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  1. A Little bit more progress to report, not getting much time at the bench at the moment, but I'll keep plugging away at it. After the white coat i and a rub down with various lighter grades of micromesh, i experimented with which colour to put down first, turns out dayglow red covers better over white than it does silver, so thats what i started with. I used a 50-50ish mix of humbrol 209 fluorescent orange and 19 gloss red. which turned out quite nice me thinks... Next up i was masking the dayglow red which looking at the real thing was not easy as i thought. All the photos i have seen of RN 2 seat vampires have different demarcation patterns for the nose area. Not having a frontal pic of XA128 i short of made up what i think looked right in the end. After the masking i gave it a coat of Aclad's white aluminium which i think gives it the finish i was after... All was going well until i peeled the tape off and this happened... Doesn't look like much to fix, just hope i can get a close match for the custom day glow red mix again. The finish line is almost in sight now! Cheers
  2. Thanks Chris, help yourself, pilfer what you need I have a feeling the Airfix kit might be a tad easy build... Cheers Rob, after seeing Hendie's solution to the ejection ports i thought I'd give it a go at improving them, although mine are not as elegant as his! Regarding the turbine bits, your probably right as it will be hard to spot, I'll carry on with it and see how it turns out.
  3. Still plodding along with this, although even by my sloth like model building speed i have to agree progress is some what slow! Anyway here's what i have achieved since my last update. The airframe is pretty much finished bar undercarriage, flaps and canopy. I've added some of the flightpath goodies such as access hatches, strengthening plates and an antenna plate under the wing. Also added some rivets from archer around the wing spar, some small tubing for the pitot probe and some scratch built antenna blade mountings which looking at my DH twin boom bible seem to be in different places depending on which aircraft you choose. Once i was happy with the finish i gave it an undercoat using Alcad's grey microfiller. Then i noticed a couple of flaws which i duly filled and after a quick rub down i gave it a coat of Mr Color white ready for the silver and the fluorescent red. I remember seeing a online pic at the back end of a vampire showing the turbine inside the jetpipe but for the life of me i cannot recall where i saw it, anyway i am the process of replicating this from an old 1/72 drop tank tip and some plastic strip. If anybody has any pics of this area i would be grateful. Next up will be the fluorescent red, for which i will use a custom mix of Humbrol's 19 gloss red and 209 fluorescent orange, wish me luck!
  4. Wow, what a brilliant finish to a very striking paint job! That will definitely stand out in the display case. Great job
  5. I've been slowly plugging away on this one again, lets hope i don't lose my mojo and shelve it for a another 10 years. Anyway after rescribing the fuselage and wings after a vigorous sanding session, I added a few panel lines and filled a couple that where either not present or were fictitious. I also added the intake vanes, i looked at using the kit offerings, but after a couple of dry fitting/reshaping attempts i gave up and decided to make my own from plastic strip, not perfect but i think they pass muster. Once these were done i drilled out and filed the cartridge ejection chutes. Not sure how I'm going to represent these yet as the holes are minuscule, still looking pretty rough me thinks! Then on to the booms, I was dreading this as these really don't match up. To help with alignment i first drilled 2 holes through each boom where the elevator would sit and using 0.5mm plastic rod as pins i glued these through the booms into the elevator section. Before this was allowed to dry i offered up the boom assembly to the fuselage with a feeling of trepidation fearing the worst! After much cursing and fiddling i managed to get them aligned, sort of. I think they are out slightly in every plane of axis but when i tried to straighten out say the vertical axis it would throw the horizontal axis out, very frustrating! Anyway its set now just hope its not to noticeable once shes on her pins. This is where i am at now, where the booms join the wing there is much filling and sanding to be had! I've used Tamiya putty for the large gaps and Mr Surfacer 500 for the smaller gaps. I have a feeling i am going to need a few rounds of this before i get close to blending the two together! That all for now. Cheers
  6. Hi Noel, I'm afraid i chickened out of weathering it to replicate a 'really dirty' Greek line bird. I thought if i went to far it would just look unrealistic and probably beyond my skills anyway!
  7. Hi Mark, glad you like it! In answer to your question, looking at photo's of the ground locks i noticed that there were grooves running along the length of them so i simply added 3 pieces of 0.3mm rod to each strut and painted them red, pretty simple really!
  8. Thanks exdraken, I was originally going to go with a full load out, litening pod, LGB's and AMRAAM's etc, but during my research i found out that the aircraft i was representing from Mira (squadron) 339 was mainly employed in the air to air role and its sister unit Mira 338 was air to ground so it wouldn't really have been accurate to hang loads of mud moving stuff off it. Plus most of pics i have seen of these jets have similar loadout to the one i did, probably from airshows me thinks.
  9. Thanks for the kind comments guys, much appreciated Unc, the travel pod was pinched from my Hasegawa F-16B kit, not sure which other kits have them?
  10. After just finishing my F-4E I've decided to dig this one back out from the shelf of doom. I can't believe its been over 10 years since i last worked on this! Looking at Hendie's Vemon thread has inspired me to give it another go. I love this video aswell, lots of great shots of two seats Vampires and Harry Enfield narrating whats not too like! Infact the whole series is great, best of British when we were world leaders in the aviation Industry. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brzT-3G40_k I can't even remember why i gave up on this one, which is a bit worrying! Anyhow this how she looks at the moment, still lots of work left do... Here's what i am aiming for, an RN T.22. I'm not sure which one i will be doing yet as i need to check the decals stash for the appropriate serials. (Photo's are from Adrian Balch's book 'De Havilland Twin Booms') I'll take them down if anyone has any objections. Updates to follow in the not too distant future, give a decade or two!
  11. Beautiful work Hendie I'm blaming you for inspiring me to dig out my CA Vampire Hope you don't mind but I'll be stealing sorry adapting some of your techniques for my build and probably be adding a few 'Greeblies' of my own! Keep up the good work! Cheers
  12. Finally got around to uploading a few shots of my recently completed HAF F-4E AUP. WIP is here This was the 1/48 Hasegawa F-4E with a few modifications... Scratch built cockpit with Verlinden seats as nobody does an AUP pit replacement Eduard brassin exhausts Royale resin wheels Master pitot tube Eduard 1/72 RFB flags Verlinden canopy frame details Paints were custom mixed from GSI and Tamiya acrylics and weathering was a mix of oils and pastels. Decals came from Icarus for the stencils and Model Alliance for the national/sqn markings. If anyone is planning on building one of these a/c i thoroughly recommend using Eagle Aviation's 'Phantom under the skin' book. Lots of great hi-res photo's from just about every angle. Thanks for looking!
  13. Well I've finally finished this one, managed to grab a few days to get this one off the workbench Not sure if I've overdone the weathering and I'm not 100% happy with it but these birds do get really dirty! Anyhow it done now, on my next project. I'll upload some better pic in the RFI section over the next few days. Thanks for looking
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