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  1. Thanks Ian......all my research pointed to KD658 115X being the aircraft Gray flew on August 9th. This is the subject I'm trying to replicate hence the need for the "5" numerals for the fuselage side. Is it known which aircraft or likely aircraft he flew that day ?
  2. Nick, There is a picture on that site of 115 parked in front of the island immediately after a kamikaze attack. It looks to me like the vertical bar on the "5" is indeed vertical rather than canted to the side....in which case I can use Maketer or Gatorsmasks numerals. . Also, thanks Mike for the info on gatorsmask...
  3. Thanks Nick.......I took a look at their custom masks, but the RAF Insignia masks do not have the numeral "5" in the correct shape. I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and buy another eaglecals set
  4. Currently building a FAA Corsair from 1841 Sqdn British Pacific Fleet. KD658 is my subject with the fuselage code number 115. I purchased the Eagle Cals set and altered some of the decals to replicate "115" however disaster struck and I mashed one of the "5" decals. I'm loathed to have to buy another set at £20 just for one decal. I've trawled the interweb trying to find the correct 1/32 scale decals for the code numbers on the fuselage side forwards of the roundels. The numbers are either 18" or 24". Xtradecal produce a 1/48 set, but not 1/32. I also have a set of Xtr
  5. That's one option, but the bollard has a slightly larger diameter top to the base. Some brass rod with a slightly larger washer glued to the top would probably look ok. Need to buy a small lathe !!!!
  6. I've got the MK1 deluxe set, unfortunately it doesn't have the bollards
  7. I'm currently building Trumpeters Bismarck. Can anyone suggest where I can get bollards made up, preferably in brass to replace the ones in the kit. There are two sizes.
  8. Anything that covers May 1941, diagrams, photos etc
  9. Anyone suggest the best reference books/websites etc for P.O.W especially during Bismarck engagement.
  10. Currently building the Trumpeter 1/200 Bismarck. I have seen photos taken onboard P.E during the Denmark Strait engagement that appear to show all her main deck guardrails in the down position whilst in action. I'm assuming Bismarck would have followed suit. I can think of a few reasons for this, but what is the opinions out there.
  11. Hi all, I am an aircraft modeller normally, however I have chosen to build the Trumpeter 1/200 Bismarck. The last ship model I built was when I was a kid, and was wondering what the best technique is for marking and masking the hull boot topping and waterline. I have a few ideas, just throwing it out there for other ideas.
  12. Nick, I think I've got it so far. Here are the colours I have selected thus far for the blue shades:: ANA 607 - NSSB - Gunze Mr Hobby Aqueous Hobby Color H54 (Navy Blue) ANA 608 - Intermediate Blue - Gunze Mr Hobby Aqueous Hobby Color H56 (Intermediate Blue) The ANA 606 is proving hard to find - If its a case of a difference in actual sheen rather that a difference in colour, between the 606 and 607, then will it be accurate and acceptable to use H54, and darken the tone very slightly or even gloss it up a bit. I think in reality, on a weathered aircraft, the difference is negligible. Th
  13. Roger, Sent you a PM - its not good news I'm afraid
  14. My next project is a 1/32 Trumpeter SBD-5 Dauntless. I'm looking at an aircraft from the kit decal options, bombing squadron 16 (VB 16). There seems to be a little confusion over the colour scheme. As far as I'm aware the upper fuselage and wings are in sea blue, the mid fuselage in intermediate blue and the undersides in white. Some references give the 3 colour scheme but I've also seen a four colour ( the upper fuselage is a different blue to the upper wings. There is also confusion as to the demarcation lines between the fuselage colours. Any suggestions?
  15. Hi Mac I use Vallejo acrylic varnish and thin to a ratio of 50/50 using mainly Vallejo thinners or water if i've run out !! Andy
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