro is finished. I don't know what is worst - 21st CT or PCM...But well, I didn't threw in out of window Hope you'll like it.. Airfield base will be done in next few days... So...what was done to this Veltro: -upgraded cockpit (scratch) -downgrade from serie III to serie I (removing cannons for MGs) -new gear covers -details in gear wells -metal Pitot's tube (home turned brass tube) -position lights -some intakes drilled -new gunsight -weld mark on exhausts -sealing screw holes -AM wheels (thanks AlexM) -custom RAAF markings based on Squadron Signal Walkaround book (there is a photo of RAAF captured Veltro) -some minor details, antennas etc. Girl is from Master Box Pin Up series, puppy from Tamiya Live Stock set. Bucket is scratchbuild, brush is from... old brush Model was painted with Mr.Hobby. AK Real Colors, Vallejo and Tamiya range. Weathering is mainly Ammo Mig.
  11. Hello! In december I was visiting one of my friends. We planned to finish large scale post-apo tank based on M60 but build wasn't going in right way. So after quick raid through boxes of unbuild models we decided to move along with Italeri Su-34 with Neomega cockpit set. We couldn't just finish it OOB, we just had to do sth differently. So...we painted it in USN scheme, used Jolly Rogers Sqn. markings and mix of Russian and NATO ordnance. We used Tamiya and Mr Hobby range, Tamiya Weathering Sets and of course Ammo Starship Wash We build carrier deck with a piece of plywood and that was it. Total build time was no longer than 24 hours. Hope you'll like it
  12. As we all know "Helicopters can't fly; they're just so loud and ugly that the earth repels them" Thank you very much and, yeah, it's ugly PS: I really curious what you'll think about CobraHind
  13. Hello! Right after finishing (this night I removed masking tape from cockpit glass). AH-64 "Cochiti" is a compound version of Apache. I based it on real compound Apache AH-64Z which is tested by Boeing. Engines, wings and vertical are from 1/72 Su-25, tail pusher prop is from 1/72 Orion, main landing gear is from 1/48 Su-25. Rest is from 1/48 Apache, with some parts from spare box. Main rotor blades were shortened. Decals from Apache were awful so I've used spares from A-10 and Tornado. Painted as usual, with Tamiya, Mr.Hobby and AK paints.
  14. Thank you! Of course it looks better - like real, sturdy starfighter Thank you Thanks! Glad you like it! Thanks1 There was no empty place in stand to make cable invisible. Soon I'll buy black one and change it.
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