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  1. Handsome aircraft, the Firefly; being well served on BM just at the mo’… Your Mk I looks lovely CC.
  2. Looks lovely under the unforgiving Alclad, Bill. Somehow it’s just so signature Navy Bird to have that lovely smooth finish. Unless of course all the flaws or on the other side of the fuselage…
  3. Masking canopies inside and out at 1/72 scale eh? Smacks of OCD sophistication that does Fine decaling Georgio; even if I’m not persuaded that decaling is a proper verb…
  4. I second Mark’s comment. I’m still marvelling at the lovely patchy/faded look you’ve managed by brush with the dark green, Chris. Sounding a bit like a stuck record I know - but there you go
  5. Didn’t. Not saying which was better neither Waste of money. It’s a self-prolonging thread. (Why does that phrase sound a bit orf?) TWU Hawk can rest a bit after that heady dash of the last week or two. Haven’t really got any progress to post. So in lieu of that a nice piccie of a pre-wings young Fritag wobbling about in close formation in a Valley Hawk. It’s not even the aircraft I’m modelling. No excuse at all really What a dazzling smile tho’ Actually. I’ve just done a delicate task on Valley Hawk. Having faired the windscreens in so carefully, I realised that they didn’t look quite right without some sort of panel line demarcating the windcreen and the fuselage. Cue careful (very) use of the Tamiya scriber. Results later; once I’ve made the paint good. I know; not really worth a post or your time reading it was it. Sorry. But hey.
  6. Rapidly produced near perfection Mark. You are a great painter of model aircraft and the preparation work is beautifully neat.
  7. Inspiring stuff as always, Tom. Because you've got so much experience and skill working with these big vacs you make it look straightforward; deceptively so. I know that I'd be struggling with all those myriad decisions and judgment calls that you probably just take in your stride. Enjoying this.
  8. I did . I hope they fit. What year? There were a couple superlative adjectives deployed in that comment G. Not harmed as such; but definitely used… Useful to avoid being shot in the ar*e tho’ Back in the days when real men flew loooow Must have been young… Where was the old workplace? So do I Ha, trying to build one as good as yours ain’t easy Serkan; least ways, not for mere mortals S’pect I’ll do T-bird and a single seater sooner or later. Prob not next tho’. Might take a break from 1/72 and give the eyes a rest… … I’m sorry to say there’s no progress to report Has been some modelling; but it’s been of the trying to rectify c*ck up type. May I present one c*ck up? If anyone has found the missing half of the etch rear IP, would they kindly return it? It probably got ripped off when I removed the masking. But it defeated my efforts to find it. Wasn’t stuck to the masking tape, in the cockpit, on the desk or stuck to my slippers. Hey ho… Luckily there’s no dials on that half of the rear IP. So a fix was possible. 0.2mm Plastic card: Painted to match: Populated with some detail: Which was cut from some spare etch (an Airwaves set IIRC; for the Revell Hawk I think, as it's the wrong overall shape for mine): Should pass muster once it’s hidden in shade under the rear coaming. Wot a pain. Still, could’ve been worse.
  9. He’s basically an artist ain’t he. Don’t tell him I said so though
  10. Hang on in there Bill. Not sure how I feel about the fact that an ill-Bill can still out-model the rest of us. Them skills must be deeply imbedded
  11. Excellent paint finish Chris; I have no idea how you get such a good result brush painting. Respect.
  12. Now I’ve dipped my toe into the world of fusion, my mind is even more boggled by what you’re doing than it was when I had no idea at all…
  13. Luck Mark? I’m pretty sure you’ll pull it off with typical skill - but if you insist; good luck (can’t expect any credit if it’s done by luck tho’ )
  14. Patience has been well rewarded on those wheel wells; just crying out for some Johnny Flory-mastery now. And those canopies are as clear as you get I reckon, which is good, seeing as there’s a beautifully crafted and painted cockpit that needs to be seen.
  15. We're talking about the girl who during Officer Training was voted 'the cadet most likely to fall in the river'; and who on on annual SMG training at the range at Coltishall (dunno why WRAF (as they were then) officers had SMGs to play with but they you go) managed to pepper the newly painted woodwork around the target and leave the target unafraid and unhurt (newly painted cos Princess Anne was coming for a visit the next day). A sort of roughy-toughy-wimp who won't go near cliff edges and demands access to a hot bath and a G&T after a day's walking.
  16. Ah, but the trainer scheme has a only few (albeit bloomin' tricky) lines to mask; none of this curly camo nonsense... Having said a post or two back that no two camouflaged Hawks seem to look the same, it occurred to me that I ought to try and make my one look at least a bit like the one I'm s'posed to be modelling. From one side anyway... So with young Fritag staring fixedly at me out of the screen I attempted bit of accuracy. After that things started to get complicated. Past a certain point all the easy bits of stand-alone camo were done and every remaining bit of green seemed to join up with every other remaining bit of green and I ended up having to mask the lot: I'm getting too old for 1/72 scale. Anyways. More painting and an anxious wait. Just this moment unmasked. No paint lifted by the masking, no obvious omissions or overspray. Couple of bits of blue-tack residue to be dealt with later. Managed to keep some subtle variations in colour to break up the monotones. Possibly a tad heavier handed than perfect; but then she ain't no war weary WW2 fighter and I'll add a bit more tonal variety with oils later on. Quietly pleased. I'll probably find some stuff that needs more work when I go over it in detail before clear coating it later; but for now I reckon that's a decent basic colour job to be getting on with.
  17. Walks in the wilderness have to be in commuting distance from a nice cottage or hotel Alan. Mrs F’s first rule. We went camping once shortly after we were married. Just the once. It didn’t suit apparently. I seem to recall her claiming that having to dig snow holes for shelter during an RAF training course in the Cairngorms spoiled her for camping…. And another one for those sentiments. More Hendie nonchalant near perfection. Oh, and the ‘near’ is only in there for the purposes of alliteration.
  18. Hindy looks a little like a drunk wobblingly showing of her underwing finery Bill. As Cookie says, it looks recoverable by a man of your calibre.
  19. Lovely neat work, Giorgio. Doesn’t just survive the unforgiving macro photography; it positively revels in it
  20. Bloomin’ ‘eck; Alan has got me following and enjoying the build of a VW Camper. I guess there’s something about hendie-handiwork that transcends the subject. Probably some combination of ingenuity, skill, competence and confidence. Summat like that anyroad…
  21. I’m blessed with a retentive memory. Actually I’m not - I took notes. Actually I didn’t - that’d be too anal. I’m making it up as I go along (again)… Well gents; these statement’s can’t both be correct now can they. Although my irony detector was set off by both… You would Terry, being a chap who I’m sure had confidence in me… Ta gents. ? Not even 8 years yet Bill… Me too Johnny; but the thing is so darned small that it’s quite fiddly enough doing it bit by bit; I just can’t imagine how I’d get all the blue-tack on, and manage to keep it in the correct place and masked in between, in one go. Plus I don’t like to leave blue-tack in situ for any longer than necessary. This way I get to do it in shortish bursts and keep the concentration levels high and the stress levels lowish…. It’s a comforting illusion of control.
  22. Another top-notch project Johnny. Love the cockpit improvements; great demo of what 3D printing can add to the process. Plus the usual Spad practically perfect painting.
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