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  1. Thanks Wez As in another old Helldiver, but U.S. SB2-4C, I think to keep the flaps closed and at the end do a wash with red oil color, so that it stays in the holes and gives the impression of the inside of the airbrakes Ettore
  2. Construction of the final version of the SB2C-5 Helldiver in French colors. This aircraft BU.No 89357 3.F-16, Flottille 3.F Aeronavale Française Indochina 1954 departed from both the sites: the aircraft carrier Arromanches and the Bach Mai base, during the battle of Dien Bien Phu. during these missions it flew without the rear gunner and was quite dirty and worn, but from the photos it is not that you see much this. I chose to equip it with a radar AN/APS-4 under the right wing and eight 8-inch HVAR. Ettore
  3. Thank you guys, apart from personal choices, I think that for each one of us each kit that is built has its meaning and its place in our hearts; maybe it is bad, traces of glue, wrong coloring, but it is always our kit to which we dedicate the utmost love ...... in Naples, which is not my hometown, they say: "" Ogni scarrafone è bello a mamma soia", which then translated into English means: " A child, beautiful or ugly, in the eyes of the mother, is always perfect and enchanting" ............ and so are our works. Ettore
  4. Thanks to All But above all to my dear friend Jean alias "Zigomar", we have known each other for many years, but never met in person .......... I embrace you Jean!
  5. Dear friends good morning It is a long time since I entered the site, I have had a lot to do in these months tormented by Covid; no! I have not had it but the vaccination with Astrazeneca has left me small aftermaths resolved effectively, now I am waiting for the second vaccination. I am also sorry to have not kept the promises to work in the various GB of Britmodeller ..... and for this I apologize; However, my personal work has gone on in modeling, so I post three little things I have done in recent months: T-33, Greece, 342nd Mira 1/72 Platz Kit Sikorsky H-19, ALAT GH2, El Achouét, Algeria,1956 1/72 Italeri kit MiG-19S, Tactical No. 2921, United Arab Republic (Egyptian) Air Force, No. 29 Squadron, Fayid, Egypt, summer 1965 1/48 Eduard kit That's enough ! NOn I bore you anymore, see you soon !! Ettore
  6. Godmorning to All and have a nice Sunday !! I admit to having worked little in these days of celebration, however a little something I did: I have detailed the main landing gear compartment and the two side airbrakes, of these I will glue and color the pieces at the end. The same thing will do for the belly air brakes. Unfortunately the two wing tanks are wrong in shape, in the area of union with the wing, the only thing I could do was add two strips of plasticard..... His gallery on another web site: http://www.modellismopiu.net/m+gallerie/main.php?g2_itemId=1398271 At next Ettore
  7. I'll try, but will be difficult..........
  8. Goodmorning everyone The problems of this kit are basically two: a) The negative panel lines are too shallow and disappear under the sandpaper b) The wheel wells and air brakes are not very detailed and need to be worked on, but this is our job So I detailed the nose gear shaft, which is the one that anticipates the closing of the semi-fuselages; for added security I added some additional weight; the trolley leg and the right forks for retractable, will be added at the end .... the piece provided in the kit is wrong ! Once everything was closed, I had to do some important grouting which unfortunately eliminated the paneling, the problem that I mentioned in point "a" I glued the lid of the dashboard and where the collimator will be positioned, this area it will be better detailed this afternoon. Here is the link of his gallery on an Italian modeling site: Modellismo più of which I belong : http://www.modellismopiu.net/m+gallerie/main.php?g2_itemId=1398271 Modellismo Più web site: https://www.modellismopiu.it/ I recommend you to use Fire fox, we also have an interface in English language At next Ettore
  9. Goodmorning to All Finally I took a few steps forward: I completed the cockpit, I thought it best to glue it inside the fuselage, same fate had the exhaust I joined the two halves of the fuselage with adhesive tape, just to see the effect; not bad to say, but there will be a lot of work with the grouting and also, I worked on the face with some small photoengraving and with the positioning of the weights with vinyl glue More weight will be placed on the front landing gear housing; I already anticipate that this will be well detailed because the one supplied in the package is really ridiculous, but we will talk about it before Christmas ........... see you soon !!!! Ettore
  10. Goodmornig to All Finally I started the built of this kit, I did very little, but the important thing was to start. I dedicated myself to the cockpit which, especially in the seats, which have their shortcomings, I added those small details that elevate the final result a little; control panel and operator radar viewer complete the main tank, I just have to add the control stick and continue with the side consoles At the same time I worked in the exhaust area that I colored with metallic AK colors, I still have to do a little tweaking and then assemble everything, too bad that at the end of the operations we will not see anything! And that's it for today! I will continue during the weekend A nice day to All.........................modeling day Ettore
  11. Good Morning to All Here my subjet: an F-94 C Starfire in 1/48 scale of Kitty Hawk; I not know when I'll start, i've another kit almost at end, but I show now box art and all pieces, the kit is too time in my list now is the moment to built it !! The choice of the version, two proposals in the package, will be made at the end ............ also because it is the first time that I build an all metal seriously. at next Ettore
  12. Hello people and good afternoon I finally chose, it will be a 1/48 scale F-94c Starfire from Kitty Hawk. A tough kit that will test me on the metallic coloring ......... let's see what messes I can make Ettore
  13. I don't know, I would be tempted by Trumeter's Flagon, but also a nice BF 109G, or a nice Macchi 202 that was in my city, but I should also start Eduard's P-51, Attention! Eduard's Mig 19 comes out next month which was in the city ............ in short, I will decide at the right time because I am very confused at the moment Ettore ............
  14. Hello to All I'll be in this nice GB ! Ettore
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