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  1. Hello, Finally found this one cheap... No matter if you buy Typhoon or Red October - you'll get the same innaccurate model of Project 941 submarine. But it's quite big and easy to modify. "The hunt for Red October" movie used modified Typhoon as a title sub. Red October was longer - I found photos that leave no questions. I'm not going to make my Red October longer ot to make conn tower smaller but I'll add doors and exhausts for caterpillar propulsion system as in movie. Firts of all - studio model photos found on Modeler's Miniatures & Magic website: Model is very simple , so after an hour you'll get this: Now it's time to cut out propulsion inlet doors and exhausts...
  2. I bought very old Revell F-104 and after buying I started to think what I've done and what to do with it In grim and cold night I hit upon an idea - not black but white eagle, nod yellow but red plane - polish whiff I've ordered masks for eagle, seat from Aires, Pitot's tube from Master. Side panels in cockpit were scratchbuild ,exhaust had to de detailed and here it is. Polish F-104 in occasional scheme Painted with Mr.Hobby range. Many thanks to my friend Bogdan Zolnierowicz for masks !
  3. Hello, I'm a big fan of Robert Kubica - polish F1 driver. Now Robert is a driver in Williams but when I started this model and bought decals it wasn't clear. There were rumors that he can be simulator driver in Ferrari with possibility of contract next year. I've decided to give him next-gen Ferrari F1 sooner So...here it is. Robert (I've tried to modify Hasegawa figure) , team chief and of course grid girl And next-gen six-wheeled Ferrari with twin turbos Decals were bought on ebay, two additional with name of the driver were custom printed. Model is Super Asurada Double One from Aoshima. It was a pleasure working with this set.
  4. Hello guys! First of all - short introduction Jakub Wędrowycz - in english Jacob the Wanderer is a main character from book series of polish writer Andrew Pilipuk. Jacob is...well... horrific aged boozer , rural exorcist, moonshiner and poacher, shocking by look , smell and lack of any hygiene or personal culture :) Because he is kind of...supernatural, he exterminates vampires, zombies, ghosts etc ,usually in unusual way :) Very funny guy , I tell you :) ToRo model company made a 1/35 Jacob figure which I get as a gift from my beloved wife :) And here it is, on a small vignette. The writting on a bayse says "Halloween, sh..toween , "Ancestors",da..n!" Dziady - in english it can be sth like "Ancestors" is an old slavic "All Souls' Day" celebration conducted in times before christianity. During this custom, our pagan precedensors tried to get a contact with dead. Kind of Halloween but not at all :) Hope you'll like it :)
  5. I tried to scratchbuild jerrycan brackets. It's best I can do now. Buckles left to be done later... New MG mount with some details on turret surface
  6. Hello, I'd like to present USS Voyager from Revell - just after finish. Painted as always with Tamiya and Mr.Hobby. Wash by AK. Despite decaling errors I'm happy with result
  7. You have no idea how long i've searched for this! Mamy thanks! I couldn't find it anywhere. Maybe I've searched by wrong word. I'm going to try scratchbuilding them. Thanks once again!
  8. I managed to get M4A3 parts without buying new kit. So after few surgeries early M4 looks like below. What I've done already: -new wire handles -horn above gun -M4A3 engine deck and rear engine doors -correct cast surface on divverential cover -additional sockets for fuel cans on turret -new rear plate with corrected angle of it -torsion bar/counterbalanced hinges for engine doors -late commander cuppola with single hatch DSCN4919 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN4920 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN4921 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr DSCN4922 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr
  9. Nope, no gun lock. I'm going to put this model on a small dio using photo below: i153558 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr ...so it's hard to tell which one is it Tommorow I will get T51 tracks. Today finally I'll show what was done already.
  10. Well, I'm a SF modeller. Word "accurate" gives me a headache I know that this can be Hollywood Sherman or mock up and I can assure you-I only want my childhood tank without going nuts over it
  11. I know, these are very good points...but...well...call it as you want.... Now I'm 33..."Tank" was one of the first movies that my parents allowed me to watch from start to begining (next was "Top Gun" and "Final Countdown"). I have a big sentiment to this particular movie and I really want a model of this Sherman. This is a whole reason - just sentiment and a nice memories from childhood.
  12. ...but M4A3 model from Tamiya with 105 mm instead of m4A375 mm is better...because of single commander hatch. I will have this hatch, engine deck and exhaust at once
  13. So...I got an inexpensive solution I have hobby shop near my home where both Shermans are available Many thanks for everyone
  14. You're right! The one from movie has a number on turret. Sherman from museum photos doesn't! There is no cast numer there! There are two different tanks. Okay , how to model the one from museum photos? Hull from this one: https://www.mojehobby.pl/products/U.S.-Medium-Tank-M4-Sherman-Early-Production.html ...with rest from this: https://www.mojehobby.pl/products/US-Medium-Tank-M4A3-Sherman-75mm-Gun-Late-Production.html OR, buy this one, to model exact tank from movie. There are a lot of unused parts to other versions. Only exhaust deflector needs to be scratchbuilt: https://www.mojehobby.pl/products/British-Army-Sherman-3-Mid-Production-with-Cast-Drivers-Hood.html I've read an article on Armorama...that there are no model of this Sherman...Are they right? I'm more into S-F, I know nothing about Shermans Some screens from movie: i153558 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr capture6xva2.5218 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr capture6rsnpf2.6180 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr capture6vww9.695 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr the-tank by Arti Kapi, on Flickr
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