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  1. Arniec

    1/48 Me-262 B-1a/U1

    I have had a look at the scheme and I think it could be RLM81 or 82 as a mottle. The patches are quite dark for RLM75. I don't think they used RLM66 for it. That was a paint they mainly used at the factory for the inside of the cockpit and wouldn't be ready available at geschwader nivo. I am stil undecided on this. But I have started the build and will shortly show some pictures of the progress. I will build here with everything closed. Cheers,
  2. Arniec

    1/48 Me-262 B-1a/U1

    I have got the mottle maskes already, so you don't need to search. I have got the Classic publications series and they give red 8 in the standard scheme of 75/76 with the mottle beeing al little bit more heavy. There are also some pictures in the book and I am still looking at it to see what it will be. I have also got the dragon version and the decals are for red 8,10,12. And the trouble is with the kit that it is for the one of red 9 with the two twenty milimiter canons. I have got a replacement standard nose, so I will be good. Good luck with your build. I have done the Trumpeter kit a decade ago as red 12. Cheers,
  3. Arniec

    1/48 Me-262 B-1a/U1

    Hi Guys, as my mistel project is going good I will start the next project. It will be the 1/48 hobby Boss Me-262 B-1a trainer, that I will convert to the nightfighter. In the kit are all the parts for this, so it should be no problem. I also have some extra's for it. These are some Aeromaster decals and the antenna's from Master. Here are some pictures. the box and content. and the master antenna's And the decals. As I have got two different sets, I will choose between them. The choice will be between red 8 or 10. Both were armed with the 4xMK103 nose armament. The camo on the red 8 isn't correct on the Aeromaster sheet, But I will do some research. In my opinion the camo was just RLM75 over RLM76. Maybee the mottle was a little bit harder than on the other airplanes. I will start this when the Mistel is in the painting stage. Cheers,
  4. Arniec

    1/48 Me-262 Mistel 4 update 17-5-2018

    Hi Guys after a few days I made some progress. The bomb is ready now. I needed some putty to get this looking ok. I also made some extra panellines and rivets for the coverplate where the wheels should be. But first is a picture of the underside where the putty was smoothed out and looks better now. and the cover plate. and with partially the engines placed. I also made the engine parts ready. and with the engines ready As you can see there is some puty needed everywhere. And here is the model placed on the cart for a dry-fit. I also started the top model of the Me-262A-2a/U2 Here are some progress of the cockpit and bomber station. That is it for now. Cheers,
  5. I would be interested in this GB. count me in. I need to do a T-34 in white wash. Cheers,
  6. Arniec

    1/48 Me-262 Mistel 4 update 17-5-2018

    You have got great imagination.
  7. Arniec

    RB productions Me262A2a/U2 conversion

    Great start Alistair. I have got the same conversion, so will be very interested how it will go. Cheers,
  8. Nice build sofar Rich. You must be mad to build there resin beasts. But after looking your builds it is going fine. I sometimes use woodglue for PE parts. Aspecialy ones in the cockpit that are flat. It is beter to controle and als can be cleaned up with a cotton swap with some spit. Cheers
  9. Arniec

    1/48 Me-262 Mistel 4 update 17-5-2018

    Some more progress today. Here are some more detailed pictures. First the nose wheel. And also some details on the rest of the cart. Here are two pictures of testfitting the bomb on the cart. It still need a bit of twitching to get a good fit, but it does look good already. I also made the stuts for the model. These are 1 mm brass massive tubing. It came out of the conversion set. Here are some pictures of the Dragon cart. The most noticeable difference is the rocket used. The resin one is a much bigger rocket. And the other major difference is the wheels. The resin ones look like Ju-88 wheels, where the dragon ones are fantasy?! And I also made the bomb. There wasn't a great fit between the wings and the fuselage. The topside had some gaps that I filled with stretched sprue and on the underside I had a big ridge, that I filled with some plastic card and putty. As you can also see I have closed the wheel wells. That is it for now. Cheers,
  10. Arniec

    1/48 Me-262 Mistel 4 update 17-5-2018

    Nice to see you here Alistair.My Breda was moved back in the stash. But I have also made a start today. And it wasn't a easy one. I have started the resin cart for this project and I am still not sure if I will use it. Here are some pictures. The first start. I needed to drill a hole in the sides to get the side arms to fit. Then after some more cleaning up done I have got this picture. And finally I have made a picture after I did some testfitting of the wheels. The screw on the front wheel will be modified according to plans. It isn't perfect but looks to be ok. I will also build the cart from the dragon kit to see how that goes. Cheers,
  11. Arniec

    Carriers Ahoy! Gallery

    A-4Q Skyhawk Third Escuadrilla, 25 de Mayo "Blue Operation"2 april 1982 Invasion of the Falkland islands Kit: Hobby Craft Scale: 1/48 Paint: Gunze Acrillic paint Decals: OOB Extra's: Some parts from a Hasegawa kit and a Seat from Verlinden Cheers,
  12. Arniec

    1/48 Me-262 Mistel 4 update 17-5-2018

    Hi Rich, Thanxs for welcoming me. The kit has got both models. I will mix and match the resin and normal parts. If I am not mistaken then the trolly isn't correct in the kit. So I will replace this with the resin one. this set is originaly for two Tamiya kits, but Ifound that a bit over the top to do the conversion with two expensive kits. Cheers,
  13. Thanks Peter. We have driven there. We did it in two days. It was about 1400 km from my home. We have got our own stand there, so we had to drive to get everything with us. Cheers,
  14. As I had some trouble this afternoon to put the pictures in the gallery, I will place them next week as I will be going this weekend to the Tsjech republic for a modelshow. cheers,
  15. Arniec

    Me.262A-2/U2 Almost OOB 1:48

    You can always do a production line. Good luck with your build. I have a old trimaster one in my build. I am quite interested in how this model will be build. Cheers,