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  1. ...but M4A3 model from Tamiya with 105 mm instead of m4A375 mm is better...because of single commander hatch. I will have this hatch, engine deck and exhaust at once
  2. So...I got an inexpensive solution I have hobby shop near my home where both Shermans are available Many thanks for everyone
  3. You're right! The one from movie has a number on turret. Sherman from museum photos doesn't! There is no cast numer there! There are two different tanks. Okay , how to model the one from museum photos? Hull from this one: https://www.mojehobby.pl/products/U.S.-Medium-Tank-M4-Sherman-Early-Production.html ...with rest from this: https://www.mojehobby.pl/products/US-Medium-Tank-M4A3-Sherman-75mm-Gun-Late-Production.html OR, buy this one, to model exact tank from movie. There are a lot of unused parts to other versions. Only exhaust deflector needs to be scratchbuilt: https://www.mojehobby.pl/products/British-Army-Sherman-3-Mid-Production-with-Cast-Drivers-Hood.html I've read an article on Armorama...that there are no model of this Sherman...Are they right? I'm more into S-F, I know nothing about Shermans Some screens from movie: i153558 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr capture6xva2.5218 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr capture6rsnpf2.6180 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr capture6vww9.695 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr the-tank by Arti Kapi, on Flickr
  4. So M4 from Asuka as linked on first post is ok but I have to change some details like engine deck right?
  5. That was my first shot. Unfortunately, there is no such 1/35 model that has enlargered front hatches and additional armor on them. So I'm asking... Only Asuka set mentioned above has them. But this is not M4A3. I've outlined these areas on photo. zaznaczenie by Arti Kapi, on Flickr
  6. Hello, I'd like to start my first tank model in my modelling history. I want to make a miniature of Sherman from "Tank" movie from 1984 with James Garner. And of course I have a problem. I know that it is M4A3, I've read about it. But I have no idea which set I can use. It looks like this one: https://exito.sklep.pl/pl/p/ASUKA-TASCA-35032-135-US-Medium-Tank-M4-Sherman-Late-Fay/32917 ...but it's late M4 This is real one, Sherman from exactly this movie. _BrzEg8gBmk___KGrHqUOKi0EvPW0knWWBL1N1_jHJw___3 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr _BrzEiVwB2k___KGrHqIOKjIEvNqjcYH9BL1N1E_TuQ___3 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr _BrzEkZw_Wk___KGrHqIOKkIEvOEh1_4hBL1N1Kw5oQ___3 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr 05_M4_A3_75mm_SHERMAN by Arti Kapi, on Flickr Which set can I buy to model exactly this tank? Guys, help!
  7. Hello! I have a question about Revell Voyager - how put decals on windows? Cut from sheet, water, and then put on back of windows usual way but backwards? It will work despite glue on decal isn't on front? Any help will be apprieciated
  8. Nothing special, to be honest Very subtle weathering, or more likely "space-dust-ing" Some chipping but again, very subtle. Of course dark wash, just because I like it I thought a lot about painting it. I've figured that Gundams can't be just painted in bright color. If it is paint, then the would be chipped and scratched to naked metal in more that 80% of surfaces. It's more likely just material in bright colors. So chips can't be just steel, more like lighter shade of base color. That are my first thoughts
  9. Greetings, It's time for my first Gundam. I'm scarried as h..., I don't wanna to ruin sucha beautiful set but well...I gotta make Gundam finally... First photos right after I'll be back at home
  10. Hasegawa's Arcadia - model close to perfect, great fit, fantastic details. Painted as usual, Tamiya and Gunze. Three-color modulation with pastel green and yellow drybrushing DSCN4746 by , on Flickr DSCN4747 by , on Flickr DSCN4748 by , on Flickr DSCN4749 by , on Flickr DSCN4750 by , on Flickr DSCN4751 by , on Flickr DSCN4752 by , on Flickr
  11. NSEA Protector from "Galaxy Quest" Cool model , very simple, very fun, very recommended I've decided to make a scratch on fuselage from collision with spacedock DSCN4741 by , on Flickr DSCN4742 by , on Flickr DSCN4743 by , on Flickr DSCN4744 by , on Flickr DSCN4745 by , on Flickr
  12. Finally! Ventura lands on shelf after looong build. Painted as usual by Gunze and Tamiya. Eduard set was used in cockpit, gun barrels are from Master. Weathered with AMMO oilbrushers and Tamiya washes. I'm not pleased with green corrections of octopus decal but at last I've learned something DSCN4753 , on Flickr DSCN4755 , on Flickr DSCN4756 , on Flickr DSCN4757 , on Flickr DSCN4758 , on Flickr DSCN4759 , on Flickr DSCN4761 , on Flickr DSCN4763 , on Flickr DSCN4764 , on Flickr
  13. Well, it's finished...This kitbash is painted as usual with Tamiya and Mr.Hobby, not weathered, only AMMO wash. Fenestron and Longbow-style radar were scratchbuild. DSCN4734 by , on Flickr DSCN4736 by , on Flickr DSCN4737 by , on Flickr DSCN4738 by , on Flickr DSCN4739 by , on Flickr DSCN4740 by , on Flickr Hope you'll like it
  14. Hello! I've started PV-1 and it's just before base painting. I'll be using Mr.Hobby C-series paints for the first time... DSCN3981 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN3982 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN3984 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr
  15. Thanks for all your comments, guys Thank you Well , this is a model of modern day warbird so crowbar is red I know , chipping is wartime-like so maybe I'll repaint it when I'll fix problem with doors. Antenna wire went off few minutes ago I bought for-blade prop and different exhaust so soon I'll have an actual AB910