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  1. Wow! Great work on the photo etch it makes a huge difference to the kit parts.
  2. This is the Italeri LVT-4 that I made recently and converted to a British vehicle as used in the 1944 Walcheren campaign. The Polsten cannon is the one from Resicast. The Squadron Signal in Action volume on the LVT-4 has some useful photos including one of this vehicle. The Concord book "British Tanks of WWII (2) Holland and Germany 1944/4945" also has some very good reference photos for British LVT-4's.
  3. That looks great, love the finish you have managed on the silver.
  4. Hi, if you are referring to the bits of broken stone I have fixed inside the hull this is just to give the model a bit of weight. I don't think the gun (and extra stowage at the front) would affect the sit of the vehicle. I am not sure what the stuff is made from but they are broken up ring shaped weights that pet shops sell fish tank weed planted in, helps keep them settled at the bottom of the tank. I seem to have a never ending supply of them so rather than just throw them away I always put 2 or 3 in every AFV I make to give them some weight. I kid myself that it also helps to keep the bottoms of the tracks flat to the shelf surface but in reality they probably make absolutely no difference.
  5. M7 105mm HMC Priest 143rd Cannon Company, 36th Division, France, December 1944 Academy 1/35th with Black Dog resin stowage set
  6. Just finished the Priest this afternoon. It took a couple of matt coats, firstly Tamiya Flat and then Alclad Klear Kote Matte to get a nice flat finish. I will take more pictures for the gallery tomorrow in some better light. It took much longer than I had hoped to complete this but I am very pleased with the result. Just a shame I have no time before the end of the GB to do an M10.
  7. It has been rather a long time since my last update on this build unfortunately. February and the first half of March were not very productive on the modelling front for me due to work commitments and several trips abroad but I did manage to keep things ticking over and have made lots of progress in the last couple of days. Not many photos I'm afraid but since my last post I have painted the interior and gun assemblies, added the wheels and tracks (which needed to be shortened by one link either side), attached the top half of the hull and remaining stowage to the front and painted the stowage, exterior etc. Just needs some matt varnish and weathering now and although I am going away for a couple off days this week I will be back in time to finish everything off before next Sundays deadline.
  8. A very brave choice for your fist WnW kit but you have made a great job of it, well done. The silver pen on the cowling worked out well as well, what make of pen did you use?
  9. Sorry, I have not been very good at posting updates on this build. I have now just about completed construction into the major components ready for priming and painting. The Black Box resin stowage has been attached to the rear decking only. The large resin stowage piece for the front will go on once the hull is together. The additional armour protection is cut from plastic sheet and I have used stretched sprue and lots of liquid glue to make the weld join.
  10. Put me down for this one please, no idea what I shall build yet though.
  11. I am looking forward to watching progress on this build as well. I have the WEM 1/700 (waterline) kit to build some day.
  12. To help with all the baggage I need to add for this build I have purchased the Black Dog resin set for the Priest. It is designed for a British one as evidenced by the steel helmets but apart from them I think all will look OK on the US version I shall be building. I made a start last night by removing all of the suspension components from the sprues, hopefully I will get a chance to clean them all up later today, this is the part I dislike most about AFV builds so I like to get it out of the way as quickly as possible.
  13. M12 155mm Gun Motor Carriage 1/35th Academy
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