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  1. Getting there slowly is where I'm at presently! Almost ready for paint now unless anything else crops up, I have a couple of sink marks and scratches to deal with then i should be ready to get the airbrush out. I had the Daco reinforcement plates which are good if a little thick, I started with the RAM plates on the side of the rear fuselage (blue plates) which were a little off size wise, so i trimmed them a little. When i came to apply the plates on the top of the fuselage i found that they didn't quite fit in any direction,I can only think they are meant for the Hasegawa kit. So i ordered the Furball F-16 reinforcement plates, much better even if i had to wait a week for Mr postman to put them through the letter box! Whist i was waiting for the plates to arrive i had a play with the pylons and added the sway braces which are missing from the otherwise excellent kit pylons. These were made from some 0.3mm tubing and some very small plastic discs which i punched out. I was going to have 2x gbu-12's (500lb LGB)under one wing and 2x gbu-38's (500lb GPS) under the other mounted on the F-16 type TER's but looking at photos on the net i can only see multiple gbu-38's mounted on F/A-18 style BRU's (bomb rack units) which i dont have. So i decided to go with a single gbu-16 (1000lb LGB) instead of the gbu-38's. All bombs are from the Hasegawa weapons set, As you can see I've started to modify them a bit, I've drilled out the fins on the seaker heads and will 'droop' which is a characteristic of them when they are sat doing nothing on the ground. The eagle eyed amongst you will also notice i have added a protective cover to one of the bombs, this is easily made with a bit of styrene tubing carefully drilled out to fit then a cap on the end, effective and hides the solid plastic seeker head which should be clear yellow. This the loadout I'm going to go with, any Viper experts please shout up if you see any glaring errors? Hopefully next update will show a coat of paint
  2. Cheers Pappy, the 2 resin pods i have are Litening pods not Lantirn. Looking at the pic i posted of 88-0547 getting airborne from Incirlik AB it looks like a Lantirn pod too me. Litening pods have a vertical intake on the rear while Lantirn pods have a diagonal intake. The Dr Pepper pod is not great as detail is soft and has a mold seam running the length of it, the Eduard brassin pod is much better, this would be the one i would use if i could find a pic of a 138th FW bird carrying one.
  3. Its been a while since my last update and managed to move forward with it although not as much as i hoped. Most of the big bits are together now, the nosecone and the intake assembly are not glued as I'm going to paint these first before sticking them in place. Cockpit deck has been painted and weathered. I didn't follow the instructions regarding the main undercarriage bays as i didn't want to install the undercarriage legs yet for ease with painting and knowing me i would probably knock them off! I may have to do some fettling to get the legs to fit, I'll do a test fit once i have the intake assembly in place. I painted the undercarriage bays and legs with Mr color off white as i think it looks less stark than pure white. Brake lines added with copper wire and chrome foil added to the upper struts. Looking at the close-ups you can still see the seamlines and a sinkmark! I thought i had got rid of those, my eyes ain't what they used to be! The kit has 2 sets for the Canopy, a clear and 'smoked' one. I used the smoked front section and the clear rear section as I've seen a few vipers with this configuration. Canopy seams removed with a sharp blade then polished and dipped in Klear and masked, canopy frame PE added and grab handles made from stretched sprue as i think these will look better than the 2D offerings from eduard. Started to play around with the Lantirn pod, its from Hasegawa, not the best but it should work. Still lots to do, next up I'll add the reinforcement plates from Daco to the upper fuselage, then hopefully i can start painting soon and think about the loadout, more on that next time! Cheers
