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  1. Yes, i wanted to use the rocket pods as i know they were used in the TWU's to train the students in the art of rocketry, plus they just look cool Your right that the F.6 couldn't carry the bigger 230gal tanks, however the F.6A's were essentially refurbed F6's to FGA9 standard but without some of the weapons fit capability and lacking air con for tropical climates. HTH
  2. Thanks for all the kind comments guys, glad you liked it!
  3. Finished this one over the weekend, I must say I am pleased this one is off the workbench as I didn’t particularly enjoy this build, it wasn’t the subject, so I’ll put it down to the kit. It’s not that the Airfix kit is a bad kit to build, because it isn’t, it just a bit blah! WIP is here For this build I used Eduards cockpit pe set & mask, CMK wheels and flaps, Quickboost seat, Master pitot probe, Flightpaths Matra rocket pods and Aerocraft’s drop tanks and pylons. Ladder is from Brengun. Decals came from Airfix, Xtradecal and roundels were from Flightpath. Paints were mainly GSI Aqueous. Cheers
  4. The end is in sight now, which is a good thing as although I like the Hunter as an aircraft, this kit has not excited me in the least. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I have found this build to be a bit of a chore. Anyhow onto my progress, I’ve managed to get most of the weathering bit out of the way, first off was a coat of dirt Flory wash which hasn’t really shown up all that well on the green, not sure why anyhow this was followed by some oil staining on the belly, I think this is to do with the AVPIN starter being located down there, but I may be wrong. Next up was a matt coat of W&N Galleria which I may not have been very thorough with my shaking up routine as I have noticed white spots which I think are solid bits of clear coat, once it was dry I used a wooden tooth pick to remove these without damaging the paint, it sort of worked although I may have missed a few spots. After this tedious task I applied some black pastel with a stubby brush to the upper fuselage and wings to give it a general grubbiness that you normally see on well used hunters. I also used a silver pencil replicate paint wear. That’s where I’m at now folks just a bit of tidying up of the thing I’ve inevitably missed and then the dangly bits to add and that should be it. Cheers
  5. Glad too see your persevering with the Bucc Nice save on the seems. Looks like it’s going to be a winner, just don’t drop it again!
  6. Thanks Johnny, yep camo was done free hand with my trusty Badger 150, it's quite old but still does the job! Thanks Colin, I'm glad you're liking my efforts, I'm afraid there's no progress for a while as work has rudely interrupted by time at the bench
  7. 18 years and counting Even the shelf of doom was offended by this! Extra brownie points for your dedication and perseverance Dan Looking good though Dan mate, dare i say most of the hard work is behind you! I can almost feel my boxed unstarted Airfix Bucc giving me the evils!
  8. Cheers Dan I used Gunze aqueous H330 dark green and H331 dark sea grey. Always lays beautifully and as you said the colour is spot on, can't fault it mate.
  9. I sympathise with you on the loss of interest with this kit hendie. Shame about the primer, I've never used it myself but if you're experience is anything to go by i think I'll steer clear.Good luck with renovations! My mojo is starting to wane with this one too! Although that's nothing new for me as once I'm nearing the end of most of my projects my mind starts wondering about which kit I'm going to pull off the shelf next Anyhow progress has been made, although only a gloss coat and decal application, I used xtradecals for the sqn markings and the kit decals for the stencilling and flightpath roundels as i felt the xtradecal roundels were a bit bright for my liking. I had no problems with any of the decals and used Mr mark setter and Softer and they all settled down nicely. I used the black kit stencilling intended for the Dutch offering, these work well for later RAF Hunters as they tended to have black instead of the yellow stencils for early RAF Hunters. Although i did accidently lay a yellow stencil down accidently which has been scrapped off along with the paint! I will need to fix this. I had some early style wheel chocks from PP aeroparts that I've had for donkey's years, thought I might as well use them. I may shoot a very thin coat of the respective camo colours over top of the stencils to reduce the contrast, especially over the yellow hoist markings, then another gloss coat and then I'll move onto the weathering. Cheers
  10. Thanks hendie, sorry i didnt use the kit wheels, i decided to splash out and went for the cmk set. Looking at the kit main wheel hubs i noticed they looked a bit agricultural and the tyres had no tread either. BTW whats happening with your offering, it's been a bit quiet on the hendie's hunter front!?
  11. Not as much I bench time as I would have liked this last week due to work. I have managed to sort a few bits and pieces out that were niggling me. I remembered after painting that I was going to move the outboard pylon attachments in approx. 2-3mm so this happened…looks like the light aircraft grey is making another appearance! Whilst I was on sorting out the pylons, I noticed that there were 2 vertical long blade antenna’s located under the fuselage centreline like this. I drilled a couple of holes in the approximate position as I can’t find any clear photo’s of there exact position. I then punched a couple of small discs for the blades to locate in. The blades were just a couple of pieces of scap brass p.e. They are just dry fitted at the moment, not risking them breaking off at this early stage! Next, I decided the fill the gaps rear of the wings where they join the fuselage. It wasn’t huge just looked off to my eye, hopefully this should do the trick after a quick shot of dark sea grey. I’ve also been playing with the underwing stores, big tanks all finished and ready for a gloss coat. Rocket pods were painted in aluminium then I applied a coat of mig chipping fluid followed by a custom mix of NATO green and dark green. I then chipped the green off randomly with a tooth pick. Ladder painted just needs a bit weathering to give it that well used look. Wheel were given a thin coat of buff and light grey on the treads, looks better. Managed to fashion another nosewheel rear door strut out of bits from the spare box, not a million miles away methinks. Cheers
  12. Very nice Hunter with lots of attention to detail Hope mine comes out half as good.
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