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  1. 32 likes
    Hi everyone. I show you my latest finished model. The Me 410 A1 from Italeri. I have tried to represent this aircraft that was downed over the british islands the night of 7/8 October 1.943: I think Italeri kit is a good base to make a good representation of this aircraft. But you need to make some efforts in the iteriors. I have made some scratch modifications: I had to add some panel and rivets lines: And finally I reached what I wanted... I hope you like, friends. Best Regards Fernando
  2. 22 likes
    Here at last the pictures of the finished model. Before I glue my models on to the final bases, I allways like it to pose them in front of my lil hangar and take some pics. The link to my WIP thread of this model you will find here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234954601-heinkel-he-100-gpai-hipm-148/ Hope you like it. And here are the pictures with the model glued on the final base.
  3. 21 likes
    No.4 Air School, South African Air Force, based at Benoni, South Africa, June 1945 (New Airfix kit with markings from the Xtradecal X72190) Talk about having a go at something outside of your comfort zone ! First time I've ever built a biplane and the first time I've ever had a go at rigging - Let's just say that I'm pleased enough with the results to have gone out and bought a second one ! Nice stuff Mr Airfix !
  4. 20 likes
    Hauptmann Hans "Assi" Hahn Bf 109 F-2 W.Nr. 5749, III./JG 2, St.Pol, France, July 1941 Revell/ICM 1/48 Bf109 F-2/4 Build thread
  5. 18 likes
    Here ya go - calling it done - but funnily enough I had a gear leg shear part way through photo's - and quickly fixed - ho hum! Comment/abuse/banter all gratefully received! Right - off to tinker with something else... Iain
  6. 17 likes
    Evening, Unusually for one of my builds I haven't done a WIP. Mostly because I didn't have a decent camera on me, but also because I was enjoying the build so much I didn't want to stall it To start off my DeHavilland Moth collection I chose Airfix's beautiful new Tigger and chose to backdate it to how it was in the 30's. This mostly consisted of painting the reg codes on top and bottom wings. Built to the only two pictures I could find of G-ACDC. The kit is superb, I hope I've done it justice! There's been a lot of discussion about the shade of red, however, I chose to stick with Humbrol 20 Crimson as I think it looks nice I rigged the ENTIRE model, bracing wires, control wires and all! Scratch built the pitot and belts before giving the whole thing a high gloss varnish. Anyway... Attempting that classic 1930's BW out-of-focus photography On final approach to land... Just waiting for my 1/72 Frog DH.60G to turn up in the post from Kingkit... should turn up tomorrow seeing as I ordered it last tuesday evening (fingers crossed) I'll do a WIP on the DH.60 as it's going to take a lot to bash it into an acceptable shape! Thanks for looking Ben.
  7. 17 likes
    Hello friends After some time away from Britmodeller here i am with another portuguese aircraft. And because nothing beats a portuguese camouflage ( ) here it is. I hope you like it. Thank you for looking. Regards from Portugal Vitor Costa
  8. 16 likes
    Okay.. This T plus build 8 since getting back into this modelling 'thing'. (and counting till I've done 12 ) This was supposed to be a quick build, and finished some weeks ago. It was going really well, but a little thing called life did something very unexpected in a manner I couldn't have even imagined.. so on the back-burner it went. Also kept me away from having a browse around here! The horror! So, this is the Eduard rendition of the Mig 15 in 1/72, recently reviewed right here on Britmodeller. This one being from the Dual Combo kit they do which I bought on a whim at a silly bargain price. A bit of PE in the box, some masks, and a few resin stores that are not used on this version. My first go with one of these Eduard things and golly! I'm impressed. Nicely engineered and the only area you really need to take extra care about is making sure the gun pack and nose all fit nice and snug. Oh, and stick some weight in the front where there is space fore of the cockpit tub. I had some liquid gravity on hand so it was the perfect test for it. Alclad Alu all over. Nose is painted Xtracolor high speed silver where apparently this aircaft had it's old code painted out. The blue bands were applied for wargame duties and I've done them using one of those nice Revell acrylics. So few markings this was the quickest decal session I've ever done! Thank you for your attention again. Next up after this one... I think it's back to something with familiar RAF roundels on. Which probably means I'll do an IAF Spitfire. I am so fickle. First, obligitory cockpit shot, because just for a change I had a pocket cam handy. Mig_15_150214_01 by IrritableRabbit, on Flickr Mig_15_150214_02 by IrritableRabbit, on Flickr Then my usual let's not even attempt to pretend it's not a model images. Mig_15_100314_04 by IrritableRabbit, on Flickr Mig_15_100314_08 by IrritableRabbit, on Flickr Mig_15_100314_09 by IrritableRabbit, on Flickr Mig_15_100314_05 by IrritableRabbit, on Flickr Mig_15_100314_11 by IrritableRabbit, on Flickr Mig_15_100314_13 by IrritableRabbit, on Flickr Mig_15_100314_07 by IrritableRabbit, on Flickr Mig_15_100314_16 by IrritableRabbit, on Flickr
  9. 16 likes
    Finished this last week. Its a nicely detailed kit but took a lot of work to get everything to fit together. Austin 8 car is from Matador models and the BSA motorbike is from the new Airfix WW2 vehicles set:
  10. 15 likes
    Hasegawa B-47E kit with the DB Models (Now Flightpatch) RB-47H conversion set. Decals mainly by Warbirds.... Cheers, Haydn.
