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  1. Cant see too much wrong with the model or the photography! Cracking build, and yes, the kit aint perfect but your done a bloody good job on it! Cheers Simon
  2. SimonR

    Weapons load on Hawker Hunter f6

    Hi Dave, In asked a similar question about the FGA9 a little while ago, you may find this thread helpful or not, I'm not sure about the use of pods on the F6 to be honest... Cheers Simon
  3. SimonR

    Hunter F6 paint help please

    I believe the Sabrinas are removed from the airframe in order that the Aden gun pack can be dropped out of the fuselage for servicing - so they would follow the colour of the u/s - don't quote me on that though... Anyway, as said above, 50's early 60s Hunter HSS undersides and R/W/B roundels - late 60's LAG undersides I believe still R/W/B markings and by 1970ish the roundels had changed to red/blue. Cheers Simon
  4. SimonR

    Scampton to close.

    Yes Mike, wasn't being serious! They even filled the old apron up with sheds as well! Although I'm not sure how many Hunters you could fit in the old 22 Sdn SAR Hanger!!
  5. SimonR

    Scampton to close.

    The Marines must have some spare hanger space at Chivenor, now that would be something, Hunters returning home - obviously wont happen though
  6. SimonR

    Scampton to close.

    Any guesses where the Reds will end up? I guess the options are few and far between - Valley or Coningsby?
  7. SimonR

    Scampton to close.

    Or worse still, a prison like Coltishall
  8. SimonR

    Hunter FGA 9 MATRA pods

    Hi Paul, great stuff - look forward to seeing them! Theres some really knowledgeable guys on here so just ask if you have any questions, somebody will know the answer! My dad left the RAF sometime in 67 after 23 years, I guess their paths may have crossed at some point! Cheers Simon
  9. SimonR

    Revell 1/72 Vampire F.3 out

    Yes, Steve, thats where I messed up, should have loaded some weight in there before closing the fuselage up! Cheers Simon
  10. SimonR

    Revell 1/72 Vampire F.3 out

    I'm now building mine as an FB5, goes together nicely, but never going to get enough weight in the nose to stop it tail sitting
  11. Wow, that is simply amazing Stunning build, thanks for sharing! Cheers Simon
  12. Yeah, maybe Keith - looks worse in the photos than in the flesh but could maybe have done with being toned down a bit, not losing sleep over it though! Cheers Simon
  13. SimonR

    Revell 1/72 Vampire F.3 out

    Picked one of these up today in my LHS (the lovely Langleys in Norwich) - what a great little kit! If I want to build an FB5, what are the main differences chaps? Cheers Simon
  14. Hi all, I originally started this during the 2016 Hunter group build but bit off far more than I could chew and its sat on the shelf of doom for a couple of years - until about a month ago that is. I decided to crack on and get it finished only to come up with serous decal issues. The kit decals had perished, I originally bought this cheap about 10 years ago and the box had suffered some water damage, this had obviously affected the decals. I'd planned on doing this in 79 Squadron markings from Chivenor in the late 60's so already had the xtradecal sheet with the squadron markings, but needed roundels, which is where fellow britmodeller David Womby came up trumps and airmailed some from the states (Thanks David!). So here it is, minus most of the stencils which I will add when I can get my hands on some and the rocket pods which are in the paint shop! Cheers Simon
  15. SimonR

    Hunter FGA 9 MATRA pods

    Thanks Chally! These were built some time ago, currently working on a big Revell 1/32 scale FGA9, hence the question about the rocket pods! Cheers Simon