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  1. Very nice build, the cockpit detail looks amazing. gazza l
  2. Wow, you were quick off the mark with this one! It looks great and very nicely painted. Mine arrive this week and like you with your second build I'll wait for some after market bit to come on the market. gazza l
  3. Very nice job. I must make typhoon one day, how was the kit to build? gazza l
  4. Really nice job, the cockpit looks stunning. gazza l
  5. No neither was I Erik! I've always loved the Eduard's profipaks, they are a complete package with the excellent moldings, photo etch, masks, resin parts and usually a comprehensive set of quality, problem free decals. Thanks very much everyone for your kind comments, gazza l
  6. Very nicely done. Are they decals on the nose or painted on? gazza l
  7. Absolutely stunning work, incredible level of detail and weathered to perfection. gazza l
  8. Thanks very much Dave. Yes the decals were a real let down, I've never had any problems with their decals before. The problem seemed to be with the larger decals, the stencil data and the codes weren't too bad. I did complain to Eduard's support team and the sent me a replacement sheet.
  9. Hi all, My first build from this year completed, the very nice 1/48th Tempest V by Eduard Superb fit and surface detail, only let down by terrible decals, which were thick, wouldn't conform and some even failed to adhere completely, I had to source most of them from my spare sheets. My only addition to the kit was a set of Eduard resin wheel. Painted with MRP lacquer paints, and sealed with MRP clear matt cote... which is impressively matt. Weathered with oil washes, pastels and a silver pencil for the chipped areas Thanks for looking, gazza l
  10. Just had a Typhoon over Cambridge, nice sonic boom!
  11. Fantastic model, looks great in that scheme. I'm looking forward to starting mine gazza l
  12. Very nice work on all of them. Quite a productive year! gazza l
  13. You can never have too many V-bombers! Very impressive work and quantity. gazza l
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