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  1. Very nice, too! There's me wondering what to do (tidy up my cave and sort out the stash, or actually start to build something), then there's you with these very nice models, COMPLETED! Well done, happy New Year! Thanks for sharing, too. Jonny
  2. Really super photos, AD210! Thanks LOTS for sharing them. Jonny
  3. You could do a lot worse than have a look at TonyOT's build of this kit in WiP. He started it December 14! Hope this helps, Jonny
  4. I've been 'promoted' - well, all of Hertfordshire has - to Tier 4 which appears to rule out my usual Early-New-Year Duxford visit. The last time I went the Stephenson hangar gallery was all closed up. Good to see PA474 there again. I'd like very much to see any more photos you care to share, AD210. Thanks for sharing these - really good ones! Jonny
  5. Kev67 ... Do you mean '3M 471 ...' ? I Googled the 'M3 ...' and the 'hits' were all for 3M, as indeed were the Ebay ones too. It looks good, I've just ordered a roll ... only 33 metres but should last a week or lots! Thanks for the tip. Jonny
  6. For what it's worth (not a lot, probably), after a day or three of 'NO 500' or other odd messages, today I've had 3 or 4 of the 500 ones. No big problem, just refresh and everything's normal. Weird or what? Jonny
  7. It's just happened again. 11:35-ish morning December 12. UPDATE, The posting appeared OK and a minute later I was out of BM, replaced by Google!
  8. To me too, unfortunately. I *think* I've experienced it before, some time ago. On this last occasion it appeared immediately I logged in. No big idea - more an irritant than show stopper. Windows 10 with Firefox. Both regularly checked for updates, etc. Jonny
  9. Nick ... Your modelling to date looks great. You could save yourself a bit of trouble by buying an Xtradecal sheet X48144 - one of Bader's 242 Sqdn Hurricanes (V7467) is featured - along with 4 other BoB Hurricanes. It's currently out of stock at Hannants but their website indicates it'll be back soon - or you could try looking at a certain well known online auction site! Hope this helps, Jonny
  10. Hi, Harrygt40 ... One other idea came to mind ... IF you can find someone with an unbuilt 1/72 model TSR2, ask if they can have it copied using 3D printing, scaled up to 1/48. Sadly my knowledge of 3D printing is limited to watching a demonstration at my local Computer club quite a while ago now but it migt be feasible to reproduce the part you need by this means. Welcome to Britmodeller, by the way. You'll find it's a mine of mostly expert help and advice! HTH, Jonny
  11. Not sure I like this approach. Not only does it affect newsagents by not supplying them with copies to sell, but MA Publications apply a quite high 'Post-and-packing' charge. I only realised when I started to buy the November SAMI. Sorry, but I abandoned the whole thing. SAMI is usually quite good but not, in my view, worth over £7 a pop.
  12. I was at Duxford yesterday too. It seems that that it was the last 'airshow' of the season, and the only show I've managed to get to this year. Like Alpha Delta 210 I've splashed out to sit in N3200 (with camera too!) next month which will be the 3rd Spitfire I've sat in! One must hope that something will fill the hole in the Duxford calendar left by Flying Legend's departure. Yesterday was the first 'showcase' I've been to - I hope it won't be the last. There were LOTS of aeroplanes out in the open and the flying show was good - no-one's fault that the weather wasn't exactly
  13. I remember seeing those advert. and lusting after the full-size Luger P.08 but realising I couldn’t afford the £15:50 asking price. Now that sees cheap compared with what we’re asked to pay these days. I forget the indicated price of Airfix’s forthcoming Vulcan but it’s lots more than £15:50 yet I’ll seriously consider buying one when it is released What hit me seeing the adverts. is that from 1979 to 1985 I was living very very close to where Bridge Models were - or was it had been - and never realised. Oh well. The nearest model shop to me now is about 12 miles away and they carry a f
  14. Well, it’s good ... no, GREAT, to see you back in the fold, Procopius ... welcome back - I was beginning to fear that this COVID horror might have claimed you, I’m so very pleased it hasn’t. What I’ve always enjoyed in your postings here is your mix of good modelling and a little of your personal / home / family life. Sometimes the latter shows a certain discord but, well, that’s real life. God preserve us all from that changing. How is your new home? Do tell us all a little about it, together with your modelling. Once again, welcome back! Jonny
  15. There's N3200 owned by IWM and kept at Duxford - a Mk. 1a HTH, Jonny
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