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  1. Looking great Dylan! Frederik envies the neatness of your work. First words when he saw your post was Oh boy he is good. So keep up the good work. Still struggling to get pictures transfered so here is a update without any pics, will add them instantly as soon they arrives at my PC. Frederik have reached the same point as you supervised by an adult, However he have been working unsupervised too Think he got carried away somehow
  2. Totally agrees Mish. Either that or a poll for the next years STGB's like the full GB's.
  3. This thread is the building of two Airfix starter set Folland Gnats by Frederik aged 10 who is my son and Dylan aged 9 who is Pats (Jockney's) son. They are, thanks to Britmodeller going to be penpals, this gives each of them a chance to learn a new language, Frederik English / Scots and Dylan Danish as well as share the fun building kits together. Pat and I will both post the progress of each, with the understanding that it's the lads doing the building so their dads will need to try and resist the temptation to get involved. We have a third Gnat as a contingency plan in case we have a c*ck up of serious proportions. So ladies and gentlemen, sit back and watch the fun cheers Henrik & Pat PS. Having a little trouble getting photo's transfered from my wifes phone. will post some pictures later
  4. hgbn Host milktrip co-host heloman1 Wafu mungo74 depressed lemur somtec modelling minion Enzo Matrix snapper_city georgeusa Rob G infofrog AndyC Nigel Heath S5 modeller Rodders154 SleeperService abat Vingtor Welcome aboard guys
  5. Like you describe it. It should be well below the 25% limit Andrew
  6. My impartation of the panels running at the celling in the cabin from the "broom cupboard"
  7. I'm no Cobra expert, But if I read the facts right then the T have a larger tail boom than the J and larger main rotor blades. I can be wrong however.
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