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  1. Wow, that is simply amazing Stunning build, thanks for sharing! Cheers Simon
  2. Yeah, maybe Keith - looks worse in the photos than in the flesh but could maybe have done with being toned down a bit, not losing sleep over it though! Cheers Simon
  3. SimonR

    Revell 1/72 Vampire F.3 out

    Picked one of these up today in my LHS (the lovely Langleys in Norwich) - what a great little kit! If I want to build an FB5, what are the main differences chaps? Cheers Simon
  4. Hi all, I originally started this during the 2016 Hunter group build but bit off far more than I could chew and its sat on the shelf of doom for a couple of years - until about a month ago that is. I decided to crack on and get it finished only to come up with serous decal issues. The kit decals had perished, I originally bought this cheap about 10 years ago and the box had suffered some water damage, this had obviously affected the decals. I'd planned on doing this in 79 Squadron markings from Chivenor in the late 60's so already had the xtradecal sheet with the squadron markings, but needed roundels, which is where fellow britmodeller David Womby came up trumps and airmailed some from the states (Thanks David!). So here it is, minus most of the stencils which I will add when I can get my hands on some and the rocket pods which are in the paint shop! Cheers Simon
  5. SimonR

    Hunter FGA 9 MATRA pods

    Thanks Chally! These were built some time ago, currently working on a big Revell 1/32 scale FGA9, hence the question about the rocket pods! Cheers Simon
  6. SimonR

    Hunter FGA 9 MATRA pods

    Great stuff guys! David Watkins book on Chivenor is a good reference point, there are some superb shots of the flight line with 145 Squadron F4s with the Knights templar emblems on the rear fuselage and slightly later on the nose of F6's. Also Alan Halls Warpaint book has profiles of all the Chivenor Hunter squadrons as well. Ive already modelled a number of Chivenor Hunters, heres a few: 145 Squadron (Academy 1/48) 79 Squadron (Revell 1/72 - note the serial number should be black) 63 Squadron (Aeroclub 1/48) 229 T7 (Revell 1/72 odds & ordanance conversion) Cheers Simon
  7. SimonR

    Hunter FGA 9 MATRA pods

    Well thats interesting Wes, always assumed it was just 79 & 63 in the late 60's!! And yes, just done the same google search and some great photos. Cheers Simon
  8. SimonR

    Hunter FGA 9 MATRA pods

    Just dug out my book on Chivenor, 63(R) replaced 145(R) in 1963 and 79(R) was formed in 1967!
  9. SimonR

    Hunter FGA 9 MATRA pods

    Hi Wez, yes they were originally 145 & 234, sometime in the mid/late 60's they changed to 63 & 79 - 145 was transferred to Lightning OCU. I think there were only ever 2 squadrons at Chivenor in the post-war period at least (excluding 22 SAR). When the RAF returned with Hawks in 1980 they eventually became 63 & 151 as 2 TWU. Cheers Simon
  10. SimonR

    Hunter FGA 9 MATRA pods

    Hi Selwyn, My understanding of 229 OCU at Chivenor (before the base was mothballed in '74 and the unit moved to Brawdy) was that 229 OCU was made up of 2 Reserve Squadrons of 63 & 79. 229 at Chivenor had no separate markings as far as I'm aware! My dads final squadron at Chivenor was 63 when he came out of the RAF in 1967. Cheers Simon
  11. SimonR

    Hunter FGA 9 MATRA pods

    Yes pylons, having a bad day lol Its a 229 OCU 79 Squadron Hunter from Chivenor! Cheers Simon
  12. SimonR

    Hunter FGA 9 MATRA pods

    Yes, Selwyn, I do mean MATRA - my mistake spelling - now about to correct the title lol Thanks for that, just deciding whether to add some to the outer pods!! Cheers Simon
  13. SimonR

    Hunter FGA 9 MATRA pods

    Hi all, My dad could have answered this in as instant as he was a Hunter armourer, but unless I employ a medium I'm not going to get an answer! Did the RAF FGA9's ever carry the MATRA Rocket Pods at all, I can find hardy any photographic evident on tinternet? I'm building a Revell 79 Squadron Hunter circa late 60's. Thanks in advance! Cheers Simon
  14. Stunning collection Piero, thanks for sharing!
  15. SimonR

    Revell 1/32 Hunter FGA9 help!

    Hi David, That would be superb! I'll send a PM shortly. Cheers Simon