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    Just completed a double build of a couple of Tamiya 1/48 P-51's. For Lt. Francis W. Horne's mount, Snoot's Sniper, I used the kit (Cartograph) decals that came with the 'Blue Nose' special edition boxing. For The Millie G, flown by Major Edward Giller, I have used the Barracudacals decals for 44-14985, the first of the two Millie G's to appear in this colour scheme. Construction is OOB, the seat belts are the kit decals on lead foil, the wings have been filled as per the factory and exhausts drilled out. I used Modelmaster Buffable Aluminium applied with a brush for the bare aluminium, a mix of Alclad Aluminium/Dark Aluminium for the painted aluminium and Gunze H309 for the fuselage and empennage on The Millie G to match the nose checks. First here is Snoot's Sniper as she appeared in August 1944 by which time only the under fuselage D-Day stripes remained - previously they had been applied to both lower and upper wings, and also the original canopy had by this time been replaced with a Malcolm Hood. I have found a couple of colour photos on the net...I do not know who the original owner is as they have been copied many times:- all credit to whoever is deserving of it though. I have tried to replicate the same worn but not abused finish as seen in these pictures. And now The Millie G as she appeared in summer 1944 with only the under body invasion stripes remaining and before she had a rear view mirror added. Again, I have managed to find a couple of reference photos on t'interweb, and all credits to whoever is due them. And now onto the pictures, and as with the Snoot's Sniper build I have tried to replicate the worn but not worn out look of an aircraft in the middle of a hectic operational schedule. Two thoroughly enjoyable builds, hope you enjoy the pics.
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    Hello Got the first one of the year out of the way - albeit one I started mid-December. This is the Italeri Tornado IDS, modified to GR4 standard in Operation Telic markings. I have had this kit kicking around for a while, buying it when Paragon stopped trading and I bought a set of their AM goodies 'for the stash'. I have added a NeoMega cockit; Paragon Flaps/Slats, exhausts, fin correction, weighted tyres; Revell Storm Shadows and Paragon tanks tanks - I got these off a club mate without fins, so these were scratch built. Finally a scratch built sensor pod. Finished in Humbrol enamels and Model Alliance Decals. I enjoyed the build, surprised by how small the airframe actually turned out. Thanks for looking. Ian
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    Hi Guys let me introduce you to “Escape from Stalingrad” its the Tamiya 1/35 scale 88mm with some alpine figures, and Resin figure Kit Flak Crew. The story is that the gun has jammed and whilst the crew attempt to fix it the 2 Russian tank crew are trying to escape the through the ruins, but have been heard by the SS patrol. Enjoy Mike
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    She is a big impressive looking beastie, but she's not really a dogfighter. More of an interceptor.
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    First test-shots of the V-2 mobile launcher:
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    I cannot believe I've finished something!! On 1st January, I just went downstairs to the stash, picked up the first kit and said 'Right, I'm going to build this!' The initial idea was to be completely OOB, but there are a couple of enhancements, such as photo-etched belts, the Eduard FOD cover and after market decals. These are the SuperScale set, SS480883, and represents the North-American F-86D, 23667, of 324FIS flown by the unit's CO, Lt Col Fairbrother in Morocco 1958. The North American Aviation F-86D Sabre (sometimes called the "Sabre Dog" or "Dog Sabre") was a transonic jet all-weather interceptor. Based on North American's F-86 Sabre day fighter, the F-86D had only 25 percent commonality with other Sabre variants, with a larger fuselage, larger afterburning engine, and a distinctive nose radome. (© Wikipedia) This is the Revell boxing of the kit and is the later version with the rear drag parachute housing. Monogram also released the same kit, but of the earlier variant without the parachute housing. The kit is tremendous and is easily on a par with anything that I have made from Japan. Paints are Alclad II (what else?!) sprayed over Alclad gloss black primer, Gunze Sangyo acrylics and the radome (unpainted glass fibre on the real aircraft) was painted Tamiya XF-10 Flat Brown and then sprayed with Hannants' Xtracolour Satin Varnish. Some minor weathering and stains etc. were applied with a selection of washes and pastels. So, here she is, my first of 2013!
