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  1. (Yet) another super set of pin-sharp photos by AD210! So again I have to thank him for sharing ... I really should look-in at the IWM website more often - I wasn't aware the Vulcan was open for viewing! My great loss. Jonny
  2. Brilliant photos, AD210! Not unexpected, of course. But pinsharp despite the weather when you took them. I daren't think how long it is since I visited Clacton ... but the seascape is sooo different with all those turbines! Thanks for sharing ... do ytou use a tripos or monopod when using your DSLR and 80-400mm zoom lens? I've similar kit and fail to achieve the sharp focus you manage! Jonny
  3. HI, Smudge, AD210 (and Paul) have got it right - decide how you want to organise your photos, and create sub-folder(s) with names meaningful to you in the Windows10 'Pictures' folder. The next bit IS important but you need to decide whether, if you want to modify the photos with software, whether and where you want to 'save' the new version. If you simply 'save' them the new image overwrites your original and you've lost it. Not always a good idea so again, as AD210 sugguests, as well as creating a sub-folder - e.g. Airshow2021 - for the photos you download from your camera on return from an airshow, create a 'mirror' one - e.g. Airshow2021Mod - in which to 'SaveAs' your updated photos. As regards 'software' there a lots of packages - PhotoShop, PhotoShop Elements, Lightroom, Affinity Photo, etc. Many of them require you to pay for them. Free Software can be found, and I'm experimenting with one such. GIMP. Actually, don't dismiss the free 'Photos' software - it allows you to crop photos, to correct exposure, to 'sharpen' them, to remove 'redeye' from photos of people, and to improve colour, even to the point of creating a Black-and-White image from an original colour one. I hope that's helpful, I've just really reworded AD210's and Pau821's good avice. Good luck, Jonny
  4. I was there too. Missed the Lancaster's engine runs but was rewarded later watching hoards of good people swarming over no. 3 / starboard inner Merlin! Very disappointing how short the 'flying' was. I gave up I'm afraid and left halfway through. Encouraging how many were there though! Thanks as always to AD210 for once again sharing his excellent photos! Jonny PS I assume the green clad people werre RAF / BBMF and the grey ones ARC? I spotted quite a few with black T-shirts emblazoned on the back with 'RR Merlin' or similar!
  5. Magnificent photos, as usual, AD210!!! Sorry I wasn't able to attend this year - maybe next year! I do have the next two 'Flying Days' booked so can only hope the weather improvs for them! Thanks for sharing, Jonny
  6. Fair points, Mike and IanC. But it seems rather draconian to impose the restrictions that Spruecutter96 has outlined. The almost tragic thing is, our new SoS seems to be promising to cancel most Covid restrictions *before* the show (not that Duxford could have known this when formulating the entry restrictions). DX (and the whole IWM) must be almosr desperate for income from the public. Sadly, I shall indeed be keeping my " 'and in my pocket ". Here's hoping the BoB show will be more relaxed.
  7. Well, I've got a 'free' ticket for Saturdays 'Flying Day' thanks to having my Premier Memership of the IWM extended. I was contemplating attending one of the two shows this year( IF they actually happen at Duxford) but they must be having a laugh, not allowing visitors to enter any building and restricted movement once they're there. Whatt the heck is the IWM thinking? Sheesh, Jonny
  8. Will, Dare I suggest you contact the Musems directly? I'm not trying to be funny. it just struck me that that direct approach might give a quicker answer that possibly several 'third party' answers! Hope this helps, Jonny
  9. isn't there a Yellow Sun in the RAF Museum Cosford? I have seen one at Newark. In both cases they are painted deep bronze green (I'd guess and say tha Cosford example is probably correct!. I've photos somewhere but they're in my new Desktop that for reasons I won't divulge I can't get at right now but should be able to in the next couple of days. Cherisy ... please ... where did you obtain your Yellow Sun from? hope this helps, Jonny
  10. Has the Blackburn Blackburn been finished? Just looked at Hannants but no trace. Just being curious!!
  11. Flying Legends was moved by The Fighter Collection (TFC) who arrange the two day show. Rumour has it that IWM demanded a higher percentage of the 'take', more than TFC was prepared to pay. TFC did say they'd keep their aeroplanes at Duxford but there are other locftions who would be more than willing to 'host' them. It would be a shame if the private collections decide to up stakes and relocate elsewhere, don't you think? IWM seems to be busily increasing their charges overall - especially to stall holders at airshows - just think about how many stalls have vanished from shows over the last few years. The aritst's impression of the hotel seems to place it to the south or the Aerospace hanger, between it and ARC's premises. Hope this helps, Jonny
  12. Thanks, Mark A very helpful link! Jonny
  13. I believe that the port-side blister was deleted when H2S & Geewere introduced, really because they blocked access to the blister. 617 squadron used th starboard blister so a crew member (navigator?) could see the spotlights shining on the water and advise the pilot accordingly. Some Lancasters had both port & starboard blisters, which I think were early.ones. Not sure this helps but I hope so!
  14. I'm toying with the idea of modelling this type of aeroplane using the Revell 1/72 kit, in the White / Medium Sea Grey scheme. Two questions have arisen (in my mind, at least!): - 1. What would have been carried in the bomb-bay? I know that it was fairly normal for these aeroplanes to have the guns removed from the turrets and for some to have been modified to carry a lifeboat, but I wondered what might have been carried in the bomb-bays. Additional fuel tanks, perhaps? Can anyone help? 2. Please don't laugh (I know the matter of undercarriage bays colour has been discussed in this forum) but has anyone any thoughts regarding the colour of the bomb-bay? I'm guessing they'd have been left black but am probably wrong! All thoughts & opinions gratefully received, Jonny
  15. I’ve been getting these spasmodically lately. I mostly use my iPad to access BM, but ISTR one popped up on a Win10 PC a while ago. No big problem - as Space Ranger says, reloading the page works. Good luck, Mike & all to find a fix, and thanks for your efforts. Jonny
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