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  1. RIP Shane, another good one gone.
  2. Oh but of course! Why else 4 Sqn other than because of that scheme? Tim
  3. I've been dabbling with the Hornet a little and it feels very...old-school twitchy But at least that makes the carrier landings more satisfying to achieve! TBH what impresses me most about the F-18 as modelled are the tyre bulges! Tim
  4. That was superb. Not quite what I thought it was going to be - but superb. Tim
  5. I won't watch any Dr. Who post Sylvester McCoy Tim
  6. For a 1/72 kit that’s really tidy! Keep up the good work! Tim
  7. Ooh brilliant! I remember seeing posted a few years ago, some FAA schemes for the A-7 and I've got one of those planned as a future build Tim
  8. Thanks Sean, there's definitely a soul awaiting but there isn't much of an aircraft to house it yet Tim
  9. Apparently it's when you get lots of 'Camber' callsigns coming over the pond that things are happening. Camber is the callsign of flights chartered by USTRANSCOM. Great pictures Scimitar, is that the pre-airside car park you were shooting from? Tim
  10. Hiya Kirk, As you may possibly have gathered I’ve been on a several year hiatus thanks to life and loss of mojo. So alas no progress has been made. Don’t worry, I’ve not abandoned it, and hope to get slowly back into modelling in the next month or so. That said...I made the mistake of opening Vitaly’s thread just before opening this one, so I’m debating what, if anything, to redo. This’ll be the death of me Tim
  11. Oh good golly gosh that's good!! And such superb fading on the decals! Tim
  12. There was a point in the video I genuinely expected them to say they'd modelled airframe/engine/system wear and ageing. That's A2A levels of quality right there. Tim
  13. And with the Legacy Hornet already available in beta? Dis gon be good Tim
  14. This was printed - 12 sheets of...I think I used 140gsm. BUT, and it's a big but, I couldn't have done it without the help of Pepakura Viewer. The guy supplied the .pdo files as part of the model .rar and it was utterly indispensable for working out the more complicated folds and joins. I'd never dare try anything Gundam Tim
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