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AdriaN (MLT)

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  1. AdriaN (MLT)

    F-15E Strike Eagle - Revell 1:48

    A LOT of time was spent sanding and filling and also shaping edges! Then re scribing those panel lines which got covered with filler or dust!! The bottom part is simply full of missile/bomb rails! They all went on really well. Still undecided if to put on armament or not... IMGP0060 by Ad Gam, on Flickr In order to make the aircraft feel 'heavy', i like to stick fishing weights in the fuel tanks! IMGP0059 by Ad Gam, on Flickr
  2. AdriaN (MLT)

    Fouga Magister - 1975 Airfix

    Canopy is very complex to stay masking, and the details are too soft/not raised enough to be able to shape and cut out masking tape accurately. So i decided to buy a mask set. This is for the Valom kit. Its the best i could find. Unfortunately it doesn't fit exactly and my canopy seems to be either to small or too wide in certain parts. My girlfriend translated the Polish text for me. Can someone explain to me why there are 3 decal sets?? not 2?? IMGP0067c by Ad Gam, on Flickr IMGP0068 by Ad Gam, on Flickr Scratch built seat belts. IMGP0069 by Ad Gam, on Flickr
  3. AdriaN (MLT)

    Revell 1/48 F-15E Strike Eagle

    NICE! i am currently building THIS kit! cant decide on.. what decal choice to use and if to put on armament or leave it clean.
  4. AdriaN (MLT)

    Having a real hard time hand painting some acrylics

    Yes many times! When ever i needed some yellow to be brush painted I would.. brush on a layer. Let it dry. Brush on another layer.. let id dry.. until its all yellow. Make sure the yellow is not being applied thick. It has to be thin coats that are spread nicely. Also make sure the brush hairs are not thick and stiff!
  5. AdriaN (MLT)

    Revell Colour Red 32

    thats because its been re-numbered to "32332" https://www.scalemodelshop.co.uk/product/revell-enamel-32332-14ml-luminous-red-silk
  6. AdriaN (MLT)

    F-15E Strike Eagle - Revell 1:48

    After a pause of two years (2016-2018) gathering dust, trying really hard to find motivation to continue this model...Im back with this F15! All images have been replaced since Photobucket doesn't show images for free anymore! They are now Flickr.
  7. AdriaN (MLT)

    How do I post Pictures?

    Yes i also have a Flickr account! When i am in edit mode on this forum, i paste link, and within a second the link turns into a photo and you cant revert and its hard to delete the photo once placed. Ive just realized... when i paste the photo link i copy and paste the link at the top of the browser (https://www.flickr.com/photos/1548888....... Etc etc). While it seems you are pressing "edit" and copying the URL link and hence you have the size settings. I never tried it this way. Also i never had problems with the "Flickr text" like you and others do.... Ok i just tried the new way. Share photo->BBcode->size->copy->paste: IMGP0029 by Ad Gam, on Flickr IMGP0029 by (TRIED DELETING)
  8. AdriaN (MLT)

    How do I post Pictures?

    IS IT POSSIBLE TO POST PICTURES AS A LINK ONLY, BUT WHEN PUBLISHED, A PICTURE SHOWS UP? I remember a few years ago when posting from photobucket only a link showed up. then when published it shows the photo. Its really annoying that pictures fill up my screen when i'm writing a thread and if i dont press space after posting, i will not be able to post under it.. It used to be easier and concised when posting links and writing under the photo link.
  9. AdriaN (MLT)

    Fouga Magister - 1975 Airfix

    Where is the build?? I love the rivets. Best feature on the model!
  10. AdriaN (MLT)

    Fouga Magister - 1975 Airfix

    The sink marks in the seat are in an awkward position so fill and sand. i thought id get away with it when i scratch build the seat belts and cover the spots! Panels and sticks in place. Lead pellets were used as nose weight. Finally we have a TINY Magister. It will need a lot of sanding and some filler. I must be carefull not to touch the panel lines and rivets. I forgot to mention... i WILL NOT re-scribe the model. I hate rescribing and i am bad at it!
  11. Over the past 2 years... I've developed a 'thing' for building OLD vintage kits. 1:72 kits. I like the fact that they are so small, take up small spaces on the desk and they are simple to build. This is the second 1970s kit I'm building. One was the Airfix Super Mystere, while others were re-boxings of old kits (Heller). Since my last 3 models were French aircraft in French markings... well... might as well continue with another French! This will be the third model in 'Patrouille de France' markings. For a 1975 kit i think it's pretty detailed! More panel detail than 80/90s and 00's kits for sure! Lovely rivet detail which I hope will not get buffed down. White decals seemed to have yellowed SLIGHTLY. unfortunately I can't find replacements. Shall I leave them facing the sun?? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. AdriaN (MLT)

    Kitty Hawk 1/48 F-101 A/C «Voodoo»

    Pretty old! Released:1970 https://www.scalemates.com/kits/177669-frog-f282-mcdonnell-rf-101c-voodoo#
  13. AdriaN (MLT)

    AS-18 Compressor Problem

    My one has been pumping away since 2009!
  14. AdriaN (MLT)

    Cessna O-1E Bird Dog - Hasegawa 1:48

    I really want the 1:32 scale Bird dog!!