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  1. Great Cliff I love your Electra EttorešŸ¤©
  2. Thanks to All Normally I say and I hope that next will be better, but my level is always the same I have to try to dare more with the coloring and fading .......sure, this model is all black, and result of a positive exchange of ideas with a mine friend more expert modeler, in theory, black should be done by brush flat on a splinter camouflage, there are photos showing the mechanics that color it with the brooms ....... Now I'm doing a small (1/72) Fw 190 A-8 R8 for a GB on an Italian site Thanks again for the compliments
  3. Cliff and Stew......always friends Thanks
  4. Thanks Corsairfox............too long! Ettore
  5. Hi people It 's almost a month that I do not enter the forum, the reasons are many: work, a short holiday in Sicily by my elderly mother and a bit of seasonal illness. since last Sunday I tried to make up for lost time, and at end I completed all the work. we start with the decals and the paneling with a brown Van Dyke oil as you can see from the photos, lack some details; I glued them all together, made the antenna wire and at the end the model is finished In reality it is not really finished, it lacks its base with a minimum of environment A nice weekend to All ! Ettore
  6. No Night_Flyer, I do not mind the roughness of the paint, after each session I rub gently with a microfibre cloth and the surface becomes smooth like that of a baby. Ettore
  7. Finally I terminated tha black camo black.......not too black I chose not to give white primers everywhere, but to lighten only a few panels, both above and below. So a general hand of black Gunze tire on the whole model. Notice how the surface is not dark black, but quite rough. I sprayed the black Japanese naca on those in this kit and then randomly another black mixed with dark blue. The lower surfaces have not been touched The camouflage may look very gray and not very black, but imagine the wear due to the cold rain and natural corrosion in the air, also considering that these airplanes were hand painted and the brooms dipped in black paint We continue with the decals and then we will see .......... Ettore
  8. Thanks Stew and Zebra......... but, waiting for the totally black camouflage and we hope it will be good ..... Ettore
  9. Last update I mounted the engines along with its exhausts on wing and aside the naca waits to be glued; the exhausts are not pipes type like the others Dornier, but crushed and light grey with smoked color traces, I got the color from a picture of a maintenance aircraft on Valiant publication. Glue the naca, after a few hours I joined the wing to the fuselage and masked the upper and lower canopy, apart I colored the defensive weapons and cut at the base of the barrel, the part with handle and recovery shells was glued inside, in such a way that at end I'll glue the barrels. But in the picture you can not see ........ trust me Once glued the weapons and the transparents, these have been fixed with adhesive tape, to avoid misunderstandings ..... The lower cannon received a nice hole with a thin hot needle, precision and delicacy made the shotgun credible ............ and on next step I can start with the coloring. Ettore
  10. This week was rich of little jobs on Dornier; First, I built the bulkhead on the nose of the plane, and then a small plane with two compressed air tanks that were arranged between the pilot and his second Finally I closed and glued the fuselage, using a small amount putty in small areas. Now,a general view The IR projector hole was painted with a mix of black and blu, after I glued the lens Assembled also the tail and here a bit of Mister Surfacer to fill the cracks Last step of this week, more laborious than the others, was the wheels bays, a mixture of photoetched and plastic that has unnerved me just a little , the color is RLM02 Grau........obviously And this is all........ Ettore
  11. Ettore

    Eduard Bf 110 G-4 1/72nd

    Ok ok Also in my town at present Ettore
  12. Ettore

    Eduard Bf 110 G-4 1/72nd

    hello Dave probably one of my impressions but it seems that the cockpit is too dark if you have not closed the fuselage, try to lighten the base color with a mix of the same gray with a few drops of white .......... with the airbrush obvious good job ! Ettore
  13. Ettore

    Italeri 1/72 A-10C

    Good start Pierpaolo You do what I do not do: dry test ! Ettore