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  1. Evening chaps, the grey coat is now complete, I used Mr hobby aqueous 307 and 308 thinned liberally with IPA. The pre shade is just visible which is the effect I was going for. I have started post shading with some well thinned tamiya smoke. I'll see how this turns out but I may need to go over everything with a lightened coat of 307 and 308 respectively to blend the shading a bit. Also I will add some random lightened patches to replicate paint touch ups that is often seen on sea going jets.
  2. Morning All! I'm glad to report painting has begun, I like to use Mr Hobby's black finishing surfacer as a primer to start with as it tends to show up any seams that need any more attention. I then needed to deal with that nasty windshield joint, this is where adhesive foil tape comes in handy. I had cut some to shape before I glued the windshield, it was then a matter of very carefully running it around the seam and bedding it down with a cotton bud, i then ran my riveting tool around it. Next up a bit of preshading with Tamiya white..
  3. Hi Folks, Moving along nicely with this one at the moment, I'm finding myself getting a lot more bench time due to everything outside of the house being a bit crap! Anyhow onto what I've been up to with the hornet. First up was sorting the wings/wingfolds out. I must say that the Wolfpack set is awesome and fits like a glove, as long as you follow the instructions everything should be a doddle. As nearly all hornets parked have there flaps lowered I did the same, however Mr Hasegawa has left a seamline in the joint between the wing and the leading edge flaps which in re
  4. Happy to report more progress has been made, quite a lot of activity happening on my workbench in the past week, well a lot for me anyway! Pit installed in the fuselage which was surprisingly easy for a Aires pit, next up was the intakes, I was toying with buying some full length intakes but as they will be under the LERX and in shadow I couldn't justify it, however the kit intakes are a wee bit shallow so I came up with a plan! First take a cheap plastic pipette and cut the bulbous end off, this was almost the correct diameter to fit over the rear end of the intake. I then painted
  5. Great article in this months Combat Aircraft magazine on this very subject plus loads more on the gulf war. https://shop.keypublishing.com/issue/list/publication/CAM
  6. Thanks for the interest guys, i hope i can live up to your expectations! I said i would have some progress soon and i have manged to paint the cockpit. I'm using the Aires pit, which is well detailed and surprisingly not much hacking to make it fit. I'm still working on the rear decking and 'hell hole' so will post these once i have finished installing the cockpit. Painting was done with mainly humbrol enamels, although i think the grey is a bit dark, but i think i can live with it. Also started on the hacking the wings ready to fit the wolfpa
  7. Hi everyone, New year, new project and I'm starting with Hasegawa's legacy hornet. I've had this kit for a while and built up a collection of goodies for it... And Danny Coreman's excellent book. I think I'm going to go with this VFA-105 Gunslingers showbird scheme like this one! Only managed to finish 2 kits last year hoping to go for at least 3 this year, so will need to knuckle down and get some modelling done. Hopefully have some progress soon.
  8. Thanks for all the kind comments everyone. I think the reason I'm not that impressed with this one is that I've spent so long looking at the damn thing! Cheers Tony, mines got a vacuform with flightpath framing so I dont know how the fit was with the original canopy but i will say that me and vacuform canopies dont get along. I find them hard work and also I've noticed that over time it is started to yellow so i will staying away from them in the future!
  9. Evening All, To say I'm glad to move this one of the workbench is a bit of understatement! It had been sat on the shelf of doom for almost a decade and then I had a spurt of enthusiasm, or is that stupidity to get it finished. Definitely not one of best efforts, I'll put that down to repeatedly losing interest in it. Either way I'm pleased its finally finished For those interested, the WIP is here Thanks for looking!
  10. A bit more progress done, I managed to repaint the peeling on the nose with a close match so no dramas there. Next up was decaling, I used a mix of kit decals for the RN markings/stencils and fantasy workshop/model decals for the numbering, this was followed by a wash using promodeller dark wash. After this i attached the canopy but this was far from straightforward. Unfortunately my cockpit glazing was missing from my kit when I bought it so vacuform was my only choice. Having had little success in the past when working with these I wasn't looking forward to it.
  11. A Little bit more progress to report, not getting much time at the bench at the moment, but I'll keep plugging away at it. After the white coat i and a rub down with various lighter grades of micromesh, i experimented with which colour to put down first, turns out dayglow red covers better over white than it does silver, so thats what i started with. I used a 50-50ish mix of humbrol 209 fluorescent orange and 19 gloss red. which turned out quite nice me thinks... Next up i was masking the dayglow red which looking at the real thing was not easy as i thought.
  12. Thanks Chris, help yourself, pilfer what you need I have a feeling the Airfix kit might be a tad easy build... Cheers Rob, after seeing Hendie's solution to the ejection ports i thought I'd give it a go at improving them, although mine are not as elegant as his! Regarding the turbine bits, your probably right as it will be hard to spot, I'll carry on with it and see how it turns out.
  13. Still plodding along with this, although even by my sloth like model building speed i have to agree progress is some what slow! Anyway here's what i have achieved since my last update. The airframe is pretty much finished bar undercarriage, flaps and canopy. I've added some of the flightpath goodies such as access hatches, strengthening plates and an antenna plate under the wing. Also added some rivets from archer around the wing spar, some small tubing for the pitot probe and some scratch built antenna blade mountings which looking at my DH twin boom bible seem t
  14. Wow, what a brilliant finish to a very striking paint job! That will definitely stand out in the display case. Great job
  15. I've been slowly plugging away on this one again, lets hope i don't lose my mojo and shelve it for a another 10 years. Anyway after rescribing the fuselage and wings after a vigorous sanding session, I added a few panel lines and filled a couple that where either not present or were fictitious. I also added the intake vanes, i looked at using the kit offerings, but after a couple of dry fitting/reshaping attempts i gave up and decided to make my own from plastic strip, not perfect but i think they pass muster. Once these were done i drilled out and filed the cartridge e
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