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  1. I have got a few lying around somewhere so count me in. probably with a Israelian version, or a Argentinian. Cheers,
  2. I am interested as well Patrice. With what?! I will have a look in the stash. Cheers
  3. I have to see if I make a entry. The trouble at the moment is that I start models, but don't finish them. I still haven't got my mojo back. Good luck with your build. Cheers,
  4. There is even a rebox of this kit from Revell. It has to be somewhere in my stash. Cheers
  5. Ooehhh, that will be interesting go follow. Good luck with your build. Cheers,
  6. I know it is still some time to go before this GB starts, but slowly is 2020 kreeping up on us. I can't wait to start this one. Cheers,
  7. Did I resist to sign me in on this one?! hmmm I must be mad!!!! So also sign me in. I think I have got one or two lying around in my stash. Cheers,
  8. Arniec


    I like the idea as well. I have got a few in the stash. mainly WW 2 German, but it will fit the bill. Cheers,
  9. Here is a update of what has been done lately. As I had some problems with the plastic rings that are made of plastic plate, I have removed the rings on the injection molded parts and I replaced it on the inside, so everything fits. As it was a bit to far on the inside I placed some thin plastic sheet Than it was time to put some more stages on the model. This is where it is at the moment. It is now nearly a meter high. I also got the decals for it from new Ware. That is it for now Cheers,
  10. Thanks for the pictures Dan. Cheers,
  11. O, you haven't missed me, but trickyrich. So you are on 29 now. just one to go. Cheers,
  12. Some more progress. I have made the first stage. I used some clamps and some to hold everything together. Here are the engines testfitted And I also made the higher part. It is just testfitted here. I think it is already around 40 cm high. Cheers,
  13. I thought you weren't interested in this GB? But I am just missing your name on the list. o, I am interested in this GB as well. Cheers,
  14. Hi guys, I have made a start with the kit. It is big and there is some flash to remove. Here are a few pictures. I started with the rocket engines of the first stage. They are just gleud and need to be cleaned up later. I am thinking of given them the protective foil on it. But that won't be easy to do. I also mated the engine plate with the first ring. I have glued it with Revell contacta and I have placed a heavy object on it, so that it will glue straight and get a good bond. That is it for now. Cheers,
  15. That is a nice Kit. I will watch with interest as I have the same model in my stash. Great luck with your build. Cheers,
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