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  1. Jonny

    Anybody else 'obsessed' with one particular aircraft ??

    Oh yes ... the Spitfire. And the Lancaster. My my dear old dad, who was a Quantity Surveyor at Martlesham Heath, arranged to take me as a young ‘un there, where I was able to sit in an Anson, and later watch the two Merlin + two turbo jet Lancaster take off, disappear briefly, then return to land what seemed to me to be a few feet from me. As it taxied back I was leaping up and down and the pilot must have seen me because he waved. At ME! Heaven. I take cngaero’s Point about the Petwood and the Lincolnshire Avistion Heritage Centre. When I had a significant birthday my wife treats+ me to a taxi ride in Just Jane. We stayed at the Petwood where I sat in the bar looking at the artefacts (including the tree bough that one of 617’s aeroplanes ‘collected’ during a daylight raid) and wondered if I could have accomplished what all those incredible men did, then the next day onto East Kirkby. I took my wife out to the apron just as they started towing Just Jane out of her hangar. Mrs. had her back to all that so I kept her talking until Just Jane was literally looming over her and asked her to turn round. “What’s that?” she said (aaaaargh!!!) so I said it’s THE Lancaster. To watch and hear the engines start close to was incredible as indeed it was later, standing wedged behind the second pilot / engineer as the engines were started for my taxi ride. Another memory was at Duxford when PA474 came along with the Canadian Lancaster. Yes indeed, on both occasions tears came to my eyes - as they were at the one-and-only Scampton airshow when PA474 came over with her Spitfire and Hurricane companions. The sight of a Lancaster flying over that RAF station was incredibly moving. Sorty to ramble ... but these two aeroplanes are MY obsession. I could add the Hurricane, Mosquito, Sunderland but the Spitfire and Lancaster come out ahead. Jonny
  2. Jonny

    Donier Do 18 Matchbox 1/72

    Have you tried a Google search? I just did, for ‘dornier 18 cockpit’, then clicked ‘Images’. One or two photos including one, plus a cutaway, from a BM’er - posted in completed 2017 group builds. I hope this helps, Jonny
  3. I’ve just noticed that the RAFM example has a ladder fixed to the forward port engine nacelle whereas it doesn’t show on the ‘period’ photos. Another postwar mod.?
  4. Jonny

    AMP& MikroMir News, questions, wishes, and more ...

    I have searched for British ‘T’ class WW2 submarines on the Internet, and found plans and photographs. I’m guessing but I shouln’t be surprised if you could obtain similar details for ‘S’ and ‘U’ classes too. What information do you need? I shouldn’t be surprised if the Royal Navy Submsrine Museum at Godport has accurate plans available! Just trying to help ... Jonny
  5. Jonny

    B.17F Fortress

    Thank you, Tom ... in my last post I said “I think I’ve decided ...”, and I have. I’ve ordered the Revell kit through eBay. That’s because I can collect it from my local Sainsbury’s and avoid the painful interrogation by SWMBO if the postman delivers a parcel while I’m out. Which is usually! Jonny
  6. Jonny

    AMP& MikroMir News, questions, wishes, and more ...

    Any chance that MicroMir might produce some 1/144 scale ROYAL NAVY submarines? I’ve given up all hope that Revell might. The only decent manufacturer left which is likely to take over seems to be MicroMir. MicroMir have given us some quite decent German and Soviet 1/144 kits so PLEASE consider the RN!
  7. Jonny

    RAF B-17 with large ? nose gun ( 40mm ? ) and chin mod

    ‘Zooming in’ the photo makes the serial a little easier to read and it looks like the FK185 as June suggests. The overall scheme seems to be a rather worn RAF Coastal Command. I’d guess and suggest the ‘E’ and serial are dull red but I hope wider heads could confirm that. Could the cannon be a 6 pounder, as used in the TseTse Mosquitos? Those aeroplanes were used to attack U boats. Just a thought. Jonny
  8. Jonny

    Fairey Firefly Mk.5 cockpit colours

    I identified the Mark in the ‘subject’, but I’m talking of the Mark 5! Thanks, though
  9. Jonny

    B.17F Fortress

    Thank you LOTS, Dennis. I wish I’d thought of looking again at the Group Build. Really dumb of me not to - looking at it yesterday gave me an idea ... ! I think I’ve decided, having looked at builds’ of the two versions. I don’t think there any connection between the two - except that they represent the same prototype! Thanks again, Jonny
  10. Jonny

    B.17F Fortress

    I see both Academy and Revell offer 1/72 kits of this aeroplane. Is one better than the other? I seem to remember that Revell quite often reboxes other manufacturers’ kits and this one might be such an example... . Thanks in hope, Jonny
  11. Hi, everyone. I’m sure I’ve got the right era because so far as I know, this Mark of the Firefly first flew in 1947. Sorry if I’m wrong! Anyway, I’m trying to pin down definitive colours for the two cockpits. Internet searches suggest that the front one might be all black, or aircraft grey/green, and the rear is the same ... and/or the two cockpits might or might not be the same colour in the same aircraft! I’m confused (easily done these days!) so I’m asking if anyone here can offer guidance. Thanks in hope, Jonny
  12. Jonny

    Keep being logged out

    It’s all.OK now. Not quite sure what I did, but I kept fiddling with my browser (Firefox) and sudden,y realised I wasn’t being logged off. This only happened with my iPad, not Windows10 laptop or PC.
  13. Jonny

    Keep being logged out

    This is something that started to happen a few days ago. Using my iPad 7X9 (IOS v 12.0.1) with (mostly) the Firefox browser, I have to log-in every time I access BM. Thst’s no hsrdship but I find while perusing a thread or atopic that I’m suddenly required to log-in again. This is a new phenomenon! Has anyone else had this experience? Is there a ‘fix’. Any suggestions welcomed ... Jonny
  14. Well, the good folks at Yorkshire Air Museum have a Halifax Mk. III - albeit a composite including a fair amount of new build. There’s a group in Cambs. constructing a Stirling nose (and from pics I’ve seen making an incredibly good job of it). I haven’t heard of anyone attempting to do anything (yet) about a Whitley, more’s the shame. It would be nice if someone found a recoverable & restorable Whitley in a deep fresh water fjord, like the Halifax example in Canada, wouldn’t it? Just dreaming and wishing ... Jonny
  15. Perhaps the links don’t work but it’s easy enough to Google the Cosford museum then wend one’s way to the shots of the Hampden. And what shots they are too! An almost fully complete cockpit (short only of one instrument that I can see), side field showing the whole fuselage, a straight-at-the nose shot, and another showing bullet holes from when the aeroplane was shot down over Russia. Thank you LOTS, Tony, for alerting us to them. I’m only sorry I can’t get to Cosford (or SMW). Jonny