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  1. Good morning, AD210 et al ... Problem solved! I use Firefox on my iPad (and on my Win10 devices). I tried to use it last night and all that happened was Ireceived a white screen with the Firefox logo in the centre. This happened several times and still does this morning. I thought I’d try another browser, GoGoDuck. result ,,, AD210’s amazing night-time photos appeared immediately. I’ve since done some research. Mozilla who provide Firefox are apparently fiddling with it, changing the log-in mechanism. It seems that’s a work-in-progress. Be that as it may, I can’t use Firefox for anything just now, especially Britmodeller! Jonny
  2. You could emulate IWM Duxford’s Spitfire. 19 Squadron, squadron code QV, serial N3200. OK, not quite BoB but this aeroplane was piloted by PO Stephenson and shot down during the Dunkirk evacuation. It crash landed on the beach, and was buried in the sand. It was excavated in the 1990’s, bought by an American, rebuilt, and VERY VERY generously donated to the IWM. It’s a flyer too. It only ever bore the squadron QV code, no individual aircraft ID, simply because there was insufficient time between delivery to the squadron and its being needed for operations. This is how it appears now at Duxford. You can obtain generic codes and serials in 1/72, 1/48, and 1/32. The current markings are, I’m sure, authentic - underwing black port, white starboard, silver under the cowl in front of the wing, and fuselage behind the wing and under the tail plane. Do, however, look for photos. I hope this helps, Jonny
  3. Hi AD210 et al ... I've just retried using my Win10 laptop with Firefox version 70.0.1 which I'm sure is the latest. I'm sorry but this time I get a series of links, which, would you believe, flicker! When 've been trying with my Tablet (iOS) I got quite large grey rectangles (also flickering). My ISP is TalkTalk. Not at all sure it's anything to do with them.
  4. Sadly, I still can’t see the museum shots using my iPad. I’ve been a bit busy today and haven’t had a chance to try with my Windows 10 laptop. Jonny
  5. AAAAH! Thanks, Perdu - I half guessed it might be Mrs. C. (WRONG! and mega apologies, the good lady is Mrs. M), and was totally correct about our Martian! A shame no images of CC though.! Jonny
  6. Hi, Ced .. I HAVE to ask - the .... gentleman ... in front of you: who he, please? Any connection with another planet by any chance? I’m trying to be discrete, but the lady next to you - who she? Apologies if these questions are impertinent. Not my intention. Jonny
  7. I’ve tried ending the session and starting a new one, waiting ages to see if the ‘flickering grey’ is replaced by photos,etc. etc. but nothing. The current iOS I’m using is 13.2.2, on an iPad 9x7 version 6 - if that means anything. If I have time later I’ll try using my Windows 10 laptop.
  8. YES!! That’s the company I found. Once I’ve sorted an issue with PayPal (my present credit card expires at the end of the month, 11/19, which my bank assure me means it’s still ‘live’ whereas PayPal think HAS expired - so when I’ve registered my new one, I’ll be back to HMHobbies to order a stand). Meanwhile, good luck with finishing the Lightning and getting on with the Typhoon.
  9. Drat! I’ve got the flickering grey screen for each and all of your photos, except the ones at Andravida, all of which appeared straight away and are very good shots indeed. (Using an iPad with the very latest IOS) I’ll look again later - patiently waiting seems to work most of the time! Jonny
  10. Thanks lots, Propforward - How’s the Lightning T4 coming along? I’ve looked for ‘Flightpose’ in the Hannants website but they aren’t included in the list of manufacturers. I’ve tried a Google search for other UK stockists and found one selling all three ’Flightpose’ stands, for GBP16.99. Not bad given the often disproportionately high postal costs from the USA. Thanks again for a very helpful reply, Jonny
  11. Well, I guess no-one subscribing to BM has come across the shop. I’ve Googled for it using different searches and it didn’t show up until just now. It’s described as an online web shop! Using the URL listed it came up with ... something best described as an adult dating site - NOT what I was looking for, and I doubt anyone looking at BM would want, so I won’t add the URL! Back in the day it was a real model shop that I visited. Oh well ... mystery over. Jonny
  12. Prop forward ... This is great! Where did you get the clear plastic (?) stand you’re using and which appears in some of your photos - is it something on sale or something you’ve made yourself? From someone who has a Sword Lightning kit in his stash and who’s very impressed by your model. Jonny
  13. Hello ... Some time ago my wife and I were able to go on long weekend trips to Brussels ( a very much underrated city, by the way).. I managed on a couple of trips to convince her it was essential to visit the Royal Army museum there, and goodness me, we found that there’s a great Air Museum there, too. I was surprised having arrived to be told that they were about to close for lunch. What to do? Oddly enough, and as it happened, I had a note of a model shop called 16th Squadron (it’s much more elegantly expressed in French). So we went there while the Army Museum was enjoying its lunch. Question is - is the 16th Squadron shop still operating? Off hand I can’t recall exactly where it was, except it was more or less at the end of a Metro line. It’s not beyond the realms of possibility that I might be able to visit Brussels again, thanks to Eurostar. So if the 16th Squadron shop is still around I can put it in my MUST DO list. The Army Museum is still there - thoroughly recommended, by the way, especially but not only the Air Museum. Jonny
  14. And, of course, there’s yet another Concorde at IWM Duxford. It’s a prototype and has test equipment in the cabin. It was used for cold weather trials in Canada. The Duxford Aviation Society (who care for all the airliners at Duxford) take pride in the ability to operate the ‘Droop Snoot’ nose occasionally. Not sure if that’ll happen on November 11 or 12. Welcome to the UK, PC & Cookie ... . Jonny
  15. Safe journey and welcome to the United Kingdom / England, Edward / Precopius! I’ve been in touch with Ced and will try - hard - to meet you at IWM Duxford on the 12th. I explained to him that Mrs. J isn’t at all well at the moment but if I can get to Duxford I’ll do my best to find you all. Meanwhile, thank you (publicly) for the incredible posts you make to Britmodeller, in WIP and elsewhere. I love to read you r comments about the model you’re working on and about your, and your family’s life in Chicago. Take care, enjoy your visit, and again - WELCOME! Jonny
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