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  1. Hi, my pp is ian.mcgonagle@hotmail.co.uk


    Cheers Ian.

  2. Is the gun sight in the kit,
  3. Blimey, that's a lot of clean up on the rockets, onwards and upwards!
  4. The rockets seem to have the correct 'X' arrangement, interestingly they seem to have included two complete sets of them, always useful!
  5. The flat fronted tank is a drop tank that has been converted to carry a camera, do they include the glazing for it? Phil
  6. I believe the pointed rudder is in the box. Phil.
  7. Don't forget the bulged bomb doors! Phil
  8. Academy and Revell/Monogram both make a 1/48 P-47N, personally I prefer the Academy kit. Phil
  9. A quick answer is no! There is also an 18 inch (if I remember correctly) extension tho the wing from the root. Phil
  10. My condolences on the loss of your mum. I can sympathise with the back problems. Airfix are re-issuing the kit as a Fortress III, that might explain the inclusion of the H2S dome, lovely job by the way. Phil
  11. Go with the instructions! They do seem to vary a bit, from what I can see the A-4M tended to have the walkways further outboard and earlier airframes further inboard, and of course many never had them at all. With all the variations you have to wonder where it was actually safe to walk! Lovely job by the way. Phil
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