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  1. Lovely work, those dropped flaps look excellent. gazza l
  2. Really nice work, weathering is spot on. gazza l
  3. Another beauty, very nice work. gazza l
  4. Beautiful work, very convincing natural metal finish. gazza
  5. Fantastic work, nice and glossy too. gazza l
  6. Very neat work, looks like you have mastered the Alclad spraying. gazza l
  7. Nice job, you've put a lot of work into her which has really paid off. gazza l
  8. Very impressive workmanship, she looks amazing. gazza l
  9. Really nice pair, very neat painting on them both. gazza l
  10. Absolutely stunning work, well done. gazza l
  11. Very nice work, I particularly like the hanger shots... I thought it was real initially. gazza l
  12. Really nice work, very smart indeed that livery. gazza l
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