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  1. Steve, which re-boxing was your Ouragan kit? I think you got the 1988 model set boxing hence the bad decals. Mine was the 2013 Ouragan one, decals were to scale. If you wish I can send you my spare Heller 1980 Magister PAdF decals. You just need to leave them facing the sun for a few weeks as they are slightly yellow.
  2. Both airfix and heller Magisters are enjoyable kits. But both need lots of filler/scribing. PAdF is Airfix, BAF is the Heller kit you are building, but with Airfix decals: (if you need spare Heller PAdF decals let me know..)
  3. @stevej60 I had built this kit. Did you find the instructions rubbish? The decal references were all wrong and they forgot to label many decals. The hardest was trying to figure out the wing tank decals. Cant understand how your decals were of incorrect size. This is mine:
  4. You are missing the Revell Mystere IVA in PaDF markings!
  5. 817 was often seen at Malta-Luqa in the 70s. A picture of it was posted only yesterday: https://www.facebook.com/aviationmt/photos/1326090171086306 others: https://www.facebook.com/aviationmt/photos/the-colourful-end-of-argosy-xn817-from-aaee-after-landing-at-luqa-malta-on-29th-/1213326179029373/ https://www.facebook.com/aviationmt/photos/a.735829616779034/1326090171086306/ https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/6152856
  6. Wow those are some nice camos i must agree! thanks for the offer, but i'll pass
  7. Speaking of red devils, this aircraft - MT10, flew with the red devils and it crashed while flying in this team. "13.05.65: Cat.5 Crash at Bevingen-Kerkom during a traning flight by the Red Devils-demoteam. The pilot, Kapt.vl. Roger Van D'Helsen, is unfortunately killed."
  8. Why so Colin? Ive never had problems with Airfix 1975 & 1973 decals. They go on pretty easily and actually look "painted" on.
  9. Thanks martin. Took a peak at your Flickr, you seem to love luminescent orange finishes! Ill stay away from this colour for now
  10. Thanks ive developed a bit of a penchant for building these old 1:72 kits! They are so crude and simple, they go together quickly. But when it comes to markings they are a disaster and very unclear.
  11. Me 2, I've fallen in-love with the Magister! Hmm Thinking of getting the Zephyr now?
  12. Good luck spraying dayglo. Its not easy, reason being it's semi opaque. So it takes many coats to built it up nicely. My plan was to sand it off lightly revealing the yellow but it was so thick.. i couldn't get through to the yellow. Using thinner was discovered by chance when i tried removing a stain
  13. Having links with Hal Far & Malta, I couldn't resist buying this kit. Also I have an unbuilt C45 Expeditor with HF markings, so both kits will go well together when built! So i just bought one from ebay. cheapest i could find was from the US. It will take over a month i sure.
  14. HF stands for Hal Far, which in English means village of large rats! HF was turned into a horrible and filthy industrial estate in the 80s. Sunday I was happy to have found the remains of the famous launching ramp, where the British disposed of their retired ww2 aircraft.... into the sea. In fact my display picture IS an aircraft being dumped off the ramp at Hal Far!
  15. The Build: Notes OOB, Scratch built seatbelts, BAF decals - Airfix 1975, Re-scribed panel lines, Paints used: Revell enamels/luminescent & acrylics, mr surfacer 1500 primer, mr mark setter & softer, old humbrol enamel, Klear, W&N artists water colours+oil paints, vallejo wash, Alclad, Fading orange was done by first having an acrylic yellow base. Then removing the enamel orange by rubbing a brush with thinner over surface. The result....
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