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  1. Hello AMT Batwing is old set , released close to 1989 Burton's "Batman". Not bad at all but with some fit problems and strange "peeling" plastic. I've removed all styrene gun barrels and used brass tubing insteag. Vulcan gun is from Master. Whole model is finisched with Mr.Hobby paints and Ammo Mig weathering products.
  2. " Batman is human too..." final version. Scale 1/25 AMT + a bit from scratch. Seatbelts are made by Eduard, gun barrels from Aber , ammo belts from Tamiya. Trees and grass are from Freon. Painting with Mig and Tamiya + Mr. A Hobby. Weathering with MIG only. Guns are removable (magnets). https://i.imgur.com/1UiVAZ2.jpg[/img] Uffff...That's second batvehicle out of four that I have...Hope you'll like it...Now onto Batwing
  3. Sooo...another Batmobile, this time legendary one Of course seatbelts: ...and new gun barrels: Let's begin First upgrades on seats with metal net: Kit guns were more like a dampers without springs but thanks to one of my friends I have Academy Brownings: With Aber barrel it looks like...err...gun And here is finished cockpit: Now I'm waiting only for Joker figure and ammo belts from Eduard.
  4. And it's finished. Animated Batmobile will be changed for the one from 1989 movie when I'll finish it
  5. Hello, Bad news...I have working smoke generator but I couldn't fit it into car. Too much wires and there wasnn't enough place for it. But after weekend (well I hope so) I'll get back to it and get it done. Now one photo of finished dio, from phone camera - sorry for that, more photos from normal camera and with working lights tommorow.
  6. I'm tired of polishing...So something different now: grill and headpipes are painted with chrome silver metalizer from Mr.Hobby :
  7. CPR, CPR, CPR...I mean Compound - Polish - Repeat...
  8. Hello, I had no idea where to put this one so if it belongs more into non-military vehicles then , dear moderators, please put it there More than 6 months ago I bought NJ Croce 1/24 Batmobile from animated series. It was very basic toy (although very accurate in comparision to animated original). I thought that if I only spray new paint, it never gets more attention than short look. Sooo...few led-s, seat belts and smoke generator will do it A batman figure and near-Gotham forest road definitely wil make it more "visible". So...as Mick Jagger sang "Let's work,be proud ":D New cockpit with seatbelts, lighting, seat backs: Smoke generator: New header pipes out of LEGO parts: Batman figure with bat-outhouse...Batman is human too More to come
  9. Hobbyboss is going to release 1/48 Osprey. Italeri is an Old kit with one New sprue.
  10. hello! As it written in title...I wonder if there is any chance for a model of newest french chopper H160M Guepard?
  11. Hello, Well, that's all. I have no place for even a small vignette so that's it:) Painted as usual with Mr.Hobby range. Weathered with Mig and Ammo products.
  12. In EVERY book I have I found this description. Well...I have a lot to do.
  13. Hello, I want to remodel my 1/48 Catalina into PBY-5A Canso A, this particular plane: Where I can find side and top plans/drawings for this version? I have 7 or so books about Catalina - I found only two side color images. Any help? I really don't wanna to make is with "estimated by photo" method...
  14. Hello, I've finally finished this one.... As in title - this is P-400 Airacobra "Airacutie" by Special Hobby , reboxed by Revell. Model isn't good, I'm sure that Kittyhawk one is much better but it was on sale so I bought it :) Basically it's OOB but there are seatbelts from Eduard and guns from brass pipes. Lady on wing is from Masterbox Pinup set. Whole model is painted with Mr.Hobby range and weathered with MIG,Tamiya and AMMO products. It has very shallow panel lines so wash didn't go well. I found a topic about Airacutie on LSP forum so I know that this particular P-400 had it's gear cover dismounted. After finishing I found that on real Airacobra left cockpit door was permanently blocked. Another mistake supposedly wrong cockpit color but I have no chance to correct it now. Anyway , hope you'll like it :)
  15. Hello, Finally found this one cheap... No matter if you buy Typhoon or Red October - you'll get the same innaccurate model of Project 941 submarine. But it's quite big and easy to modify. "The hunt for Red October" movie used modified Typhoon as a title sub. Red October was longer - I found photos that leave no questions. I'm not going to make my Red October longer ot to make conn tower smaller but I'll add doors and exhausts for caterpillar propulsion system as in movie. Firts of all - studio model photos found on Modeler's Miniatures & Magic website: Model is very simple , so after an hour you'll get this: Now it's time to cut out propulsion inlet doors and exhausts...
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