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  1. I’ve continued on with the turret and left the hull for now. I’m not convinced the cheek armour was on the particular Firefly on the Star decals sheet, but it looks good... Now I’ve got some etch to add as well as a little bit of scratch building for the brackets on the turret bin. Then it’ll be back to the hull. Sean
  2. It was a combination of vague instructions and vague fit, but I’ve cracked it now I think. The cutting mat is an A2 sized one so it is rather large but it’s helpful as my workbench is also the dining room table so it stops me covering the table in all sorts when I have a mishap... Sean
  3. The suspension bogies are now finished as well as the drive sprockets. I’ve also been adding bits and pieces to the lower hull and I couldn’t resist dry fitting the upper hull to have a little look to see if any nasty surprises await. One area I have had an issue with is how the main gun mounts into the mantlet and the orientation of the various parts with the destructions not being especially clear in that area. Although as I’ve been typing this, I think I may have worked out how the gun is supposed to mount... Sean
  4. No progress to report, but these goodies arrived today. The Battle of the Bulge decals are just in case this Sherman gets a friend... Sean
  5. Thanks Darryl. There’s room for improvement with the trees, particularly with the adhesive for the flocking, but for a first attempt I’m pleased with how they turned out. Sean
  6. Well I figured the forums needed something to tame the tide of Tiger’s creeping in. Thanks for the heads up with the tracks, I’ll probably end up gluing the tracks together in link and length fashion. Sean
  7. There must be space on your shelves for one in this scheme
  8. Thanks chaps, the eyes of Britmodeller seem to be watching Sean
  9. With my previous two armour builds being a Tiger I and Tiger II. I figured I should restore some form of parity on my display shelves and build the Allies solution to the problem of the Tiger kind. It’s taken me a few hours to get this far with the suspension bogies, they’re not particularly fiddly just a lot of parts to locate and clean up. This is another kit with the dreaded DS tracks, so an order has been placed with Hannants for some Bronco workable replacements along with some more decals to give me a bit of choice. Sean
  10. Here’s my recently completed Tiger. The only extras used were some AFV Club “workable” tracks to avoid any DS track dramas and some MiniArt crew. Any comments and criticisms are welcome. Sean
  11. As I said earlier, I’ve been planting trees tonight. And here’s the finished article, complete with Tiger in it’s hunting ground. Sean
  12. Thanks Darryl. I got the grass and the gravel a few years ago so I’m not entirely sure which brand they are but I think they could be Expo. I got the materials for the trees from here: https://www.modelscenerysupplies.co.uk. I’ve been planting trees tonight so the base is nearly finished. Sean
  13. While not a Tiger, I’ve begun creating its habitat. Looking at pictures of bocage, it’s very similar to the farm tracks and general area that’s local to me. So with that in mind I’ve used a block of balsa to represent the tangle of roots, mud and general detritus that’s found in the centre of the hedges. All being well I shall be creating and planting trees tomorrow Sean
  14. Thanks Bob. The “bushiness” of the stuff on the barrel is what had me unsure of the way I was going. No harm done though, it’s just wrapped around and held on with some lead wire so it’s easily removed and repurposed. Sean
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