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  1. Didn't I have big modelling plans for 2019?..... Yes I did, that's why I said it . I'd cranked out a reasonably fast 3 models in the first quarter and I was rattling along with my fourth when unfortunately my dad died unexpectedly from a heart attack whilst on an unrelated appointment in the Ear Nose and Throat department at the local hospital. That was pretty rough on the staff TBH as they don't expect their patients to die on them. That did knock the stuffing out of my plans a bit and I lost all interest. I'm sure I'll be back on it but I'm dealing with a full size 'model kit'
  2. I love what you've done with these. Not just the painting skill, but your choice of colours really appeals.
  3. Cheers Ran. I have this book, Vultures over Israel by Shlomo Aloni, and it's very interesting, but very B&W. When I finally get my time machine running, I'm going back to the 50's with a thousand rolls of colour film and lab to hand to the IAF so they can help us all in the future with a few more colour images of their aircraft and escapades.
  4. I agree that as delivered they would be as you say. I'm positing the possibility from some of the darker tones I've seen on a few photos of Israeli airframes displaying a side(ish) profile, that after they had been through the IDF paintshop a few times, the colour could very well have changed. I was looking at one image of post Six Day War camo IDF Vautour in flight. Angled shot, from the left and just behind in flight. The airframe well lit by the sun along its whole length. If the inside of the air brake was yellow on this particular airframe, the tone (even on a B&W im
  5. Well blow me down.. I was just thinking about my next build and whether to do my first WIP, and top of the list was the Special Hobby (essentially the Azur kit) IDF Vautour IIA that I have. You've just gone and saved me a job of a) choosing my next build, and b) whether to do a WIP of a Vautour in 1/72nd. Being a lazy person at heart, all I can say is Cheers! So now I can sit back and watch you do your build. Thank you. The air brakes ARE mighty irritating and now I see everyone else doing them I suppose I'll have to do them on mine as well. Thank you for
  6. I admire your dedication (beats my grab a few pics from the internet and read a potted history ). The work certainly shows in the finished model. That's an awesomely presented Corsair. More please.
  7. Gorgeous.. In an ugly sort of way. Nicely done A10 there, with an interesting selection of stores (as any A10 should have ) . Great finish and attention to detail. If I was to complain, it would be about the non-existent Britmodeller widget to allow for every posting of an A10 to open with a loud 'BRRRRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTT' noise every time you looked at it.
  8. Flooping heck! (an exclamation of astonishment and amazement) I'd heard this kit had some interesting fit quirks, and your liberal use of filler indicates a certain amount of struggle caused by the engineering and age of this kit, but by gum you've done a fantastic job with it! Looks like a beast and probably takes up more room than I have office space to work in. You've done a grand job with that and definitely worth the extra effort putting the kit right.
  9. Yes.. I spotted your edit.. Laughed when you said you were taking pics of your cats... Then got distracted myself by sorting pension paperwork out. Exciting eh? No sweat. No need to apologise. Everything is good.
  10. What a superb finish that is, and you have the masking patience of a host of angels. I will admit, that after fighting the 1/72 Trumpeter BAC Lightning F6 into some sort of shape I always get a sympathetic twitch when I see others posting Trumpeter aircraft builds. So double well done, and thank you for sharing.
  11. Yes indeed. A quick check of the box shows that Revell have it right and I can't even remember what I was doing a few days ago and shall correct accordingly. And thank you.
  12. Have a Saturday morning post 'bump' for this nice, tiny build you have shared with us. I always have respect for anyone who can do a good brush build (as after all these years I'm only just getting the hang of it myself and still prefer spraying as much as possible). Even more respect when the whole model is smaller than some brushes.
  13. From the ribbed metal, down to the finish on the ski undercarriage... An absolutely top job with an astounding level of attention to detail.
  14. I like 'boring old silver'.. I seem to have a rather large collection of those myself. Nicely done and well presented. Thank you for sharing with us.
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