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  1. Jonny

    A Good Hampden?

    Graham - Thanks to your post I searched the BIG H's website and found the AZ Hampdenm clear parts. Unfortunately the cost is less than their minimum order level. OK, so I logged into E(vil)bay and found the same 'set of clear parts'. Ordered them with no problem. I merely mention it. Jonny
  2. Jonny

    Ospreys * 3, Galaxies * 3

    I ive in East Herts, just opver the Essex border, not far from London Stansted. On Monday afternoon I heard a deep throbbing sound, looked out of the window and saw three Ospreys flying a loose formation. Didn't have my camera to hand On Tuesday I saw three C5A Galaxies flying towards Stansted. Actually, I missed the first but a friend asked "what sort of airliner is THAT?". Two more came in at longish intervals. I guess that was all connected with Trump - sorry, The President of the USA- visiting on is way home from Brussels. The sky today has been noticably quiet so far today and I assume flights in & out have been curtailed pending AirForce One's arrival.
  3. Jonny

    IWM Duxford May 26 & 27

    Interesting! On Saturday, when I visited the 'decent toilet' facilities, the paper hand towels had all been used! Has IWM contracted the toilets to smother company? I've just received an email from IWM asking how much I'd enjoyed the show, with a Survey form. It's clearly geared to pushing respondents to a WOW response ( 'click on all that apply' but if nothing applies, on clicking the 'NEXT' button the response was 'you must click something'). At the end of the Survey one can add comments up to 600 characters. I tried but ran out of space. I doubt if if membership benefits will improve. If you look at Tripadvisor the number of satisfied responses massively exceeds the dissatisfied ones. So long as that continues IWM will do its own thing. I'm considering going to Flying Legends this year (with a my own prepackaged lunch and drinks), going to the museum several times afterwards. to avoid paying anything more to IWM, then not renewing my membership next year. I might swap my IWM 'membership' to a TFC one ... I believe Friends of TFC qualify for free entrance. The Flying Legends show is invariably better than the IWM ones anyway so instead of Duxford I'll go to Shuttleworth. Sorry to rant. I'm so disappointed by developments at Duxford. I've been a visitor since 1976 and to see the whole ambience of the pace wrecked is awful. Jonny
  4. Jonny

    IWM Duxford May 26 & 27

    I agree with your comments, Kev, except for one thing: The IWM website includes an 'about us' page. There it states the IWM is partly funded by Government (hear the drumbeat of doom'?') and partly by donations. I guess that's an incentive to maximise revenue so whoever actually runs the thing can go to the (Government) paymaster and say "look - we really are trying to be self finding". I read somewhere that the Chair / CEO or whatever of the IWM is a retired army man ( I.e. a target, as defined by many who regard Duxford as a repository of real aeroplanes - or am I being rude & distasteful?). I do wonder how much resident companies at Duxford, I.e. ARC, TFC,,etc. (a) pay IWM. for hangar space and ground rent and (b) how much revenue their collections, etc. generate for IWM. It occurred to me that nor far from Duxford there's a working, operational airfield, North Weald. Might these companies be prepared to relocate? There are more direct public transport links from London, for one thing. There was talk not long ago of airshows being resurrected at North Weald . TFC does a more than excellent job of organising a show at Duxford and I'm sure could at North Weald too. Just a thought ... Jonny
  5. Jonny

    IWM Duxford May 26 & 27

    It gets rather worse, sadly ... On arriva at Duxford yesterday I went to the FoD marquee to find it is now the Premium members tent. Big queue as a singe, IWM woman checked membership. Nice big marquee but I asked if they had a flying list and was told "you have to buy a programme". I don't at all 'have to buy'. Then I noticed drinks and munchies were on sale. Nothing like the FoD days when it was rapid entry and free drinks, etc. Not to mention they usually had a flying list with timings. As it happened just before the show sfarted the announcer ran through the participants and I was able to jot down the details. Shame on IWM ... just what benefits does membership of IWM offer ex FoDs?
  6. Jonny

