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  1. I didnt follow the instructions for painting the kit overall, as they are incorrect! For seatbelts I used..... @Pappy's photos that he had posted way back in 2008! Thank you @Pappy. In fact I had printed them all way back in 2009 and based the seatbelt colours according to HIS seatbelts. But got lost trying to put them into place and also tried adding a few extra seatbelts by painting over the extra blank pieces of the mesh sheet. Did you find the helmet parts didn't fit well? i remember the sun-visor and mask didnt fit onto the helmet part well. What made you go for blue, not red? Neve
  2. Hi all. Been receiving britmodeller notifs on hotmail for years, but it stopped for me too. Went over my britmodeller settings and hotmail settings and nothing is blocked or unticked.
  3. Decals on. Very happy with the outcome. These are 1975 decals from Airfix. Quite thin so they stuck down nicely. Print is a bit dotty. But I love at how it only had the necessary decals and not hundreds of nucleus sized stenciling. I'm amazed at how 40 years later and they had no yellowing. After decalling i brushed on a coating of Klear and they look even better, almost "printed on". Jet exhaust plates were masked up for the second time and sprayed dark aluminum.
  4. Looking good! i love the paint chipping on the black parts and faded grey. I started this kit way back in 2009. I stopped becasue I got stuck on the seatbelts part. I painted the individual seatbelts according to photos but i simply couldnt make heads or tails of what belt went where and stopped. It had quite a complex array of seatbelts. I found the instructions quite inaccurate for painting. Infact I painted according to photos. For the bottom seat I pained the lower part yellow and top dark black. Now sure why you opted for light blue?
  5. But that was the Finnish airforce, here we are talking about Belgian Magisters which were painted silver.
  6. Model masked up for painting the orange bands. Very tricky as it was all done by measuring by eye and no points of reference on the model. First...primed with yellow, as luminescent orange is semi opaque so it needed a primer base. Revell enamel luminescent orange. Horrible paint to use. It required a lot of thinning. it is see through (so it took many passes)....... and it stinks! Happy with the contrast!! Might be too bright at times. Wanted to lightly sand the orange, to reveal some yellow to mimic fading, but didn't manage.
  7. These are the photos im following: As we can see it fades easily and it turns to a very light yellow/orange. Tempted to play safe and just spray orange! I hope when i light sand the orange, the yellow undercoat wont come off too! Not sure how to do it. Or maybe a very light, quick and thinned airbrushing session? Please post your progress!
  8. I soon will be using "luminescent orange" for a trainer aircraft. This will be my first time using it. I was thinking best is white. But since i want to give it a faded look, by some light sanding over the orange, I think ill spray it with yellow. As from photos im seeing when it fades it turns a bit yellow/orange.
  9. @RidgeRunner That is an excellent model! thanks for sharing. The silver finish is just right. Very colorful and unusual roundel colors. Ive been contemplating if to prime the luminescent orange with white or yellow? as i might fade the orange by some light sanding or just a light spraying session. The landing gear bays always puzzle me with Magisters. As sometimes they seem yellow and others seem peachy or whitish. Did you use chromate?
  10. Following my issue with the silver a few days ago, I gave the model a new coat of paint. This time using Revell ENAMEL Silver no 90. Much happier as its not as polished as the Revell ACRYLIC silver. There is nothing wrong with the Acrylic Silver. Its a great paint, just its too shiny for a tiny model. Markings wise I will be doing the Belgian Magister, using decals and instructions from the 1975 Airfix kit! Couldn't resist the silver and luminescent orange! Decals in good condition and MUCH clearer then the decals which came with the Heller kit.
  11. Excellent model mate! Tempted to buy it just because of its link to Malta and the RAF Malta markings. But i already have to many in the stash so id rather not for now...
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