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    Hello World. Here is my 1:48 Airfix Sea Vixen I just finished.. quite a bit of fiddling to get it finished, But I think you will agree it stands out well against the Dutch snow in the beck ground.. and there is some out of scale bird poo on the table thanks for looking
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    Hiya Folks, For those who have been following the contents of my (very large) cabinet, here are some Second Line Fleet Air Arm types; Skua TT- 48th scale Special Hobby kit; Roc- 48th scale Special Hobby kit; Hurricane Mk.I & Sea Hurricane Mk.Ib- 48th scale Italeri kit; Maryland, 771 NAS`s famous Bismark Hunter- 48th scale Fonderie Miniatures kit; Fulmar NF.II- 48th Warrior Models kit; Chesapeake- Acc Min 48th scale kit; Seafire Mk.Ib- 72nd CMR kit; Harvard, Academy 72nd scale kit; Defiant TT.I- Pavla 72nd scale kit; Spitfire FR.XIII- Tamiya 48th scale conv; Corsair; 72nd Tamiya kit; 48th scale Tamiya motorised kit; Traveller- 48th scale AMT kit (heavily!) converted; Barracuda- 48th scale Sierra vacuform; Beaufighter Mk.II- High Planes 72nd scale kit; Seamew- 72nd scale Sword kit; Wildcat Mk.VI- Sword 48th scale kit; Vengeance TT.IV- 48th scale AZ Model kit; Martinet; 72nd scale Pavla kit; 48th scale Magna resin kit; Mosquito B.25- Revell 48th scale kit; Baltimore- 48th scale Classic Airframes kit; Expeditor- 48th scale Battle Axe kit; Dragon Rapide- Aeroclub 48th scale vacuform; Spitfire F.XVII- CMR 72nd scale kit; Gannet T.5- Trumpeter 72nd scale kit with A2Zee wing fold; Chipmunk T.10- Aeroclub 48th scale kit; Jets; Sea Vampire T.22- Aeroclub 48th scale vacform; Meteor T.7 & TT.11- Both Aeroclub vacuforms; Phantom- 48th scale Hasegawa kit; Hunter GA.11- Revell 72nd scale kit conv; Helicopters; Hoverfly, MPM 72nd kit; Whirlwind HAS.22- Italeri 72nd scale; Wasp- Airfix 72nd scale kit converted and Modelart decals; Whirlwind HAR.9, 72nd scale Italeri with ED Models resin nose & Modelart decals; Wessex HU.5- Italeri 72nd scale; Sea King HU.5- 72nd Revell kit; Dauphan- 72nd scale Matchbox kit; Hope you like em, All the best Tony O ps- Sorry but here are a few that I forgot to post; Magna 72nd Reliant; Magna 72nd Flamingo;
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    Another model finished at the weekend after languishing almost complete for many months - just needed the pitot tube and a coat of matt varnish to finish. Photos not the best as I was in a bit of hurry this morning. I picked this kit up at the "Swap'n'Sell" at the WA Model Expo a few years ago for only a few dollars as I really like the pugnacious look of the Boomerang. It was, shall we say, a challenging build. As always finished with brush painted Tamiya acrylics. The markings are for an aircraft from No 4 Squadron RAAF based at Labuan, North Borneo in 1945. Thanks for looking.
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    Here's the picture I'm referring too, there's some discolouring around where the fairing edged to, hard to say whether it's weathering or perhaps repaint with fresh unfased colour ??? Also, that front turret definitley looks silver inside.
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    With the snow last weekend putting paid to my travel plans, I had time to make a start on my second mosquito. The Paragon Design conversion gives the choice of two machines, a UK based machine or an Australia based machine. I have decided to model the Australian version, this requires replacement lower nacelle intakes and the four bladed propeller. Assemble fuselage with replacement bomb bay.
