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  1. This is probably too late, but I bought the July 2030 ‘Flypast’ this morning. There’s a super article “Maritime Hunter” all about the RAF Coastal B.17s in it. Just saying, Jonny
  2. Another reason might be that the Spitfire was designed for point defence in the UK, a small island. Consider the hugeness of the USA. The Spitfire simply didn't have the range that I suspect the USAAC wanted & needed. There is the matter of 'Not Invented Here' too. I seem to remember reading that Ford declined to build Merlins because of some anti-empire views held by Henry (I might be wrong here)/
  3. I ‘m getting a ‘Blocked on this website’ message (sob, sob)
  4. Thanks, everyone (he said with his head hanging low in shame). the vid. was sent via WhatsApp and I viewed it on my phone. A small screen, you’ll understand! I have to say that was a very good formation, wasn’t it? Jonny
  5. Many thanks, Mike. I’ve just sent a (fairly modest), sadly) contribution ... more than worth it in my view. I hardly ever look at the home page. I should do d9 more often, obviously! Jonny
  6. I hate to have to ask, but how can I make a donation to BM? I’ve made a couple in the past but can’t remember how. I know there’s a PayPal route but I don’t have an account with PayPal. HELP, please! Jonny
  7. Folks, The good people in my road created a WhatsApp group when this Corona virus thing started. People needing help, or shopping, or prescriptions collected can post their needs and nine times out of ten someone will offer to do tge necessary. Recently the VE Day celebrations have come to the fore. One of my neighbours posted a movie clip of a very good formation representing ‘75’. It’s a mixed formation and having looked several times I think the ‘7’ was formed by F.14s. Not sure about the ‘5’. If there were F14s I guess it’s the USAFE who arranged it. Does anyone know Definitely who provided the formation, and where it flew? The neighbour who posted the clip says he was sent it by a friend and it might have been over London. Just curious, Jonny
  8. It’s appeared on my iPad too. I ignored it. Nice to know Mike has this in hand- thanks! (Edit). Coincidently or otherwise, Apple offered me an update to the iPadOS On my iPad. So now I’m running ver 13.4.1 - no effect on the Certificate issue.
  9. Just my £0.02 worth, as part of the Grand Slam weight-saving measures, the pilot’s armour was removed, and the navigator’s seat was replaced by a wickerwork seat. Not sure of the benefit of that but that’s what I’ve read! I’ve a 1/72 wickerwork seat ready for my Grand Slam (if ever get to build it!). Those seem to be the most obvious and visible internal changes. Oh, wasn’t there just one 0.5 mg fitted in the rear turret? One other thing, the photos I’ve seen of the 617 Squadron Grand Slam aircraft seem to show that the exhaust shrouds were deleted. The Airfix kit has them moulded in place .... . One day, when everyone’s converted & built a 617 Squadron Grand Slam Lancaster, some manufacturer will release an accurate kit- sorry, Hasegawa, but your version doesn’t quite make it in my view. Jonny
  10. FWIW (not much, I grant you), I seem to remember reading that aircraft ‘Z’ had the tail plane marking painted in reverse, looking like ‘S’. Or was it the other way round? I’ve an interest in this, what with an ancient Airfix Grand Slam Lancaster on the shelf-of-doom. Jonny
  11. I've had an email today (March 17) to the effect ALL IWM facilities will be closed from today until further notice. I guess that could mean the May airshow won't happen at Duxford, and Flying Legends might not either. Sad, innit?
  12. Re. the ‘IWM Victor, XH648’, it’s worth mentioning that this airframe isn’t just another Victor but a unique one. It’s a K.1, others are K.2s. I’ve been lucky in that in the past, courtesy of the now much missed ‘Friends of Duxford’, I was able to tour the restoration work ‘up close’. More recently I’ve been able to view the work from the public area. The aeroplane was kept outside for years. Although it was in remarkably good condition there were areas of deterioration (some metal looked more like lace than metal, thanks to corrosion) and some woodwork - yes, seriously, there IS some! - had rotted away, too. Needless to say, one has to hope that IWM keeps the finished airframe under cover. Isn’t there a Victor cockpit in the RAFM, Hendon? ISTR seeing one tucked away in a corner of the very dimly lit Bomber Hall there. Alternatively, there might be scope for IWM Duxford to take on a cockpit section, to let people view it properly - I.e. adequately lit. Well done, Adam, for your efforts regarding XH673. It would be far preferable if the whole airframe could be preserved. Just thoughts, Jonny
  13. Jonny

    737 Max

    To be fair to de Havilland and the Comet, little was known about metal fatigue and stress at the time. ISTR reading that it was the ‘square’ Windows that were the root cause of the decompression. ‘They’ really did not ‘know’ . The ‘safety’ arrangements at the time were very, very different to those we see today, too.
  14. It’s fortunate that the IWM at Duxford is restoring their Victor K1, and have been for some time. I’ve had a couple of ‘tours’ around the airframe and it’s obvious that a great deal of care and attention is being given to preserving / restoring the airframe. I’m not sure when work is expected to be complete but 2 more years rings a bell. What happens then is up to IWM but one must hope that the aeroplane will be kept under cover. Good point made by Andyf117 above, by tge way. A happy new year to everyone, Jonny
  15. Very, VERY, Nice! Wasn’t this one or the old ‘Merit’ or ‘Inpact’ kits? Jonny
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