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  1. Je ne peux pas abandonner mes amis fran├žais, je ferai partie du groupe ! I can't abandon my French friends, I'll be part of the group! Ettore
  2. Thanks to All............. Ettore
  3. More big ! Fills an entire floor of my glass display, but some space remains in front of the wings for two small 1/72 Ettore
  4. U-2D 6512th Flight Test Squadron, Edwards Air Force Base At next .........
  5. Good morning This is a nice GB and I will certainly participate Ettore
  6. Good morning to All, here my latest work: Mi-24P Russian Air and Space Forces in Syria, Khmeimim Airbase, 2017 Ettore PS: I realize that the emoticon of the Russian flag could be annoying, but I insert it only to indicate the nationality of the helicopter I built, we are modellers , the politics in this context let's leave it aside ........ thanks
  7. Good morning my question is simple: Some Eduard kits have the new decals with removable protective film; but I would like to know if this is stated in the kit instructions or not. I recently bought the kit of the Z-526 Acrobatic Trener ........for me, the decals seem normal and I have no indication. Thanks Ettore
  8. Bf 109G-2/R6, WNr. 13633, Hptm. Wolf-Dieter Huy, 7./JG 77, Tanyet Harun, Egypt, October 1942 Ettore
  9. Many Thanks - For SoftScience: I used AK Real Color RC221 ADC Grey FS 16473 Ettore
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