  4. Absolutely superb! I especially like the cockpits, looks like the real thing!
  5. Thanks Pappy, well spotted on the head box. Still not sure which jet I'm doing or what timeframe but I'll definitely bear it in mind when decide. Cheers
  6. Morning All, cockpit is finally finished It was my first time using Quinta cockpit decals, i was very impressed. I took others advice and used a little PVA to settle them down. Other than that i had to play around a little with the cockpit grey paint to get a close match to the decals with wasn't to much hassle. Paints were a mix of GSI and Tamiya Acryllics. I used an aires ACES II seat with was too wide for tamiya's cockpit tub so i have to sand the seat pan detail away to get it to fit. I was going to fit the bull horns to the headrest but i think it is the newer type that has the fold down sensors. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! Looking at the coaming and HUD, i still have little more work to do but will work on that once I've got most off the build out of the way. The instrument panel and seat are just dry fitted for the moment until i start building the airframe. Hopefully I won't have any drama's and will be back soon with an update. Cheers
  7. After a long hiatus from the bench I've finally got round to pulling a kit off the shelf and blowing the dust off. Yes I know! I can already here the 'Not another F-16' comments. I like them, so there! I've heard good thing about this kit lets hope it delivers as promised.. Here's what I've got to work with.. Reference material... I'm going with a Oklahoma ANG bird from the 138FW based at Tulsa,they are equipped with BLK 42 jets. I'm probably going to do an OIF jet as they were deployed to Balad AB, Iraq, in 2008 or a Northern Watch bird similar to the one below using experts choice decals... I started on it a couple of weeks ago and have added a few details to the undercarriage bays and the cockpit, nothing to drastic. Hopefully I will update as soon as I've finished the cockpit, looking forward to adding the Quinta decals, never used them before but they look nice and certainly better than my painting skills! Cheers Rich
  8. Yes, i wanted to use the rocket pods as i know they were used in the TWU's to train the students in the art of rocketry, plus they just look cool Your right that the F.6 couldn't carry the bigger 230gal tanks, however the F.6A's were essentially refurbed F6's to FGA9 standard but without some of the weapons fit capability and lacking air con for tropical climates. HTH
  9. Thanks for all the kind comments guys, glad you liked it!
  10. Finished this one over the weekend, I must say I am pleased this one is off the workbench as I didn’t particularly enjoy this build, it wasn’t the subject, so I’ll put it down to the kit. It’s not that the Airfix kit is a bad kit to build, because it isn’t, it just a bit blah! WIP is here For this build I used Eduards cockpit pe set & mask, CMK wheels and flaps, Quickboost seat, Master pitot probe, Flightpaths Matra rocket pods and Aerocraft’s drop tanks and pylons. Ladder is from Brengun. Decals came from Airfix, Xtradecal and roundels were from Flightpath. Paints were mainly GSI Aqueous. Cheers
  11. The end is in sight now, which is a good thing as although I like the Hunter as an aircraft, this kit has not excited me in the least. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I have found this build to be a bit of a chore. Anyhow onto my progress, I’ve managed to get most of the weathering bit out of the way, first off was a coat of dirt Flory wash which hasn’t really shown up all that well on the green, not sure why anyhow this was followed by some oil staining on the belly, I think this is to do with the AVPIN starter being located down there, but I may be wrong. Next up was a matt coat of W&N Galleria which I may not have been very thorough with my shaking up routine as I have noticed white spots which I think are solid bits of clear coat, once it was dry I used a wooden tooth pick to remove these without damaging the paint, it sort of worked although I may have missed a few spots. After this tedious task I applied some black pastel with a stubby brush to the upper fuselage and wings to give it a general grubbiness that you normally see on well used hunters. I also used a silver pencil replicate paint wear. That’s where I’m at now folks just a bit of tidying up of the thing I’ve inevitably missed and then the dangly bits to add and that should be it. Cheers
  12. Glad too see your persevering with the Bucc Nice save on the seems. Looks like it’s going to be a winner, just don’t drop it again!
  13. Thanks Johnny, yep camo was done free hand with my trusty Badger 150, it's quite old but still does the job! Thanks Colin, I'm glad you're liking my efforts, I'm afraid there's no progress for a while as work has rudely interrupted by time at the bench
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