  11. 15 likes
    Hi, here's what I have been working on, Revell kit, Freightdog improvement set, Sky Models decals. Tamiya NATO black and Gunze for the camo. Managed to lose a couple of windows, so I need to get myself some Krystal Klear I guess!. Thanks for looking. FF
  12. 14 likes
    Its been a while since I posted a finished build so the sun coming out was the perfect excuse Baden Soellingen based CF-104D from around 1974. Decals are Leading Edge, finished in Alclad Chrome and various shades of Tamiya Metallic paints at the back end.
  13. 13 likes
    Hello I am new to the forum having used it for reference while building my latest build - the Airfix VC10 Tanker. I soon became aware that what comes out of the box is missing much needed important detailing to make an accurate C/K Standard/Super VC10, and having been forced to produce the build on the dinning room table due to my workshop being too cold to use and produce the finish I would have preferred using an airbrush, I settled for a bit of both the C & K versions leaving me with an inbetweener. I used a few aftermarket parts such as new resin engines and 26 Decals. incidentally, fish tank filter wool makes nice clouds..Please enjoy and thank you for looking.
  14. 13 likes
    Gundam MSM-07S 'Z'GOK' (char's custom) in 1/144 scale, from the HG Universal Century Gundam universe. Build thread here chaps and chappesses - hope you like!
  15. 12 likes
    I thought it was time I stopped just admiring everyone else's hard work and posted some pictures of my own. This is the old tool Airfix Blohm & Voss Bv141, and it was, surprisingly to me, an enjoyable little kit. Yes, it has raised panel lines and rivets, and I'm sure that there are technical problems (e.g. proportions/length etc.), but it looks about right compared to reference photos and that's all that matters to me. Overall, fit was good. I added the swastikas on the tail from some leftovers from another kit - because I chose the paint scheme that I did, it really needed it (I feel). Paint is Tamiya XF-12 J.N. Grey (diluted with a little white in places to give some streaking, but I don't think that has really shown up terribly well. Such details as there are were done in Vallejo (mostly) bits and bobs. I chose the second scheme because a) I'm bored with splinter schemes, and I like the colour. I realise that there are many flaws, including but not exclusively: Canopies are a little rough (notwithstanding the 2+ hours spent masking them). Please bear in mind that the plastic was thick, and I can't get Future here in Oz. Washes are pretty much my first foray into anything like that, and I need lots of practice. This kit was chosen as a bit of a morale booster and practise run after a particularly traumatic DH2 build (and then I noticed the canopies!), and overall it served it's purpose - I enjoyed it quite a lot. Anyway - on with the show, and thanks for looking:
  16. 12 likes
    Hi all This is my most recent finished project, a BF110 C-4/B from the new tooling Airfix range. I'm becoming a huge fan of these new new toolings. They are easy to build and have a crispy detail overall, not to mention the decals, very good quality and a lot of stencils provided. I've built out of the box with no accessories added. My intention was to represent a plande from the II/Schnellkampfgeschwader 210 Operation "Barbarossa", Eastern front, 1941. This is what I got: Please feel free to comment and critic (critics are specially welcomed guys!) Cheers Paulo
  17. 12 likes
    Hi all - so the nice weather meant I could take pics at last. The build thread is here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234952467-fonderie-miniature-148th-dassault-super-mystere-b2-le-petit-sabre-francais-finished/ Finished as 154/ 12-ZJ or EC2/12 "Cornouailles" based at Cambrai 1971. painted with Tamiya acrylics, Decals from Berna sheet 48-76 with the odd bit from Isra decal's sheet. I'm dedicating this build to my friend, Rowan Broadbent- whose donation of his unmade model finally allowed me to build a Super Mystere in 1/48th. Cheers Mr B!! Hope you like her. Jonners
  18. 11 likes
    This is a kitbash of a generic resin fantasy figure from Solarwind Productions. It involved some re-sculpting among other things, all of which can be found at this in progress link: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234955215-red-sonja-kitbash-112/ regards, Jack