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    Cracking mate any help i can be on the hawk let me know i have a few ref photos of tiger hawks
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    I believe the Mig 25 was developed by the USSR as a response to the proposed B-70 Valkirie hypersonic bomber. By the time the Fox Bat was opperational the B-70 had been cancelled. It could fly fast, in straight lines but as has already been said, it was no dog fighter. Its turning circle was about the same as an oil tanker's!
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    You can get Trumpeters USS Nimitz in 1:350 and the White Ensign PE set which allows you to modify the kit into any of the class.
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    Neil, I was thinking about this after I posted. I **think** the Lanc had a circular hole for the turret, but the fairing around it (which carried the 'taboo' ring) might have been rivetted round it. In other words, there would be a circular plate over the turret aperture, and the area where the fairing went might have had the red dope paint. All this is conjecture and I don't KNOW. I don't want to mislead you. I like your glass-half-full analogy! The front turret looks fantastic, by the way. No it doesn't ... it's awesome! A brilliant piece of work.
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    Very nice work! Can you imagine flying this 'big bird'?! The cockpit's windscreen and canopy look so small. Any info about it's maneuverability? Was it as difficult as the Phantom was? Cheers Sernak
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    After failing to finish this in time for the deadline I sort lost my mojo for a while and didnt do any modelling for nearly 3 weeks. Anyhow after a coat of Klear the decals are now on and progress is being made, hopefully I can get this finished before the end of the month. Yep, its 63Sqn, look like its been zapped, but by who? Really like the way the Archer rivets come out. Some dangly bits to hang under the wings The mods may want to move this thread to the appropriate location. Cheers
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    Very nice looking Foxbat. I've got the same one on the go as well. As you say, it's not a straight forward build, but I have to say I've thoroughly enjoyed it so far. The trickiest bit to me is that rear end, especially around the exhausts. I actually ordered the Click 2 detail burners and they are a big improvement over the kit pieces. I think you've done a very respectable job there and as regard to the missles, well just because the a/c didn't have any hanging of it when it landed in Japan, doesn't mean it was never loaded with missles at any other point during it's flying career.
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    Thanks for the comments guys! I have a soft spot for Wattisham, did an ATC summer camp there in 1980, camped on a field near the tennis courts, god those FGR2's were noisy!! Cheers Simon
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    Great model to build! O I will love this GB! Cheers,
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    I love this model------takes me back to my Wattisham days 1989-1990 (& Waddington 1999-2002, when there was an F4J was sat in our Movements Hangar, sadly it was eventually scrapped )
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    Alternatively, cut about a mm or two OUTSIDE where you need the line and sand back to it, checking the fit every few minutes. Sometimes Paragon's 'cut here' lines were a bit out. That's a lovely kit to work with. Built quite a few over the years and there's a lot of them in the stash for when I go back to doing Mosquitos.
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    Great idea and pulled off well......the worn looks is very convincing great work rgds mr b
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    Imaginative and well executed. This one is well worth the praise
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    Thanks a lot guys! I am working now on really big Russian...
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    Ive found the decals from the original 80s boxing XM607 Serial number, the 3 mission markings on the nose and 44sqdn badge( these were painted out for the raids ) PM me your address and Ill post them to you. During the raids 607 was Dark green 163 Medium sea grey 165 top side and Dark sea grey 164 underneath ( Humbroll colours) She did Black buck missions: 1-runway bombed 2-runway bombed 3-cancelled due to weather 7-anti-troop bombing 4,5,6,was XM597
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    HI Artie, I did try vinegar once before, but it didn't seem to soften anything and just made me want to get a bag of chips for my supper Chris
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    They are a bit hit & miss with their aircraft releases, there was also a range of WW2 Battle of Briatain Aircraft listed for 2010 that never appeared along with F-16s and all F-35. I wonder if they are trying to find a decent kit to copy, their Sea Vixen certainly lloks to have been inspired by the MPM kit with a touch of the Airfix added for better details, the Sea King looks to have been created from scaling down the Hasegawa 1/48th kit - Badly !!!. Perhaps they are struggling to get the Airfix 1/48th Buccaneer together so they can copy its features or maybe the Czechmaster kit is a little too complex for them to recreate in CAD
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    We are preparing two versions of the missile, in the SA72003 you´ll find camouflaged V-2, while in the SA72014 kit will be black&white prototypes. I am sure none of them you´ll find boring, pay attention to special posters that the prototypes carried between the tailfins.
