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  1. For me the mantra look ok im no real expert on them but comparing them to ref photos they look ok
  2. I agree mate i did try to scrath some but failed when some come along ill replace these
  3. Thank ypu chaps i wasnt expevting this response thank you
  4. Thanks guys the kit is the revell 1/32 hawk rebox as a tiger, decals are xtradecal and paints are tamiya freehand sprayed not sure the make of the resin seats but i cast them myself the gun is my own cast too as the kit one is crap
  5. XX230 RAF Brawdy 63 sqn finaly finished i hope you like her
  6. not long a couple of weeks there was a link to my review at the top of the page but somones removed it why???
  7. sorry mate ive binned them thanks for all the comments
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