  19. 11 likes
    Good evening all, I been following the forums for a while now and I gathered was about time to join. This started to bug me as a project since I got hold of the Olympic airways decals in 1/72. I have not found a decent Comet kit in 1/72 and the available vacform I would not even consider after I had a close look at one second hand. So I started with the next nearest thing the Nimrod. After I managed to put my hands on one eventually, I started the chopping and filling. Progress is slow since I have only time to work a few hours on it at weekend, this is two weekends worth of chopping, filling, sanding, chopping, filling, sanding................. So from this... I will arrive at this...... Hopefully. Thanks for looking, Kostas
  20. 11 likes
    I finally finished this little kit. I obviously build very slowly, and for me, alot of the interest in modelling comes in researching and learning about the subject. This one proved to be a research challenge..! Very little documentation exists about this particular airplane. It was one of two, coded 515 and 516, that flew out of Yeovilton in the late 50s and early 60s, as part of 700 NAS. It was used for evaluation flights, and one of the two made the first landing of a jet aboard the then new aircraft carrier HMS Hermes, in May of 1960. After scouring the internet, and even contacting the FAA Museum, my only source of additional information came from a fellow Britmodeller in Italy (thanks again Claudio)...! Initially, I only had the Warpaint #29 book as my main reference, and it only shows one black and white photo, and one color profile of the airplane, in its pages. Unfortunately, the photo is hard to interpret in places, and the color profile is inaccurate. This plane had two, not one, orange bands per wing, and a narrow orange stripe which ran forward from the fulseage band, along the top of the fuselage. (The additional photos provided me confirm this.) Also, after scrutinizing the Warpaint photo, I believe the elevators were orange as well. The tailhook was EDSG, not striped... there were no ejection seat warning triangles under the cockpit... and the top of the ejection seat was unpainted aluminum. Also, I cannot find any photos of any Seahawks, which have stencil data on the righthand side of the drop tanks. I used Xtracolor emamels for the EDSG and white, and mixed my own orange from two shades in the Testors paint line. The decals are from Xtradecal, and performed flawlessly. But be advised, the markings are very well printed, but the color painting reference cited is the Warpaint book. Otherwise I highly reccomend the decals and the kit... Its a little gem... Here's my build thread: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.p...&hl=seahawk And here's the finished model.... be kind, it the first kit I've finished in many, many years...!
  21. 11 likes
    I saw a photo on Air Britain that immediately captured my interest - an ex Blue Diamonds F6 Hunter transferred to the AFDU (Air Fighting Development Unit) at RAF Binbrook The rest is history.........................
  22. 11 likes
    So as well as the Fujimi Mig-21 I finished today for the group build I have also put the finishing touches to a 1/72 Fujimi F-14A. This has a Pavla resin cockpit (designed for the Italeri kit) and decals from CAM. Painted with Xtracrylix. The CAM decals sheet also has options for Vf-111 and a VF-41 Black Aces bird that was involved in the Su22 shoot down over the Libyan gulf in 1981. Very difficult to choose which option but as I still have another couple of Tomcats in the stash hopefully I will be able to do all three at some stage. Andrew
  23. 11 likes
    Heller 1/72 Caudron C635 Simoun (take two) Air Bleu: Build thread here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234956524-heller-172-caudron-c635-simoun/ Cheers, Stew
  24. 11 likes
    Hi, folks! This is my next model.
  25. 10 likes
    Out of the box, except for wheels, main wheel legs and intake cover, all taken from a Fujimi kit. Besides that I made just some minor adjustments, puttied and rescribed a few lines which were too thick, and widened the canopy framing which was far too narrow. Enjoy. Criticism is most welcome.
