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Here’s my latest: Hasegawa’s 1/48 Boscombe Down Phantom, in its original Hi-Grade boxing. No great dramas, and I’m reasonably pleased with the result. The only elements not in the kit are that I’ve used DMold intakes and reshaped the fuel dump pipe under the rudder. Those intakes are an absolute must. Not only do you get a full intake tunnel and compressor, the boundary layer spill ducts are cast hollow too. However, the leading edges of the splitter plates are moulded against the casting blocks and are so fine that both were damaged in the box. They proved impossible to remove cleanly. Luckily, the kit’s parts are equally sharp, so I was able to graft the plastic onto the resin and you can’t see the join. :whistle:

As you can see, she’s not in the even gaudier colours for the 25th anniversary of the Phantom, which meant a bit of scrabbling around looking for alternatives. My thanks to all who helped out with my questions, as usual, but great big thanks in particular to Clive (SHAR67 of this parish) for the unit badges on the tail, without which she would have been a bit bare.

High points: fine surface detail; good exhausts (you really don’t need resin replacements); excellent part-metal seats.

Low points: occasional poor fit, especially the photo-etch in the cockpit; steel PE (!); a lot of flash considering this was only the second or third pressing from these moulds; no alternative to the 25th anniversary decals, not even the markings that were underneath them; ropy instructions in places, especially the cockpit.

The last picture shows the Boscombe Phantom with its Hi-Grade half-sister, a VX-4 F-4J that I built a few years back.







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Very nice indeed. I have very fond memories of scrabbling about under and around this machine at a Boscombe Families' Day - you seem to have caught her beautifully!

I like the Vandy 1 also.



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