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  1. I think you need to have a read of this LINK if your thinking of an F-15 STGB You will probably stand a better chance of getting a Topgun GB in 2017 should it get through the voting.
  2. Thank's both. Cliff, it wasn't I've masked and sprayed the inner surface with Tamiya Clear Blue
  3. Thanks Colin, Well got a little more done today, mainly little bits and bobs and masking ready for spraying.
  4. Thanks guys, Today's progress More tomorrow.
  5. Finally found time to get back to the bench and crack on with the Lynx. Made some good progress today. More tomorrow
  6. I now take a back seat in the organizing and running of the GBs so I'm a bit confused. Which GBs are you referring to and what were the changes? Can you please give some specific examples? Without an example, I can only generalise. GBs almost take on a life of their own and do evolve. If as you say the scope changed, did you challenge the proposed change? Did you alert Enzo to the change? Nothing can be done if the Mods don't know there is a problem.
  7. Oh got a Tamia 1:48 Jagdpanzer, with PE, turned barrel, metal tracks and brass shells and casings. Have been looking for an excuse to build it. I also want to get a 1:35 model as well... This could be the opportunity to build one or both.
  8. Thanks, Tony AK Interactive paints are 'scaled' to give a realistic colour effect. Please do have a look at TopNotch's Website as they have recently extended their range of masks if you have a look at my Blog you will see a review on the masks and you will find a generous discount code to use on TopNotch's website
  9. More progress on the 1:32 Revell Lynx today, This is the Royal Navy HAS.3 which I'm converting to a French Navy Lynx. Got to take some of the wash off of the rear bulkheads and fit the centre seats.
  10. Thanks you both AK 2011 & 2012 for the RAF Dark Green and RAF Dark Earth and AK2015 for the RAF Sky
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