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  1. Another fab build, you must have a copy of my to do list as your going down the list i made (a dam site quicker admittedly) almost aircraft to aircraft lol
  2. super shots, brings back fond memories of Upper Heyford and Lakenheath in the 80s-90s
  3. fantastic work, wish i could get half as good as this, and i hope the kidney stones pass quickly, it a pain i wouldn't wish on anybody, keep up the fluids
  4. Ditto, makes me want to continue my 'nam builds, all be it at a snails pace
  5. WOW going to get me a couple of these, nice build
  6. Not usualy my cup of tea, but i like this a lot, super build and finish, ish i could come even close
  7. miniair


  8. still beating mine lol but at least it's now on its wheels, think i'll get the SAC metal legs for the next one, it wags its tail like a terrier on the plastic ones, yours looks good with some camo on it
  9. great finish, just how did you weather it, and with what, (i want to do a UN helicopter in white eventually)?
  10. just a question, did F 100 carry any air to air missiles at that time, i know the cannon had a habit of jamming, so if a lightning was used could it have been to add a bit of air to air back up?? just thinking out loud
  11. If you do find some please let me know, i can get plenty of pics from a mate at culdrose
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