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  1. Two more arrivals The Aston is a bit of a beast compared to the F1 cars. Sean
  2. A nice new display case for some of my F1 cars Sean
  3. I’ve just had a look, it is an incredible build! Sean
  4. Thanks Kev, I’d forgotten about those sets. The Oerlikon’s and the 2 pounder should do the job nicely for me Sean
  5. Im hoping this: https://www.shapeways.com/product/LPVH5PM7P/1-144-flowers-class-4-quot-mkix-cpi-square-open-x1?optionId=65519338&li=ostatus will improve the look of the forward gun area. It looks much better than the kit offering anyway Sean
  6. Thanks guys it’s much appreciated. Sean
  7. Today started off well because the depth charge rails arrived and they look very nice indeed. I then assembled the kit 4” gun which was massively disappointing. So Shapeways have got some more of my money this afternoon. Here’s an overall shot with how she stands this evening. Sean
  8. A bit more work done over the last couple of evenings. I’m trying to work out the best way to build it so that I can paint it easily. Kits like this can be tricky for me because I don’t have an airbrush and have to rely on rattle cans and brush painting. So at this point none of the superstructure has been fixed to the deck. Sean
  9. I’ve seen some of the masterpieces created from this kit, so if mine turns out half as good I’ll be very happy! I’ve ordered some depth charge racks from Shapeways. They’re quite expensive but hopefully they’re worth it. Sean
  10. New project started this afternoon. So far it has required quite a bit of brute force and some strategic applications of CA glue because the hull halves were quite badly warped. I fitted the rudder as the instructions say, but it’s gonna have to come off before it gets broken off and lost. Sean
  11. Thanks. I used Revell Aqua 84 for the brown and Revell Aqua 361 for the green both over a base of Tamiya TS-3 out a rattle can. There are a few more details in the build thread: Sean
  12. Here’s my Dragon KT. I’m very pleased with the result even if the build had me cross eyed and irritated at some points. And a shot of it next to some Allied contemporaries. Comments always welcomed. Now for something maritime Sean
  13. Thanks Lloyd. The brown is Revell Aqua 84 Leatherbrown. Sean
  14. Calling this done now. I gave up with the cables because I just couldn’t get them to work. The instructions really really didn’t help with them either. I may build up the jack tomorrow, but I may leave it off as well and say another crew has it and the cables temporarily... I’ll sort out an RFI post tomorrow. Sean
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