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  1. Thanks John. Shame you didn't get a flight in the Viscount. I was a bit disappointed when they change them for this... 1983'ish. Probably the worst flight I've ever had, up and down like a roller coaster! Many thanks Zebra. Yes it is a nice kit, the pointy nose and cockpit profile look just right to my eye. I managed to get hold of another second hand 700 recently for a decent price and I have decals for an Intra Airways Viscount. Cheers everyone. gazza l
  2. Beautiful work, very impressive. gazza l
  3. Thanks very much, they turned out better than I expected, took a few attempts to get right though. Yes, I used to spend many hours up there and at the end of the runway with my cousin during the summer holidays. Jersey used to be such a busy airport with aircraft lining up over St Quens bay one after the other. Viscounts, Heralds, Avro 748's, BAC 1-11's, Trilanders and the occasional Dakota... happy days! Thankyou every for your kind comments. gazza l
  4. Nice work Gerben. Always nice to see a Jag and yours is a stunner. The old Airfix kit although a bit clunky still builds into a nice model. gazza l
  5. Nice work on this very colourful subject. The windows look impressively real they give a convincing 3d effect. gazza l
  6. Very nice work on what is a very old kit. I do like the patchy metallics on the wings, gives it a convincing weathered look. gazza l
  7. Hi everyone. I've always had a soft spot for the Viscount, flew in them many times in the 70's- early 80's (Cambridge to Jersey). Loved the look of them and the distinct sound of the RR Darts. The kit went together reasonably well, just a shame its so expensive for what is, in 1/144 a very small kit. I wanted to do it in an in-flight pose so I borrowed a Corgi stand until I've machined up a more permanent display stand for it. I removed the props and replace them with clear plastic discs which were then air brushed yellow whilst they were mounted on mandrel, held in a battery drill. The decals are from 26 decals. Paints are a mixture of Alclads metalics, Mr colour and Halfords appliance white. Comments and criticism welcomed. Thanks for looking gazza l
  8. Absolutely stunning work, must be quite a sizeable model in 1/32. gazza l
  9. Really nice, very neat paintwork and weathering. gazza l
  10. Looks really nice, very sharp finish. I've just finished one of these kits myself... not a bad kit but overpriced. gazza l
  11. Very nice work, interesting history behind it as well. gazza l
  12. Excellent work, the weathering is amazing. gazza l
  13. Very nice work. I've made four of these kits over the years so I can fully appreciate your modelling skills to be able to produce something of this quality. gazza l
  14. Stunning work, she looks fantastic in that livery. gazza l
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