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  1. I would imagine Syhart might come to the rescue with some decals in the future. They seem to specialise in special schemes for European airforces. Sean
  2. We had a visitor adding a bit of colour to the skies over the Lakes on Friday. Sean
  3. This one was flying mid afternoon on Tuesday. It’s mostly been F-35’s and Eurofighters around here recently. Sean
  4. And no, not the one we’re famous for… I spotted this flying towards me whilst stopped by the side of the road getting a picture of Blencathra the other day. The pilots were kind enough to fly within a couple of hundred metres which provided a nice test for the new camera. Sean
  5. The last one from my 2020 F1 splurge. This one is the 2020 McLaren representing Lando Norris’ first podium.
  6. Quite possibly one of the best livery/car combo’s to race in Formula 1 in my opinion. Sean
  7. Two new arrivals of the Papaya and British Racing Green(ish) variety. The McLaren is Daniel Ricciardo’s Monza winner and the Aston Martin is from Sebastian Vettel’s P2 in Baku. Sean
  8. The main parts of the IKEA turret are now together. I ignored the instructions here and glued the sides to the turret roof first as the larger mating surfaces help align everything much better than how the instructions want you to do it. It’s quite a nice little kit this and a nice change from the Dragon complexity of my last few builds. Sean
  9. The hull is now complete and I’ve made a start on the turret. I wasn’t overly impressed with the four pieces of etch on the front, they just seemed unnecessarily fiddly but they’re on anyway. I also wasn’t particularly wowed by the exhaust shroud so that received a bit of attention. Sean
  10. Now, I got somewhat bogged down with the figures and lost enthusiasm for this. But now I’ve got around to start the second part of this scene which is the Airfix Cromwell. So after a fairly pleasant afternoon reacquainting myself with cutting and glueing plastic I’ve got the basics of the lower hull mostly complete. Sean
  11. Thanks all. They were pretty well behaved this week, probably due to the abundance of hill fog we’ve had recently. But I had family members make comments about them the two weeks previous and they were hearing them over Carlisle and Whitehaven. So they’ve certainly been getting around. Sean
  12. Today was the third Tuesday in a row where the guys from Lakenheath came to the lakes to play around in the valley’s. Although they weren’t quite as busy today as they were last week when they turned the whole national park into a cathedral of noise for a good few hours. But unlike last week I had my standard zoom lens on my camera so I managed to get a few pictures of them. Sean
  13. Tis the season for last year’s preorders to arrive. This time in the form of a rather mucky looking Mercedes with some pretty knackered tyres. Sean
  14. Rarely seen together in captivity, two Pink Panthers… The Sakhir GP winner edition is the latest acquisition and it’s interesting to see what a seasons worth of development looks like. Sean
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