    IWM Duxford May 26 & 27

    I've bought my ticket, and a carpark ticket and have just got my camera kit together ready for tomorrow. Once upon a time, like up to last year, it was possible to download a 'flying list' from the website. The IWM website offers a scrolling display of thumbnails and that's all. Or am I looking in the wrong place? Anyone know if there is a decent list? I have to say since IWM took over administrators of what was the FoD and Duxford generally it seems less easy to buy Airshow tickets (it's now necessary to perform two separate transaction to buy an entry ticket and carpark ticket whereas before one could buy both in one go) and the info. about the airshows is amateurish to say the least - ref. my comment about thumbnails they have several T6's listed but not all have photos! Rant mode 'OFF' but if anyone knows how to get a list of flying aeroplanes and can point me in the right direction I'd be grateful! Thanks in advance, Jonny
  7. Jonny

    Tallboy Lancaster

    Hi ... I've got the 1/72 Freightdog Tallnboy conversion kit and an Airfix Lancaster. The Freightodog kit includes radio altimeter arials which the instructions say are to be fitted under the tailplane. I've been trying to find reference material which shows just where the ariials fit ... I think the tailplane had a span of around 33 feet, in real life so there's lots of room for the arials! Can someone please tell me just where thes arials fit? Also, what colour would they have been? Any input gratefully received, Jonny
  8. Jonny

    Tallboy carrying Lancaster

    Good morning everyone. I've been Googling away trying to find a decent photo of a Tallboy bomb loaded in a Lancaster. I also wanted a view of the interior of the bomb doors. I found one rather poor quality photo which showed what I needed. It included two armourers checking the bomb but it looked as though behind one of them the tail wheel was visible. All OK except it looked as though the tail was suspended. I'm aware that accounts exist of the Lancaster tail being lifted for fitting the Upkeep weapon but I've never seen anything similar for Tallboy. There are photos of the bomb trolley being wheeled under the bomb bay but the aircraft is sitting on its main and tail wheels. Any ideas, anyone? I'm thinking of building a 617 squadron Lancaster with a Tallboy loaded so whether or not the tail was lifted is immaterial - I'm just being curious! Any and all comments welcome, Jonny
  9. Hi, Zebra ... Any reason why you've finished the cameras in white, please? I know that can't be easily seen so just being curious ... Jonny
  10. Jonny

    Mosquito Pathfinder

    I seem to remember that IWM Duxford has a couple of RAF marker bombs, and that they are black, with a red nose stripe and white stencilling (regarding the marking colour, capacity, etc). I also think the RAF Museum at Hendon has some examples, too. i might have some photos but can't access them - the laptop is away at the repairers so I'm forced to use this iPad! I should check. Hope this helps, Jonny
  11. Jonny

    Dawn Patrol at Stow Maries

    Oh wow! Fantastic atmospheric shots. I wish I could have been there but suffice to say I'm sitting in a hospital waiting to collect my wife who's having a minor 'procedure' this morning. Jonnyf
  12. Jonny

    Spitfire Mk.24 cockpit colours

    Hi ... A friend recently had an opportunity to visit IWM Duxford to take interior shots of some aeroplanes there. One was the Mk.24 Spitfire. He showed me his photos of the Spitfire and I was surprised to see the interior of the entrance door was RAF Interior green while the majority of the cockpit was black. Does anyone know if this was normal or is the door perhaps a replacement? Just curious ... my friend didn't ask the IWM staff! Jonny
  13. Jonny

    Revell Welllington

    Tony ... How can you make so skilled a technique sound so simple? I've tried recreating 'scallops' so many tines in different ways and all have ended in disaster! Occasionally the aeroplane has made a one way flight into the trash (entirely my fault, too little patience). I'll try your 'two thin pencil lines' approach - bound to give better results than anything I've tried before! Thanks for sharing your technique, much appreciated. Jonny
  14. Jonny

    1/32 scale Spitfire Mk 1 stencils

    Oh wow! I thought I'd searched Hannant's website carefully (several times, actually) but missed this Techmod sheet. Thank you VERY much, WIP. Order placed already! Jonny
  15. Jonny

    1/32 scale Spitfire Mk 1 stencils

    Apologies if this has been asked already, but I want to build the Revell 1/32 Spitfire as an early (Dunkirk era) Mk 1 - the sort with the black port wing. Can someone please suggest a 1/32 decal sheet which includes the WHITE under-wing stencils e.g. the 'trestle' ones? I've got everything else - I think- but I'm not sure which decals include what I'm after. Thanks & regards, Jonny