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  1. Excellent modelling, Tony ... As many others have said, I’m very sorry to hear about your back - I hoped that after your last operation it was fixed. Anyhoo ... very best wishes for the next one. PLEASE keep modelling, I think your postings are pretty well the best modelling ‘course’ one could hope for! Jonny
  2. Hi, everyone ... I’ve just bought a Tamron 150 - 600mm zoom lens from a well known online auction company. It’s pretty big as you can imagine and quite heavy. I’ve tried it and it works fine but definitely needs support, either with a monopod or tripod. It has a tripod collar. My problem is the lens came with original packaging which does not include any form of protective pouch or case. For safety’s sake I want something. I’ve looked online but haven’t yet found one large enough to definitely hold the lens with tripod collar attached. Has anyone any ideas where I can find such a piuch or case? I’m talking of a diameter of over 130mm / 13cm. Any advice / suggestions gratefully received!!!
  3. Jonny

    Seafang serials quandry

    Wow, you’re lucky, Steve. I caught labyrinthitis a while ago, with the same effect. My problem was (and remains) occasional bouts of giddiness and 80% loss of hearing in the affected ear. The doctors I saw at my local surgery prescribed a series of antibiotics which had no effect so I asked for a referral to a Consultant. “It’ll take weeks” was the reply so I mumbled “private” and saw a Consultant three days later. After a MRI scan ( he said later he thought it might be a tumour) the great man said it was too late to do anything in the way of remedial treatment and my hearing loss is permanent, and by the way here’s a bill for nearly £2k. I do hope you haven’t the same problem. You have my sincere sympathies. Getting back on track I have the Trumpeter Seafang and Spiteful kits so I’m following your thread with interest! Jonny
  4. Another super model from Tony!! The old Merit kits were good, weren’t they? I’ve a Gladiator, Flycatcher and Bulldog somewhere in the stash, and some PE for the Gladiator. Didn’t Lindbergh re-release the Merit kits a longish time ago? Jonny
  5. Jonny

    Razzle Dazzle Hunter

    Thanks, rayprit. How I wish I could get to RIAT. Awesome footage!
  6. Jonny

    Razzle Dazzle Hunter

    When was the photo taken, please? I think I read somewhere that the CAA have cleared Hunters to fly in the UK and am wondering if the photo is recent. thanks, Jonny
  7. Jonny

    Bentwaters Cold War Museum

    Oh great!!! i wondered how the Jaguar was coming along. I visited the BCWM a while ago and saw the almost bare airframe in a hardened shelter. Great to see (and hear!) her sitting in the open with engines running. It’s a great museum, run by enthusiasts, one of those which put the bigger ones to shame (are you listening, RAFM and .Duxfird?). I’ve a soft spot for Bentwaters: both my parents worked there, Dad, a Quantity Surveyor, officially retiring from there aged 65 whereupon he joined s civil company and almost free to select the contracts he worked on. Mum worked in Base Supply and managed to arrange for me to see their new Sperry Univac 1050 computer. Strangely enough, some time later I joined that company and had a ball, travelling to and working in 13 countries as well as the UK. A fond memory of my visit to BCWM is one of the (American) guides who had us in fits of laughter. He said if an A10 came in needing re-arming the pilot was instructed to keep both his hands in plain sight of one of the ground team. That person’s role was, if BOTH of the pilor’s hands ceased to be visible, to shout or scream at the armourers who would promptly move well to the side of the aircraft. We were assured that was because - so we were told, cannot resist playing with cockpit switches, sometimes inadvertently releasing a weapon. Whether thaf’s true I can’t say! thanks for sharingp your photos, Alpha Delta. Jonny
  8. Jonny

