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  1. I was wondering about this build the other day too. This was being built the same time I was building XM607. I finished mine ages ago.
  2. About time we got a new tool Invader
  3. I asked them today. They said hopefully between Feb and summer 2019. Probably closer to summer though.
  4. snapper_city

    New Ship Related Releases

    What does everyone know about Very Fire Technology as a company? Never heard of them but their upcoming BB-67 USS Montana looks interesting. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/1160443-very-fire-technology-vf350008-uss-montana-bb-67-battleship-1-350
  5. snapper_city

    Special Hobby 1/32 Tempest

    I have heard others mention it and how they spent ages trying to figure it out. Filing bits down to get it to fit. Thankfully they corrected the mistake in the Mk.II kit. It would be nice if they could place a correction sheet in the Mk.V boxes from when they were aware of the issue. Not sure if that has ever happened.
  6. snapper_city

    Special Hobby 1/32 Tempest

    On the Mk.V the instructions are incorrect with the numbering for the most forward parts of the multi part bay walls. Just swap parts H21 & H33 over.
  7. snapper_city

    Special Hobby / CMK announcements, progress reports and more

    The Tempest engine looks great. It's on my like of things to check out at Telford.
  8. snapper_city

    Special Hobby / CMK announcements, progress reports and more

    Very much looking forward to the Sunderland. Any clues to when it will be released?
  9. snapper_city

    Hawker Tempest Mk II 1/32

    Great job. My one is very close to the top of the build pile. Very tempted to grab the CMK resin engine at Telford. It's not cheap though. How much can you see through the front of the cowling?
  10. snapper_city

    Anyone see my TPS report?

    I thought this was a reference to the film Office Space.
  11. snapper_city

    HT's Academy B-29 'Old Battler'

    Cool. Not seen one of these built for a while.
  12. snapper_city

    1:48 C-45F

    I find sprue goo is great for some situations, filling small open seem gaps for one. Sink areas it sucks. Like you say it's great to scribe over. I have found myself resorting back to perfect plastic putty and squadron green as my go to fillers of choice these days.
  13. snapper_city

    Special Hobby 1/32 Tempest

    Man I want to build mine now.
  14. snapper_city


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