  26. 10 likes
    Here we have an Accurate Armour Mark 3 Tank Transporter with Sankey 60 Ton Trailer designed for carrying Chieftain and Conqueror Tanks. In this case the Cromwell Models Conqueror. As one of the original members of 3 Tank Transporter Sqdn....23 Tank Transporter Sqdn disbanded shortly after to become 3 Tank Transporter Sqdn and this is the equipment we used in the 70s at Antwerp Barracks in Sennelager BAOR. Both kits, well, 3 actually counting the trailer, fought me all the way with brittle parts breaking and replacements having to be hand made. I have made the antar with options for ballast or 5th wheel, crew canopy or, as often seen when not being used just the skeleton framework for the canopy/crew quarters behind the cab open to the elements. It still need some weathering on it although these vehicles, like tanks, only moved 6-8 months of the year so much time was kept keeping them clean, spotless and depending on the driver "bulled up" The rather long ramps on the Sankey Trailer can be displayed up or down with all chains detached or in situ
  27. 10 likes
    Revell HE162 Salamander 1/32 build thread here http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234954471-volksjager-revell-he162-a2-132-scale-finished/
  28. 9 likes
    no one this time T-64B, skif, barrel rb model, eduard, voyager.The effect of the review they greet.
  29. 9 likes
    I was sad to hear about the death of Mr G Martain, he was the owner of 'Warstone Motors' in the village I live his family ran Warstone Haulage, they ran a fleet of Bedford trucks, and brought a Bedford OB bus for spares for the lorries, it was found to be in good order so was put to work, as the bus services took off, and a local company was taken over the buses took over, trading as the Green Bus Service. My god-farther was a driver at the Green bus, and I spent alot of time there, I worked as a bus washer on Saturdays, and school holidays, and I took my PCV on a Green Bus. A lone lorry was retained, it sat at the back of the yard awaiting restoration, and it recantly has found a new home. the real one can be seen here Any way, i took an Emhar Bedford, custome decals and a modified flat body to copy the real version and my tribute to 'Warstone haulage is almost done! SONY DSC by richellis1978, on Flickr SONY DSC by richellis1978, on Flickr SONY DSC by richellis1978, on Flickr I will add a load before I go to the Cosford show in April, and maybe a bit of weathering. Not sure yet!
  30. 9 likes
    This is the Kinetic kit of this Hawk on steroids. It looks like a Goshawk to me but the kit needed a bit of work to get it built. This was no shake-the-bag-and-out-it-pops job. Poor fit in places which was a disappointment but the rest of it was a dream and the build thread is here http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234952800-148-kinetic-t-45-goshawk-update-0603/ Painted using Humbrol Gloss White and my own mix for the International Orange. She is built as Bu.No.167106 Aircraft 328 of TW-2. Nice to see her on the shelf. Thanks for looking
  31. 9 likes
    Having found out how to upload pictures, I can now display a couple of my builds. Today we have the Accurate Armour Foden 6x6 Recovery Vehicle. As usual with these resin builds, lots of bits break easy, so much time spent scrap building replacements...the hand rail on the body sides was flimsy and just etched brass, so this was replaced with square tube, string for the lifting howser and front winch cable was replaced with wire sold in packs for hanging pictures on. Operating levers for jib all replaced, as was the etch brass window bar protectors by correct diameter brass rod.........bunk in the back has cotton sheets and featherlite pillars as well as 3D TV in the corner which actually receives sky TV......shame you cannot see them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I enjoy building these kits but I do hate painting them......my enjoyment is in the build, the hard work is the painting. I used Xtracrylix XA1814 British Deep Bronze Green, a lot!!!! .....as this was the colour these vehicles were initially issued to the units with. I enjoy applying the decals as you can slowly see the vehicle coming to life.......the fun with this one was there are no decals for this kit so it was lots of research and sourcing decals from other kits, used or unused. I also built the Firing Line AFV432 Engine pack to go with this as I plan a diaroma of the Foden lifting the pack from a 432.......I scratch built the lifting frame and currently I am chopping an Accurate Armour 432 to pieces just to make sure the pack will go in and out............but, sods law, I have cut away engine access bay and the engine is just 2 mil to big, so, thinking cap on at the moment. Hope you enjoy. [/url]">http://
  32. 9 likes
    Hi all, After a couple of very long 1/32 Hawk builds, something completely different from my usual cold war subjects. Built oob apart from the metal pitot and the stand which came from a Corgi diecast model. Made a refreshing change to build an airliner, I think I'll be making a few more in the future. All comments welcomed, gazza l.