    Silver Spitfire

    According to today’s (15 September) ‘Daily Telegraph’, “two British enthusiasts” are planning to fly a polished silver Spitfure IX round the world, departing next summer and hoping to arrive home by Christmas. According to the Dally Telegraph the Spitfire is MJ271, currently owned by the Boultbee Flight Academy. It’s history includes service with 118 squadron in 1944, then with 401 squadron based at Volkel before being transferred to the Dutch airforce in 1947. After that it was taken over by a war museum in Delfzijl, then in 1973 it went to the Fokker Technical School, then to the Aviodome then at Schipol. In 2003 it went to Leylstad before being bought by Historic Flying and brought ‘home’ to Duxford. Boultbee bought in 2006. I’m sure I saw this airframe at the Aviodome, then at Schipol, when it was in Dutch markings, as H23 probably back in 1976. I saw it at Duxford when it seemed in a sorry state. After rectification work, including removal of all pain’t work and being polished it will start its round-the-world trio in 2019 registered as G-IRTY. Looking at the planned route provided by the Daily Telegraph I see it goes from the UK over the Atlantic to the USA, then to Russia, India, Oman, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Austria, France and then home. There will be a PC-12 chase plane. Some oroject but I can’t help wonder if it’s sensible to hazard a restored airframe,. The paper says it will have a “new engine and ‘slight’ modifications such as extra fuel ranks, improved avionics and some modern safety gear”. The paper says “of course, there'll be no weaponry”. Interesting!!
  9. Jonny

    Tamron lens?

    For what it’s worth, feeling the need for an up to 400mm zoom (I used to be happy with an up to 300mm zoom but since new regulations were introduced after Shoreham aeroplanes display that bit further from the crowd line) I cast about for anew lens. Amateur Photography magazine reviewed the Tamrin 17-400 lens and quite liked it. I bought a used lens via an online auction site and it’s great. An incredible range. Not quite as sharp at 400mm perhaps so I try to limit to about 350 to 380mm. I’m happy with it and can recommend it.
  10. Jonny

    Expert Shield - LCD protectors

    Old thread it might be, but a very useful one. Among others I have a Nikon D7500. It’s great at air shows and elsewhere but it’s always bothered me that the LCD screen is exposed both while I’m using the camera and when it’s in one of the carrying cases I use. My other Nikon, a trusty D5200 , allows the screen to be reversed and there not exposed. I shall order protectors from Expert Shield. Strangely, I had a look on a certain well known auction site and they only list a very few shields? Thanks for the heads-up, Mike. UPDATE: I looked st the Expert Shield website and found the protector for my D7500. Actually, THREE are available - glass, anti glare and glass. Being unsure whether to opt for one of the first two I used the site’s ‘contact us’ facility and asked for advice. I received a very fulsome and helpful reply and a link to a video. To cut the story short, I’m advised that if the camera is used a lot for outdoor work the anti glare is the one Togo for. Since airshows tend to be in the open (!) the choice seems obvious. I’ve no connection with Expert Shield, just an impressed potential customer.
  11. Jonny

    Poseidon MRA Mk.1

  12. Jonny

    Is this Klear?

    I’ve just noticed that the online site where I saw “Pledge Multi Surface WAX” had an illustration of “Multi Surface POLISH” in a blue bottle. parabat’s reply had a photo of WAX. Are the two - wax and polish - the same? Sorry if I seem unduly thick - it’s just that the online vendor wants over £8:00 per bottle ... . Jonny
  13. Jonny

    Is this Klear?

    Thank you, Parabat and Bentwaters! Yes, the ‘Pledge Klear Multi Surface Wax’ I saw on the online site was the ‘blue’ bottle. I chased round the bigger stores in my home town at lunchtime and none stock it, so I’ll have to buy online. Thanks for your replies ... like all postings in BM, very helpful, Jonny
  14. Jonny

    Is this Klear?

    Good morning, fellow BM-ers ! I am in the UK. I’ve run out of the original ‘Klear’. I *think* it still exists but with a different name. Could someone one please tell me what the current version of ‘Klear’ is called here in the UK? I saw a product called ‘Pledge Klear Multi Surface Wax’ mentioned in an online site but am doubtful if this is the Klear I’ve used for ages. Apologies if this is in the wrong Forum ... . Jonny
  15. Not exactly a surprise, having seen other aeroplanes you’ve built, Tony, but this one looks really really good., i’ve one of these in the stash - another kit I keep meaning to build but get sidetracked! Keep up the good work! Jonny