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  1. Why are all my notifications from 'donotreply@britmodeller.com' ending up in my junk emails folder? I use Hotmail and i've tried adding the 'donotreply@britmodeller.com' address to my 'safe senders list', I also click on 'It's not junk' and 'Show blocked content', but still they keep going in my junk emails! Any idea why?
  2. 2. Fantastic idea! never thought of it. Ill try it out next time i buy super glue.
  3. Reminds me of the modelling glue that comes in tubes.
  4. 2 people suggested leaving it in the fridge.. so I guess I will have to leave them in the fridge. I am sure mom/dad/bro are not going to accept this!
  5. Do you leave them in the fridge loose or put them in a jar?
  6. Like many of us, I always keeping having to replace my small tubs of super glue because they harden up. And very often the nozzle clogs up, even though I carefully clean the glue after use and wait for the glue to fall back into tub and out of the nozzle. If you put the cap back on immediately you create a vacuum and the glue remains in the nozzle. 'Delux Rocket crystal clear glue' is a great glue because it dries clear and doesn't mist up parts, BUT, it is quite expensive at 11 euro a bottle and not easy to find. It ends up drying up and I would have barely used any. Did some research and found it dries up because the moisture in the air reacts with it and makes the glue harden. I came across a few tips saying it can be put into a sealed container to prevent moisture from getting in. Also by throwing in a moisture bag. Others requested throwing it in a sealed container in the fridge. Will it actually help in preventing glue from drying up? NO IDEA! But i gave it a try below........
  7. PVA GLUE! Dries transparent, doesn't melt plastic, doesn't mist plastic, water based, dries slowly, can be pulled or scratched off after dry, excess wet glue can be wiped off with a wet cotton bud.
  8. I do washes by applying vallejo acrylic wash over parts, then when dry I wipe excess off with a wet cotton bud. Wash may be too heavy but I couldn't remove it all. I sprayed white using vallejo white acrylic and i must say it is a rubbish paint! it always remains sticky and comes off very easily! even cotton bud removed parts. Happened to me many times no matter what. Also tried something new... applying vallejo wheel dust on wheels and black cockpit parts to make them look slightly dusty. Problem is you cant do it over enamel paint because it will melt and is makes acrylic crinkle.
  9. Hi all! I was wondering if anyone here uses this cleaning pot? or something similar? I had bought one but, never used it. Ive always wondered do you fill it up with some thinner first? Box says water, but since I use a lot of enamels doesnt make sense (water and white spirit based oil paints dont mix). Also if i use it for spraying acrylic AND enamels.. (one is water based and the other is white spirit based).. there is going to be a big mess of oil bubbles and water in the end. Was thinking of having one for enamels/laquer and another for acrylic.
  10. Spray the antislip areas with thick paint and at a distance?
  11. Update! Back in 2018 decalling this model was a bit boring especially since the decals are all black ..the size of ants! and many of them! i got a bit fed up and stopped. Even though I tried it was very hard to get back to it and... after no modelling for almost one year & two months, i managed to pick up this model and continue the long process of decalling. Also tried something new... oil streaking using artists oil paints. Very happy with the results. Took me a while to get the hang of it and to find a technique. After decalling and weathering, i gave the model a coating of Revell enamel matt varnish. I like the sheen it gave. Not dead flat, just a slight shine on the edges and curved parts. But im still not convinced since the matt coating was thinned quite a bit (around 50-60%)...Since the matt varnish is very thick! So after the thinner evaporated, only some matting agent was left behind, and in light.. it looks a bit 'dotty' or patchy. Some parts are more shiny then others. Also tried natural metal shading for the first time. Not easy I must say. Used MM gun metal over the panel lines. Panel wash using artists water colours and dish soap.
  12. Nice. in 2009 I had built the other version, the dark blue with red and white. One of my favorite kits till this day.
  13. Yesterday night at around 11pm, I went on the aircraft WIP section, opened up only TWO threads and the forum froze...
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