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  1. Ettore

    Bunfight !

    Ok Thanks so much Ettore
  2. Goodmorning everyone It is the good opportunity to put my hand in several Italian kits and sorry if I try to do the ones that were in my city during the IIWW Some old kit I hope I have given you enough insights. all these planes, except the Mc 202 with amebe and Nardi F.N.305 , were based in Palermo Boccadifalco before July 1943, after this date the allies arrived in Sicily and now I am starting to build the Spits in Palermo and Termini Imerese (52nd FG and 3nd FG). Ettore
  3. Ettore

    Bunfight !

    Excuse me guys But can you explain to me what Bunfight is ?? Is it the annual set of GBs? A particular challenge? I still haven't figured it out !! Maybe I'll look like a fool, but at least I'll finally understand .. Ettore
  4. Thank you very much unfortunately a stupid accident led to the destruction of the plane, so I have to withdraw from this GB hoping to do it again in the future, and I will certainly buy the kit again. Modeling should relax us, but it is a bit of a difficult time and I often get nervous, it will get better later ... Ettore PS anyway .............. I'll do it again !!
  5. Goodmorning everyone Sorry for my inaction, but the work has left me no respite, however it is the last 44 days and then my work cycle is over. This kit finally gave me some problems in the coloring, the fault is mine I confess: I mixed a Gunze blue with a Tamiya white and I got a little orange peel on the surfaces, in any case I tried to hide with the aging and here is the result ... At next Ettore
  6. Good evening And let's give it this preshading blow: Only black below and black and white above .......... very random and imprecise later I took care of the details, specifically the HVAR pylons will be done in midnight blue .... And we come to the main color: H-54 Gunze glazes (like Pierpaolo), the same color lightened with white and / or mixed with night blue on the edges and on some upper wing panels; then H55 Night Blue always in glazes to cover everything and finally the same lightened loooong lightly with white on the wing panels and naca; below a little something like lightening. Then with the polishing it will darken everything, but with aging the colors should come out ....... meanwhile, tomorrow afternoon I will dedicate myself to the trampling areas in black and to the propeller ... Ettore
  7. Dear Minion I was alluding to rockets
  8. Good morning everyone Finally I managed with a bit of fear to join the wings and the horizontal stabilizers to the fuselage, I had to reconstruct some pieces of connection in plasticard but in the end it went pretty well with the grouting and smoothing. Cause my usual mistake, I get too distracted, I had to modify a little the area of the Hvar supports, by the way, do you know what color they were in that historical period? Someone told me light grey or dirty white with an olive green point and aluminum tail fins. Here a small detail of the engine and of the hatches of the bomb bay Finally here it is masked waiting for the transparencies masked too Se you soon Ettore
  9. Good morning Work continues on this beautiful dive bomber: finished the cockpit and the compartment of the radio operator (I remember that later this French version did not have the defensive rear machine gun, also because there was no Vietminh aviation and its use as an attack on the ground and bomber was more suitable in that context), so I said that I also closed the two half fuselages. The bomb compartement .... and hot air outlet in photoengraving at next............... Ettore
  10. I answer Pat first: no, I'll leave them like this; if it had been in 1/48 scale the dirty work could be done, but in 1/72 it is a waste of time with the risk of ruining something I can finally show something! It was a bit boring but I managed to insert the resin trolley compartments, certainly some anarchic cut with the cutter was on the plastic but I think I can fix it later the kit is rich in resins parts and I have also added some photoengraving, it is important to follow the instructions because they explain some changes to be made to adapt the resin parts Here are some parts of the front cockpit assembled and colored After having mounted some photo etchings in the cockpit of the radio operator and observer, I sprayed grey primer; however I must see some photos of the time well because these planes did not have the rear machine gun and therefore all the frames to support the ammunition, including the opening mechanism of the turtle back ........ ultimately they were quite light and the the operator sat directly on the seat of the gunner. See you soon ! Ettore
  11. Thanks Wez As in another old Helldiver, but U.S. SB2-4C, I think to keep the flaps closed and at the end do a wash with red oil color, so that it stays in the holes and gives the impression of the inside of the airbrakes Ettore
  12. Construction of the final version of the SB2C-5 Helldiver in French colors. This aircraft BU.No 89357 3.F-16, Flottille 3.F Aeronavale Française Indochina 1954 departed from both the sites: the aircraft carrier Arromanches and the Bach Mai base, during the battle of Dien Bien Phu. during these missions it flew without the rear gunner and was quite dirty and worn, but from the photos it is not that you see much this. I chose to equip it with a radar AN/APS-4 under the right wing and eight 8-inch HVAR. Ettore
  13. Thank you guys, apart from personal choices, I think that for each one of us each kit that is built has its meaning and its place in our hearts; maybe it is bad, traces of glue, wrong coloring, but it is always our kit to which we dedicate the utmost love ...... in Naples, which is not my hometown, they say: "" Ogni scarrafone è bello a mamma soia", which then translated into English means: " A child, beautiful or ugly, in the eyes of the mother, is always perfect and enchanting" ............ and so are our works. Ettore
  14. Thanks to All But above all to my dear friend Jean alias "Zigomar", we have known each other for many years, but never met in person .......... I embrace you Jean!
  15. Dear friends good morning It is a long time since I entered the site, I have had a lot to do in these months tormented by Covid; no! I have not had it but the vaccination with Astrazeneca has left me small aftermaths resolved effectively, now I am waiting for the second vaccination. I am also sorry to have not kept the promises to work in the various GB of Britmodeller ..... and for this I apologize; However, my personal work has gone on in modeling, so I post three little things I have done in recent months: T-33, Greece, 342nd Mira 1/72 Platz Kit Sikorsky H-19, ALAT GH2, El Achouét, Algeria,1956 1/72 Italeri kit MiG-19S, Tactical No. 2921, United Arab Republic (Egyptian) Air Force, No. 29 Squadron, Fayid, Egypt, summer 1965 1/48 Eduard kit That's enough ! NOn I bore you anymore, see you soon !! Ettore
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