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  1. I’ll send you a PM later Mike, now off to work
  2. Hi guys, Wow, many thanks for your replies! I am indeed aware its a big list lol! This first issue is broadly covering 'service' uniforms, so No1s, 2s etc from around 1950-2000, so no aircrew, specialist or ceremonial clothing is included, if this proves a success I'm hoping to produce further versions. So far Ive included 49 BD, No1 OA & Officer, Tropical, DPM, Mess etc. Its impossible to cover every single item of kit you have listed above but its looking pretty good to date, if anybody wants to PM me I can send a pdf of work in progress so you can pick holes in it lol! FYI my dad served 23 years from '44 to 67 and I was in the Cadets at Chivenor so not coming at this totally blind. Cheers Simon
  3. Just logged on for the first time in ages and very sad to hear this news. RIP Nigel
  4. Heres the cover and a couple of spreads, running to about 100 pages so far!
  5. Hi all, Are there any experts on post-war RAF Uniforms among us? I'm currently in the process of producing a book and need a bit of help here and there. I'll post a couple of draft spreads later so you can see how its looking. Cheers Simon
  6. Thats superb! Great to see a MiG in DDR Luftstreitkräfte markings as well! Cheers Simon
  7. Just to echo the above, glad you didn't bin it - thats lovely Cheers Simon
  8. Thank you!! yes I too had the old thing hanging from my bedroom ceiling sometime in the late 70's early 80's Thanks Pat, seems a while ago I did this now, thread has been resurrected lol!!
  9. Thats lovely Eric, thanks for sharing! Cheers Simon
  10. Thanks Mike, good luck with your Wimpy and Halifax! I agree about the minimal amount of parts, with a bit of work and creativity with the airbrush these old klts still stack up ok!! Cheers Simon
  11. Thanks Guys, looks like modelldoc has come up trumps Cheers Simon
  12. Hi all, Planning a on doing an East German 1/48 MiG 21PF based on a Revell kit, does anybody know of any decal sheets for this version or has anybody got any spare DDR national markings they dot want? Thanks in advance Simon
  13. Hi chaps, just to clarify the Herc landed on Saunton beach on Jan 9 2019 - a mate was there to see it land and got some photos that he shared on facebook. Hope that clears it up! Cheers Simon
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