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  1. Nice. in 2009 I had built the other version, the dark blue with red and white. One of my favorite kits till this day.
  2. Yesterday night at around 11pm, I went on the aircraft WIP section, opened up only TWO threads and the forum froze...
  3. i built this kit in 2007. not a great kit. LOADS of flash and not very good fitting parts. Loads of filler. Brush painted...
  4. Im currently decalling my f15. There are hundreds of tiny black stencil decals. no matter how many you do, you still got loads left to do! the instructions are not very clear and dark so its hard to see which side they must point.
  5. I think its supposed to be this blue: https://www.planespotters.net/photo/279387/g-mkvb-private-supermarine-spitfire-lfvb
  6. Yesterday ay 11.30pm I was on the form. Opened up maybe 2/3 threads.... It stopped working or loading. When I quit and clicked on the website link again, it never loaded!
  7. I recently posted a thread about the humbrol gunmetal just suddenly coming in a very different shade. After reading the posts I quickly realized that humbrol have indeed gone downhill...
  8. Yepp, I've used revell aqua white. It's indeed NOT white-white. its a slightly yellow-white. It is quite un-noticeable.... but when I compared it to a brilliant white like 'Vallejo White'. Then I noticed... THAT is white!
  9. I hate white. I sprayed a 48 scale F16 all white because it is from the thunderbirds which are all WHITE! no matter how many layers you spray it never seems to build up. then it begins to run because you have too many layers on..
  10. I built this kit in 2009! it was my FIRST ever model done entirely with an airbrush. It was my top kit for a while. Unfortunately the dullcoat has turned yellow/brown so the bottom is anything but white!
  11. Yes it crossed my mind! But there are no 'good' kits around. The paint scheme is very complex and no white decals are given (just the nose lightening bolt), its all masking...and i dont like Heller or Matchbox kits!
  12. Yes masking the canopy is very difficult. Especially since the canopy does not have bold lines and recesses. Even the canopy rivets were out of place. When manually masking I always end up leaving cuts in the glasswork. For this I bought a mask set but for the Valom kit! I thought it will fit well because they are both 1:72... but I did not.. in some parts. Some masks were too big, whilst others were to small. But in the end it is pretty unnoticeable and I didn't get any paint bleed.
  13. Thanks. It is currently the second smallest in the showcase, but definitely an elegant eye catcher. Lucky you. I only ever got to see one landing at riat 2012. I remember the engines made a really sweet sound as the throttle was put into idle.
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