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  1. AdriaN (MLT)

    Humbrol enamel 53 & Humbrol enamel 53.Met - BOTH DIFFERENT

    They SEEM to have Aqua Color 'dull gun metal'
  2. I always loved using 'Humbrol Super Enamel enamel - no 53 - Gun Metal'. It was always this dark metallic gray shade, always used inside jet pipes and jet engines. When it was finishing.. i went out and bought another No 53. This time the tin said 'MET.' (metallic) and the Super was removed. (new branding?) Open testing i was very surprised to see the paint was not that dark gunmetal i always knew. It is in fact now considerably much lighter!! Any ideas as to why has Humbrol changed this paint colour? And why was super removed? did the super actually mean anything? Has anybody realized this change in paint?
  3. AdriaN (MLT)

    1/72 Vlamgat Mirage F1AZ

    Personally... i never pre-shade! i only POST-shade
  4. AdriaN (MLT)

    Forum suddenly stops working!

    yes sir
  5. AdriaN (MLT)

    Forum suddenly stops working!

    Yes I just found your thread. We are not he only ones who are reporting it. It has happened to me even just by viewing posts, not posting any emojis.
  6. AdriaN (MLT)

    Forum suddenly stops working!

    Hi! I've had the same problem, and im not from Spain. I posted a thread here: @Mike I am not the only one...
  7. AdriaN (MLT)

    1/48 Revell F-15E Strike Eagle

    I'm surprised how well the nose fit onto the fuselage. Mine needed a lot of filler! Which markings will you be doing? I am also building this kit (different box). About to start decalling.
  8. AdriaN (MLT)

    Forum suddenly stops working!

    Thanks Mike. It doesn't always happen. It happens every so often. Next time it does, i'll take a screen shot. Could it happen when the site is under maintenance?
  9. AdriaN (MLT)

    F-15E Strike Eagle - Revell 1:48

    thanks! I am very happy with the overall shading and gray colour chosen.
  10. AdriaN (MLT)

    Forum suddenly stops working!

    @Mike any ideas?
  11. AdriaN (MLT)

    Forum suddenly stops working!

    This doesn't always happen, but happens every so often... I open the forum and open one or two threads. Everything fine. Then when i go back into the forum index or open up a new thread... the page would keep searching/loading and remains that way. If i quit the Firefox tab and re-open my britmodeller link again, britmodeller doesnt open. It will remain on 'loading page'. The sort of blank page you get when you have no internet. Funnily enough any other internet page will open. It happened a few times after writing a long post & i lost everything! Any ideas why? Down for maintenance?
  12. AdriaN (MLT)

    F-15E Strike Eagle - Revell 1:48

    PROGRESS Finally... paint! The model was primed with mr hobby - mr finishing surfacer 1200. Total disaster (paint too tick) BUT, i managed to sand it back smooth, using very fine sand paper & it sanded very easily! I could only get my hands on AGAMA paints. Here i used their A22M Dark Grey (FS36118). It spray on smooth, dries fast and hard. Only problem is these paints have something wrong with them. No matter how much you mix them.. the paint keeps separating into dark and light ripples. It does not like being mixed with white. Its hard to clean from airbrush once semi dry. And does not spray well when thinned about 50/50. After a base coat, it was post shaded twice, in two session. After, silver parts were sprayed using revell acrylic silver. And finally... sprayed with Klear.
  13. AdriaN (MLT)

    Airbrushing=Painful & tired fingers

    I had a cheap-o... BD132-something! Stopped working because I dropped it & bent needle. I guess you are right about it being a cheap one. Even so, when you unscrew the side cup, paint does leak out of both airbrush and cup. Currently using a gravity feed, where the cup is part of the airbrush, non removable... and im loving it. so easy to clean!!
  14. AdriaN (MLT)

    Revell JU88 A-4, Sicily, 1/48

    This in an excellent model! Which kit is it? because there are a few different ones issued by Revell. I have the unbuilt JU88 in 72 scale... what's concerning me is that there is a lot of glass! Did you buy a mask set or cut out each window??
  15. AdriaN (MLT)

    AGAMA Acrylics

    Yes it is. I first shook it, then stirred with a paint mixer, then shook it again. This happens with revell acrylics also. Cant understand why. ONLY acrylics. I wonder if they are blobs of un-dissolved pigment...Or just some sort of a reaction with thinners/retarder?