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  1. Many thanks to all Now I'm waiting the autumn for the new Airfix 1/72 scale Hawker Typhoon Mk.I; I have more set details and the engine is the same as the Tempest, but I also have a Typhoon in 1/48.....how tempting!!!I Ettore 🍡
  2. Hello Noelh Eduard indicates this date, among other things, it coincides with the end of Operation Dragoon and the meeting with the Dday troops. The day before, Dijion airport, in central France, was still under Allied bombing because it was in German hands. The allies razed it to the ground, leaving out only a few leads........from what I was told, so if in doubt your thesis could be valid 🙂 Ettore 🍡
  3. Hello Poirot En fait, le Tempest est finie Aurevoir The Tempest is finished ! Ettore
  4. Hello friends It's been a long time since I entered Britmodeller, I make it up to you with quite a few photos of two typical British planes Hawker Tempest Mk.V Flown by Wing Commander Roland Prosper "Bee" Beamont No 150 Wing, Newchurch, Kent, England June 1944 Airfix 1/72 Spitfire Mk. Vc 1/48 - EF736, GR II/33 „Savoie“, Dijon, Francie,June 1944 Eduard kit 1/48 I hope I haven't tired you At next ! Ettore 🍡
  5. Dear Watto Normally on the dry shiny surface and once the decals are ready after the water bath, I put a little Tamiya glue for decals on the area, I recommend the yellow one.......then I slide the decals onto the surface of the glue and I also dab it well with cotton swabs. At the end of the installation of large decals, I leave them to rest for a whole day. After this rest I start to lift the film with a toothpick and pull it away very slowly. Often the film breaks and you also remove these remaining parts. I recommend being very delicate, the secret is to use Tamiya glue for decals. after two days with the air still shiny I position the stencils with the same procedure. At the end another coat of clear varnish If you have same problem write me : [email protected] Ettore 🍡 PS: However I prefere old decals
  6. Hello people! I return to the scenes with a kit that I had kept for a long time. A 1/48 scale Fw 190A-4 by Eduard. I made a particular version, that of a new plane delivered to the new squadron in France 1943; it's the: Fw 190A-4 W.Nr. 0799 coded SK+OU belonging to I./SG 101 The next kit will always be a German plane, but in 1/72 scale...........I'm working on it Ettore 🍡
  7. Dear friends, good morning Unfortunately I have to abandon this GB as, due to a big mistake on my part, I compromised the construction and coloring of the kit. I thank you all for the compliments and I'll see you at a future GB.................unfortunately it's not the first time I've abandoned a GB on Britmodeller, but we are human beings and we make mistakes ............. thanks again and see you soon Ettore 🍡
  8. P-51C-1-NT Mustang Mk.III, 42-103532, FB382/PK-G, 315 Squadron PAF, pilot: S/Ldr Eugiusz Horbaczewski, Coolham, June 1944 Arma Hobby kit 1/72 Ettore 🍡
  9. Good morning I have to say I'm really enjoying this kit, it's certainly not all roses and flowers but in the end I'm getting it. The first step of this week was to close the fuselage and assemble the wings. Then I took the license to add similar geographical maps to the cockpit So, I improved the torpedo compartment with a mix of CMK resins and parts from the Airfix kit ...And finally I glued the wings, the moving tail parts and gave interior green color to the torpedo compartment........which I will soon work with a minimum of panel liner Ettore 🍡
  10. Good morning I'm back at work after a bit of a break. I worked on the cockpit, as you can see, giving it some color I apologize for the quality of the photos I took with my cell phone Ettore 🍡
  11. Good morning Finally I can show something! The idea of inserting a resin cockpit wasn't so good, because the amount of work has multiplied, but it's coming along well. First I marked off the areas to be eliminated with a small milled head mounted on the drill, an operation to be done delicately and carefully. Once this was finished he glued the two sides (left and right) of the pilot's cockpit with cyan glue, after drying I gave a coat of AK white spray primer. Then I continued with the central cockpit which is made up of many resin pieces to glue and then color And this is enough for today, the next step will be to continue the interior, apply the primer and finally the final color Ettore 🍡
  12. Good morning everyone For this beautiful first GB 2024, I chose an English plane that I love very much: an Airfix Bristol Beaufighter Mk.I. At the moment, my only aftermarket set to use is a CMK cockpit... later we'll see what I can add........Happy GB everyone Ettore 🍡
  13. In this case the AK colors and some gunze colors to lighten the panels Ettore
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