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  1. Ufff...Model is finished but next week I'm starting with a base when I buy things needed for it. 1/48 Lublin R. XIIIB Hydro-Terror was composed of two models - ICM Spitfire Mk VIII and Lublin R.XIII Hydro/Ter from Mirage. Seat belts is Tamiya masking tape. The instruments on the board are decals left after Ventura by Revell. Float's rack was made of clip wires and brass tubes from Trumpeter. Model is painted with some strange mix of Deck Tan and RLM 78 colors - both from Mr. Hobby. Bottom is just Flat Aluminium. Trolleys are from scratch. The pilot is ToRo Model product, I don't recommend
  2. Thanks for a lot of positive feedback Yesterday, with a lot of help from my friend the lair-base was created:
  3. Hello everyone, Yesterday I've finished Ka-58 by Revell (well, it;s Zvezda inside). Nice box, great decals, instruction printed in color, it looked superb OOB. But during construction truth came out. Rough plastic, not matched forms (I mean f.ex. missile halves are postponed to each other). It was tiring job to put togeher this one. I've made gunsight from few pieces of styrene and used resin K36 seats instead of styrene ones. Ka-58 is painted in Airwolf-style on purpose I've used Tamyia and Mr.Hobby paints for large surfaces and Ammo Mig range for brush work. Weathering is done
  4. Finish at last... Great model, there were some problems with engines fit but this had no effect on overall assembling experience. The model is painted with Tamiya and Mr Hobby paints as usual. I've tried a bit of color building by putting shades of blue and grey as a base, which then were covered with Rubber Black paint. The model has no decals,subtle weathering was done with Tamiya and Vallejo pigments, as well as AMMO oilbrushers. Wash is neautral gray.
  5. Thanks Thank you. Big job indeed. Thank you. Thanks. Mine was lying on wardrobe so warps were stock, free gift from Revell Many thanks Thank you. Revell is giving maual hot to cut decal for better adhesion but...well...I've decided to not give it a try Thank you very much. Well, the age of this kit is pretty visible and it can't be compared to any modern, even 1/35 Huey kit. Thanks. Surfboard was a must
  6. Thank you Thank you "I mean I'm not afraid to surf this place, I'll surf this whole fu***ng place!" Thanks "You can either surf, or you can fight!" Thanks That board just had to be there
  7. 1/24 UH-1B Huey from Revell (Monogram) was finished today. Model is really old-first Monogram edition was released in 1969. It's age is perceptible while building. Wrapped parts, weak details, transparent elements needed to be polished. Building was a little longer than I planned because I've decided to make little corrections. Instrument board is modified, along with seats. Rear troop bench is scratchbuild. Upholstery is made with baking paper. Also cooling vents are new, with wire mesh cover. Instead of sharkmouth decal I used self-made masks. Surfboard is made of thin plank.
  8. Many thanks Glad you like it Well , box of rigging line says 0,3 mm. Perhaps I've stretched it too much so it's too thin. I have thin cooper wire (but thicker than AMMO line) but I had more control glueing rigging line than wire. Thank you Glad you like it. Rigging is like defusing a bomb-one wrong move and you have your pieces everywhere. In this case you have glue everywhere Thank you This set in Poland is like Yeti. You heard that it exists but no one knows where to find it And
  9. Model of 1/32 Grumman F3F-3 by Revell (Monogram) is a very old one - it appeared on the market in the ' 60. For its time it was a great model: it had a retracting landing gear, movable control surfaces and closing canopy. It certainly doesn't look awesome today, but despite the age it's nice one one. Purchased a few weeks ago F3F-3 was finished today. I painted the model with Mr. Hobby, Tamiya, Vallejo and Ak.paint range. I've scratchbuild gun camera, instrument panel, seatbelts and wires on the engine. Antennas are AMMO product. Landing gear is retracting but some work was needed to make it w
  10. Many thanks It's still in shops around the world. Of course in Revell box. I think Revell re-released it in 2019 or on the beggining of 2020. You should have no problems with finding it This is out-of-the-bottle Mr.Hobby Aqueous H14, without any mixing. Then MIG Track Wash which is brown, I didn't coated it after painting so no gloss varnish etc.. Wash was used as soon as paint was dry. About rescribing...It's not my favourite form of excercise I can say that with RB Productions Scribe-R I was able to finish it and not throw X-1 throug
  11. Thank you very much Thank you. Well , never again. Original Nichimo in Nichimo box anytime but copy? No, thanks
  12. Bell X-1 Revell/Monogram 1/32 I think this one is much older than me :) Painted with Tamiya and Mr. Hobby paints. Weathering is done with AMMO MIG and AK INTERACTIVE. Base is made with AK Crackle Effects. I've modified hatch lid, rescriber raised panel lines, added a few wires behind the instrument panel and basically that's all. Hope you'll like it :)
  13. U-boot U-107 type IXb Fada Xieda (Nichimo) 1/200 Painted with Tamiya+Mr. Hobby+Vallejo+Ammo Mig Weathering: Ammo Mig+Ak Interactive A horrible model, a lot to improve or to be scratchbuild, nevertheless can be put together with a CA , putty and hammer :D
  14. Hello, Straight from the bench - T-70 X-wing from the last trilogy of "Star Wars". 1/50 model produced by toy company Revell straight from the box looked terrible. Since I didn't liked the movie colors at first sight, I decided to paint the fighter in the style of earlier versions. I also made some details for the cockpit. The model is painted with Mr Hobby and Tamiya paints. Chipping is made with help of AMMO Chipping fluid and Vallejo light gray applied with a sponge. Weathering is mostly AMMO products and Tamiya pigments . Stand is made of what was lying around. I don't recommend this
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