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  1. Its a photoshop job - been many a topic on FB of that there image
  2. For day to day use, you have mainly 3 options - empty pylon, rocket pod or dummy AIM 9
  3. Meow! Now try watching the linked video........as I said, you then paid to carry out (amongst other things) DACT with your F-18s! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lefkB4-XgoM&t=406s
  4. And then you paid NZ to DACT with them in the 90's - makes a British mis-management of funds seem quite trivial :-)
  5. One of the more obscure RAF bases - as basic as it was, loved that 125 scheme with the Navy cheat line!
  6. I was there, as a Londoner BH was our local RAF at Home event - such brilliant memories - cheers for posting Paul
  7. Brilliant Paul - thats the Air Force I had the pleasure in joining back in the 70s
  8. Holy triple Mig build Batman - love em all John especially this one!
  9. Goodvluck with this Ill be watching your progress with interest
  10. Oh the days when the UKADR was regularly tested - Mallet Blow, Priory, Elder Forest.........Will we see the like again? I witnessed such an attack in 1989 at Wattisham - just a day visit to prop the fence up and watch a good days flying, I stumbled across a live TACEVAL. Mid afternoon with fading winter light, and without any radio coms, a French Mirage IV, 3 Jaguar As (2 in Green/Grey & 1 in Chad scheme) and 2 Mirage F1's (again 1 Green/Grey and one in Chad scheme) attacked in loose battle formation. All but the IV eventually landed at Wattisham and I managed to get pics of them parked up on the ramp. I'll never forget only 5 minutes before, Id been thinking it was time to make tracks!
  11. Looks like you're having fun! My eyes wouldn't allow me to work in 1/72 any more so I admire your skill commitment and patience!
  12. Ive only just finished my IIIRD and its a bit of a challenge - having said that, in hindsight, its really all to do with the order of construction and taking care around those pesky air intakes. Shes looking really good Muzz
  13. Very nice - shame Kinetic got the fuel tank shaping wrong though
  14. Well that certainly isnt "straight out of box" - very nicely done
  15. Oo er! I was windering what a spin sage 2 was and now I know :-) very neat indeed
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