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  1. I've had it twice today on my iPad (IoS 12.4) and once or twice on my laptop (Win10 1903). Sorry, didn't note times. etc. but all after mid-day. Not a show stopper, more an irritant. Obviously it's a randpm event and from my point of view at least. not confined to one platform/ Jonny
  2. Apologies to everyone if this is in the wrong forum! Happy if Mods move it. Anyway, browsing eBay UK the other day I came across a “Dental Vacuum Forming Molding JT Heat Vacuum Thermoforming Former 220V” [sic] for £96.50, free postage. There are several other would-be vendors but this one was the cheapest. The thing has a (approximately) 4 inch (10.5cm) square bed. It’s obvious it’s intended for dental work but it looks as though it’d accept fairly small Modelling components as well. Any opinions, anyone (from the UK preferred but any and all gratefully received). This is is one of those tools that from time to time I wish I’d got but right now I can’t think of a real need for! Jonny
  3. I keep hoping RoG might produce one or more Royal Navy WW2 submarines, preferably in 1/144 scale. I’ve built a couple of U-boats and they’re quite good (as kits, I mean, not my builds!). I did approach MicroMir but they say they can’t get good plans at a decent price .... . I keep hoping.
  4. Naturlich! Und also in andere Grenzenb!!!
  5. I’m so sorry this is happening (again). In case no-one’s noticed, I’ve commented here and there in BM that in my view it’s a fantastic site. So much so, and comparing it with printed magazines, I’m seriously thinking of not renewing the latter and passing on the ‘savings’ to BM. The incredible support that comes from BM, not to mention the humour snd fellowship, far outweighs what I see in the published magazines. It it seems that some of you might know the individual concerned. I don’t. There is an ‘ognore’ Feature in BM, which I’ve used just once. I doubt that the two are the same. Keep BM ‘up’, please, Mike. It’s way and above the best Modelling site I’ve stumbled on (lucky me!!!!). Bestest, Jonny
  6. Certainly NOT! You may NOT buy it. PM me with your address and I'll post it to you. Other BM'ers have helped me out in the past so my turn to help someone. Please be patient - I'm away for a few days from tomorrow but I'll send the spinner, backplate & blades as soon as I can. Hope that's OK? Jonny
  7. Folks, Lawzer’s reply got me thinking (that *can* happen!). Ages ago I tried doing something clever with a Monogram Typhoon. It wasn’t very successful and I binned it, but kept one or two components. They included the 4 blade prop. It’s taken a while but I’ve found the thing. Thanks to all for your suggestions, and to Lawzer for his kind offer. Jonny
  8. I feel I must comment: in the magazine in question there’s an article about the Airfix 1/48 Spitfire XIV. It’s by someone who’s first language is demonstrably not English. I frankly found it quite difficult to read (it didn’t help that the contributor’s opinions and comments are so different to my own about this kit). The contributor is identified by Chris Meddings as one of two new contributors. That, together with the facts that English is not his first language and he was given “a fairly short deadline by the editor” would, I would have thought, led the editorial team to carefully proof read the article before it went to print. This did not happen! I am so sorry to see SAM decline ... Jay Laverty did rather spoil it, and I’m sorry to say I sensed a more recent editor was drifting towards his style. I agree with Graham Boak’s last paragraph in post 35 that it would be nice to feel confident that factual errors in a magazine would be corrected in a subsequent edition.
  9. Jonny

    Air Anglia DC-3

    That's very kind of you but frankly my stash has grown (almost) out of control and in the cold light of day I daren't add to it! Thanks for responding to my diatribe written late last night! Jonny
  10. Something odd has just happened! I am using a 6th generation iPad with IOS 12.3.1. I use Firefox as my ‘browder’. This morning I was looking at our Britmodeller site (what else) and *think* I touched the ‘Aircraft Modelling’ bar. To my horror the bar was greyed out and all forums vanished. The preceding ‘Help and Support and succeeding ‘AFV Modelling...’ and other sections all appear as normal. Thankfully, if I tap the ‘Aircraft Modelling’ bar the whole section appears BUT NO OTHER SECTIONS APPEAR, not even the bars. Tapping ‘Home’ results in all sections except ‘Aircraft Modelling’, appearing - the bar is greyed out and no forums appear. I can live with this but I’ve never seen it before. Any ideas? Jonny
  11. Jonny

    Air Anglia DC-3

    YI remember, years ago, going to an airshow at (i’m sure) RAF Wattisham, and paying what I think were almost pennies for a ‘round the airfield’ trip in a DC3. I recall the aircraft registration as G.AMPO and it was was operated by Air Atlantique. I *think* I read somewhere that the aeroplane might have been scrapped ... BUT does anyone have any idea if any 1/72 decals might be available for G.AMPO, in 1/72 scale? Nostalgia creeping in here! This is is a problem (for me, anyway) with Britmodeller ... see something in a thread, decide to emulate it, then sometimes almost as a few as minutes later, seeing something else! But please, don’t change - I’ve enough planned projects to last my. Remaining lifetime and well into my next life!
  12. Everyone ... I want to build a reasonably accurate Hawker Typhoon, in 1/48 scale. I have the Hasegawa / Italeri bubble top kit. I have a set of ‘Tempest’ tailplanes. I note that some aeroplanes had the 3 blade propeller, other the 4 blade. Can anyone point me to where I can obtain a 4 blade propeller? Not too desperate at the moment because this is at the ‘deep thinking’ (aka planning) stage but I’ve looked and looked but without success for 4 blade props *AT A REASONABLE PRICE!* in the UK. Thanks, fingers crossed, Jonny
  13. You know, what’s just occurred to me is this (at almost 2am here in the UK) .... it’s the sheer genuine humanity that comes across, from PC who’s.building hisLancaster and everyone who’s chipped in, from all over the world. I’ve stopped trying to work out from where so many contributors come from. Quite pointless really - everyone has a common interest, no matter where you are. Thanks, all of you, for helping me to rebuild my faith in *people*,in mankind, whatever. PC has shared his, and his family’s, issues with us, and there’s been a solid WHOOMF of support for him. I’d love to come to SMW this year and meet so many of you but it just cannot happen. One day, maybe. Thankyou to everyone who’s contributed to this thread. Jonny
  14. Elementary, my dear Peter ... (a rough quote from Sherlock Holmes) !,, Glad to be of help. Jonny
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