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  1. Nice job Steve, but......... Have you my same problem in exhaust zone? This is right side: correct Here left side, see the end edge ! Missing a trapezoidal piece of plastic, perhaps problems during printing
  2. Great Steve! We will fly together on patrol
  3. Hello People I decided to enter in this games with an English Electric Lightning F.6, Airfix 1/72 scale The version will be a shark mouth : 5 Sqn. XS903 RAF Binbrook 1984 See you soon Ettore
  4. A Fouga Magister CM 175 Zéphyr s/n 11, Escadrille 59s BAN Hyères, France late 1970s until 1994. Ettore
  5. Hello people Here the kit finished Obviously I apologize to you for not showing other photos of the building, but the little time led me to glue and paint a few pieces at a time, the important thing is that I finished it in time See you at the next GB Ettore
  6. Goodmorning Modellers ! I finally sprayed aluminum, an AK brand (two sessions separated by an half hour); after 2 days of drying I glued the tail to 110 degrees of angle, and at the same time I sprayed white aluminum on the air brake areas .... in these photos you don't see much. I hope this weekend to give color with brush brush on some spots of white, and pick up the tan of the whells bays. The way to the end is still very long Ettore
  7. I hope Col, I hope........ For rear stabilizers, I started with an X2 glossy white Tamiya on the zone orange, I could use also a matt white, but the first on workbench was glossy, after some hours I sprayed an orange self made: A X-6 mixed with X-7 Tamiya, the result seems quite satisfactory Wheels bays are in Tan I repeated same orange procedure for the nose, note the white back, only that ! Take a nice Sunday Ettore
  8. Hello ! After the fuselages were closed, I realized that this kit will not be a walk, but a bloodbath I made a first very soft general filling. I'll have much work on the front nose and on engines air scoops. here a general view with the wings mounted and then a slight detail in the wheel bay with some hydraulic cables At next ! Ettore
  9. Hello to All Some little steps - I have slightly improved the side walls of the cockpit, just the bare minimum: some hydraulic pipes, some electric cables, internal lights and a lever that is placed in front of control panel, this area is all black with gray drybrushing. The engines areas are in aluminum at the front and gun metal in the back, same thing for the inner covers - Here the cockpit: I just added hydraulic pipes, seat belts and painted buttons and switches; I'm not very happy of result, but I can assure you that as a short run it is annoying to set up and detail Se you soon Ettore
  10. I'll be back soon guys, I've been visiting my mother in Sicily, and many more work commitments ............ but don't abandon the Fouga Magister Ettore
  11. Hello Wez You're right, because one of my old photofiles of a Fouga Magister CM 170,and not 175, had the seats as you say: dark bakelite color structure and black padding, but another airplane seen by me in Italy had black seats and padding. A French modeller in the Wing Master magazine made them black with reddish brown padding, and this is not wrong; so as you can see, you're not wrong if you choose between these three combinations Ettore ..................
  12. Goodmornig to All Finally I start this GB - First step I had separate the cockpit pieces and I added some electrical cables behind control panels - Later, I sprayed black, H77 Gunze, and glossy white only on oxigen bombs This afternoon I hope to do a light grey dry brushing into the cockpit; I have also prepared, with a gray primer, the area of the engine and exhaust vents; these will have two shades of metallic color ......... but unfortunately you will not see anything from the outside Ok for this morning is all, the shower aspect me ! Ettore
  13. Yes, it's true! It is necessary to do it very calmly and to construct some small pieces that easily break, the belts not present will be taken by a French D.H. Vampire. Ettore
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