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    Too many things...my most favourite one however is upsetting my youngest son by liking the music he listens to (thankfully not pop rubbish). I heard half the bands he likes at this years Download...oh the fun...

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  1. Sometimes guys, we just buy a pup - live and learn....well, live and buy another pup at some stage..... :-) Cheers for comments, I think the lovely new Airfix Westland is going to be getting some love now!
  2. Hi K, Part of the cowling, aileron and prop - was surprised this kit was so bad as it's a 2014 new tool!! No others - hacked off to be honest, jut going to start something else before the mojo goes haha!!
  3. Right, this bugger is going on the shelf of doom - 3 broken, brittle bits now - had enough of it - a bit annoyed with this kit!!! Ho Hum - going to concentrate on the Heli instead - may come back to this - or may burn it :-)
  4. Looking great Stew, love the cockpit so far - the Tamiya one is way better than the Revell one I am fighting :-)
  5. Okay, things going fairly well - even with the filler I will need for various bits and the alarming thigh gap problem the RHS wing has..... THEN! THEN, I say.....I went to fit the rear stubbies on - and, they are BOTH the LHS ones - WTH!?!? See pic - now what do I do - is this a kit problem or has something gone astray in the mould!
  6. Excellent work Cliff, love the base too, subtle!! :-)
  7. After perving......gymming......I done and went and gone and did some stuff......
  8. Really small update - hopefully more later - after perving at women at the gym....errr, working out I mean....
  9. This is looking great, way beyond my capabilities - good going man! :-)
  10. Exactly 68 - so much choice it's Hell, or Heaven - Helleaven!!! :-)
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