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  1. I think I'm impressed. I do. I really think I'm (mega) impressed with this build. In the end I have to say I really enjoyed every stage of it. That's the executive summary of my thoughts. For the detailed reasoning I adopt, repeat and aver my multiple expressions of approval posted throughout the build (is that a lazy cop out? )
  2. Great project Mark. I've no doubt you'll do it full justice and the cockpit is a great start. Steve
  3. Congrats on 100 'proper' pages of content Tony Oh - and on producing a pair of right 'proper' looking Avons too
  4. What they said Excellent work on an aircraft so ugly I can’t make up my mind if it’s come full circle back to attractive. On reflection - no it hasn’t (but the work is still lovely)
  5. At this rate I’m gonna have to declare this bloomin’ thing built soon. Fancy that - I might get to do an RFI! That’s if Spittie survives….I managed to sort of half drop it earlier on and break off the port leg and starboard leg-door. Luckily that was the only damage… Somehow the newly fixed pitot survived and there were no paint chips or scratches. A bit of drilling and then pinning with thickish fuse wire for reinforcement and to help pose the leg at the correct angle - and she’s fixed. Plus added the downward signalling light. Painted the inside of the clear lens with Tamiya clear red. Which is actually not a bad match based on some photo’s I took of the IWM Mk 1a - although them photo's might be a bit dodgy on the colour balance and I think actually the lens should be a bit more of an amber colour . (don't tell anyone). Top signalling light and radio aerial fitted. The light looked quite toy like on the sprue ands when dry fitted so I micromeshed it to a duller finish and to make it a little opaque. I’m pretty sure that exposure to the elements would have done similar for real I read somewhere that sometimes the top signalling light was overpainted in black or blue - but I wasn't sure enough of the facts to do that here. Nav lights built up with some Gator’s Grip. The tail light cover is a bit pointy for real and so another little blob of Gator’s Grip will be needed here. It dries clear (obvs.) so whilst the tail light lens can stay clear, the wing lights will need to be painted red/green. Lightish and shortish exhaust staining. The theory here is that they were trying to keep her clean remember Used Tamiya weathering powders again - soot, oil stain and rusty brown, I haven't added a whitish stripe to it as by my study of old photo's that only seems to be noticeable on the more extrensively stained aircraft. Finally fitted the cockpit door. It's a lovely moulding and even has little piano hinges that stick out slighty and could be hooked over the framing to help location. Tried it with and without the crow bar and decided it looked better without - as more of the door structure was visible. The port side exhaust staining is also done. And now I think all that’s left to do is: IFF aerials from stretched sprue (I've drilled the location holes through the stars on the fuselage sides). Fix the rear view mirror. Paint the wing nav lights Fit the prop Fit the sliding canopy section - which is a bit of a tight fit and stands too high and proud. Got a plan how to deal with that - I think. Cripes - that's it. Not much of the to-do list left.
  6. Yep. Absolutely. Nods knowingly. Says out loud (purely to avoid seeming the class dunce) c’mon Ian, surely that was obvious to you? Returns to state of ignorance absolutely none the wiser. One day I will understand this strange new language. One day. Probably once retirement frees up time and reduces the quota of in-use brain cells somewhat…
  7. A rare gem Alan; although come to think of it, not that rare as it’s entirely representative of the hendie oeuvre generally! What I particularly love is the way you meld CAD and 3D printing with the most traditional of skills and in doing so demonstrate the value of both.
  8. Away for most of the weekend - hoping to do a bit more before work next week. In’t meantime. Sneaky peak of how she’ll look. Exhausts fixed. Prop just dry fitted. Cockpit door to go (obvs.). Rear view mirror yet to be fitted. Cannon barrel yet to be weathered. I’ll have to do some exhaust staining but the photo of XR-A that I have shows it to be minimal - must have been cleaned off regularly.
  9. I wonder if that was within the OLF (Operational Low Flying) area in the North of Scotland; in which, when active, the clearance for military low flying was 100’ msd (minimum separation distance) rather than the usual 250’ msd. During work up for the Red Flag and Green Flag exercises in North America the Jag squadrons would usually detach to Leuchars and go and play train in the OLF area at 100’. It was a bonus that the Phantoms could come and play train too.
  10. Thanks chaps. Shan't fib - I was moderately pleased to have successfully refurbished the visual disaster that was the de-masked headrest..... Anyroadup. The last remaining major painting task was the fishtail exhausts. I previously primed them and gave 'em a base coat of alclad aluminum and these then were my colouring weapons of choice. Bit excessive perhaps... But it was an opportunity to muck about. One of several reference photo's handy. How did I manage without an iPad? Post airbrushing and pre-weathering powders. And here's where we're at: They're presently sealed with a light airbrushing of Tamiya semi-gloss clear. Which I ended up using a bit like the 'save' function in a 'Word' document. Whenever I thought I'd got to a state which I might want to preserve I sprayed on a light coat of clear.... I think that's how they're gonna stay. It's quite hard to stop tinkering once you get going with oils or pastels dontcha think? And I might just blacken the front section a bit more.... Bit OTT devoting a post just to the exhausts - sorry - but I spent a pleasant few hours last night doing these whilst binge-watching the first 4 episodes of 'Inside the Spitfire Factory' on All 4 so there we are... So - not much left to do now. Stick these blighters on - bits and bobs such as nav lights various, radio aerial, pitot tube, prop and sliding canopy. And then the thing I'm least looking forward too - the pesky IFF aerials from the fuselage to the horizontal tailplane. I did drill some fixing holes in the fuselage before painting; but they were covered by the fuselage decals. Dunno why I thought that a hole only about 0.2 or 0.3mm in diameter would be visible through a decal. So I've got to do them again... I've got some 0.1mm diameter nickel rod that might do for the aerial - but I'd have to paint it and I also don't fancy relying trying to fix it in place. I'll probably use good ol' fashioned stretched sprue. The kit sprue stretched nicely and evenly and I should be able to get some decent lengths that will be just as thin as the nickel and I can tack in place with some Tamiya Extra Thin Quick Setting.
