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  1. I'm sorry if this is deemed 'Topic drift' but is Freightdog still in operation? I see that the link dogsbody kindly provided shows 'out of stock' which is also shown for many items. I have tried using the 'Contact' facility but withoiut success so fear the worst! Any response(s) gratefully received! Jonny
  2. Finn, If you use the link I provided you'll see this: It had more room than in other types and it was possible to wear a back type parachute and so bale out of the turret. It was, however, very cold due to the cut-away Perspex, which left the turret completely open. I think that answers your question! I hope so, anyway! Jonny
  3. I think you (Selwyn) have cracked it! I did a search and came up with this account http://www.bphs.net/GroupFacilities/R/RoseB I really was tooking for a two 0.5 guns FN turret - FN82 - but it's been really interesting. I didn't know how versatile the Rose company was! Live & learn, eh? Jonny
  4. Colin ... I've read that with the original turret there wasn't room for the gunner's parachute, so it was stored in the fuselage. All the poor devil had to do was centralise the turret, open the doors, retrieve his chute, clip it on, then revolve the turret to port or starboard and fall out backwards. I don't know if there was room in the Rose-Rice turret to stow the 'chute in it. The turret certainly looks roomier than the FN turrets. I'd be interested to know if indeed the gunner could bail out through the front as you suggest. Anyone know for sure?
  5. Thanks, WhitleyZ6743 and dogsbody (Chris)! I feel a bit of an idiot! Somehow I had a fixation that the two 0.5 gun turret was the Rose-Rice one and I forgot the FN.82. I should have asked for an FN.82 ... I dug deep in my stash, found my Airfix Lancaster B.II and sure enough it includes the FN.82! I think I might have the B.I/B.III kit too, somewhere. Aplogies for wasting everyone's time and thanks to WhitleyZ6743 and to dogsbody (Chris) for being so gentle! Mods ... would you please delete this thread? I'll cringe every time I see it!!!! Thanks. Jonny
  6. I know this is a long shot, but does anyone have a spare Rose-Rice Lancaster turret - the late WW2 twin 0.5 guns one? I think this was included in the Airfix Lancater B.1 FE. Ideally, I'd like as many of the components as possble but happy to consider the glazed part. I'll pay any postal costs. Please let me know via a direct message if you can help. Thanks (with crossed fingers!), Jonny
  7. Super photos! Thanks for sharing them! I must say that, apart from the subject, I'm impressed by the solar panels visible on the roofs in the background! At least, I *think* that's what they are! Jonny
  8. Thanks, Wellsprop ... I'm afraid I don't have a facebook account and cannot, therefore, read the material you have provided a link to! However, I'm guessing it states that the Sea Vixen will not be repaired to airworthy standard, but will be restored to viewable static standard. With regard to the Seahawk ISTR it being announced some time ago that it will be restored to airworthy status - does your facebook article say when? Thganks & regards, Jonny
  9. My subscription copy of 'Aeroplane' arrived yesterday. On the front inside there is the announcement that the Fighter Meet is back and will be held on August 27 and 28. General admission is .... wait for it ... £25. You can go up-market and pay £125 for the 'enclosure' or buy 2 day's tickets. URL is www.fightermeet.co.uk I've just booked myself in for the Saturday. Fingers crossed for the weather! Thought some might be interested, Jonny
  10. The Fighter Collection's website entry for the Beaufighter states "The structure of the aircraft is now largely complete and awaits fittings and suitable engines before progressing further". As I said earlier, I'm sure I saw two Hercules engines on stands next to the airframe (it was back in the day when one could get closer to the aeroplane than currently possible) so it may be they are away for rebuild. Then again, as Ngantek says, it may be they were the wrong (or differing) marks and the cost of modifications & certification is expensive. A great shame indeed.
  11. I too was at Duxford last Sunday. Actually, and I hope I'm not being over pedantic, but there were TWO aircraft movements during the day! Just after I arrived the 'NHS Spitfire' was towed away from ARC's hangar to a ground side display area where it sat immobile till quite late in the day when it was towed back. Not sure whether that counts as a 'movement'! I also watched the Staggerwing rumble down to the hold point, pause, then rumble back to where it started and switch off. It was a very misty day, wasn't it, AD210? One bit of high amusement for me ... I was in the Air & Sea hangar having a restful sit when a little boy clutching a toy plane came in with (I think) his grandparents. About then the sound of a jet engine could be heard. A number of people made a move to leave the hangar doubtless hoping to see something interesting move when the jet noise stopped. That happened a couple more times, and I realised it was the little boy's toy. Great photos as always, AD210. Thank you for sharing them. Oh - a long time ago I heard that The Fighter Collection was actively seeking two Herculese engines for the Beaufighter. I'm sure I saw two on stands near the aeroplane and wonder if it's since been decided they were different models of the engines, or for some reason unsuitable. Time will tell! Cheers, Jonny
  12. I think this is the 1/48 scale kit! Please see first photo!!!!! It *IS* impressive, though! Sorry, can't resist - no offence intended! Jonny
  13. Thanks, AD210 ... I had a closer look at a photo I took and spotted the LN-DHY registration in small characters on the port boom. I missed it before.. I was rather hoping that a 'new' Vampire had been restored to fly. No such luck. It's goods to know that 'The Good Shepherd' is being filmed (thinks - OK we've a Vampire in the cast but where's the Mosquito?).
  14. I suppose I should really have said 'Weapons Bay doors'? I'm still laughing, Nigel!
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