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  1. You really can't get much better than that, very impressive. gazza l
  2. Yes, I think you are right... well spotted.
  3. Very nice Gannet, I also like this ugly aircraft! gazza l
  4. Thanks Kev. The wavy edges were done using thin blutack sausages. For the canopy side windows I used a razor saw and partially cut threw in three places from the inside. I could then bend them (gently) to suit the fuselage halves. Cheers, gazza l
  5. Hi everyone, Here's my latest creation, Eduard's boxing of the Westland Lysander, in the colours of a 26 squadron machine based at Gatwick 1940/41. A very nice kit made even better with the usual Eduard photo-etch, resin and paint mask goodies thrown in. The only problems I encountered were the side windows, which didn't seem to follow the contours of the fuselage, so I had to cut them into sections to make them conform. Painted with MRP and Alclad paints, weathered with oils and sealed with Alclad matt cote. Thanks for looking, gazza l
  6. Absolutely brilliant work, your attention to detail is amazing. I've made a few Sword kits over the last few years and as you say the do require some extra work. gazza l
  7. Lovely work, the weathering on the black underside is particularly effective. I've just finished this kit myself... had real problems fitting the side windows. gazza l
  8. Very nice work... that's quite a Vulcan collection you have now. gazza l
  9. Brilliant work, looks so realistic. gazza l
  10. Fantastic, always nice to see a Viscount. gazza l
  11. Fantastic work, looks great in that livery. gazza l
  12. Excellent model of one of my favorite aircraft. Living in Cambridge I grew up to the sound of the Hercules coming in and out of Marshall's for conversion or maintenance. I like various colour tones on some of the panels and the feathered prop which adds to the realism. gazza l
  13. That looks rather nice, excellent weathering... looks very realistic. gazza l
  14. Beautiful work, very impressive. gazza l
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