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  1. Re. the ‘IWM Victor, XH648’, it’s worth mentioning that this airframe isn’t just another Victor but a unique one. It’s a K.1, others are K.2s. I’ve been lucky in that in the past, courtesy of the now much missed ‘Friends of Duxford’, I was able to tour the restoration work ‘up close’. More recently I’ve been able to view the work from the public area. The aeroplane was kept outside for years. Although it was in remarkably good condition there were areas of deterioration (some metal looked more like lace than metal, thanks to corrosion) and some woodwork - yes, seriously, there IS some! - had rotted away, too. Needless to say, one has to hope that IWM keeps the finished airframe under cover. Isn’t there a Victor cockpit in the RAFM, Hendon? ISTR seeing one tucked away in a corner of the very dimly lit Bomber Hall there. Alternatively, there might be scope for IWM Duxford to take on a cockpit section, to let people view it properly - I.e. adequately lit. Well done, Adam, for your efforts regarding XH673. It would be far preferable if the whole airframe could be preserved. Just thoughts, Jonny
  2. Jonny

    737 Max

    To be fair to de Havilland and the Comet, little was known about metal fatigue and stress at the time. ISTR reading that it was the ‘square’ Windows that were the root cause of the decompression. ‘They’ really did not ‘know’ . The ‘safety’ arrangements at the time were very, very different to those we see today, too.
  3. It’s fortunate that the IWM at Duxford is restoring their Victor K1, and have been for some time. I’ve had a couple of ‘tours’ around the airframe and it’s obvious that a great deal of care and attention is being given to preserving / restoring the airframe. I’m not sure when work is expected to be complete but 2 more years rings a bell. What happens then is up to IWM but one must hope that the aeroplane will be kept under cover. Good point made by Andyf117 above, by tge way. A happy new year to everyone, Jonny
  4. Very, VERY, Nice! Wasn’t this one or the old ‘Merit’ or ‘Inpact’ kits? Jonny
  5. I keep coming across adverts for this kit, 05688, which include the words “New Parts”. Does anyone know which parts are ‘New’?
  6. Far be it for me to query this, but didn’t the B.35 also have bulged bomb bay doors? I’ve been wondering about dragging my Airfix 1/48 kit out from its nest in the stash, so I do have an interest! Jonny
  7. What Ced said ... really good. Was the Elsan so exposed? There may be ladies present, after all! one question - I thought RAF ’passenger’ aeroplanes had rearward facing seats (no help if the Elsan is at the rear of the cabin ...) - was the Devon an exception to this? Thanks for sharing, Jonny
  8. Jonny

    Unicraft models

    Ah! Yes, the kit I had was indeed 1/48. I could not recall who the original manufacturer was. I’d love to build another one ... I keep an eye on eBay and other websites but no luck so far- well, not for a sensible price. I’ve seen Revell and Mauve kits advertised for GBP50 and over. Silly money. Thank you for confirming the scale and original manufacturer. Jonny
  9. Jonny

    Unicraft models

    Thanks, everyone, for helping me avoid wasting my time and money! it’s rather obvious that Unicraft aren’t anywhere close to the likes of Tamiya, Airfix, Hasegawa, etc. etc. I knew their kit was a resin one but the photos posted by HSR make it look like hardened soap suds. Thanks again, Jonny
  10. Adam, a way I’ve seen described is to assemble the wings then saw the bottom surface at the dihedral point, letting the saw cut extend through the leading edges little, then inserting plasticard into the cut, forcing the required dihedral, then smoothing the card insert to match the original surface. Sadly I’ve no idea of the thickness of the plasticard needed . I *think* the late Ted Taylor this published a description of this technique in some detail. It might be worth Googling his name. UpdaTe:: Go to http://tedtaylor.hobbyvista.com/132-revell-lancaster/page-132.html (Dogsbody makes a good point about the outer engines (below). You *could* deal with that by scraping away some plastic from the inner edges of both engines, as Ted explains). Hope this helps, Jonny
  11. Jonny

    Unicraft models

    Hi, everyone ... I’ve just stumbled on a 1/72 kit of the Lippisch P.13a aeroplane. Years ago I made a Revell kit of it (I think it might have been a repop of another manufacturer’s kit) but it’s long lost thanks to a house move. Has anyone any views of Unicraft kits in general and the P.13a in particular? The kit I’ve come across is on sale in the USA and although the kit isn’t THAT expensive postage is rather high. Any opinions gratefully received, Jonny
  12. FWIW, I used the link that you provided and accessed te website with no problem. I can access and read the forum but having never registered with it I can't comment on the login. The latest post in the Announcements is quite recent, i.e. late August this year. I'm sure I've seen the poster's photo elsewhere ... in BM perhaps? ! Hope this helps a little, Jonny
  13. Oh WOW!! What a great model! I do so wish someone would release a mainstream kit (or indeed that I could find a Dynavector vacgorm hough I doubt I could produce anything like yours! I vividly remember watching Simon's Circus perform at Farnborough years ago .... . Thanks for sharing your photos with us, Jonny
  14. Has anyone tried ‘Plastikote’? It’s available in general hobby stores in the UK and supposedly works on plastic (hence the name). I keep meaning to try it but so far, haven’t got round to it. I’ve a 1/48 Hawker Fury in the stash somewhere, and a part-built Bulldog. Jonny
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