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  1. Very neat work. I like the nmf, it's got that oxidised worn look to it. gazza l
  2. They certainly do look elegant, very nice work on both of them. gazza l
  3. Very nice work, it looks really smart in that livery. gazza l
  4. Great looking Tornado, very impressive both in size and the quality of your build. gazzal
  5. Very nice Beau. Weathered to perfection. gazza l
  6. Hello all. In my nearly fifty years of building model aircraft, strangely I've never built a Beaufighter, something that I have now corrected. This is the newish release from Airfix, everything fits together nicely apart from the cowling/engine assemblies which were a bit over engineered in my opinion, this made them a bit of fiddle to get right. Built oob apart from some Tamiya tape seat belts and a little scratch building of control levers in the cockpit. Painted with MRP lacquers, W&N oils for the wash, pastel chalks for weathering and stains.
  7. Very nice job, mighty impressed with your brush painting skills. gazza l
  8. That's mighty impressive for 1/72, could easily pass as 1/48th... nice one. gazza l
  9. Very nice work, nothing wrong with your photography. As for the landing gear it works quite well if you leave off the main gear until last, so the model sits on the front wheel and the outriggers, like a tripod and then adjust the main wheel length accordingly. Hope that makes sense! gazza l
  10. Beautiful work, looks just right. gazza l
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