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  1. Rich F

    Airfix 11Sqn Lightning

    Thanks Mike, Basically the whole model was given a coat of Mr Finishing Surfacer 1500 Black as an undercoat and to check for any flaws, also i wanted to try marbling with the low-viz grey, you can produce some quite subtle effects like this and something i will definitely do again. As for the spine, after the Mr surfacer coat i rubbed it down with micromesh and then gave it a coat of Alclad gloss black base, and thats about all i did apart from give the fasteners a once over with a silver pencil to represent paint chipping. HTH
  2. Hi All, Its been a while since i last posted anything on here, or for that matter finished anything in plastic! Hopefully it wont be as long the next time. Anyhow on to the Lightning... It's the Airfix 1/48 kit so doesn't really need anymore said about it that hasn't already been said. I used the Neomega cockpit, Eduard PE set, Airwaves ladder, Aeroclub nose ring, QMT intake cover and wheels (not that keen on the wheels as they don't seem to take a wash very well) .Cannot remember where the figures came from and the Houchin GPU is from Videoavaition which i do like. Just wish they would do more in 1/48 scale I used Gunze acrylics, Aeromaster and kit decals and Galleria semi matt varnish to finish, weathering was a mix of oils and pastels. Enjoy! Lightning F6 (1) by Richard Farndon, on Flickr
  3. Rich F

    1/48 Airfix Lightning F.6

    Thanks prop forward, the radar screen boot was just some wine bottle foil wrapped around it then folded, simple but effective.
  4. Rich F

    1/48 Airfix Lightning F.6

    Thanks for the interest guys Still plodding along with this. A few more goodies arrived from the big H and ebay, Danny Coremans Lightning book is well worth the money for those that want to add more detail to their model... Added the QMT intake blank, the retaining straps were made from plastic rigging wire I've had for years, to say it was fiddley would be an understatement. Finally stuck the wings on, the wing warp is not that bad really, but I won't be taking any head on shots as it is quite noticable from this angle. Looking through countless photos of Lightnings i noticed that some have a 'strengthening strap' on the inboard wings, To save me filling the wing join I added this using evergreen 0.13mm sheeting. I decided to add a bit of detail to the ventral tank, There are 4 holes along the centreline of the tank, these are here on the kit but are not greatly represented. I drilled these out and added discs punched out of plastic stock, i then added plastic rod to the centre of these discs and drilled out the centre, these were then cut flush with the skin of tank. Detail added to the arrestor hook. Lastly I've modified the Redtop missiles to represent 'drill rounds' often seen on Lightnings, I cut the wings off and added the fixing points with plastic stock and drilled 4 holes for each fixing. I have started the dip the heads of the missiles in Mr surfacer 500 to represent the seeker covers that protect the delicate glass when on the ground. Thats all for now, next up will be buttoning up the cockpit ready for painting, oh and detailing the undercarriage legs. Thanks for looking.
  5. Rich F

    1/48 Hasegawa Harrier GR7

    Stunning, beautiful paintwork and weathering, very convincing.
  6. Rich F

    1/48 Airfix Lightning F.6

    Working away from home at the moment so I don't have access to it at the moment, Its not that bad really, just looks off when you look head on. As I mentioned before, I think its too late to repair now, either that or its me just being lazy!
  7. Rich F

    1/48 Airfix Lightning F.6

    Thanks Exdraken, glad you like it, really wasn't sure if I should restart this one. My intention was not to use the Metal intake ring, it was orginally for a Aeroclub T.5 conversion, but i found Airfix's rendering a little to wide for the rest of the fuselage, so out came my course sanding stick. I was a tad too keen and ended damaging the front of it so I really had no choice. One nice thing about it is once its cleaned up and polished it really is shiny, just like the real thing!
  8. Recently rescued this one from the shelf of doom. The reason I abandoned such an icon? Well I was a bit hasty in my enthusiam and didn't know about the nasty warping on one of the wings and asembled them in ignorant bliss. A few days post wing bodging, i read an article regarding this issue and sure enough mine was warped. Once i knew about it my heart just wasn't in it anymore and so it was boxed and shelved. A couple of weeks ago I decided to give it another go, I think I'm going to have to live with the wing warpage as i think if i try to separate the wing halves I'll do more damage than good. Hopefully it won't look to obvious. Anyway here's where I'm at... Goodies I'm using for this, although she was going to be dressed in 23sqn colours, my favourite. I'm now having second thoughts as I don't think the finish is going to be up to the standard for a NMF, so maybe going for XS901 (BA) with 11sqn. Neomega's excellent resin cockpit Painted with Humbrol enamels Canopy detail Eduards Reheat petals, not to shabby More eduard detail, not going to go mad with the wings for obvious reasons. Rivet detail and white metal nose ring from Aeroclub, I think? Lastly Airwaves ladder, which is a little wonky, but will hopefully pass muster. So far, all I've done since I rescued her from the scrap heap is clean up the seams, add a bit of filler and rescribing. Hopefully she'll turn out fine More to follow shortly...
  9. Rich F

    1/48 Hasegawa A-4K RNZAF

    Thanks everyone, glad you liked it Forgot to say a special thankyou to Richard (Gekko) without his decals it wouldn't have been possible, they went on beautifully As too repairing it, I'll probably give it go as i go along with my new project. Hopefully starting soon. Cheers again
  10. Well after 2 years on and off the shelf of doom i have finally beaten this one into submission. For such a nice 'easy' kit this one fought me all the way, hence me nearly giving up on it, I'm glad i didn't. The eagle eyed amongst you will notice that the retraction mechanism from the front gear leg is missing! I painted and detailed it about a year ago, it was then put in a 'safe' place and for the life of me i can't remember where i have put it! Anyway on to the pic's, for those interested you can find the WIP here Oh and as a parting shot, she is now in lots of little bits after jumping out of my hand as i was in the process of placing her in the display case ah well, it remains to be seen if i have the heart to repair her... Thanks for looking
  11. Rich F

    BAe Hawk FGR.2

    Thanks Guys, glad so many people liked this one. Jose, nice to think this has inspired you to build one, it was a challanged but rewarding build. The ladder was scratch built from a evergreen strip. iirc I found a couple of pics of omani and malaysian hawks using similar ladders.
  12. Rich F

    Kiwi Scooter

    Thanks Squibby, The weathering took a while, probably longer than necessary. I wasn't happy with the first coat of paint so I put a heavy oil wash over this then used the salt method to lay a lightened second coat of the camo colours, after this I used Tamiya smoke and pastels to grubby up the paint work. Hopefully should be RFI next week. Cheers
  13. Rich F

    BAe Hawk FGR.2

    Thanks Jose, the decals were from various sheets, if I remember correctly the majority came from an Xtradecal Hawk sheet. Cheers
  14. Rich F

    Kiwi Scooter

    Wow, can't believe this is still ongoing! Nearly there, with a bit of luck and 2 weeks off work, I should have this one cleared off the bench before the new year!!! Just the final assembly and shes past the finishing post!