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  1. Looks brilliant. I have done a few of them already and know your pain with the build. But it has turned out very good.
  2. Looks very good, Impressive Dispatch Cases. Yes, I have built this model and you do have to be careful picking it up. Well done.
  3. Excellent work. Good dusty worn look. brilliant.......
  4. Very nice build. Not over the top with weathering.
  5. Very nice work. Love the dozer blade . well done.
  6. Nice winter camo. Looks very good. Just finished this one myself and enjoyed the build. Was it the hairspray method used ! Not put any of my builds on here for some time, must put them on sometime. Nice build.
  7. That's a nice Dio. Nicely laid out and weathering is brilliant. Looks really believable. Are the trees home made or purchased ! Well done.
  8. Fantastic Build. Would love to build this myself but not enough room to store it afterwards. Really good build and thanks for putting it on here for us all to see.
  9. Very nice builds, Paint and camo are spot on and the base for each build is very good. How is the base done, looks very impressive grass. I use washes and many other items on my finished builds, You should just practice and you will then make your own way of using them, we all have different ways of finishing off are builds. Well done on your first builds on here.
  10. Very nice job you've done for a weekends work.
  11. Very nice dio, Nice build and I do like the odds and sods that you have added to the build.
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