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  1. FWIW, I'm using my 64 bit laptop right now, with Windows 11 v. 21H2 and Firefox v. 1055.0.1 . All updates applied. Everything seems fine with scrolling so far as I can see, but I don't often scroll back. I also use a 64 bit Desktop with Windows 11 and Firefox. I can't say I've experienced any problems with scrolling. Weird this one, isn't it? I'll have a play later and test scroling back, just in case. HTH, Jonny
  2. I can't stop looking for evidence one way or another whether the Halifax had a dedicated seat for the flight engineer! I've been searching and found an interesting Web-site: https://hushkit.net/2021/07/06/the-cricklewood-crippler-part-2-the-unsung-halifax-heavy-bomber-in-12-questions-with-jane-gulliford-lowes/ The site's 'owner', Jane Gulliford Lowes, says she's on "a one-woman mission to rehabilitate the Halifax here in Britain – I want to educate people on the historical importance and massive contribution that the Halifax made to the war effort". She goes on to say "Behind the pilot, facing in the opposite direction, is the flight engineer, with his panels of controls, dials and fuel gauges. A drop-down seat is located on the wall of the fuselage just opposite, though in reality a flight engineer was usually kept so busy that he barely had time to sit down once the aircraft had taken off.". Just before that is a photo showing the flight engineer apparently standing, facing rearwards and presumably monitoring the engine performane. On the fuselage wall oppodsite him there is the edge what MAY be the drop-down seat referred to above. Apologies for a thread 'drift'. This isn't definite proof whether or not there should be a proper seat in the engineer's position, as portrayed in either of the Revell kits. I'm sorry if I'm just adding more confusion! In case anyon'e interested, or wondering, there is a 'The Critical Crippler Part 1' site: https://hushkit.net/2021/07/06/the-cricklewood-crippler-the-halifax-heavy-bomber-in-12-questions-with-jon-lake/ It isn't quite as detailed as Part 2. Jonny
  3. Dogsbody: "I believe there was a seat for the engineer in the B.III's but not in the earlier Merlin-powered Hallys." Ummm ... I'm sure there wasn't one in Yorkshire Aviation Museum's 'Friday the 13th' example - at least not when I went on a walk-through there a while ago. Yes, I *know* the nose on that one is a modern construction but it struck me, while chatting with some of the 'crew' that they too great care to get it right! I'll try to dig out my (limited) Halifax references but I can't do so for a while.I don't mean tp confuse the issue, and certainly not any of our fellow BM-ers! Jonny
  4. Hello, Neil - I hope I'm not too late but did I spot a seat in the Engineer's compartment? I dont think there was one! If you haven't buttoned the fuselage up, AND *IF* I'm right, dare I suggest you remove the seat? NOT a criticism, promise! Jonny
  5. Yes, of course it did. RAF Felixstowe was an RAF Station based at Felixstowe, Suffolk - on the coast! I didn't see the need to spell that out in words because I also referred to SUNDERLAND, SEA OTTERs and SEAGULLs!!! One flying boat and two amphibians. So sorry if that wasn't clear. One tends to think that places one lived in andknew as a small child afre known to most. Hope this removes any confusion. Jonny
  6. Oh wow! As a (very) young boy my father, who worked at RAF Felixstowe, took me to see (and hear!) this aeroplane. The 'hear' bit amazed me, used as I was to Sunderlands, Sea Otter, Seagull and the like. I remember standing watching - at a suitable distance - this strange whistling 'something' on the apron. I dimly remember seeing it take off and fly during an airshow! I remember that because three Lincolns beat up the station and the noise terrfied me! Many years later, during my first happy visit to Duxford I saw the aeroplane there, and then, some years later, seeing it again at Solent Oh nostalgia!! Apologies for hijacking Sabrejet's thread! I wish someone would produce a kit in 1/48 scale!! Some hope Jonny
  7. I'm not at all sure that the RAF ordered / acquired 300 B.29s. I seem to recall reading somewhere that the actual number was less than 100 i.e. 80-something. I might be wrong. Just my £0.02 worth! Jonny
  8. I'm watching this with great interest, 'cos my first-ever flight was in a Hunter T.7, thanks to my being in my school's CCF RAF Section. Oh happy days. I remember having to be trained to operate a Martin Baker bang seat and while being strapped in the pilot saying "if I say 'Eject Eject' don't ask anything because I won't be there". What puts me off this conversion at the moment is the combined cost of the Airfix kit and the Aerocraft conversion. I wonder if Airfix might release a kit of the T.7 (or T.8M) sometime. ARE YOU READING THIS, AIRFIX???? Jonny
  9. Hi, CC - Did you ever do a WIP for the very nice Korean War Mk. 1 you showed us? I'm only asking 'cos your photo rang a bell and I found the Mk. 1 'Home Fleet' boxing in my stash If ever I get round to building it I'm going to do the Operation Mascot aeroplane (5M/Z1830, of 1770 FAA Squadron embarked on HMS Indefatigable. I've searched the forum hoping to find your Mk. 1 but no luck! I'll watch you new build(s) for clues! Best, Jonny
  10. Apologies if this has been highlighted before. Anyway, I was browsing magazines in my local Newsagent today when I spotted this title. There's no publication month or year at all on the front cover. Howver, there's a lot about new decal releases, as well as kit releases. After that there are 'build' artcicles such as a 1/35 Draon Brummbar, the Airfix 1/72 Lancaster B.III, and the Eduard 1/48 P51 Mustang among others. Editor is one Jay Laverty who introduces himself on the last page. No indication whether this is a monthly or longer period publication though there is an advert for subscriptions, for 3, 6, 12, 18 and 24 months, so one assumes monthly but who knows? I thought some might be interested .... . Jonny
  11. Oh, that's a shame. I didn't buy the magazine regularly but just the odd copy. Rather like @Paul821 I tended to look at copies in a High Street outlet and buy if I found something that intrested me. Still, Pen and Sword are offering back copies of the magazine, and bound volumes, though for how long isn't stated in the website ( https://www.afterthebattle.com/ ). Jonny
  12. I'm sorry if this is deemed 'Topic drift' but is Freightdog still in operation? I see that the link dogsbody kindly provided shows 'out of stock' which is also shown for many items. I have tried using the 'Contact' facility but withoiut success so fear the worst! Any response(s) gratefully received! Jonny
  13. Finn, If you use the link I provided you'll see this: It had more room than in other types and it was possible to wear a back type parachute and so bale out of the turret. It was, however, very cold due to the cut-away Perspex, which left the turret completely open. I think that answers your question! I hope so, anyway! Jonny
  14. I think you (Selwyn) have cracked it! I did a search and came up with this account http://www.bphs.net/GroupFacilities/R/RoseB I really was tooking for a two 0.5 guns FN turret - FN82 - but it's been really interesting. I didn't know how versatile the Rose company was! Live & learn, eh? Jonny
  15. Colin ... I've read that with the original turret there wasn't room for the gunner's parachute, so it was stored in the fuselage. All the poor devil had to do was centralise the turret, open the doors, retrieve his chute, clip it on, then revolve the turret to port or starboard and fall out backwards. I don't know if there was room in the Rose-Rice turret to stow the 'chute in it. The turret certainly looks roomier than the FN turrets. I'd be interested to know if indeed the gunner could bail out through the front as you suggest. Anyone know for sure?
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