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  1. @exdraken is correct. The early style tail planes are peaking out from behind the decals. Sean
  2. The Scandinavians can definitely pull off a classy special scheme. The Norwegian Airforce did a rather nice one as well in 2012 I think it was. Sean
  3. I have previous with this kit. That was my second attempt after the first one just didn’t end well. Sean
  4. Here’s my contribution to this Group Build. Hopefully I’ll make a start on this in the next couple of weeks once I finish the Mosquito. I also have an Aires exhaust on the way because the kit one isn’t great plus I’ll probably add a Quickboost seat as well. Sean
  5. Oh it’s gonna get built I’m not sure about the Kinetic kit being a fine choice, but it’s definitely a simpler way of getting an MLU airframe Sean
  6. The cockpit painting has been completed and the whole lot dirtied up using a dark dirt wash. The flaps were also tidied up and glued to the wings. Sean
  7. Thanks Col, I’ll make a start on it when I finish my Mosquito There are indeed decals available for it: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/SY48118?result-token=RllHZ Cheers, Sean
  8. Anyone mind if I join in on this? I was thinking of building a Kinetic F-16 in these colours: https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/9371181 Sean
  9. I’m a sucker for a special scheme on an F-16 Sean
  10. More wing work this evening. I decided I was going to drop the flaps as Mosquitos are quite often seen with them drooped when parked. What I didn’t account for was that it is a time consuming, fiddly and laborious job to separate everything and then box it all in. But I suppose compared to the epic scratch builds on here I know nothing The cockpit also got some paint on. Sean
  11. Both engine nacelles have been fitted and blended in. As expected, the second one was much easier to fit. I should have paid attention to the instructions, they do suggest using a micro saw I just got lazy I made a few additions to the cockpit as well before that got primed and given a coat of interior grey/green. Sean
  12. Thanks Jason. I found that walk around earlier this morning, it’s very useful for the positions of the rear camera windows. Sean
  13. I’ve slowly been collecting the various parts required to do this build since I finished my last Mosquito. Most of today was spent fitting one of the Pangolin 2 stage Merlin conversions to one of the wings which do fit very nicely. Most of the gaps were of my own creation because I used a knife to cut the kit parts instead of a saw, which in hindsight was mistake. A little bit of time was spent fixing one of the Achilles heals of Tamiya Mosquito’s which is the front and rear bulkheads of the wheel wells. One side was treated to a thin plastic card panel, the other was dealt with using some masking tape. The cockpit has also been treated to some Quickboost seats. It will be finished in the markings of LR422. Sean
  14. These have appeared: My next build is converting one of them into a PR.IX. Sean
  15. Thank you. If you’re meaning the wing tip navigation lights, I suspect the Humbrol Clearfix that I used to represent them has probably shrunk back as it dried out. Sean
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