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    For the gauges they can be hard to get anything looking ok. If it was me I'd be buying a set of cockpit decals from the likes of Airscale and using them. For the cockpit details I'd have the base colour and a light and dark shade of it plus a highly thinned black brown mix. I'd spray the cockpit in the base colour and then to add some variation in the tones by spraying the darker shade in the more recessed areas and the lighter shade where the cockpit is going to attract more light. For the shadows immediately on bulkheads you could spray a thin line of the black brown mix and then brush paint an even lighter shade of the base colour on the raised bit. If you use tamiya you may have to invest in another brand of paint for the brush painting For washes I'd stick to oil washes as they are easier to manage, either have a gloss finish for the oil wash or put down some thinner first if its a matt coat otherwise it'll spread out. If you think you've gone too far you can tone it down with a thin overspray of the base colour until you a happy.
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    My thoughts on this are that any delay can only be a good thing. Cyberhobby set the mark pretty high with their 1/72 Meteors, but then squandered it with the Sea Vixen, Venom and Kings. I hope that they have taken on board some of the criticism recieved for these kits and are going over their Bucc with a fine tooth comb to produce an outstanding kit! Fingers crossed..... Mark.
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    Albertz, I use a combination of dry brushing to bring out the highlights in my cockpits followed by a wash using Games Workshop water based washes. Careful application of these into the shadow areas works quite nicely and liberal application over a wide area can give it a quite dirty appearance. Mark.
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    Cockpit detailing is something that I struggle with. Would Tamiya smoke work? Thinned down of course. If you are going over top of another acrylic, then I think that you need to gloss coat before using the wash.(basic, but never assume). then you would have to flat coat when done. the gloss coat should allow for a fairly easy clean up of the wash though. Edit - I just did some searching, annnnnd some folks have managed an acrylic pin wash over Tamiya base coat. they made sure that the base coat was well cured though. See this link: http://cs.finescale.com/fsm/tools_techniques_and_reference_materials/f/18/t/141198.aspx Post 6.
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    Hi Albertz, This is my tip for you. Firstly pre-shade all shadow lines in your cockpit i.e. all corners, then lightly build up a nice and thin layer of paint to just let the pre-shade create a shadow effect that will look rather pleasing if done correctly! Then, use either artists oil paints (Raw umber or Paynes Grey work fine) thinned with spirits and use capillary action to run the oil into all the detail of the cockpit/sidewalls. As for the dials and gauges, try applying detail to buttons and switches using a cocktail stick with a very light grey Acrylic paint and gently touch each switch with that. Its important to look at reference photos to also add some yellow or red switches depending on which aircraft had them. Here's some examples. Adam
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    Coming along,really happy how it,s turning out
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    Thats nothing! Try storing enough Scalextric track to fill a garage thats big enough to hold two Land Rover Discovery's and is 3-4 layers high. Could never get enough juice all the way around it tho. Seriously tho, I'm running out of room with my stash and all I have is 1/144's a few 1/72's and my first ever 1/48! Dunno how you guys do it. Kind Regards, Dazz
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    Try storing 1/32 nd scale models. I think I need a new house just to accomodate them and the train set which occupies a 10x10 foot L shape signature. Monty
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    Hi Rob, Great job on the Tracks !! Peter
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    If there was ever any doubt about the RLM02 I think that has been dispelled now - that looks spot-on
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    Last night I managed to mask and paint the green strips atop the fins Tonight I've applied the small star decals on those stripes So this is how she looks My student has finished his exams - so I should get better access to my model room
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