  11. Beautifully finished Chipmunk I had family and friends based at Gatow in the 1980's but didn't get the myself until 2017 when I went to Berlin and spent an afternoon at the Military History Museum on the old RAF Gatow site. Worth a visit. Wikipedia says that there is a Chippie there - but I don't recall seeing - it and if I did i didn't take a photo
  12. My thoughts exactly - on both counts. I remember thinking in the late 80’s that the F18 was just the most desirable single seat mud-mover berth going. Lovely work.
  13. Nice oil work. Good to see them HGW rivets weren’t a waste of time. They’ve ‘popped’ with lovely subtlety (if that’s not a contradiction). Typically effortless seeming excellence Andy.
  14. Are you sure you wouldn’t just have been better off scratch-building the darned thing Bill?
  15. Now that seems to be proceeding to good result with indecent haste Terry What about the satisfaction of a difficult journey completed despite false starts, dead ends and temporarily shattered hopes? You ought at least to have had to experience the disappointment of a good shape marred by heat bubbles; or an otherwise perfect result spoiled by discolouration from the resin buck Now you’ve proven that my previously documented travails were simply the product of incompetence Super job.
  16. Yes. But I’m truly rubbish at brush painting G - I’ve no doubt you could do it; but me, not so sure…. Does that make it your responsibility then Bill? So - end of prevarication - just do it. What’s the worst that could happen? Brave pills swallowed, ta James Followed by primer, interior green, matt coat, very light application of a Flory wash - just to highlight the rivets/screws and a tiny bit of staining. And to my relief and mild surprise I think I got away with it: Think I’ll call that a save. Morale is now higher than it was on Sunday. I thinned the cockpit side and windscreen edge as much as I thought sensible and it looks a bit better than at kit-supplied thickness. I reckon I could have been bolder still tho’. Over-thick edges at smaller scales are inevitable but still one of my pet dislikes (note to self - in which case don’t take unforgiving photo’s of your work!). So now I’m caught up with where I thought I’d be yesterday But rather relieved to be there…
  17. Me too. If there’s any cosmic consistency it will shrink a little. It does when you don’t want it to after all. Actually I think it’ll do the job even if it doesn’t shrink. Micromeshing the wings will take a little of the PPP out leaving a shallow concave line. At least it’s always done that when I didn’t want it to when filling panel lines with PPP
  18. Bold move. Knew you’d do it or something like the joint is gonna need reinforcing tho’ isn’t it? Brass rod? Some new CT technological innovation?
  19. ‘S’funny - I said summat like that It looks quite nice in brass…You don’t think that, p’raps, you know, it might’ve been, on some aircraft, like maybe this one…brass for real do you? Thought not……..
  20. Who’d be daft enough to take on the Scout with all it’s exposed-engineyness, absent-doory and expansive-interioriness, and scaffoldy undercarriage? And then have the skills to pull it off in such impressive fashion? I ask you…..
  21. I think I’d seen without appreciating just how yellow/green the back end casings of so many jet engines are. Airbrushed oils and yellow ochre and raw umber? Not untypically left field inventivenesses Absolutely intrigued by the possibilities from airbrushing oils. I’ve never really thought they thinned to a nice even consistency - so must have a go. Doing those lovely prints full justice in the painting Tony.
  22. Still marvel all the lovely surface texturing and details. Does it go without saying that she’s looking better and better as the painting/decaling progresses? Well whatever I’ve said it now
  23. I’m glad you mentioned them, John. There’s an interesting discussion thread discussing the Spitfire belly oil stains, all the way back in 2013, in which the (sadly missed) Edgar and Gingerbob lead for the argument that the whilst there are some pretty dramatic photos in flight of extensive oil staining on the belly, that it would have been cleaned off on the ground. Edgar Gingerbob So - with this as top cover - I’ve not attempted to recreate those long streaks. Instead Spittie is between flights and post ground crew clean-up (hence the red patches over the .303s) Of course if one demands consistency I should also then recreate the red caps over the cannons. But (i) consistency is dull (ii) my argument for Spittie’s status is obviously specious and self serving and (iii) who would want to waste the superb Master cannons by covering them up! Anyway. What I’ve done with Spittie is imagine what sort of moderate accumulated staining would be left over after the ground crew had cleaned up after the messy merlin oil fest: Pipes various on the undercarriage from 5 amp fuse wire: Legs attached in all the Spitfire spindlyness (and the cannons have acquired a coat of black): And so the great canopy unmasking. Now I did say I was trepidatious did I not? But that was cos I wos concerned about the canopies - not that paint would rip off the headrest! P’raps I should’ve forseen the possibility seeing as it’s an etch piece. But tbh I didn’t even think about the fact that some of the masking tape was in contact with the headrest…. What to do? I decided that it was impracticable to try and fill/rub it smooth. So out with a microchisel and scrape the rest off: The quandary now is whether to brush paint it - easy but with probable highly visible brush marks - or to try a tricky masking/airbrushing job…. Probably the latter. The better news is that the windscreen and rear canopy unmasked nicely Remember - there are no problems, only challenges. Remember - there ere no etc. etc. (repeat as required)…
  24. How can you not enjoy creating little works of art like those Tom?
  25. The best I can do is to say that I agree with all of the approving comments so far! Superb technique and finely judged finish.
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