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  1. Finished this last week. The whole Reaper range is superb, this set me back only £26, half the price of many other Miniature Manufacturers. Painted and weathered with Citadel paints: 45452647_10217893109226168_7149381146214662144_n by Dave Oliver, on Flickr 45342220_10217893109506175_6465103606541451264_n by Dave Oliver, on Flickr 45396835_10217893108666154_4577340225818198016_n by Dave Oliver, on Flickr
  2. Finished this a few days ago. These are superb Miniatures and pretty cheap too.
  3. Thanks for all the positive comments
  4. Finished this last week. Used the AFV club kit and bits of stowage from the Legend detail sets. 40994688_10217407075115619_5434588974813282304_o by Dave Oliver, on Flickr
  5. Cheers, glad you like it. I used their own adhesive that you simply airbrush on. They supply a wash with the snow and ice kit, that was used on the vehicles. Pleased with how the ice sheet turned out, not entirely happy with the snow, going try another snow scene in the near future..
  6. Finished this in November of last year. I used Dust 1/60 Miniatures and a Rubicon T-34. Snow effects were from Precision Snow And Ice. The rocket launcher is illuminated, as is the burnt out tank. The build article is in the Airfix Model World Diorama Feature. DSC_3061 by Dave Oliver, on Flickr DSC_3067 by Dave Oliver, on Flickr DSC_3058 by Dave Oliver, on Flickr
  7. Thanks for all the positive posts. Good to know the hard work is appreciated
  8. Thanks for the constructive criticism, I had my own misgivings about the pile of rubble! I tried to make it look like it had been there for a while, so any brick dust or debris would have been swept away. It's something I'm not totally happy with and may well try and rectify it in future. Thanks. Dave
  9. This is my 1/35 Russian diorama. I used MiniArt Vehicles and a Zvezda Motorbike and sidecar. Took lots of trial and error to get the groundwork and foliage right. The figurers were heavily modified or scratchbuilt. All in all it took seven months to finish. the build article is in the Airfix Model World diorama feature magazine: DSC_6523 by Dave Oliver, on Flickr DSC_6532 by Dave Oliver, on Flickr DSC_6527 by Dave Oliver, on Flickr DSC_6539 by Dave Oliver, on Flickr
  10. Thanks. I hope he would have appreciated it
  11. Bought this 1/6 Tony Soprano figure a few years back. Its one of about 30 made before the mould collapsed, great fun to paint, thought I would share it 33120357_10216532219204768_466169329331732480_o by Dave Oliver, on Flickr
  12. I used the Hataka early Israeli jet paint set. I look forward to seeing your finished model
  13. Thanks It's a very well produced kit, minimal air bubbles and a high degree of detail. Had to add rivets and the fuselage halves come in two sections which is a little unusual. If you've built any limited run resin kits before, it should be a pretty straightforward build...
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