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  1. Paul, I'd be interested in a set of the above as well please? Could you let me know costs and payment details? Thanks.
  2. The missile reflectors (Exocet decoys) were carried by Wasps. Attached to the end of a standard weapons pylon, they looked like a bricklayers hod. You'll find one included in the Airwaves Scout/Wasp etched update.
  3. Open the seam, shim of plasticard butted up against the floor, rejoin seam around the shim keeping it level?
  4. Hi Paul, did you ever add the door surrounds in white? Would you be able to also do the surrounds the the chaff/flare dispensers too?
  5. Looking good. Nice to see a Scout finished.
  6. It's not a SA80. Hollow pistol grip and magazine is curving the wrong way. Looks like it has a folding stock of some sort?
  7. Minor update, working my way through the etch. Not enjoying the lapstraps on the seats in the cabin (more of that tomorrow)
  8. Back to work tomorrow, no sign of even a dispatch notification from Hannants
  9. Indeed, the Flightpath set IS the PP Aeroparts set. David Parkins took over the range when Tim Perry sold up.
  10. Hopefully that's the Easter break sorted then!
  11. I was lucky enough to do my Basic Glider Training at 615VGS based at Kenley and subsequently joined the staff (1987 to 1990). Nice to see they are one of the schools to be retained. It's sad that the current generation of Cadets won't have the same experiences, but the new structure, to include weekend accommodation, sounds like they will get more flying, but less often. Hope it works out for them.
  12. I know it's 1:35, but this work in progress is worth a read for reference http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234992655-trumpeter-135-british-heli-its-a-chinook/
  13. My sentiments exactly. 1969, was spent in a pram under the Dunsfold flight path listening to Harriers. Subsequent years expanded that to Hawks, then Sea Harriers (saw the first flight of the prototype in primer). Happy days
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