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  1. At last, what a fabulous looking ship and kit this is. Thanks for the review.
  2. @Norseman 3:16 I really couldn't say now. It's been a while since I reviewed them. Knowing Hobbyboss, the only difference will be in the decals. As to the price difference, that's a strange one and can;t tell you the reason why.
  3. MiniArt do a couple of sets with Harley Davidson WA's
  4. You leave the Fleet Air Arms premier fighter squadron alone. Better than being a jumper tucker.
  5. I really couldn't answer that, unless Italeri missed it off.
  6. One of my bigger lockdown builds. This turned out to be more of a problematic build than I had expected. The starboard hull was short shot on the lower bow which was fun to fill and shape. Used Eduards etch set for it and also the Eduard German ensign. The length of the hull made it a real problem when sanding and painting. Otherwise a surprisingly fun build once the hull was sorted.
  7. Welcome Dan. Whereabouts in Surrey?
  8. Thanks Terry. We were behind the Panther. Yes it is Atlantic models HMS Leopard as reviewed here.
  9. @Tony Whittingham I found the scheme in Coastal Forces book on Vospers. Many thanks for the nice replies. Sorry, no, I didn't do a WiP but will do on my next one.
  10. Many thanks Richard, I went for the dark grey as it seemed more suitable than the white specified in the instructions.
  11. Thanks for the tip Arjan will try and sort it, but the large lug in the tub only allowed one to fit it with the door to the side. Meanwhile, I've been hacking and slashing the engine deck, replacing all the plastic hatches with brass ones. still have some tidying up to do but they're looking ok. Also found a good place for the honey Jack Daniels while I do some modelling.
  12. Does anyone of the experts here know what colour the inside of the wheelhouse should be. I've seen a dark, near black for late war S-100 boats, but what about early S-38 boats?
  13. She's been away for 8 months, so deserves to look a bit scruffy. Great photos for accurate weathering.
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