  33. 9 likes
    Hi all, what a beautiful kit this is, it fits together perfectly and has great panel lines. Really enjoyed doing this one. Comments welcome
  34. 9 likes
    This is my second one for the GB it is the Airfix Short Skyvan done as a wif
  35. 8 likes
    Hi all finished it now,so here it is so you can now pop down the high street and pick up your chosen military vehicle complete with ammo or whatever you fancy. I don't think its so far fetched either so there it is it does light up but will have to wait till later as it dosnt show up in the daylight on the photos. so what do you all think.
  36. 8 likes
    Well thanks very much Strickers Time for another update. I seem to be rushing on with this at the moment ...no doubt it will come crashing to a halt when I attempt to make .2 X IDENTICAL 50 CALS!! .....but thats another day and another headache!! .......meanwhile ...I have been working on the detail above the Navigators position. There is a wooden shelf which housed the Gyro compass amplifier/connector box/fluorescent light and rheostat.. Here is the GYRO COMPASS AMPLIFIER this was made from bits of plastic and wire. ...and here is the RADIO AND GYRO COMPASS INDICATORS,RHEOSTAT AND FLUORESCENT LIGHT All built from the same old /same old ..material....my life...scrap plastic and wire!!! ... now before placing them on the shelf I decided to find a photo of a set of headphones and try my hand at making a pair for the Navs table......here they are ....more scrap plastic and wire!!! got to get some paint on them ...they might then start looking like headphones!!!!............. ok then...the next photo shows the wooden shelf in place with the connector wired in............ ...and the next set of pics are of the whole lot placed on the shelf ................ I am now in the process of finishing off some small details before tackling the BIG guns.......something that I am going to find challenging! Back soon and once again thanks for looking in
  37. 7 likes
    Just finished my 1/48 Revell MiG-21 FL OOB in indian airforce Sqn#30 charging Rhinos squadron Scheme. NMF achieved by Model master metalizers . Let me know how you like it. Thanks Vivek
  38. 7 likes
    Hi, This is my 7th model at all and 3rd of 1/72 scale. I decided to make it when I saw the in-box. Just love at first sight. I started it one month ago and hope to finish it soon. Ok, what I have done so far... First, what I am going to use: - Meng's F-102A (Case XX - QuickBoost correct nose - QuickBoost anti-collision lights - QuickBoost antennas and some details - QuickBoost bomb's bay covers' pistons - Eduard's PE parts nad canopy's masks - and AIM-26B missiles by Maestro Models I have also ordered some dedicated decals for missiles, I hope to see it soon. First I have done the cockpit. I added some tubes and wires, like oxygen tubes ect. I am making it according to manual, so next should be engine. I used some Gunze SM and Alclad. I tried to recreate some burning effect, hope I succeed. Maybe. Engine is ready. Next there is landing gear. I added some wires and Eduard's PE parts. I also made two actuators missing in kit. Next, there were wheels, paintings and some additional wires and tubes in nose wheel well. So I could glue the hue. Next there was a time for main landing gear bay. Lot of work with all those wires, cables and tubes. Lot of work. And now the most difficult for me: bomb's bay covers and all that stuff on it. But I believe it looks not so bad. I decided not to add anything in the bay, because of lack of space there: remember, there would be 6 missiles and pylons there, so stuff on covers is enough. How it looks now. Another thing: canopy and windshield. I used Eduard's masks and added some wires inside the glass. Air brakes ready to assemble. And the gear covers. I added some lights, the hook etc. Ok, that is all so far. Today I am going to put on the Gunze 1500 surfacer. The paintings is coming soon.
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    heyi my name is Kris, from Polish, I present my new project, t-55 enigma.Tamiya Model made right out of the box,the barrel with rb models,some parts of eduard,I invite you to evaluate.
