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  1. Hi folks, Finally managed to get my mojo back and finish this one eventually! We had some nice weather on Saturday in the north east so I thought I'd take advantage of it and take some al fresco photo's. Enjoy! Thanks for looking!
  2. A little bit more done on the deck, texture has been brushed on and I used a 4.5mm drill bit to create a 'dish' for the Brengun PE tie downs to sit in. Next up I used Tamiya german grey then a thinned coat NATO black then I masked and painted the markings... Weathering was achieved using various greys, brown and black thinned enamels. Just the tie downs to add, all 36 of them! I think I'm going to add a frame aswell to finish it off. Cheers
  3. Thanks for the nice comments guys! much appreciated I've made a start on the flight deck for those interested, its over on my WIP thread
  4. Well i thought I'd finished with this thread but I've decided to create a carrier deck to put the Hornet on, this seems as good a place as any to share it with you. This is what I've got to play with... Since i intend to fit this into my display case i am limited by size, so first off i measured the maximum i could get away with. Next up i had a scrap bit of fibre board knocking about in the garage so I cut this down to size added a silhouette of a 1/48 hornet to make sure it would fit, yep all good. Then I marked out the tie down points.. I then decided to use a bit of scrap styrene to experiment with and see if what I had in mind would work, looks pretty good so this is what I will go with. First off I added some Tamiya tape to replicate the slightly raised strips that are see on US carriers. Next I primed it with Alclad primer then brushed on some Tamiya pavement effect texture paint this left uneven brushstrokes so dabbed it with a piece of sponge which looked better, finally finished it off with Tamiya German grey. Looks pretty good so this is what I will go with. After trying to drill a couple of mm's out ready for the Brengun tie down points, I realised fibreboard doesn't like this and was left with a fuzzy mess, time for plan B. I had an old picture frame with some acrylic transparency, this was duly cut down to size, then a quick going over with some sandpaper and the tie downs have been pilot drilled for now as I am waiting for a 4.5mm drill bit to arrive. Next up the Alcad primer.. I will add the texture paint this weekend depending on how my body reacts to the AZ vaccine tomorrow Cheers
  5. Just finished this one over the weekend, although it's far from perfect I quite enjoyed this build, especially the painting. This was my first serious attempt at a us navy aircraft, trying to replicate the worn appearance of carrier aircraft I approached the painting with some trepidation but I think I pulled it off! Being a CAG bird they tend to be kept a bit cleaner so I didn't go over board with the weathering and tried to restrain myself although it was tempting to keep going with the pastels and oils! As mentioned in the title this is the 1/48 Hasegawa kit. WIP Linky AM bits used were; Aires pit and exhausts Royale resin wheels Wolfpack designs wing-fold set Brengun pylons Eduard PE Microscale VF-105 decals Weapons were from the spares box, IIRC from kinetic and hasegawa and modified to represent us navy ordnance. I'm now in the process of building a deck scene to sit it on. For those interested, I'll keep you posted on my WIP thread. All comments welcome! Thanks for looking
  6. Evening All, Just thought I'd share with you my progress on the bug. I'm still working on it although probably not as much as i would like. Finishing off all the dangly bits before I attach them. I keep forgetting how much time this takes. I also have finished the main weathering and a final coat of satin varnish has been applied, so its just a matter of sticking it altogether now! I'll make these the final pics before the RFI as your all probably getting bored of this tread by now! Hopefully I will have it finished by the weekend so I'll put the finished article in the RFI section Cheers
  7. That’s a stunner Calum! Having built a Kiwi scooter a couple of years ago I can appreciate the work you’ve put into it. Good job!
  8. Thanks Markdip, this is my first US Navy jet for a long time so I have picked up a lot of tips from watching guys on here and over on ARC, always learning Cheers JJ, I like the finish on the bombs too, although looking at my latest pics I'm starting to worry the effect is a bit too much, oh well too late now! I'm glad to report i have finished the decaling, all went well up until the VFA-105 stripe along the spine decided not to play and wrinkled badly. When I tried to lay it down again it decided to disintegrate into a million pieces, probably to do with the gallon of decal softener I had previously applied! Luckily I managed to get another set of decals for a fiver which I was toying with getting anyway as the set only comes with enough decals for 1 drop tank when I needed 2. Not sure why decal manufacturers do this as most Hornets carry two tanks! This how she looks at the moment... The vertical stabs are just dry fitted and are way off the correct position, couldn't resist fitting to see how it looked though. The walkways are the only thing I'm concerned about at the moment, they are way too shiny. I'm planning to lay a very flat coat down and maybe even stipple it a bit to roughed up the texture a bit. Bombs and undercart details done... Next up is a another gloss coat to seal everything in then a wash to bring out the details. The finishing line is in sight now! Cheers
  9. That Sir, is a masterpiece! Excellent
  10. You're a brave man Hendie attempting one of CA's twin boomers! Am I right in thinking you did a beautiful rendition of a Venom not too long ago? Having completing their T.11 Vamp with all the flightpath gubbins I know the frustration is real trying to fit those flaps! Try as I might I couldn't get them to fit as advertised, I'm afraid I made a bit of pigs ear of them. Keep plugging away and I'm sure you'll make a silk purse soon!
  11. Yep, much easier and a lot less messy that the salt method!
  12. Well I'm back again with a bit more done. This time I was eager to try out my new mottle effect stencil from AK. I must say I'm a fan, really easy to use and really adds some nice subtle effects if you take your time and make sure your paint is well thinned! To create the mottle effect I used the opposite paints so for the top which is painted in GSI 307 I used 308 and vise versa for the lower surfaces. Next I created the touch up effects often seen on Navy jets to stop them corroding. I used the same method of reversing the paints and mainly applying it to random seem lines. I managed to find another pic of the real thing and noticed that some touch ups were done to the vertical stabs. I've added this as well although I don't like the effect its on the real thing so hey ho! Linky For a bit of a break from the jet I decided to work on the bombs, still need a bit doing to them but at least they have some colour now, quite pleased with the ablative coating though! Its ready for the gloss coat and decals now. BTW thanks to those who left kind comments, much appreciated Thanks for looking. Cheers
  13. Evening chaps, the grey coat is now complete, I used Mr hobby aqueous 307 and 308 thinned liberally with IPA. The pre shade is just visible which is the effect I was going for. I have started post shading with some well thinned tamiya smoke. I'll see how this turns out but I may need to go over everything with a lightened coat of 307 and 308 respectively to blend the shading a bit. Also I will add some random lightened patches to replicate paint touch ups that is often seen on sea going jets. This is the effect I'm aiming for... Fins have a coat of gloss black enamel on ready for the decals Thanks for looking! Cheers
  14. Morning All! I'm glad to report painting has begun, I like to use Mr Hobby's black finishing surfacer as a primer to start with as it tends to show up any seams that need any more attention. I then needed to deal with that nasty windshield joint, this is where adhesive foil tape comes in handy. I had cut some to shape before I glued the windshield, it was then a matter of very carefully running it around the seam and bedding it down with a cotton bud, i then ran my riveting tool around it. Next up a bit of preshading with Tamiya white.. At this stage I thought I'd experiment with some colour under what can be a very boring grey scheme, looking at USN jets they can get very dirty and weathered and no two jets are the same so i thought I'd try some blue and brown to simulate this. My thinking is that I can modulate the amount of colour that shows through the grey by simply spray more or less grey to the affected area, will thats the theory anyway! Hopefully in the next few days I can get the greys on.
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