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  1. Shar2

    IJN Carrier Junyo

    Thanks Rich. A pick up pencil is the modellers best friend at this scale.
  2. Shar2

    IJN Carrier Junyo

    Landing craft painted and fitted into their wells. Fore deck section of the flight deck also glued into place, so much for adding all those etched supports, can hardly be seen now.
  3. Shar2

    IJN Carrier Junyo

    Before I could add the rear section of the flight deck, I've had to build these landing craft, as they sit in the wells in the quarterdeck. Not brilliant, but no-one will see. Also removed the moulded on cradles for the etched items.
  4. You could. But it would be beter to invest in a high quality, high resolution print to begin with, rather going with abs.
  5. ABS is pretty horrible to work with once printed. I look after several fdm printers at work, and even the best is not up to producing fine detail required in modelling something like this. You'd definitely need a sls or Projet printer for high definition work, down to 16 microns resolution, but a model this size would hellishly expensive.
  6. Shar2

    IJN Carrier Junyo

    Thanks Rich. Yes I did go a bit crosseyed. I have started the aft section bit, but thought I'd better stop before mucking something up.
  7. Shar2

    IJN Carrier Junyo

    Thanks all for the nice comments guys, it helps keep the mojo going, especially with this sort of etch work.
  8. Shar2

    IJN Carrier Junyo

    Well, after an afternoon of fiddling about with the framework, I've got to this stage. Not glued to the deck yet, and still needs a little bit of tweaking, plus the last few smaller bitts will be easier to fit once the rest have been glued down. Not as bad as I thought, but had to apply some detective work as the instructions weren't the easiest to follow,
  9. Shar2

    IJN Carrier Junyo

    Ok, I'm going in, I may be some time. Started work on the fore and aft under deck support beams.
  10. Shar2

    IJN Carrier Junyo

    Finished the AA weapons and their directors, added the main section of the flight deck and started the island Doing everything to put off the major PE work, but now is the time I have to get on with it so that I can add the forward and aft flight deck sections..
  11. Shar2

    IJN Carrier Junyo

    Painted the anti fouling last Wednesday, but forgot to take a photo before covering it up ready for he rest of the build.Quite a lot more done to her last night and this morning having got back from South Wales yesterday evening, although it really doesn't look much. All the sponsons are now fitted along with some of the smaller detail parts. The first bits of brass added Major work on brass parts due soon, just making up the AA weaponry at the moment.
  12. Nice to see another carrier being built in this GB. I have this in the stash so will be watching how the build goes.
  13. Shar2

    IJN Carrier Junyo

    Have started the build. What a joy so far. The hull went together very easily, and with the internal bulkheads, very, very strong. Also got the foredeck and quarterdeck fitted, along with all the foredeck furniture and front gun sponsons attached.
  14. German Destroyer Z37 Kagero Super Drawings in 3D The Z37 was a Type 1936A destroyer built for the Kriegsmarine, (German Navy), during World War II. Completed in 1942, the ship spent most of her brief career deployed in France. She participated in the Battle of the Bay of Biscay at the end of 1943 before she was accidentally rammed by the destroyer Z32 in early 1944. Towed back to port, the Kriegsmarine decided that she was too badly damaged to repair and disarmed her hulk. Decommissioned later that year, she was scuttled by her crew before being scrapped by the French in 1949. This latest book in the Super Drawings in 3D series from Kagero, is actually the 55th in the series, which is becoming THE single point of reference for maritime modellers. Following the now familiar format the first five pages contain text describing the design of the ship, its propulsion, armour, armament, its operational service and a conclusion. There follows seventy six pages of beautifully rendered drawings covering all external areas of the ship, a lot of which shows up details that you couldn’t get from period photographs of plans. Each rendering has brief annotations which give useful insights as to what the areas are and the subtle details included. A while ago Kagero stated that they weren’t going to include plans with these books and were going to sell them rolled up so that buyers could mount them in frames. It’s great to see that they have changed their minds on this, as the plans are just as useful as the renderings in the book. One side of the single A2 sheet contains three views of the ship in 1:200 scale, while on the opposite side plans of the ship from fore and aft, plus diagrams of the main armament, torpedo tubes and ships boats in 1:100, main rangefinder, searchlights and AA weaponry in 1:50, all very useful to the super detailer. Conclusion This is another superb addition to the series and will be very useful if you’re building any of the multitude of kits in 1:350 and 1:700 available today. With this book by your side you should be able to really go to town with the detailing, producing your museum quality models. Review sample courtesy of