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  1. Building this from the box as the Luftwaffe version. Pretty mixed but the airframe went together nicely although there are ejector pin marks everywhere. Just check the U/C doors! Despite the cockpit and awful seats I really like how its going so looking forward to seeing yours come together!
  2. I'll not say how many I built before I saw the easy way of adding the magnets instead of holding one at a time.
  3. So today a large box appeared, well packed and full of goodies. Inside were sturdy boxes, one for each unit. Inside these boxes was also well packed with decent instructions and a nice clean finish to the parts. After an evening's gluing and desk clearing I now have this! Each unit has magnets that hold the whole lot together making it nice and easy to reconfigure the set up.
  4. SWMBO and I just celebrated our 8th anniversary and she gave some cash to throw at the hobbyzone.pl website. Their stuff looks great but has anyone here tried there stuff before?
  5. Been there! Absolutely amazing place, absolutely amazing prices too!
  6. Sorry for the hijack here but I want pictures!!!!!!!
  7. Is that The mpc General kit on the bench? Very tidy build but what ins p I red that colour!
  8. Watch the alignment on the main u/c legs, seems to catch a lot of folks (me included!) And ends up toe-ing out a lot
  9. Is there any angle where it looks like a machine designed to actually fly? Lovely work and the weathering is perfect.
  10. The front gear retracts forward so is attached at the rear of the well. I really wasn't trying to discredit your build its really a great finish!
  11. Nice build and a great finish, but..... isn't the nose wheel at the wrong end of the bay? Should be at the back.
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