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  1. I was at Duxford yesterday too. It seems that that it was the last 'airshow' of the season, and the only show I've managed to get to this year. Like Alpha Delta 210 I've splashed out to sit in N3200 (with camera too!) next month which will be the 3rd Spitfire I've sat in! One must hope that something will fill the hole in the Duxford calendar left by Flying Legend's departure. Yesterday was the first 'showcase' I've been to - I hope it won't be the last. There were LOTS of aeroplanes out in the open and the flying show was good - no-one's fault that the weather wasn't exactly
  2. I remember seeing those advert. and lusting after the full-size Luger P.08 but realising I couldn’t afford the £15:50 asking price. Now that sees cheap compared with what we’re asked to pay these days. I forget the indicated price of Airfix’s forthcoming Vulcan but it’s lots more than £15:50 yet I’ll seriously consider buying one when it is released What hit me seeing the adverts. is that from 1979 to 1985 I was living very very close to where Bridge Models were - or was it had been - and never realised. Oh well. The nearest model shop to me now is about 12 miles away and they carry a f
  3. Well, it’s good ... no, GREAT, to see you back in the fold, Procopius ... welcome back - I was beginning to fear that this COVID horror might have claimed you, I’m so very pleased it hasn’t. What I’ve always enjoyed in your postings here is your mix of good modelling and a little of your personal / home / family life. Sometimes the latter shows a certain discord but, well, that’s real life. God preserve us all from that changing. How is your new home? Do tell us all a little about it, together with your modelling. Once again, welcome back! Jonny
  4. There's N3200 owned by IWM and kept at Duxford - a Mk. 1a HTH, Jonny
  5. Thank you, Neil ... It hurts like hell but I'm trying to recall ALL of the many good times we shared in a littlke over 35 years together. It's just that the more recent horrible few months are still too vivid. I'm trying, praying I'll be able to push those unwelcome memories into the background and keep the good ones. Cheers, Jonny
  6. HHHHmmmm I'll have a look at the November edition in the 'High Street Library' and if it - and the December edition - look goods I *might* start a new Subscription. The 'incoming editorial team' is strong, a very good sign. I wish them (the new team) and SAM the very best of luck. Jonny
  7. This all reminds me of two super birthday presents my wife gave me ... first an hour's flight in a Tiger Moth from Duxford (her mum was with us and as I left them to walk out to the aeroplane I'm sure I heard mum-in-law saying "where do they keep the anti-aircraft guns?" I *might* be wrong) ... but almost an hour of poodling around Duxford was a wow. The second was what we call a 'significant birthday' when she treated me to a taxi ride in NX611 at East Kirkby. On the way there we stopped at RAF Coningsby to visit the BBMF, then to the Petwood Hotel at Woodhall Spa (I paid for that) befor
  8. Probably a sensible decision given the ongoing 'Virus news'. I'm very sorry though. This is the first time in so many years I daren't count them that I haven't been to ANY airshows. I am sorry for Duxford, though - they must have put a lot of energy and thought into both the airshow and Proms.
  9. Thank you very much, Mark Jonny
  10. Surely you mean ‘.... sorcery of which you speak’?...
  11. It wasn’t a ‘transfer to ‘Friends of the IWM ‘ it was to become Members of the IWM, which means we get free entry to any of the IWM sites. Fair enough but the last time I looked several sites were already free. FoD arranged trips abroad, e.g. to Arnhem. IWM does not. We (FoD) used to enjoy worthwhile discounts on anything, including meals, bough during skits. The IWM discounts are considerably lower.. I’m not really convinced that a long trip to IWM North is worthwhile. I’ve a limited interest in anything not related to aviation. It always struck me that what made Duxford s
  12. Pete ... Where oh where did you find Jever Pilsner? I was once at a (British) borading school in Wilhelmshaven, Germany, not too far from the then RAF Jever. That was handy for the CCF, of course. We were able to sneak out of school to a local hostelry occasionally - strictly out of bounds - where we could imbibe Jever Pilsner. I only found out years later at a school reunion in Wilhelmshaven, while chatting to one of my old teachers, that the staff all knew where we were, who we were, and what we were drinking (the teacher I was talking to used the same hostelry but had the sense to
  13. I was always under the impression that RAF fighters had yellow leading edge bands as a recognition aid, not to help groundcrew avoid walking into a wing in 'pre-dawn darkness', as stated in the caption attached to the first photo. Am I wrong? Gentle replies welcome! Jonny
  14. Thanks for sharing your photos, John ... I've never seen the Fauvel AV36 before, is it a Shuttleworth aeroplane, or just based there, or was it even visiting 'just for the day'? Good photos too, by the way!! Jonny
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