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  1. Full size image at our blog.
  2. 1/35 Panhard 178B - boxart by A.Karakis: https://www.specialhobby.info/2022/03/sa35009-panhard-178b-in-135-boxart.html 1/72 Junkers Ju-87D5 conversion parts test sprue - photos: https://www.specialhobby.info/2022/03/sh72448-junkers-ju-87d-5-conversion.html
  3. 1/72 Messerschmitt Bf-109E7 Trop Braving Sand and Snow - boxart: https://www.specialhobby.info/2022/02/sh72462-messerschmitt-bf-109e-7trop_25.html 1/48 AH-1G Cobra Canopy Mask Set: https://www.specialhobby.info/2022/03/m48005-ah-1g-cobra-mask-in-148-first-of.html 1/48 AH-1G Cobra Clear Parts fit test: https://www.specialhobby.info/2022/02/148-cobra-clear-parts-tested-plus-some.html
  4. https://www.specialhobby.info/2022/02/sh72462-messerschmitt-bf-109e-7trop_25.html
  5. Well, not exactly blue, the machine proudly wears national colours of Blue White and Red. For more, check the latest news at our blog.
  6. For more of this shocking news, head over to our blog. (well we modellers are a playful bunch, aren't we )
  7. Yes Graham. More about Special Hobby team's attendance on the Fair that was not can be found at our Blog. Six days of the Fair in Six instalments, beginning with Day One.
  8. https://www.specialhobby.info/2022/02/sh72463-gloster-meteor-mk89-middle-east.html
  9. https://www.specialhobby.info/2022/02/8056-and-mv120-man-le-10220-bundeswehr.html
  10. The Cobra is about to be released: https://www.specialhobby.info/2022/02/148-cobra-clear-parts-tested-plus-some.html
  11. Tired troops almost life-like: https://www.specialhobby.info/2022/02/hetzer-troops-figures-in-135.html
  12. decals shown at: https://www.specialhobby.info/2022/02/sh72438-sunderland-mkiii-decal-sheet.html
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