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  1. Its a photoshop job - been many a topic on FB of that there image
  2. For day to day use, you have mainly 3 options - empty pylon, rocket pod or dummy AIM 9
  3. Meow! Now try watching the linked video........as I said, you then paid to carry out (amongst other things) DACT with your F-18s! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lefkB4-XgoM&t=406s
  4. And then you paid NZ to DACT with them in the 90's - makes a British mis-management of funds seem quite trivial :-)
  5. One of the more obscure RAF bases - as basic as it was, loved that 125 scheme with the Navy cheat line!
  6. I was there, as a Londoner BH was our local RAF at Home event - such brilliant memories - cheers for posting Paul
  7. Brilliant Paul - thats the Air Force I had the pleasure in joining back in the 70s
  8. Holy triple Mig build Batman - love em all John especially this one!
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