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  1. Alliance do a resin kit, which is listed as 1/32. I seem to recall that theirs is basically the Monogram kit that has been reworked a bit. It can be found on the Federation Models website HERE.
  2. Heres a Link. Scroll down the page and there are a few good images of this a/c.
  3. Found this while searching 9 Sqn Lancs. May be useful to some. Original page link here. https://weaponsandwarfare.com/british-aerial-ordnance-exotica/
  4. Thanks for the nice comments, fellas. Much appreciated. Not familiar with a Navion, to be honest. Would it be this?.
  5. Cheers, Andrew. All I can find listed for the Zero is that it's operated by Aeroretro. It certainly brought back memories of old West Malling "Great Warbirds" displays, when Gary Numan used to bring his Zero along.
  6. Thought I'd share some shots of the Duxford show from this past weekend. I know there have been plenty of negative comments about the show, but I can say I enjoyed it. Weather wasn't great, but not a lot we can do about that. Was great to see the Osprey, although she didn't fly, getting to go inside more than made up for that. Never seen a Bronco in the air before, so that was another highlight. Also great to see both the Huey and Loach, both of which were veterans of the Vietnam conflict. Hope you like the pics ( there are a few more in the album page here )
  7. It was a USAF bird. It's up at Duxford for the airshow. One of the guys onboard confirmed it was them over London.
  8. Excellent work. You're showing a real dedication with these. I'm taking notes for my builds.
  9. The simple answer for the different Star Destroyers is that the smaller one was the original model built for ANH. Then, a much larger (8ft iirc), more detailed version was built for TESB. This also explains the difference in colour (the original is lighter than the big model). I like that Gareth Edwards team have recognised that and gone for the original look for the SD's seen in the Rogue One trailer.
  10. That's a lovely looking Phantom. Very nice.
  11. That's a lovely paint finish. Top job. I have an old D&S decal sheet to do Fast Eagle 107 in 1/32 scale. Hope she turns out looking a lot like this.
  12. I was having a little look around a few modelling sites when I came across these incredible models by a Japanese guy named Yoshihiko Sano. The finish on these things just blew me away. Oh to have this much talent. More pics over at http://dqscaleworks.blogspot.co.uk/2014/06/aliens-by-yoshihiko-sano.html
  13. My Star Destroyer arrived today & it's another lovely little kit. I won't be attempting lighting this one. The details are too fine. Andy, you know you can get a resin Clone Wars Y-wing?. It's available from Starship Modeller.
  14. Years ago, someone did a set of replacement claws. The kit ones being moulded in a set position, these replacement parts allowed you to position them any way you liked.
  15. If in any doubt, then add a tiny drop of blue to your white paint. Just a tiny drop should prevent the white yellowing.
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