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  1. This rather nice piece. Sean
  2. I’m jealous. We have M-Sport about 8/9 miles away and you can hear their cars for miles when they’re driving to and from test days. Sean
  3. As I’m missing the F1 at the moment, I decided to bring one of my favourite drivers cars into the house... Sean
  4. This rather nice display case from Widdowsons arrived today. It consolidates those three cars on the sideboard into one case nicely Sean
  5. The W06 Australian spec car came from here: https://ck-modelcars.de/en/ The Abu Dhabi car was a lucky eBay find. Both are in 1:18 scale. Hope that helps. Sean
  6. Two more for my champions wall. Lewis’s Abu Dhabi W05 and his W06 from Australia. Just need to find a 2008 McLaren and I’ll have a car from each championship winning season so far. Sean
  7. These actually are Matterhorn decal, which is why I was surprised by the instructions. Kinetic only provides schemes for the later variants. Sean
  8. Still plodding on with this. The decals are a little bit of an enigma to me, some shatter upon contact with water, some split in two and others behave perfectly. The red flash on the spine was a particular pain, the first one broke into many pieces and the second stuck fast and took a lot of persuasion to move. The instructions are also very vague with what decals to use. Still, I’m liking the way it’s turning out. Sean
  9. This beast arrived today. Along with these Sean
  10. I’ve finished picking out various panels in different shades. Now the MLG bays need painted etc before I can apply some decals. Sean
  11. Add me to the list. I might have added a Viggen or a Draken to the stash by the time this gets through the various fights and votes. Sean
  12. I’ve got the main base coat on. I’ve also started to do some panel shading on the wings. Still more to do but it’s a start. Sean
  13. This one is going to represent an early IIIS. So no canards and no Falcons because I don’t have any unfortunately. I might put some Sidewinders on it though, there are some pieces of plastic in the box that look suspiciously like AIM-9B’s Sean
  14. First coat of Humbrol 191 on today. I’ve also been mapping out my next three builds. Firefly, Spitfire then hopefully the Tucano providing that I’m brave enough Sean
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