  40. 7 likes
    For my Lynx build in the Lynx ST GB, I'm modelling a Lynx stripped standing in a demarcated section of a hanager. In one corner of the pic is a gash bin, which I wanted to include in my model in the aim of turning it inot a diorama. So I scaled what I thought would be the heigth 18/20mm and diameter at 12mm and off I set. Here are the component parts, top left a length of PC rolled around a suitable piece of plastic tube and bound with an elastic band. Then plunged into boiling water to soften and form the PC and then into the freezer for a few minute to cool and keep it's shape. This formed the body of the bin, then cut to the apropriate height of 18+ mm and to lenght with a slight taper, middle of pic. The remainder of th eparts are a disc cut at 14 mm and a sligth wedge cut into it to form a chinamans hat or cone, centre bottom tot he right of this is a smaller disc which wil beome the base of th ebin and help keep the tube even. A notch was cut into it to clear a brace which ran down the joint on the body. Bottom left are two strips of PC, one 2mm wide the other 1.5 wide, which have been pulled over the back of a pair of scissors to form the base and the lip on the lid. Once assembled three handles were fashioned out of .5mm soft wire. The two one side were set into holes drilled to accept the ends and then small strips of PC were added to repesent the portion where the handle is welded to the bin. The thrid handle was treated slightly differently and bent into a top hat section/shape with the two end spread/flattened out with the aid of a pair of pliars to form the part welded to the lid. So all that is need now is a coat of ground equipment yellow and a little distressing. One Mk1 Pussers gash bin. Now for two pairs of chocks. Colin
  41. 7 likes
    Built Mostly from the box with some resin wheels and a little scratch building to open crew hatch and blank of a few resulting gaps. Weathering was with Tamiya smoke and pastels.
  42. 7 likes
    Welcome , one of my recent cars T-90 zvezda, the model made right out of the box.
  43. 7 likes
    Hi all, This TBM is from the original boxing, Accurate Miniature’s 1/48th scale, TBM -1C kit. I got this kit in a trade and am very glad I did. I started out using this as a pattern for at 1/72nd scale Avenger I had, with horrible detail (read NONE). I noticed things on the model did not look right… the gun for the turret, block with a rod! I replaced it with a cast resin one, I have also added barrels to the wing mounts. The model is a mixture of AM, Eduards cockpit, a little scratch building and fishing line (the wire antenna). Markings are from the kit and the spares box except for the white triangles, these were masked and painted. The kit National Insignias were too large for the indicated placements thankfully I had a sheet of 1/48th scale Stars and Bars in the spares box also. Exterior painting is Tamiya. The Sea Blue was toned down with white just a little, weathering, was kept to a minimum, light washes, some of the final semi-gloss had rubbed away, I think this helped the weathering in places. The wheels were weighted in the old traditional manner, an Iron and parchment paper( non sticking) The 1/72 scale turret was also assembled in the same manner as the AM kit’s but that is for another posting…nothing but the turret has been done. Thanks for looking
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    Hi all, Having been a member here for over two years without posting anything, I thought I'd introduce myself with something I did a while ago. This is the 1970s kit, not the updated version, so some of the details are rather crude by today's standards. Also eagle-eyed viewers will notice a wonky balkenkruez at the rear & a track on backwards! Anyways, here are the pictures: Thanks for looking, all comments welcome! Cheers Patrick
  45. 7 likes
    Hi Folks This is Magna's take on the 1/48 scale Devon.To say this was a challenge would be a gross understatement,the choice of a Devon is a great idea but the problems are not easy to overcome.The resin is very soft and the more you try to polish it the worse the finish becomes,the windows fit where they touch,the U/C legs are too long etc etc.Probably my choice of colour scheme did not help either and it is probably my worst finishing of a kit in a long time.A sit it is the only ball game in town it will have to do.An Anson C19 would be nice next,where are my pills? ]Ian [/url ][url=http://s1158.photobucket.com/user/camper1231/media/IMG_6432_zps9c52a384.jpg.html]
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    Here are some photos of the cockpit with the seat, floor and instrument panel unit dry-fitted in place: I also took some photos of both cockpits' seat/floor/instrument panel units, from this kit and the Italeri one I'm building, side-by-side - I thought someone might be interested(?): I have to say this section of the Italeri kit was slightly more challenging to work with but it seems to look okay once it's together - you can see more of the Italeri one in my other thread in this group build. Comments and suggestions welcome. Kind regards, Stix
  48. 7 likes
    Hello gentlemen, This is the old KV-1C from Tamiya with super detailing: engine and compartment from Verlinden Productions, Model Kasten tracks, panzer IV commander´s cupula and gun from spare box, hand painted crosses. Finished in Tamiya acrylics. Represents a Panzer KV-1 735®, 22 Panzer Division, Russia, late 1943. PHOTOS: Bye!
  49. 7 likes
    Finally got the body together and am now trying to clean up the joins without doing to much damage to the raised rivets,I took a few shots with the wings dry fitted and even though I got as much lead in the nose as I could you just have to look at it wrong and it turns into a tail sitter so got to get some more weight in it some how.
  50. 7 likes
    Here you go: I'll post more pics in RFI in the morning
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