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  1. Camouflage decals are a separate detail set acccording to Tamiya’s website... http://www.tamiya.com/english/products/12683/index.htm
  2. For what it’s worth, there’s a dedicated thinner as part of the range... Andrew
  3. I wouldn’t. Kit parts seem plenty strong enough. My build seems fine after many months sitting on it’s gear. No added extras. If you’re particularly concerned you could add some reenforcement of your own. SAC stuff always strikes me as pretty flimsy anyway. Andrew
  4. Looks like a sort of dirty white, but definitely noticeably lighter than Airbus grey. If you look at photos of the extended flaps you can see the leading edge is still Airbus grey and the exposed rear upper surface is nearly white in contrast. The video mentioned above shows the upper wing surfaces (with flaps retracted) being painted the same colour as the the fuselage. Clearly it has had a few bits replaced since it was painted: https://cdn.airplane-pictures.net/images/uploaded-images/2016/5/3/713423.jpg Andrew
  5. Yes. I have a number of their airliner kits that use the same rather rubbery clear plastic. Not sure what the solution is... Andrew
  6. Incredible work. I wouldn't even know where to start with weathering like this. Andrew
  7. Lufthansa has Trent engines too, apparently (but don't seem to like slapping RR stickers on them like BA do): https://www.planespotters.net/airframe/Airbus/A380/D-AIMA-Lufthansa/5GEbC6 I think the kit caters for both types (although from memory only with different fan disks and exhaust cones). Andrew
  8. Kermit Weeks has some insights here, via Kermie Cam: Andrew
  9. Finally finished the badges and took some more photos. In no particular order: P1010996 by Caution Wake Turbulence, on Flickr P1010994 by Caution Wake Turbulence, on Flickr P1010995 by Caution Wake Turbulence, on Flickr P1010988 by Caution Wake Turbulence, on Flickr P1010987 by Caution Wake Turbulence, on Flickr P1010986 by Caution Wake Turbulence, on Flickr P1010983 by Caution Wake Turbulence, on Flickr P1010981 by Caution Wake Turbulence, on Flickr P1010980 by Caution Wake
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