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  1. Some Colourcoats paints for the Snowberry. Much easier than trying to decipher Revell’s paint mixtures. Sean
  2. It’s certainly a beast compared to a Sherman or Churchill. Sean
  3. Turret camo, has been completed. Not 100% accurate but good enough for me Sean
  4. Most of the bits and pieces are on now and the base coat of Dunkelgelb has been applied. I discovered that I hate photo-etch when I attempted to assemble one of the tool clamps . All you guys who have mastered the art have my utmost respect . Sean
  5. Assembly of the turret is complete and the rear plate is also complete apart from the jack which will be added after painting. I’ve added the necessary pieces to the inside of the upper hull and then joined the lower and upper hulls together. Usually I’d prefer to leave them apart until later to make fitting the tracks easier, but with the way the lower hull is designed it makes no difference here. More soon, Sean
  6. Thanks Rob. I used these https://www.shapeways.com/product/JHFYJE9SP/1-144-dkm-double-20mm-c-30-flak-w-shield?optionId=93725878&li=ostatus 20mm mounts. I simply removed the shields to make them suitable for the U-Boat. I wasn’t quite careful enough removing the shield on one and managed to snap one of the barrels so one is a tad wonky Sean
  7. After finishing my U-Boat earlier this week, I decided to build another German monster. This one belongs on the land though. The build has been pretty straightforward so far although there has been a few misnumbered parts and the instructions are vague in areas. The most difficult part of the build has just been finding the correct piece on the sprues. There’s so many parts that look similar that are on different sprues it’s making me a little cross eyed So far my first Dragon kit is going fairly well and pointers on any foibles the kit may throw at me will be greatly appreciated. Sean
  8. Thanks guys, better pictures now added I forgot to say, the whole thing was brush painted with Revell acrylics. Sean
  9. Here’s my first foray into the world of submarine modelling. I scratch built the railings for the Wintergarten and some of the other railings because the kit offerings weren’t great. I used 0.6mm rod which is a little over scale, but it’s all I had. The propellor shafts were also replaced because the kit ones were more oval in cross section than round. Finally I replaced the anti aircraft guns with 3D printed versions from Shapeways which is a first for me. The kit stand is still in primer because I want to replace it but I’m not sure what with yet As usual any comments and pointers are welcome, I can use them in the Trumpeter Gato I have in the stash Sean
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