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  1. As we all know "Helicopters can't fly; they're just so loud and ugly that the earth repels them" Thank you very much and, yeah, it's ugly PS: I really curious what you'll think about CobraHind
  2. Hello! Right after finishing (this night I removed masking tape from cockpit glass). AH-64 "Cochiti" is a compound version of Apache. I based it on real compound Apache AH-64Z which is tested by Boeing. Engines, wings and vertical are from 1/72 Su-25, tail pusher prop is from 1/72 Orion, main landing gear is from 1/48 Su-25. Rest is from 1/48 Apache, with some parts from spare box. Main rotor blades were shortened. Decals from Apache were awful so I've used spares from A-10 and Tornado. Painted as usual, with Tamiya, Mr.Hobby and AK paints.
  3. Thank you! Of course it looks better - like real, sturdy starfighter Thank you Thanks! Glad you like it! Thanks1 There was no empty place in stand to make cable invisible. Soon I'll buy black one and change it.
  4. Hello! This niught I've finished 1/32 Colonial Viper by Revell. It's a real dog of a kit - almost without cockpit details and nightmare to rescribe. Good thing - it fits pretty well. Engines are backlighted with three blue LEDs. Painted as usual - Tamiya, Gunze and AK Interactive. Heavily weathered with three-tone scratches.
  5. After few years on shelf of procrastination Airwolf is finished. Aoshima set is great but few construction solutions are odd. Painted as usual, with Mr.Hobby range. Top color is Tire Black misted then with Dark Blue.
  6. Thank you Unfortunatelly there is no chance to buy Zotz Decals in Poland so I was limited to "Stumpjumper" and "Easy Money". Thanks For me it was also a big surprise. Assault transport chopper...sounds strange Thank you Many thanks Thank you. Four were build. First for tests - "Co$t of Living" . It was a prototype so stayed in US. "Easy Money", "Birth Control" and "Stumpjumper" were send to Vietnam. Only "Easy Money" survived. Now, after restoration, it's on display at Redstone Arsenal.
  7. Hello, I'd like to present ACH-47 Chinook from Vietnam, named "Easy Money", which belonged to "Guns a Go-Go" unit. Model is from Italeri, really nice to put together, only decal's instructions were full of errors. Few decals were in wrong color also. It's painted as usual with Tamiya and Mr. Hobby range.Weathering was done using Tamiya, Ammo Mig's and AK Interactive fluids and pigments.
  8. Hello, I'm finishing "Easy Money" by Italeri and there is one thing that's bothering me. I know that "walk here" on top of fuselage were black not grey but real question is - did this chopper ever had them? I could't find them on any photo of "Easy Money". After reconstruction they're are there of course but were there also during Vietnam War ?
  9. Thank you :) I'm thinking about wrestling Mosquito by Revell now, same league as Spit 22:)
  10. Thank you Thanks, I think it's my oldest model. Thank you very much Thanks Thank you Thanks a lot Well, it wasn't so bad. Wing struts and connection between them and landing gear were worst things I've met in my not so long modelling time Maybe only PZL Czapla in 1/72 by one polish company was more terrible Glad you like it Thank you Thanks Maybe new kits are better detailed and have good fit. But with Matchbox Lysander you're not building it, you feel it
  11. Woah...Yesterday was a day of crash. I tried to finish Lysander but each time I tried to do sth with it I was breaking sth. When spats disintegrated at one moment I had enough. Today is much better. I've finished this oldie, figures and base can wait. Let's sum it up...I've worked with Matchbox 1/32 Westland Lysander - in original Matchbox box, which is exactly the same as Revell. I bought Eduard seatbelst, Master's barrels and Montex masks. I've rebuild pilot's and observer seats. Elecrical panel was build from scratch as well as map box. I've rebuild MG-s, barrels were removed and chan
  12. Ufff...Model is finished but next week I'm starting with a base when I buy things needed for it. 1/48 Lublin R. XIIIB Hydro-Terror was composed of two models - ICM Spitfire Mk VIII and Lublin R.XIII Hydro/Ter from Mirage. Seat belts is Tamiya masking tape. The instruments on the board are decals left after Ventura by Revell. Float's rack was made of clip wires and brass tubes from Trumpeter. Model is painted with some strange mix of Deck Tan and RLM 78 colors - both from Mr. Hobby. Bottom is just Flat Aluminium. Trolleys are from scratch. The pilot is ToRo Model product, I don't recommend
  13. Thanks for a lot of positive feedback Yesterday, with a lot of help from my friend the lair-base was created:
  14. Hello everyone, Yesterday I've finished Ka-58 by Revell (well, it;s Zvezda inside). Nice box, great decals, instruction printed in color, it looked superb OOB. But during construction truth came out. Rough plastic, not matched forms (I mean f.ex. missile halves are postponed to each other). It was tiring job to put togeher this one. I've made gunsight from few pieces of styrene and used resin K36 seats instead of styrene ones. Ka-58 is painted in Airwolf-style on purpose I've used Tamyia and Mr.Hobby paints for large surfaces and Ammo Mig range for brush work. Weathering is done
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