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  1. I have gotten hold of some plans for a vacuum table that I need for my CNC machine, it has 3 vacuum plates in it but that is a bit long for my needs so after some playing round in CAD I have shortened it to a single plate and that got me thinking why not a vac former as well.I did a bit more tweaking in CAD and came up with a few extra bits that should make a good vac former.The 3 plate version generates -/+25kg of holding force per plate so a single plate should generate a bit more than that ( there is a sum somewhere out on the web for working it out).It has cost £21 so far in acrylic (without postage) not the cheapest acrylic but as I have no way of cutting bigger pieces smaller and with the 3 different thickness's involved it is just easer to get precut sheets the right size for the CNC bed.What I was wondering was ,is there anyone else interested in having one or is it more of a "specialised" tool. The original my version (all measurements are in mm)
  2. Great looking model, the first breakdown truck I drove was a civi version of that and there weren't many places that it would no go.
  3. Thanks guy's I really like this plane I think I might have to get another one and do a re scribe of the panel lines and do it justice .
  4. This is my second one for the GB it is the Airfix Short Skyvan done as a wif
  5. Ok calling this one done I will put more pic's in the gallery
  6. Hi Reggie I have just had a quick look at it and it looks similar to what I am working with now so I will sit down with it and we can work it out between us, the only real problem I see is the spokes but we will get there in the end. Regards Richard
  7. HI this will be like the blind leading blind as this is my first paper model as well but I will help where I can.Most instructions I have come across so far are just a assembly guide to the folded parts,what they don't tell you is how to fold them they leave that for you to figure out.So what have I learned so far......always dry fold fold to make sure you have scored (I use the back edge of a blunt scalpel)all the lines that need it. My instructions have solid lines folded towards you and broken lines get folded away from you. The paper...for this I have used paper with a gsm of 120 (normal copy paper is 80gsm) but I have found it a bit thin for some parts so if you want to do it in this scale (1/7....I think) you might want to do some parts with a thicker paper for better support. If you doing it in a smaller scale it should be fine and you might even find that you need to use normal copy paper for some smaller parts/rolled parts shock tubes etc. Glue.... I have just used a pva glue and all I need to do is use it very sparingly it looks almost dry when I apply it , also if you have a long section to glue do it in little bits at a time because if you "over" glue the paper just goes soggy won't hold its shape. I hope that this helps you some and if you send me your instructions I'll see if we can't figure them out between us
  8. The frame is built in to 2 parts for the moment and the top part would be much better built with a thicker paper/card,I think the recommended thickness is 180msg (I am using 120msg) but 180 is to thick for some of the smaller parts so a combination of the 2 would be best but that is what this build is for so I can sort out this sort of thing and then do it better in colour. Some of the bits And a dry fit of the major parts so far
  9. I have been working on this but it is a load of little bits that don't look like much yet I should have something to show soon as most of the frame parts are ready to get stuck together.As for the scale I think it is 1/7
  10. That is some great work with the log I can't wait to see what you do with the birds
  11. Here you are http://www.grayer.eclipse.co.uk/Motorcycles/Downloads/index.htm
  12. Thanks for the links he dose do some great work I just wish I had a colour printer they look so much better.I have also got some links to some more bikes in a better scale to the one I am building atm
  13. this is my first venture into paper model building and so far I have to say it is rather addictive if somewhat labour intensive. I have used a paper with a gsm of 120(normal copy paper is around 80gsm) and while it is a lot firmer than normal paper I am finding it is still a bit flimsy but if you use a thicker paper some of the smaller parts will be to hard to get into shape so will need to use a combination of different papers for the next one I do. The sprue shot......all 53 of them
  14. I have hit a bit of a bump in the build for some reason my joins just seen to be randomly splitting,I'll put some primer on go away and come back later only to find a join has started to split,so re glue re primer come back and it has happened some where else.I don't know if it down to old plastic or the fact that my glue is almost finished (plastic weld) and for some reason that has an effect on it .All I can say is that the next one to go is not getting fixed otherwise I'll never get it painted.
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